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Foodie Goodie | Lucky Me! Special Pancit Palabok.

On days when I don't feel like cooking (i.e. during weekends when the little man is at my in-laws and I'm basically home alone) or during instances when I crave for palabok but don't want to go through the hassle of prepping and cooking, I go to this big winnowing basket and reach for a pack (or two) of these.
Lucky Me! :)
Oh yes, instant palabok from Lucky Me! More specifically, they're Special Pancit Palabok made by the popular food company, Monde Nissin.

This big basket actually came last month - delivered right at my doorstep by representatives from Lucky Me. One of them came garbed in a chef's uniform, much to my surprise! Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo. Hee!
Packed the way real palabok should be.
Yep, that's me! :)
For my non-Filipino friends and followers, palabok is a traditional Filipino food. It's a dish made with rice noodles, smothered with shrimp sauce, and topped with chives, meat, pork cracklings, and egg.

With Lucky Me's instant version, you get pretty much the same thing. The best part? It only takes four minutes to cook!

Place noodles in a bowl, then add boiling water.
Cover, and let it stand for four minutes.

Carefully drain the water.
Add the sauce and mix well. Top with garnish.

Voila! A hearty meal ready for your enjoyment!

Many thanks to Lucky Me! and Monde Nissin for sending The Rebel Sweetheart packs and packs of this authentic tasting, fuss-free, instant dish! :)

Shared with Food Friday and Food Trip Friday.


5 Essential Rules You Must Follow When Moving House.

If you’re planning on moving anytime soon, then it is definitely time to start planning. The date will no doubt come around a lot quicker than you think and there’s nothing more stressful than moving house when you are totally unprepared (something which most of us are probably guilty of having done at one time or another).

However, if you take time to prepare, what is often a stressful experience, may just turn into an exciting one that runs as smooth as clockwork.

Moving your furniture
If you’re planning on taking care of the move yourself, then try and organise getting as many friends involved as possible. The earlier you organise the better, as if you leave it until the last minute they will often be too busy. If, on the other hand, you decide to go with a removal firm, take the time to look into them properly first. Get at least 2 or 3 written quotes and make sure whoever you employ to carry out the move is a member of BAR (British Association of Removers). If in any doubt ask questions, such as how much are your goods insured for and how long have they been trading.

Do a moving checklist and start on it well in advance
It may be that you are getting new furniture and you want it delivered on a specific day. If you are planning on dumping certain items, it may make life easier if you get as much done as possible over the previous weeks. Getting hold of boxes and other packing material can also be problematic at times, so you may want to think of this well in advance.
Photo credit: Your New Castle
Inform everyone that you are moving
From your landlord to the utility companies, you will need to let them all know you’re moving. Credit card companies, banks and insurance companies will also need to be informed whilst you’re at it. If you give your insurance company a call, you should be able to make sure your new home is insured from the day you move as well.

The last thing you will want to do is leave packing until the last minute. However, if you are organised the whole move can go so much easier. Try and get as many strong boxes as possible well in advance and take the time to start boxing everything that isn’t essential sooner rather than later. When putting heavy or expensive items in a box don’t hold back on the parcel tape, as an extra layer may be the difference between the box holding or not! It’s also advisable to pack by rooms and to label each box as clearly as possible. After spending 10 hours moving, who really wants to have to open 15 boxes just to find the kettle!

The arrival checklist
There is a good chance that if you are moving in, someone else has just moved out, which means check for any damage that may have been hidden behind furniture or caused during the previous owners/tenants moving out. You will also need to take all of the relevant meter readings and inform the utility companies, so you’re not stuck paying someone else’s bill.

If you are considering moving house and are still in the early stages, why not contact Hunters for a free evaluation.

Benefits of Using Infrared Heaters.

Imagine yourself sitting under the sun. You feel hot because your clothes and your skin absorbs the light emanating from the sun. An infrared heating system works pretty much the same way. The infrared rays emitted by the heating system are absorbed by the items inside your home, thereby increasing the temperature of the surrounding.

But there's more to infrared heaters than simply keeping your homes warm and comfortable. There are a number of benefits from using infrared heaters over the conventional heaters, and here are some of them.
Add caption
1) Safe to use. 
Unlike conventional heaters whose temperatures can rise astronomically, infrared heaters have a generally lower core temperature. They also have a metal sheath, which acts a protective covering and prevents young children or animals from getting burned should they accidentally touch the heater.

2) Silence, please. 
Infrared heaters such as those found in operate without creating any noise. They don't have noisy fan blades or loud moving parts, which makes infrared heaters suitable for noise-sensitive environments.

3) Efficient and cost-effective.
The energy consumption of infrared heaters are generally lower than their conventional counterparts. They run on as little as 300 watts of electricity, and they deliver heat instantly - where you want it, when you want it.

4) Environment-friendly.
Infrared heaters do the job without posing a threat to the environment - no carbon combustion, no toxic by-products, no open flames, no leaking fuel lines. They give off heat without the risk of polluting the air and the environment.


Wordless Wednesday #40 | Bee Happy!

My cousins are home for a vacay, and since they don't have Jollibee in London,
this is what they feasted on as soon as they arrived.
Check out the little man - the star of the show. Haha!

Why Floor Scales are a Must in Every Warehouse.

Floor scales are required in most warehouse operations. If your business doesn't have a floor scale, you should consider whether your day-to-day operations are impeded by trying to weigh heavy loads.

Floor scale packages include industrial-duty floor scales, weighing decks, digital indicators and lots of cables and cords. Digital indicators provide for better visibility and make it easier by providing LED digits, basic functions and advanced options. manufacturers livestock scales provide the ultimate options for weighing large scale and awkward goods. Floor scales are good for all kinds of applications including warehouse shipping and receiving, Gaylord weighing, drum weighing, and livestock shipments. Industrial applications require a bigger floor scale, but you can also find floor scales as small as three-by-three for other operations. sells heavy duty scales with stainless steel construction, which makes it easier to move scales around in a warehouse. There are also a ton of different accessories to purchase for your floor scale including thermal printers, star roll printers, indicator stands and datalog scale-to-PC software. These accessories and floor scales make it easy to make short work of your freight weighing and container shipping. Now customers can enjoy quicker and more accurate weights as well.

Improve your business and get a floor scale as quickly as next day. also offers free shipping so you can get a floor scale as quick as you need it for just a small amount. It's all about making your industrial operations run as smoothly as possible.


Hair Story | Palty Bubble Hair Color in Raspberry Jam.

For the past twelve months, I've been using Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring to dye my hair. In my first attempt at DIY hair coloring, I used the Sweet Orange shade. A few months later, I switched to Gold Blonde,which was the shade I stuck to for the rest of the year.

I've been wanting to try Mocha Pink for the longest time, but this shade is just so elusive that three of the Etude House branches I've been to don't have them in stock. I tried purchasing online and still no luck. I took this futile search as a sign to finally switch brands - and with that, I'm turning Japanese.
Palty Bubble Hair Color in Raspberry Jam.
This my friends is Palty - a brand of hair color products manufactured by the popular Japanese corporation, Dariya. From what I know, Palty has several collections of hair color products available in the Japanese market (e.g. Hair Bleach Collection, Hair Turn Color Collection, the classic Hair Color Collection).

The Bubble Hair Color Collection is the only line I've seen so far in Watson's and at SM Department Stores, and they sell for Php 499 (around $12) per box. They have 15 shades in this collection, and the one I chose is Raspberry Jam.

Inside the box are the following items - a mixing cup, a stirrer, the base water oxide, the Raspberry Jam color cream, a sachet of hair treatment cream, a pair of latex gloves, and the instruction manual written in both English and Japanese.
Inside the Palty box.
Now here's a quick rundown of how to use this product.
Shake and pour. :)
1) Shake the base water thoroughly in an up and down motion at least 20 times, then pour the contents into the cup.
2) Next, add the entire cream mixture.
3) With the tip of the mixer, pat the cream lightly around 5 to 6 times so that it blends with the base water.
4) Then, mix in a circular motion for at least 20 times.
5) Foam will appear once you start mixing. Be warned, there is a tendency for the foam to overflow.
6) Once the foam subsides and the pinkish color appears, you can now apply the hair color to your hair.
Palty on my hair.
7) Leave it on your hair for 20-40 minutes.
8) Rinse thoroughly.
9) Apply the hair treatment cream, leave it on for five to ten minutes then rinse.

What I love:
- Product is easy to use.
- Affordable price (though it costs a bit more than Etude House or Tony Moly).
- Locally available.
- Product smells fruity, chemical scent not overpowering.
- Does not damage the hair.
- Treatment cream leaves the hair soft and smooth.
- It colors! :)

What you might not like:
- It's a bit messy to use, with the overflowing bubbles and all.

The result?
From dark brown - almost black, actually...

To a soft brown, with a hint of red to it.
These photos were taken 24 hours after I dyed my hair.
The color becomes more distinct as the days pass. :)
Have you tried Palty before? How was your experience? :)

All the Information You need to start a Karaoke Business.

Karaoke continues to grow in popularity, and you will be surprised how many places there are to enjoy this activity. Whether you enjoy singing in the shower, or want to take your singing further karaoke can be your doorway to stardom. The world of karaoke has become incredibly lucrative, and there are many different ways to be involved.

Karaoke bars and clubs are opening everywhere, and you will soon discover that they are enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. If you enjoy the fun and entertainment karaoke brings, you may want to consider setting up your own business. If you enjoy singing, and entertaining people, whilst enjoying the talents of other people, the karaoke business may be ideal.

There are several different ways that you can get involved with a Lucky Voice karaoke business and ensure that you begin your journey with all of the information. You will need capitol to start your business, and this can be a large amount, depending on the way you want to operate. The equipment that is used is not cheap; however, you can make money instantly.
Wooyoung and IU in Dream High.
Lucky Voice is a dedicated business that wants to ensure that you enjoy the franchise opportunity that they have on offer. You need to decide how you will market your business, and where you want to operate. New businesses can struggle, but if you have a passion for what you do, it can be an enjoyable experience.

You may have a venue in mind for your karaoke business to thrive within, or you may want to hit the pavement and promote yourself everywhere. Regardless of the marketing plan that you have in mind, you will need to put effort in, and ensure that you have flyers, business cards, and information to hand. Promoting your business is essential, and will make a huge difference in the future when you need work.

Once you have established your business, you will be amazed how many people recommend what you do to entertain keen singers. There is a singer in everyone, and you will be amazed how many people want to sing at every opportunity. People want to experience a fun night out, and karaoke provides a fantastic entertainment value.

It may take you some time to become established, but once you are known for providing the best karaoke available, you will be busy with work. Whether you want to be based in one place, or become a mobile karaoke entertainer, you will need to remain up to date, and ensure that you have the latest tracks. People will want a huge selection of songs, and there is nothing worse than not having the song.

You will be amazed how easy it is to go from karaoke singer, to business minded karaoke operator, and enjoy your job. Everyone wants a job that they enjoy, and deciding to own a karaoke business may be a step in the right direction. You can take your hobby and turn it into a successful business, which is appealing for many.

Sign-Up | Kindle Fire HD Giveaway.

Coming Soon!
July 10 - July 30
Hosted by: So Sew Mama

Desiree from So Sew Mama is getting Married this August! What better way to celebrate then to have an awesome giveaway!! 

Prizes are subject to change with the amount of sponsors and sign ups! 

Prizes will include a Kindle Fire HD.
Possible add-ons of Pay Pal cash or Amazon gift cards!
The more sign ups, the greater the prizes.

Free Co-Host, and Daily comment page to the blogger who refers the most! 

1 Free Twitter Link with announcement post or $5 waiver.
Twitter links will be on a rc form on Co-Host pages.

Additional links available for purchase.

Co-Host spots available at $25
You will get up to 5 links in the giveaway form.
Backlink to your website/blog in the giveaway. 
At least 1 twitter follow page with 10 links each.

If you would like to be a sponsor in the giveaway, Please contact Desiree at


Stay Safe under the Sun with Rocky Mountain Sunscreen.

People are wiser about the sun, the sun’s rays, the various types of rays the sun emits, sunscreen and sunblock than ever before.

Still, there are many who are unaware of the difference between sunblock and sunscreen or which rays of the sun cause cancer or wrinkling. This can be potentially dangerous depending upon the person using either product and their previous sun exposure. There is much to consider in the ways of sunscreen. Thankfully, the best broad spectrum sunscreen at can be obtained to make for a hassle-free approach and premium sun protection.
Photo credit: Natures Fare
Rocky Mountain Sunscreen has you covered literally from harmful rays, but they also have you covered in providing excellent information that will vastly help you when you’re out in the sun again. Not only does Rocky Mountain Sunscreen provide excellent coverage protection, they use hypoallergenic substances to avoid allergic reactions from occurring. They feature the new Avobenzone sunscreens that allow the body to perspire to naturally cool itself off in the heat, which is vital while being out in the elements. They also offer lip balms and a variety of other products for safety in the sun. They have skin products for a variety of sports as well.

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen has been protecting customers for the last 18 years. See what sun protection they have for you.

Fashion Pulse | Cocktail Dresses.

2013 homecoming dresses at are from favorite designers and are in an outstanding variety of breathtaking designs and the hottest styles so that you can discover the perfect outfit for this special occasion.

Short dresses are the most popular, not only because they give more freedom in order to dance all night but also because they do not require the alterations that longer dresses do, especially if hems are needed for short women.
The short dresses also show off the legs to good advantage! You can choose your favorite color or a dazzling multi-tone design perhaps in several fabrics. The dress can be strapless or have beaded straps or one shoulder of material. The neckline can be sweetheart or a deep V with beading. The bodice could have criss cross pleats or gorgeous beads or crystals. The waistline might be empire or have a wide decorated waistband. There are billowing layered skirts, clinging ones, A-line or a wrap type.

At Dress Prom you are sure to discover that unique homecoming dress that will make you feel glamorous and set you apart in the eyes of beholders. These gorgeous dresses are dazzling and elegant and will make your homecoming night memorable.

Addressing Andropause.

If you are a man over fifty, there is a good chance that you are suffering from andropause, commonly known as low testosterone.

Common signs of low testosterone for men can be as simple as fatigue, depression and loss of sex drive to more serious physical concerns like loss of muscle mass, weight gain and heart disease. A decrease in testosterone can begin as early as the age of thirty in males, but commonly begins to show in older men. While there is no way to stop testosterone form lowering as a man ages, there are ways to booster and treat low testosterone.

One common way is by taking daily supplements like Nature's Plus testosterone boosters which helps bolster the natural production of free testosterone in the bloodstream.

Another way to deal with low testosterone is through injections. Injected twice a week, this treatment has to be supervised by a doctor and is an effective way to treat testosterone loss. The only problems with this form of treatment are that it shuts down the natural production of testosterone and patients have to go through post therapy treatment to jump start testosterone receptors.

Another popular and effective way to treat andropause is through the use of testosterone gels. These gels do not need doctor supervision and are usually used topically under the arm. For testosterone gels, a person needs a prescription and must watch spreading the gel onto others through skin to skin contact.

Whatever way a man chooses to deal with low testosterone, his life and love life will improve for long term happiness and fulfillment.


A Larger Than Life Tribute from Ceelin.

Ceelin, the leading children’s Vitamin C brand, came up with a Mother’s Day tribute that highlighted the brand's campaign for 2013.

Dubbed as 'Pamana' (which, in English, means inheritance), Ceelin’s campaign highlights the sacrifices moms have made, as well as the values and lessons they have left their children to help shape the people they are today.

And on Mother’s Day, Ceelin helped mothers and children relive and celebrate the Pamana during a very special screening at the Greenbelt 3 cinemas. It all started with the Pamana stories of five people: a yuppie in the advertising industry single-handedly brought up by his mom; a doctor who is a daughter to fellow medical professionals, and is new to motherhood herself; a woman born differently and raised selflessly by her mother; a fashion designer whose mom had to keep the family together from thousand of miles away; and a celebrity who has found her best friend in her mom.
During the said occasion, these people brought their moms to the cinema as a Mother’s Day treat. Little did the mothers know that the treat wasn’t the movie. They would soon discover that the treat was what was going to be shown on-screen. The mothers watched on - stunned, surprised, and touched, as their children on screen paid tribute to their moms in a way that’s truly larger than life. It was, after all, a tribute that these mothers truly deserved, for everything they have left, sacrificed, or done for the greatest legacies they have -their children.

 Watch the heartwarming Mother’s Day Surprise on Ceelin’s YouTube page.

Fashion Pulse: Sarongs.

Sarongs have been a hot topic in many adventure travel magazines, and for good reason. Available in a wide variety of beautiful colors and patterns, sarongs for women from are as practical as they are fabulous.

Any woman that enjoys the beach and the sun will love a sarong in her wardrobe. In addition to more traditional fare, features flowing sun dresses and comfy beach hats. Everything on the site is absolutely gorgeous.
The best part is how easy they pack away into suitcases and luggage when space is limited. As airlines have begun charging for even minimal carry-ons, a suitcase full of light clothing is a true blessing.

Sarongs have been used for hundreds of years to protect sensitive skin from the sun and other harsh elements. Today they provide a fun and flirty retreat from the ordinary while still providing real protection. Sun screen is always recommended, but a well-placed sarong can definitely keep a girl cool on the beach. Soaked in water, a sarong becomes an oasis. Sitting lightly on the skin, the wearer is cooled as the water evaporates.

It's great for emergencies too – a sarong can act as a bandage, rope or a myriad of other tools when your adventure gets really extreme.

Beautiful, practical and fabulous – what girl could resist?


5 Reasons Kids Need Access to the Internet.

It can be tricky as a parent keeping your children up to date with the modern world without them getting too involved with their technology. However, use of the internet can be key to their development. So, take a look at broadband packages from Virgin Media and see how useful it can be for you.

Gone are the days where homework amounted to writing an essay in your notebook or working out sums on some graph paper. The internet is a vital tool for modern children’s homework they can email work to and from school and can connect to their school’s online system for bringing up their schedule and to get extra help from teachers.

Spending time with friends these days isn’t limited to popping round their house after school or kicking a ball around the park. Of course, these are still a huge part of your child’s life but another way they can chat and have fun with friends is online. It’s understandable if you are reluctant but talking online does not have to be via unregulated chat rooms – online messengers to chat just with friends are the way forward.
The little man and my princess niece. :)
Playing games is one of the main things that children have to think about. What game to play? Where to play it and when? The answer can be as simple as an account on a safe online gaming website. A set amount of time playing online games with or without friends is a different and exciting way for your child to get the enjoyment he or she requires. You can even supervise if you like.

Independence and freedom are important for your kids as they grow up. This doesn’t mean putting them outside and leaving them to it but a bit of time alone without supervision will aid your child’s development. A short amount of time spent browsing the internet can be really useful with this. After all, you can block unsafe websites which means you can leave your little ones to browse the internet safely.

We all know how important it is for your children to keep learning, whatever they do. With the internet, this can be done just by browsing or by using specific websites dedicated to studying. Look around at what might be useful for your kid and set them up with some time for study online.

Creative Projects For Your Kids.

Finding projects that will inspire children to let their inner creative out and keep them entertained can be challenging. The following article lists some fantastic creative projects that your child will love.

Get moving
Why not dance? It may not be considered a craft by some but it’s a great way to encourage your children to get active and creative. You may just discover a hidden talent for dance within the family. All you need is some space and music. It’s probably the cheapest project and you still get a lot out of it. It may just be their favourite creative outlet.

You could do this project before finding some music to dance to. Maracas are the easiest thing to make; all you need is some coffee cans or yoghurt containers. Have your child fill it with lentils, duct tape on the lid and then decorate it anyway they want. Perhaps you have some Vistaprint stickers on hand. You may just discover a flare for percussion.

All you need is some construction paper and glue sticks. You can use any materials that you wish. The staples include; yarn, pictures, confetti, tissue paper, glitter and paper shapes. All they need to do is glue things on one another. The process is simple but the results are amazing. You’ll definitely get a few pieces of art to hang on the fridge.
This project can help you find the next master chef. This is a really great ongoing project; it’s a life skill that they are going to need to develop sooner or later. You could even make Playdoh if you don’t want to cook a meal; there are plenty of recipes available.

Glop is like Playdoh but has more of a slime texture. It only takes one cup of cornstarch with a small amount of water. You’ll just need to play with the consistency a little. You can either do this activity outside or inside on a shower curtain. It can get quite messy so be prepared. This will be a fun textile exploration for them as it can be a solid or liquid.

Dress up
Playing dress up is great way for your child to imagine characters and play different roles. Pretend to be builder, princess, prince, lawyer, rock star, police officer or anything.

Vehicles and buildings
Create cardboard box vehicles and buildings. This can tie into the dress up project. Just take a big box and cut out windows and paint the outside. There really is not limit to what you do with the boxes. Build a house, train or fire truck. Let your child choose what they see and create that.


Lee Min Ho Live in Manila! Again!

Hold your undies, ladies! Your favorite flower boy (and I say your - because my favorite is Kim Hyun Joong, lol) is coming back to Manila for a solo concert!

Oh yes, you read it right - concert. Dubbed as 'My Everything', this one-night only event will be held on July 6, 2013 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

This concert is part of Lee Min Ho's promotional tour of his forthcoming album titled 'My Everything'. The said album is scheduled for release on May 22, 2013.

Ticket prices will be announced soon. Follow Wilbros Live for more updates!


Spotlight | Majolica Majorca The Little Humming Book I.

After about a month or so of sitting in my makeup box, (I've been too lazy to do/wear full makeup since summer began) I finally had the chance to play with my newest palette - Majolica Majorca's The Little Humming Book I. Bought this at SM Makati together with the Skin Lingerie Pore Cover, which I've featured in this post.
The Little Humming Book I.
The Little Humming Book is a series of limited edition palettes released in celebration of Majolica Majorca's 10th Anniversary. The Little Humming Book I is the first from the series (obviously), and it comes in a lovely little 'song book'.
Inside the Little Humming Book I.
Although I had no intention of buying a new palette that day, (I wanted to at least use up my Urban Decay Ammo before getting a new one) I ended up paying Php 995 (approx $25) for this at the counter anyway. Lol. Talk about low EQ, haha!

But tell me, makeup junkies, can you resist something as quaint and lovely as this? The packaging alone was enough reason for me to buy as it reminded me greatly of one of my favorite Korean dramas - Secret Garden
Flip through the pages...
But wait 'til you see what's inside. Contained in this 'song book' are four stunning colors - two eyeshadows, one eye cream base, and one lip gloss.
Oh, Little Humming Book I... why you so pretty? :)
Moonless Night is a cream-based primer that comes in a blackish plum color. It's the perfect base for creating a smokey eye, and in my opinion, gives this palette that 'ooomph' - if you know what I mean. :)

Swatches, no flash.
Clockwise from top left: Flower Dust, Green Shower, Tulip Red, and Moonless Night.
Flower Dust and Green Shower are pale duochrome eyeshadows with metallic finish. Both shades look luminous and sparkly when used alone, but are absolutely gorgeous when worn with the primer. Tulip Red, on the other hand, is a light pink (not red, lol) lip gloss.
Swatches, with flash.
Here's the Little Humming Book I in action - Green Shower applied on my inner lid, blended with Flower Dust on my above crease. Moonless Night on my outer lid and outer crease. Tulip Red is the pinkish part on my gradient lips. :)
The Humming Book I in action! :)
What I love:
- Cute, one-of-a-kind packaging.
- Lovely colors.
- Very fine shimmers on the eyeshadows.
- No fall-out.
- No creasing.
- The duochrome eyeshadows combined with the eye cream base 
create a stunning, pearl finish.
- Reasonably priced at Php 995.
- Available locally.

What you might not like:
- The lip gloss looks great on the pan, but it actually lacks pigmentation 
and doesn't look good on its own. 
(Hence the gradient lips in my FOTD.)

Now I can't wait for The Little Humming Book II! I heard they're already out in the market, and I must have one! There goes my EQ again - out the window, haha!