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Lumina Homes to Spread Christmas Spirit at GMA’s ‘Kapuso Bigay Premyo sa Pasko’ Promo.

Christmas is the season of hope, love, and family. However, it’s hard to feel the festive spirit in the middle of the pandemic. For months, we’ve witnessed losing our loved ones, being cooped up in our homes, and feeling uncertain about the future.

To boost the Christmas spirit, Lumina Homes will give away one house-and-lot unit at GMA’s “Kapuso Bigay Premyo sa Pasko” Christmas promo.

The Angelique Inner Unit Townhouse is part of Lumina Homes’ diverse catalog, which strengthens its goal to provide homes to every Filipino. The 35-square-meter townhouse, which sits on top of a 36-square-meter lot, is a place where families can celebrate the Christmas season together.

The Angelique Townhouse includes a living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one toilet and bath, one carport provision, and a service area. It’s a homey space that all families need to experience the hopeful and festive spirit of Christmas.

Christmas will definitely be merrier
with Lumina Homes and GMA's "Kapuso Bigay Premyo sa Pasko" promo!

To join, participants must follow these three simple steps:

1. Wait for the “Kapuso Bigay Premyo sa Pasko” invite plug that will be broadcast during the commercial gaps at GMA and GTV. You can also learn about the mechanics at

2. Before joining, make sure to have a proof of purchase of the following products:

BEAR BRAND® Fortified Powdered Milk Drink 
One (1) empty pack of any of the following:
  • BEAR BRAND® Fortified Powdered Milk Drink 33g, 99g/114g, 150g/170g, 320g, 700g/770g, 900g/1kg, 1.2kg, 1.6kg, 2kg, 2.4kg
  • BEAR BRAND® Fortified Choco Milk Drink 29g, 150g, 300g, 900g
  • BEAR BRAND® Fortified Real Strawberry Milk Drink 300g
Only packaging with an expiration date of April 2022 onwards is accepted.

  • Two (2) empty packs of MILO® 24g
  • One (1) empty pack of MILO® 48g, 300g, 600g, 624g, 1kg, 1.2kg
Only packaging with an expiration date of May 2022 onwards is accepted.

NESCAFÉ® Creamy White
  • Two (2) empty packs of NESCAFÉ® Creamy White 29g or
  • One (1) empty pack of NESCAFÉ® Creamy White Twin pack 58g
Only packaging with an expiration date of August 2022 onwards is accepted

AJI-GINISA® Flavor Seasoning
    ● Mix five (5) empty packs of AJI-GINISA® Flavor Seasoning Mix 7g or 8g

Remember, a combination of proof-of-purchase from different sponsors is not allowed.

3. Write the following details on a piece of paper:
  • Name
  • Age
  • Complete Home Address
  • Contact Number
  • Handwritten Signature

For more chances of winning, you can also include the name of the Sari-Sari store where you got your proof-of-purchase:
  • Name of a valid Sari-Sari Store
  • Complete address of the Sari-Sari Store
  • Contact number of the Sari-Sari Store owner

Here’s an example of a complete entry for participants:
Name: Antonio Encias
Age: 45 years old
Address: 1975 Zobel St. Singalong, Manila Contact no.: 09171777777
Signature: Antonio Encias

Sari-Sari Store Name: Joy Sari-Sari Store
Address of Sari-Sari Store: 1980 Zobel St. Singalong, Manila
Tel No of Sari-Sari Store: 09077771777

4. Place the paper and a proof-of-purchase in a plain white envelope of any size (long o short envelope) and include the following details at the back:
  • Kapuso Bigay Premyo sa Pasko
  • Included brands
  • Area of residence (NCR, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao)

Here’s an example for participants:

5. Drop your entry with the complete details and proof-of-purchase in the drop boxes located at chosen Mercury Drug branches or the GMA Network Annex Building, EDSA corner Timog Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103.

The 10-week “Kapuso Bigay Premyo sa Pasko” Christmas promo will give bigger, more exciting prizes to over 3,000 Kapuso winners in the daily, weekly, and grand draws! There will be 1,400 cash winners of P1,000, 70 winners of P10,000 Pasko-buhayan cash packages, 50 winners of P100,000 Grand Aguinaldo cash packages, and a Grand Prize winner of a brand-new house and lot from Lumina Homes.

Lumina Homes remains committed to providing Filipino families an affordable home to call their own nine years since its launch, especially during the Christmas season.

For more information, visit Like and follow @luminahomesofficial on Facebook or contact 0917-629- 6523.


Winning Entries of Ajinomoto’s first-ever 'Sustainabilidad Challenge'

Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) Group recently concluded its first-ever #AjinomotoSustainAbilidadChallenge, an initiative that enjoined Filipinos to share their do-it-yourself (DIY) sustainability projects. The online challenge garnered a total of 243 entries. Five Facebook and five Tiktok participants with the most creative application of the 3Rs of conservation—reduce, reuse, recycle— were hailed as winners.

“Filipinos are resourceful and innovative. This campaign proves just how invested we are when it comes to taking better care of our environment. We hope this campaign further inspires individuals to live a more sustainable lifestyle at home,” said Roann Co, Ajinomoto General Manager of Marketing and Public Relations.

Winning DIY Projects to Try at Home

The five winning entries from Facebook include a project that turned used sachets of Ajinomoto products into a beautiful plastic curtain, as well as one that turned what would have been trash into a fully functioning and fashionable apron. Used cartons were also popular among participants, one turned into a doll house and another into a DIY toy kitchen for kids. Meanwhile, tabs collected from soft drink cans were transformed into a soda tabs gown.

In addition, the entries submitted via Tiktok were equally inventive. One of the winning entries turned an old electronic cartridge into a mini amplifier, while another transformed old throw pillows into new, upcycled ones. On the other hand, those working from home may be inspired by the following DIY office organizers: plastic bottle pencil holders, carton storage box and tissue box turned facemask container.

Congratulations to the winners of the Ajinomoto Sustainabilidad Challenge!

Each of the 10 winners will receive P2,000 worth of gift certificate and other special items from APC Group. Special awards will also be given to entries that garnered the most number of “likes.”

“It makes me glad and proud to see that the SustainAbilidad Challenge was a success. Seeing all the creative DIY projects is truly inspiring because it shows us how big of an impact small acts can do. It also shows us that environmental sustainability really does begin at home,” said Guia Cebrero, Ajinomoto Brand Manager, one of the contest judges.

The #AjinomotoSustainAbilildadChallenge is part of APC’s Ilabas ang SustainAbilidad environment education campaign that was launched last year to help consumers incorporate sustainable practices in their daily lives.

Moreover, showing its serious commitment to sustainability, APC Group had earlier pledged to reduce its plastic waste to zero by 2030. The organization has already reduced the size and thickness of its packaging that led to lessening its plastic waste by 70-100 tons per year. The company has also made use of waste water treatment facilities and technologies to convert some of its factory materials to reusable fuel.

“The #AjinomotoSustainabilidadChallenge together with our other green initiatives are all part of our company’s commitment to resolving social issues through the Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value (ASV). We aim to contribute greater health and environmental wellness for people around the world.” Co remarked.

Visit COOKMUNITY by Ajinomoto Philippines Facebook page for more SustainAbilidad ideas and inspirations in support of Global Sustainability.


Makati City Provided with Unique Panasonic nanoeTM and nanoeTM X Technology for Use in Main Vaccination Site.

Panasonic, as part of its global campaign to spread advocacy for cleaner and fresher air for life, recently reached out to the local government of Makati City through a contribution in the form of nanoeTM air purifiers, and nanoeTM X generators, that have been verified to have inhibitory effects on the novel coronavirus*. The equipment set-up and turnover were done at the main vaccination site of the city located at the Makati Coliseum.

Panasonic Air-Conditioning Philippines CEO Masaru Toyota, Life Solutions Group Country Head Yosuke Tanaka, Makati City Mayor Abigail Binay, and the Head of Makati Incident Command Post Dr. Roland Unson, were present during the site visit.

It has always been the intention of Panasonic to provide cleaner and fresher air to improve the quality of life for everyone with the introduction of the nanoeTM in 1997 and nanoeTM X in 2016.

In 2009, with the help of an independent testing organization, Panasonic verified the effect of hydroxyl radicals contained in water against bird flu and new strains of influenza, and in 2012, in collaboration with an independent testing organization in Germany, again conducted virus clearance testing that showed effectiveness of the technology against highly resistant viruses and unknown viruses.**

Just last year, again using an independent testing organization, Texcell*** – France, further verified the inhibitory effect of Panasonic’s patented nanoeTM X technology on the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19.
The Makati City partnership is part of a bigger program of Panasonic in the Philippines to provide air purifying and anti-covid technology of nanoeTM X in selected sites in the National Capital Region to protect medical front liners and Filipinos in vaccination areas and to make them and the public feel safer with the theme “Bring Back the Filipino Smile”.

Panasonic works hard to bring back the smiles of the unsung heroes of this pandemic, and the Filipino people, for them to feel safer, breathe easier, and be more secure to smile once again.

For more information on Panasonic and its patented technologies, please visit

*: based on the Texcell, global contract research organization, verified the inhibitory effect of the nanoe™ X technology with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals on adhered novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) placed in 45L box. Over 99.99% of adhered novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) activity was inhibited within 2 hours. Note: This verification was designed to generate basic research data on the effects of nanoe™ X on the novel coronavirus in laboratory conditions different from those found in living spaces. It was not designed to evaluate product performance.

**: Main releases on verification cases - May 12, 2009:Positive effects of charged water particles on viruses, bacteria, and agricultural chemicals have been verified. - October 20, 2009: The new influenza virus inhibition effect of charged water particles has been verified. - February 20, 2012:Suppression effect of charged water particles on pet-related allergens, bacteria, fungi, and viruses have been verified. - January 16, 2014:Nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles effectively break down PM2.5 components and inhibits growth of fungi attached to Yellow Sand

***: Texcell is a global contract research organization that specializes in viral testings, viral clearance, immunoprofiling and R&D or GMP cell banking, for your R&D, GClP, GLP and GMP projects. With more than 30 years of experience and roots within the Pasteur Institute in Paris, Texcell has a long-recognized expertise in viral testing with a broad range of protocols for the detection of adventitious agents. Texcell is the first spin-off of the Pasteur institute of Paris created in 1997.



Perk Up Coffee & Tea: A success story amid a pandemic.

Running a business in the middle of a pandemic isn’t for the faint-hearted. With the restrictions and restless consumers, entrepreneurs have to be quick on their feet to survive much less make a profit. This didn’t stop 24-year-old Pam Jacobe from establishing her ready-to-drink brand Perk Up Coffee & Tea

 A business administration graduate of Mapúa University, Jacobe always dreamed of having a coffee farm and shop. She studied it in-depth and started selling coffee grounds and beans in 2019.

Months before the pandemic, she rebranded and changed her products to bottled coffee and tea lattes after noticing a gap in the market. “I saw an opportunity and joined the #CafeAtHome movement which encourages people to bring home the cafe experience. Friends and former colleagues supported my business, and it started to gain traction,” Jacobe recalled.

Pamela Maris M. Jacobe, founder and owner of Perk Up Coffee & Tea.

To connect with customers, she relied on social media advertising and word-of-mouth marketing. “The pandemic made people more supportive of micro-, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), specifically small online businesses. I grabbed that opportunity and dedicated my time on digital marketing strategies,” the youthful entrepreneur explained.

But the real catalysts of Perk Up Coffee and Tea’s success were its compelling advocacies and quality products. Aside from helping customers recreate a coffee shop experience at home, it imparts a strong sense of community with the causes it advocates.

Jacobe explained that Perk Up’s main advocacy is being environment-friendly, so all drinks are served in reusable glass bottles and eco-bags. “I want to make sure that my brand is doing its part to lessen plastic wastes. Imagine the hundreds of drinks I sell in one month. If I use plastic bottles, that’s already 100 plastic bottles gone to waste.”

1 liter bottle of French Vanilla latte.

From L-R: Strawberries and Cream, Spanish Vanilla Latte,
Cold Brew Concentrate.

She naturally advocates the exquisite taste and variety of Philippine coffee, and uses locally-sourced teas. One of which is the Kalinga Robusta dark roast beans which she uses because its low acidity, and nutty and earthy notes. It’s best tasted in her best-selling caffeinated Cold Brew Concentrate and French Vanilla Latte. While her Strawberries & Cream and Hazelnut Chocolate are caffeine-free hits.

While business has been brisk, there were times when she was met with people’s doubts. Instead of being discouraged, Pam used these obstacles to refocus on her purpose and goal.

She gives credit to her college education for preparing her for the challenging road ahead. “I will always be grateful for the holistic education that I received from Mapúa. They trained us not just to be employees, but to be leaders and trailblazers in whatever industry we chose. Mapúa taught me to be diligent, strive for excellence, and never settle for ‘half-baked’ results,” she explained.

Jacobe was trained to pursue continuous learning and improvement. It’s no wonder that she is doing research and development on non-dairy options and new flavors to expand her product line. She also encourages other aspiring entrepreneurs to take the big leap.

“Don’t be afraid to start from nothing. Enjoy the fact that you’re literally starting from the bottom and have nothing to lose if you try. Your dreams are planted in your heart for a reason. You owe it to yourself to give it a try.”


The Importance of Security Check-ups.

Lots of things are conducted on the Internet through the rising-in-popularity technologies. All those pieces of software, applications, systems, and websites are very helpful, but it is essential to ensure full protection. Android pentesting is one of the methods aimed at ensuring the safety of the applications based on this OS. Special security checks can also be applied to detect possible weaknesses in the software used by the company. Learn more about security checks and where to order them.

Bae Suzy in Start-Up (2020).

What a Security Check Can Be Ordered for?

It can be ordered virtually for everything. For example, customers may want to opt for a smart contract security audit if the security of a blockchain is required. Generally, when it comes to the use of networks, software, applications, and various IT systems, specialists can conduct a relevant type of testing or audit to detect any vulnerability. It may be difficult to determine where the threat may come from. Therefore, it may be wise to contact a reliable company and ask for their recommendation on what should be checked.

What Will Be the Results of Security Check?

After analyzing a certain object in terms of weaknesses, specialists will conclude on how vulnerable it is. Relevant recommendations on the elimination of possible problems will then be issued. Generally, the main purpose of cybersecurity services is to ensure the safety of a certain transaction, piece of software, or the system in general.

Kim Taehyung. 

How to Find the Right Company?
There is a range of companies that provide cybersecurity services. The following are the factors to take into account when picking the right one:
  •  The availability of the specific services;
  •  The price;
  •  The reputation;
  •  The speed of order execution;
  •  Good support.


Professional cybersecurity services are increasing in their popularity. Today, it is essential to be well-protected against hackers. Problems due to attacks may cost much more than a check of possible vulnerabilities.


QURE is here: A teleconsultation and wellness website made by Filipinos for Filipinos.

A teleconsult website that promises to make medical consultations easy and convenient for many Filipinos was finally launched today, October 20., an all-Filipino-made website, provides a platform for online video consultations, connects doctors and patients for easy scheduling of appointments, and makes available a directory of pharmacies and other health and wellness providers. offers a free platform for doctors who want to expand their services via teleconsult amid increasing demand for virtual consultation.

Earlier today at the Qure Press Launch.

“We created this platform with the Filipino patient in mind. It’s a simple website and it does not complicate the teleconsultation process. Even those not comfortable with technology will find these consultations easy to do. This is our new normal and QURE is here to help you navigate the future of healthcare,” said Gary Libby, QURE Chief Technology Officer.

A trip to the hospital may also be burdensome these days, as the COVID pandemic persists. QURE will help Filipinos find their way through this public health crisis while keeping their health in check.

“This will definitely benefit doctors and patients. No more overbooking for doctors, and no more long lines for patients waiting for their turn at clinics. Whether via teleconsult or face-to-face check-ups, the scheduling system of QURE helps both patients and doctors,” Libby added.

Andrea Trinidad, Chief Executive Officer of QURE, said the idea of the teleconsult platform started last year when the lockdowns extended and it became difficult for patients to see their doctors. Trinidad, who has a life-long disorder called hemophilia and is the president Hemophilia Advocates-Philippines, said the pandemic really affected patients.

“When I was approached by my friends last year and they shared with me their idea of a telemedicine platform, I told them it was brilliant. We envision QURE to be an e-mall of health services where you can book consults, buy medicines, book laboratory appointments and even book a consult with the veterinarian for your fur babies,” she added.

QURE is here!

More to know about QURE:
1. The platform is data-safe, both for patients and doctors.
Registering is FREE for patients and doctors. Consultation fees range from P500 to P1,500, depending on doctor’s specialization. But for its introductory price, QURE is offering a 50 percent discount for consultations.

2. Registered users can look for doctors for their tele-consult.
Specialists have expertise on: Cardiology; General Surgery; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Integrative General Medicine; Internal Medicine, Dermatology; Otolaryngology (ENT); ENT Specialist Head & Neck Surgery; Psychiatry-Adult; Physical Medicine/Rehab; Pediatrics; Allergy & Asthma, Immunologist; Urology; Sleep Medicine/Insomnia; Ophthalmology; Family & Occupational Medicine; Cardiology; Pediatrics-Pulmonology; Family Medicine; Lifestyle Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery and Hematology/Oncology.

Also in QURE’s pool of experts: Nutritionist Dietician; General Dentistry/Orthodontics; Dentistry/Prosthetic and Esthetic.

3. The website lets you know who is online.
Is the doctor in? No need to guess or call the doctor’s secretary. Through the QURE website, you can easily see if the doctor is available to take consultations. 

Dr. Dex Macalintal is in!

4. Find doctors in your area or teleconsult with a specialist anywhere in the Philippines
QURE has a growing number of specialists from all over the country. The drop-down menu on the website shows that many doctors have already signed up. Many more are joining QURE in the following weeks.

5. It’s a growing health and wellness community.
In the coming months, expect more health and wellness features. You will also soon see reviews of doctors done by patients themselves.

For more information about QURE, you may contact us at or 0991.398.8781. To check our pool of specialists, visit]


It’s all treats, no tricks in McDonald’s month-long Monsters and Mysteries Halloween celebration!

Ghostly Greetings from McDonald’s! 
It’s the spookiest time of the year again, and McDonald’s is here to celebrate Halloween, all month long! Starting October 8 until October 28, get a FREE surprise treat with every purchase of a McDonald’s Happy Meal via Dine-in, Drive-Thru, Take-out, or Delivery. Every Happy Meal can elicit nervous giggles or fits of laughter!

A surprise treat comes with every McDonald's Happy Meal!

If the little ones have a knack for thrilling mysteries, the Mystery Monster Boxes will surely pique their curiosity. Experience the excitement of the Mystery Monster Box in person when you stop in for a spell and drop by on your brooms via Dine-in and Ride-Thru!

Monsters & Mysteries at every McDonald's store!

The Halloween surprises won’t end there — a spooktacular Halloween is incomplete without trick-or-treating. McDonald’s is here to help kids get into the Halloween spirit while staying safe through the Monsters and Mysteries Ride-Thru! Let the kids have a fang-tastic celebration by giving them a chance to go trick-or-treating safely.

Drive-Thru at McDonald’s from October 29-31 to get an exciting Halloween item from the Mystery Monster Box for a minimum purchase of Php 250. To remember the ghoul old times, feel free to capture and immortalize the special family moment by taking a picture with the Monsters and Mysteries Photo Frame.

All dressed up for Halloween!

Want to feel the Halloween hype even more? Enjoy the Halloween decorations in select branches that will be “dressing-up” their Drive-Thru lanes!

No tricks—only treats await this Halloween season at McDonald’s! Delve into the unknown and claim surprise treats to fully experience the spooktacular Halloween spirit.

For more information and updates on this offering, visit McDonald’s Philippines Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.


Cards, Tiles, Words | Fun Games at Solitaire.Org.

It's been a little over a month since the academic year started, and just like last year, we're still in online distance learning mode. And now that my son's school works and projects keep pouring in, day after day after day, this household has become a tad busier, noisier, and well, crazier than the usual. 

Surprisingly, amidst the busy-ness of guiding Yue with his projects and school activities, doing household chores, and beating writing deadlines, I still find the time to watch Korean dramas and play online games. Not exactly the hardcore games like Valorant, Sekiro, or Devil May Cry, but more like casual games to help me unwind, de-stress, or just keep my mind off of things. I've recently discovered, and this website has become my go-to whenever I need to take a quick break from writing, ease my anxiety, or simply chill out after a long and busy day., simply put, is a cornucopia of free online games. The site has an extensive collection of card games - from the classic Klondike solitaire to more challenging ones like Russian solitaire, Spider solitaire, and Taj Mahal. I really don't get the hang of the other versions of solitaire, so I usually stick with the classic Klondike whenever I feel like playing cards. 

Klondike solitaire - classic never goes out of style.

Aside from card games, also has an interesting collection of mahjong tile games, including Cooking Mahjong where you 'cook' dishes by matching recipe ingredients. I'm a greenhorn when it comes to mahjong, but this game has really got me hooked!

Cooking Mahjong.

But wait, the fun doesn't end with just card games and tile games! also has a selection of hidden objects games to stimulate your brain, improve your visual perception, and boost your awareness to details. I easily breezed through all ten levels of the Garden Secrets Hidden Objects, but Hidden Kitchen drove me to my wits' end because the objects were way too small, haha! I had to ask Yue for help in finding some of the hidden items, and eventually we both gave up after the fourth stage, lol.

Garden Secrets Hidden Objects.

Hidden Kitchen.

Of all the games in this website, it's with the word games that I had the most fun. The geek in me loves stuff like these, and I totally enjoy the Daily Word Search and Letter Scramble every single time. 

Daily Word Search.

Daily Word Search, as the name implies, is a puzzle where you search for words. There's a new puzzle everyday, and you can choose between 12x12, 14x14, or 16x16 puzzle sizes.

Letter Scramble.

Letter Scramble, on the other hand, is a Scrabble-styled game where you spell as many words as you can before the time runs out. If I were to pick my most favorite game in the website, this is it because I'm a Scrabble nerd ever since I learned how to spell and write. Even my son loves this game because he's a Scrabble champion himself, haha!

Another thing to love about this website is that you don't have to download or sign-up for anything to play. All the games are browser-based so you simply visit the website, choose from their wide variety of games, and play. The site is ad-free too, so you don't have to worry about annoying pop-ups that might appear in the middle of your game. 

If you're into card games, tile games, or word games, then you'll definitely have a blast with the games at I bet your kids will love this website, too!


Freebies await vaccinated customers when they dine-in at McDonald’s!

Part of the private sector-led campaign ‘Ingat Angat Bakuna Lahat’ that aims to restart the Philippine economy by promoting and educating about the COVID-19 vaccine, McDonald’s invites fully vaccinated customers to experience the happiness of dining-in and sharing meals with loved ones. For every minimum purchase worth Php 150, fully vaccinated customers can enjoy a FREE Apple Pie, valid until November 30, 2021. The iconic McDonald's snack is the perfect sweet treat to go with your McDonald’s favorites— whether you’re in the mood for the Crispy Chicken Fillet or the tender and juicy Chicken McDo paired with rice or McSpaghetti.

Free Apple Pie!

Benefits await vaccinated customers!

Aside from the sweet treat from McDonald’s, customers can continue to expect a safe dine-in experience all throughout. As McDonald’s believes that keeping its customers safe starts with protecting their own, the company’s M Safe protocols remain in place, with its crew, managers, and customers all required to follow the set of stringent health and safety guidelines.

“The future may be uncertain because of the ever-evolving pandemic, but one thing is for sure: we at McDonald’s will continue to do our part in working towards a safer normal. Vaccination has an integral role in the country’s comeback, so by taking part in the Smart Bakuna Benefits program, we hope to encourage more Filipinos to get vaccinated— not only for their own safety, but for the country’s as well,” said Kenneth S. Yang, McDonald’s Philippines President & CEO.

To know more about M Safe and the protocols in place to ensure your safety, visit For more details about how McDonald’s, the private sector, and you can take part in the #IngatAngatBakunaLahat movement, visit the Ingat Angat website or Ingat Angat Smart Bakuna Benefits promo page, and follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook.


Lumina Cabanatuan | Property Investment Made Easy for Every Juan.

I've always associated Cabanatuan with longganisa, mostly because of veteran actress Gina Pareno. In the 2006 hit movie "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo" which starred Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo, Gina Pareno took the role of Nanay Belita, Judy Ann's mother, who is a "politicians" (a barangay councilor, to be exact) and a "businesswoman" (she makes and sells homemade butotay, aka Cabanatuan longganisa). This is one of the few Filipino movies that I truly enjoyed watching, and the terms "politicians", "Bronson", and "butotay" have been etched in my memory ever since.

Photo credit: Ang Sarap.

Cabanatuan is located in the province of Nueva Ecija, and is known as the "Gateway to the North" because it is strategically placed along the Cagayan Valley Road that connects Central Luzon to Cagayan Valley and the Ilocos Region. The city has also earned the moniker of "Tricycle Capital of the Philippines" because of the presence of more than 30,000 motorized tricycles, aka the taxi of the masses. 

A first class and highly urbanized city, Cabanatuan takes pride in being the economic heart of Nueva Ecija. It is home to a number of banks and financial institutions, including a branch of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Investors from different industries - motor vehicles, retail, food (this probably includes butotay!) energy, IT and business services, to name a few - have been flocking to Cabanatuan even before the pandemic started, making it one of the most competitive cities in the Philippines in terms of doing business. As such, real estate has also been booming in Cabanatuan, with Lumina as one of the key players in the industry. 

If living in the metro no longer seems appealing to you, and countryside living seems like an alluring, more lucrative, perhaps an even more practical option for you and your family, you might want to consider investing in a property in Cabanatuan City. Lumina Cabanatuan is your best bet when it comes to property investment in Cabanatuan City, and there are several reasons why. Here are some of them:


Strategically located in the heart of Cabanatuan City, Lumina Cabanatuan is a mere 6-minute drive from the city proper.  This 15 hectare subdivision is also easily accessible to major establishments such as schools, hospitals, banks, malls, public markets, supermarkets, and transport terminals. Some of these are Waltermart and SM City Cabanatuan, Sangitan Public Market, Cabanatuan High School, and Weslayan University and Weslayan University Hospital. 

Cabanatuan Freedom Park.
Photo credit: Marc7travels

Tourist attractions are also in close proximity to Lumina Cabanatuan. Popular travel and leisure destinations in the city include Gabaldon Falls, Minalungao National Park, Camp Pangatian War Memorial Shrine, Cabanatuan Freedom Park, and Khaliblu Palace - a quirky Persian and Egyptian-inspired hotel.


Lumina takes pride being the most affordable housing developers in the Philippines today. With over 51 developments in key locations across the country, Lumina has made the dream of owning his/her own home a reality for every Juan.

Lumina homes are built of high-quality materials and cost from Php 500,000 to Php 1,700,000. If qualified by Pag-IBIG Fund as a “low-income earner,” a buyer can pay for as little as Php 1,898 a month at 3% interest for a brand new home in a safe and secure Lumina community.

Take a look at what could be your new home in Lumina Cabanatuan.

Lumina Aimee Rowhouse

Inside the Aimee unit.

The Aimee Rowhouse is a good unit to start with if you're living solo or perhaps a newlywed couple. This 26 meter home has one bedroom and one bath, and sits on a regular 36 meter lot. 

Lumina Angelique Townhouse.

Inside the Angelique unit.

For a family of three or four, the Angelique Townhouse fits the bill. This 35 square meter home sits on a regular 36 meter lot, and has two bedrooms, one bath, and a carport provision.

Armina Single Firewall.

Inside the Armina unit.

Bigger families will find the Armina Single Firewall spacious and more to their liking, as this 42 square meter home has three bedrooms, one toilet and bath, a carport provision, and a service area as well.


Aside from the property itself, you also get to enjoy several amenities in the Lumina Cabanatuan community. Lumina developments are part of masterplanned communities that come complete with amenities like a community hall, basketball court, mini gardens and playground, and commercial areas.


Basketball court.


Lumina believes that by building in accessible locations close to major thoroughfares, transport hubs, schools, hospitals, and business and leisure centers, it not just builds a self-sustaining community, it also provides every Juan the pride of homeownership.

Is Lumina Cabanatuan the one for you and your family? Get in touch with Lumina through their official website or their social media pages.


Anne, Kylie, or Gabbi: Who is your Salontastic Persona?

Every woman is unique. Every woman has different needs. And every woman is equally beautiful and deserving of the best products and experiences that make her confident in her own skin. When it comes to hair, every woman is different too. Some are confident with colored hair while others prefer natural locks. Others feel most beautiful with straight hair, while others like to rock big waves. Some women feel most authentic when they grow their hair long while others like to cut theirs short. But no matter what unique hair desire she has, she deserves salon-level treatment for her strands, so she can continue to be the fantastic woman she is meant to be.

For Every Kind of Salontastic
With the new Pantene 3-Minute Miracle, women can take their pick from three variants to match their unique hair needs: Collagen Repair, Keratin Smooth, and Biotin Strength. When matched with Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo, every woman can achieve stronger* hair as if they just stepped out of the salon!

A perfect example of how every woman has unique hair needs is how our very own Pantene women each have their own favorite variant! Which of our strong women do you relate to the most – Biotin Beauty Anne, Keratin Queen Kylie, or Collagen Gal Gabbi?

Strong like a Biotin Beauty

As a multi-talented host and actress plus a young mom, Anne faces more and more responsibilities every day. She needs strength for her mind and body, but also for her hair like a true Biotin Beauty! Anne shares that Pantene Biotin Strength keeps her hair luscious, “All smiles because I can still get the same salon lush treatment my hair needs at home with @pantenephilippines. Look at what I’ve been using to help strengthen my hair from breakage so I have less hair fall and #Salontastic hair!

Photo credit: Anne Curtis

Pantene Biotin Strength 3-Minute Miracle helps repair 3 months’ worth of damage in just 3 minutes, while strengthening each strand to lessen hair fall due to breakage. Feel the nourishment penetrate deep into the hair, strengthening it from root to tip, giving you that salon-level look right at home!

Smooth like a Keratin Queen

Kylie makes everything look effortless! She’s a mental health advocate, a content creator, a public figure, and so much more, and she does it all while wearing a crown (figuratively and literally) on her head! She shares, “I got my Miss International crown 👑 in 2016, but I got my crowning glory 💁🏻♀️ from @pantenephilippines! I conquer every day like a true Keratin Queen with the help of my very own #SalontasticAtHome kit.

She shares how Pantene Keratin Smooth 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner is her “…secret to #Salontastic hair that’s effortlessly soft, smooth, straight and without lagkit!” She adds, “So happy with this NEW Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner! Give your hair the salon treatment it deserves today, too. 🤍 #panteneph

Photo credit: Kylie Versoza

You too can effortlessly help manage frizz with Pantene Keratin Smooth 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner. Inspired by salon Keratin treatments, every bottle of Keratin Smooth infuses your hair with ultra-rich moisture so you can transform dry and damaged hair to visibly healthy, shiny, smooth, and strong locks!

Confident like a Collagen Gal

Young, bright-eyed, and talented, there is so much ahead for Gabbi! She’s enjoying life and sharing her thoughts with her millions of followers. She shares, “Fine, I’m guilty of posting a lot of photos of myself here on Instagram, but who wouldn’t when you have #Salontastic hair? 🙆🏽♀️✨ And now that #PantenePH just sent me this #SalontasticAtHome kit, I’m going to flood you guys even more! 😅

Photo credit: Gabbi Garcia

With beautiful hair to match her beautiful personality, Gabbi is confident she can achieve anything she sets her mind to. Get the same confidence with Pantene Collagen Repair 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner. Gabbi shares that this is her favorite variant and it’s, “what I use as a Collagen Gal with healthy, smooth hair that’s free from lagkit! 💁🏻♀️ I can style my hair any way I want without worry, as if a salon-expert touched my hair! 💫 Love this NEW Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner!”

With Pantene Collagen Repair 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner go ahead and experiment with your hair because its formulation helps transform dry and damaged hair into Salontastic smooth hair.

Be Your Own Kind of Salontastic

So which Pantene woman are you? Are you strong like a Biotin Beauty? Smooth like a Keratin Queen? Or are you confident like a Collagen Gal?

Whichever you relate to the most, you can be sure to enjoy Salontastic hair when you use the new Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner. Use it after you wash your hair with Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo that’s specially designed to repair 10 visible signs of damage, on top of that, it also prevents split ends* up to 3 months! The best part is that you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home.

With Pantene, every kind of woman can feel like they just stepped out of the salon every time they step out of the shower.

What are you waiting for? Start your Salontastic journey today. All variants of Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner and Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo are available at the P&G official stores on Lazada and Shopee.

* breakage from styling, color, perm; with regular use