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From corporate slave to domesticated diva. 

I'm Czjai (pronounced 'see-jay'), a thirty-something wife and mom who loves makeup, mixed martial arts, sneakers, and all things Korean.

I began blogging in 2005 when I was still employed at a telecommunications company, mostly to rant about the trials and tribulations of being a corporate slave and gush about my boyfriend who eventually became my husband. I took a hiatus from everything after I gave birth to my son - I left my job, I gave up my social life, and I stopped blogging.

In 2011, I created The Rebel Sweetheart to break the monotony in my life and to keep my neurons running. Through this blog, I share my thoughts on makeup and beauty products, share recipes and food discoveries, chronicle my son's milestones and achievements, and document my travels and my Kpop/Kdrama fangirling activities.

This blog is open to event invites and collaborations, for more information please refer to my Media Kit.