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My Althea Christmas Wish List.

Just ten more days before Christmas and Yue and I are stuck at home, both nursing a cough, cold, and fever. We were supposed to go to the mall with the rest of the family today; unfortunately, we had to stay behind because we're both sick. Boo hoo! :(

Bummed that I won't be able to go on a shopping spree, I cheered myself up by writing my Christmas wish list. If you're a friend, a relative, or simply a kind soul who wants to send me something for the holidays *wink wink*, this list will give you an idea of what would make my Christmas merrier. Everything on this list is related to K-beauty and can easily be found on the Althea website - no need to go to the mall and brave the Christmas crowd, lol!
Hera x Blindness Black Cushion, Php 2620.
Hera x Blindness Black Cushion.
I'm a self-confessed cushion addict so it's only natural that the Black Cushion from Hera tops my list. This limited edition cushion is part of the Hera x Blindness Collection - Hera's holiday offering for 2018, and a collaboration with the Korean fashion brand 'Blindness'. 

Hera's Black Cushion is known for its lightweight texture, long wearability, and non-sticky, semi-matte finish - things that I usually look for in a cushion.
Etude House Tiny Twinkle Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk, Php 1430.
Etude House Tiny Twinkle Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Velvet Mini Kit.
Another limited edition item that piqued my interest is the Tiny Twinkle Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Velvet Mini Kit from Etude House. Its name is so long, I know. Haha!

This set includes ten mini lipsticks - 7 velvety mattes + 3 shimmery shades housed in a lovely tin can. I've seen swatches of all ten shades and they're all very pretty. I know my Mum and my sister would love these lippies as well, so I plan to share this set with them should I receive one as gift. :)
Too Cool for School Art Class by Rodin Blusher, Php 680.
Too Cool for School Art Class by Rodin Blusher.
Ah yes, another blush to feed my cheek color obsession.
This product caught my eye because it contains three shades in one pan. The shades can be used individually, or can be blended together to give your cheeks an even more gorgeous and slightly more intense flush of color. 
Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer, Php 200.
Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer.
Althea's very own beauty brand is growing fast, and I'm so glad to see a new makeup item on their list. This concealer couldn't have come at a more perfect time - I'm so ready to give up on my current stick concealer from another K-beauty brand! I swear, that concealer will go straight to the dumpster as soon as I get my hands on the Flawless Creamy Concealer from Althea!
Missha Glow Skin Balm, Php 800.
Missha Glow Skin Balm.
Now this is one product that I really, really want to get my hands on. A multi-purpose product, the Missha Glow Skin Balm works as a moisturizer, morning pack, primer, and glow cream all-in-one for gleaming, healthy-looking skin. It also promises '30 hours of moisture maintenance' which is exactly what I need during this moisture-zapping, skin-drying time of the year. 
Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence, Php 1730.
Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence.
I'm a huge fan of Laneige's Water Bank skincare line, so I was very much thrilled to receive a sample of this product when I visited the Laneige Flagship Store in Edae last June. As with the other Water Bank products, the Hydro Essence promises deep moisture and clear, radiant skin.

I love the thin, watery consistency of this essence, and how it's easily absorbed by the skin without the sticky, greasy feel. You get that 'chok chok' effect (super hydrated, dewy) on your skin even after the first use, and that's what I love the most about this product. And with that, I'm ready to go full size!
Primera Miracle Seed Essence, Php 2100.
Primera Miracle Seed Essence.
Another product that I had the chance to try while I was in Korea is the Miracle Seed Essence from Primera. I received samples of this essence while walking around Myeongdong last spring, and although I wasn't quite familiar with the brand at that time, I was willing to give it a try because it was endorsed by Park Hyung Sik. (The power of Hallyu advertising, lol!)

Made with lotus seed extracts, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and adenosine, the Miracle Seed Essence not only smoothens and moisturizes the skin, but also evens out the skin tone and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A miracle product, indeed.
Son & Park Beauty Water Set, Php 1160.
The so-called Beauty Water from Son & Park was all the rage last year - K-beauty enthusiasts raved about it, skincare junkies loved it, K-pop artists use it. I'm a bit late for the craze but I thought I'd try it anyway, because I'm all for multi-function skincare products that actually work.
Banila Co. White Wedding Dream Cream, Php 1340.
Banila Co. White Wedding Dream Cream.
The name sounds dreamy AND promising, doesn't it? 
The White Wedding Dream Cream from Banila Co. is an instant skin whitening cream, formulated with a flower-complex and an array of vitamins to nourish and hydrate the skin and even out the skin tone. It also contains blooming powder (sounds lovely, whatever that is) to brighten up the skin and give it a healthy, radiant glow. 

Having read lots of positive feedback about this product made me curious enough to actually want to try it! I just hope this will work wonders for my skin the way it did for others!
COSRx Acne Pimple Master Patch, Php 190.
COSRx Acne Pimple Master Patch.
I have been blessed with clear, acne-free skin, and I thank my parents A LOT for that. Of course, I still get the occasional zit or two, which usually pops up whenever I'm about to have my period. Whenever that happens, I always count on the ever-reliable COSRx Acne Pimple Master Patch to cover my zit and get rid of it in a jiffy. 

This is one of several K-beauty products that I highly recommend and absolutely can't live without. I still have two unopened packs of this pimple patch, but I wouldn't mind receiving a few more and adding them to my stash.

So how's this for a (K-beauty) Christmas wish list? I'd love to read about your own Christmas wish list! Let me know what's listed on yours by leaving a comment on this post! :)

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SincerelyMissJ said...

Great post! I love Korean products, especially for skin care. I'm very curious about the purple patch and trying it for myself!

Chad said...

These are amazing! I will share this with my wife, this is gonna make her so happy! Thank you for sharing.


Amanda Yorton said...

I love skin care and make up. Definitely something I always use! I have never tried Korean products but I want to.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

That packaging is everything! so stylish! Nice list of products as well!

Stephanie Stebbins said...

I really want to try that Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence! I love when moisturizer doesn't feel greasy and heavy!

Razena said...

I have never used Korean products but that Skin balm and Miracle Seed essence seem to be just what I need.

Preet said...

Missha Glow Skin Balm is a must try product. I have a lot about this beacuse my friends are using this, And I can see that it has really a great effect on them.

Megan said...

SUCH a good looking assortment of products. I want these acne patches!!

mail4rosey said...

It is a bummer to be sick during the heart of shopping. Looking forward to more of what you have to write about in 2019. Happy New Year to you!

Unknown said...

Great pics. I love the look of the concealers!

Alayna said...

Every single one of these brands is new to me! Thanks for inspiring me to check out some new products!

Unknown said...

Make up is always needed.

Kaycee Enerva said...


Bindu Thomas said...

Korean beauty products are on my wish list. Missha Glow Skin Balm and the dream wedding cream sounds good.

Unknown said...

I love all of this!