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Cook Smart (not hard) this Christmas with the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer.

It's almost Christmas! Barely 48 hours away, to be exact. And with the most festive and most-awaited holiday of the year right around the corner, I'm sure you've already planned out your Noche Buena-slash-Christmas Day menu.

The holidays are always such a big eating season for everyone. It’s that one time of the year when we feel extra carefree about what we eat because seriously, have you really enjoyed Christmas without jumping from one banquet to another?

But what if we tell you that you do not need to sacrifice healthy eating to enjoy the season? Even more, what if you find out that you can whip up your flavorful recipe in minutes in your own kitchen?

Breville’s Smart Oven Air Fryer should be on every Christmas wishlist of all home cooks out there. Versatile, easy to use, and very durable, this oven from the premium home brand can give you the best of both worlds in terms of flavor and ease of cooking as you cruise through the holidays.

One of the beauties of the Smart Oven Air Fryer is its ten cooking functions that can let you make to-die-for crispy treats and scrumptious slow-cooked meals. Toast, bake, roast, grill, and of course air fry without any fuss while shortening your cooking time. Equipped with Dual Speed Convection, this kitchen partner speeds up the cooking process by raising hotter air while sinking colder one. The result: 30 percent reduced cooking time as compared to regular ovens and air fryers!

Richie Zamora, the vlogger behind The Pickiest Eater in the World makes a perfect case for this when he prepared a full spread of TV chow snacks for his family to enjoy in minutes. He shares, "All these amazing snacks were cooked in the air fryer with absolutely no oil. Everything was cooked to a beautiful crisp, but you don't even realize that they aren't deep fried."

Let’s Eat Pare also showed how fast and easy it is to make restaurant-level fried crispy wings with Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer. In just 20 minutes, they were able to make a big batch of chicken wings in sour cream flavor! You can check out their recipe here if you want to try their version.

Of course, preparing healthier versions of dishes is another thing that makes this kitchen must-have from Breville essential. Air frying significantly reduces—if not totally removes—the use of oil in cooking, which means that you consume fewer calories and prevent weight gain and obesity when you air-fried food. Fortunately, for the Smart Oven Air Fryer, you don’t need to worry about sacrificing flavors just to go the healthier route. Chef Beng proves this when she made a Pinoy-style whole fried chicken using it.

Normally, I will have this deep fried, but using an air fryer is apparently so much better as the chicken is amazingly crispy, juicy, and full of flavor. Not to mention, this is a way healthier process than deep frying.”

She also shares that she loves the precision with time and temperature that this Air Fryer provides. “Just press a function and it automatically shows how long and high the cooking process will be.” This is made possible by Breville’s patented Element IQ System which is a smart algorithm that decides the ideal cooking environment for a range of different cooking techniques.

The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer is definitely the kitchen partner to have this holiday season if you want to enjoy healthy, delicious meals minus the fuss. As Richie, Chef Beng, and Let’s Eat Pare say, respectively: "The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer proves that cooking doesn't need to be greasy to be delicious, and preparing food with less guilt doesn't mean less flavors either."

“It has 10 cooking functions which makes it a value-for-money purchase. I totally love it and I highly recommend this smart kitchen appliance.”

“It’s the ultimate kitchen tool you need to put on your Christmas shopping list, pare!”

What are you waiting for? Add the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer to your holiday wishlist now. To know more about the product, visit the Breville website and follow their Facebook and Instagram pages.


Common Winter Car Problems.

Winter, especially in northern climates, isn't an ideal time for vehicles. When the air gets cold, for one thing, it contracts and decreases the amount of pressure in your tires. The electrochemical reaction that allows the battery to start your car slows during cold weather, weakening the power of the battery. Each of the moving parts in the engine and attached to the chassis has a more difficult time working in freezing temperatures. Winter brings other problems for vehicles in the form of precipitation. Freezing rain, sleet and snow can create hazardous conditions and those deflated tires will have trouble on them. If your windshield wipers have been neglected, you'll have a difficult time seeing during the long periods of darkness, when the snow is whipping around you. Sand and salt can corrode the vehicle's body and can be tracked inside to destroy the interior, as well. Winter brings with it several common car problems.

Photo credit: Chris Peeters on Pexels.

Look Up Your VIN: Vehicle Identification Number
VINs are the identifying codes for specific automobiles. Each vehicle that is created is given a unique VIN and VIN tags are placed in multiple locations on the vehicle. You can find your VIN in several places, including on the vehicle's title and on the driver's side dashboard.

When you're looking for parts for your car or truck, knowing your VIN can save you time and hassle. By entering that number into a computer, you've narrowed the search down to parts and accessories for your particular vehicle. The year, make, model, trim level and package are all instantly recognized.

In the winter, when your heater core is on the fritz, creating cold conditions in the cabin, you'll expedite the process of replacing the part by accessing and communicating the VIN to whatever database you're investigating.

Photo credit: Shutterstock.

Providing Part Match Recommendations
An A/C heater blend door actuator can take care of the conditions of the cabin unless it's broken. When you get part match recommendations, you can get an actuator, or any other important part, in short order.

Sometimes, a cold car just doesn't want to start. When you're confronted with this scenario, the question becomes, which of the hundred or so issues could it be? When your vehicle doesn't turn over, it could be the battery or the spark plugs. It could also be thickened motor oil, thickened gas in the line or a bad starter or alternator. Once you've identified the part that has lost its integrity, you can rely on part match recommendations to order you a replacement quickly.

Photo credit: iStock Photo.

Dealing With Common Winter Car Problems
Even though winter brings with it some issues for drivers to deal with, there are things that can help. Winterizing your vehicle will help ensure that your fluids, sparkplugs and belts are in good repair and a VIN lookup can get you the parts that you need to stay functional and safe. You can use a voltmeter to check your battery's voltage. Visit an auto parts store today to pick up any parts or accessories that your vehicle needs to function at maximum performance level.


Noche Buena Ideas | Paella Recipe from The Goodwill Market.

Just one more week 'til Christmas, and by now I'm sure many of you have already planned or are already working on their Noche Buena-slash-Christmas menu. Now that most COVID restrictions have been lifted, Christmas gatherings will be a lot merrier as we can now accommodate relatives, friends, and other guests in our homes.

Of course, this also means indulging in good food to celebrate holiday traditions with family and friends. However, having too much rich foods may take a toll on your health. Serving healthy alternatives on your get-togethers can ensure that you are providing nutritious and delicious options that everyone can enjoy without missing out on the festivities.

The Goodwill Market shares this paella recipe by Chef Joel Tan Navarro that uses Duru Bulgur instead of rice. It packs more than twice the fiber and four times as much folate from bulgur, plus the umami goodness of mushrooms and the heart-healthy properties of olive oil.

Mushroom Truffle Paella (Duru Bulgur’s Vegetarian Paella)

✓2 tbsp. Umbria Original Truffle Sauce
✓1 cup Duru Bulgur coarse
✓A drizzle of Umbria Tartufi White Truffle flavored oil
✓1/2 cup shitake mushrooms fresh
✓1/2 cup shitake mushrooms dried
✓1/2cup white button mushrooms
✓1/2 cup portobello mushrooms
✓1/2 cup arugula
✓1/2 cup olive oil
✓1/2 cup onions
✓2 cups vegetable stock

1. Soak dried shitake mushrooms in hot water and let them bloom. Set aside.
2. Prepare, wash and cut other mushrooms and set aside.
3. Cut onions and set aside.
4. Wash the arugula and trim it into small pieces.

Cooking Time:
1. Heat up olive oil in a paella pan
2. Brown fresh shitake mushrooms and set aside. It will be used as a garnish.
3. Add a little bit of olive oil then sauté onions.
4. Add the rest of the mushrooms until brown.
5. Add the truffle salsa.
6. Add Duru Bulgur coarse and sauté for about 1 to 2 minutes.
7. Then add vegetable stock and let it simmer and reduce.
8. When reduced, place the fresh shitake mushrooms as garnish.
9. Cover with foil to continue cooking and adjust the heat to medium low.
10. When the bulgur is cooked, crank up the heat to achieve the socoratt (crispy bottom layer of bulgur).
11. When done, take it off the heat and garnish with arugula. Serve.

Switch things up this Noche Buena with this filling and festive paella, made with Duru Bulgur that is conveniently available at The Goodwill Market online store. Shop smart and have your healthy goodies delivered directly to your doorstep through


Give the Gift of Radiant Skin with Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is gearing up to be bigger and brighter this year, with holiday cheer at an all-time high. For the first time in two years, parties are in full swing, and everyone is in a celebratory mood.

Why not extend the celebrations to the gifts you choose to give this Christmas? Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance released new product innovations into its roster of gentle yet effective brightening products that will surely have you and all you choose to gift gleaming brighter than the lights of your Christmas tree. These next-level dermatologists-approved brightening products are the Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Gentle Renewing Cleanser, Perfecting Serum, and Instant Radiance Mask, which visibly corrects dark spots, boosts radiant skin, and evens skin tone in just as fast as 14 days.

The Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Gentle Renewing Cleanser is a 3-in-1 brightening cleanser. It offers gentle exfoliation that removes pollution and impurities to brighten and improve skin texture instantly. It is formulated with Jojoba beads infused with Vitamin E. Because the ingredients are so gentle, it doesn’t disrupt the skin barrier and works to lock in moisture.

The Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Perfecting Serum has key ingredients: Advanced Peptide, Antioxidant C, and Cetaphil’s signature GentleBright Technology with Niacinamide and Sea Daffodil. It has 7 powerful benefits in 1 product: it reduces dark spots, evens skin tone, improves fine lines, boosts skin radiance, improves hydration, illuminates the complexion, and freshens, well-rested skin.

Dermatologist-tested and fragrance-free, the Perfecting Serum is clinically proven to reduce dark spots caused by melasma, sun, aging, and acne scars. It has added protection against blue light & pollution. Perfect for everyday use.

Lastly, the Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Instant Radiance Mask is the first sheet mask in the brand’s lineup. It has 7-in-1 benefits in 1 sheet mask. Giving you an instant cooling effect with 24-hour soothing hydration, it instantly improves skin luminosity, skin tone evenness, skin Radiance, tired skin, fine lines, the appearance of pores, and skin texture. Each mask has 2 weeks’ worth of serum to instantly achieve that healthy, radiant skin.

Formulated with GentleBright Technology and a blend of powerful brightening yet gentle ingredients such as Sea Daffodil and the popular Niacinamide, it also has Vitamin C. These hardworking ingredients will keep skin in tip-top shape despite all the expected holiday fun.

Let your hair down and celebrate with friends and family while Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance cares for your skin and gives everyone radiance to ring in the new year. Share the gift of Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance for a #RadianceRoutine. To learn more about the range of products, visit their website. Follow Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance on Instagram @cetaphilbrighthealthyradiance or Facebook Cetaphil Philippines.


Quick and easy tips for a sulit and sustainable holiday season!

Filipinos are known to celebrate the longest and grandest holiday season. More often than not, this comes at an economic and environmental expense, having to spend more on food and gifts - but it doesn’t always have to be like that. Having an affordable and sustainable celebration can be an option and a great way for families to bond together.

Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC Group) shares a few tips on how Filipinos can have a meaningful holiday season- the budget-friendly and eco-friendly way. APC Group General Manager of Corporate Planning and Public Relations Roann Co said, “We, at Ajinomoto, believe that there is no small contribution when it comes to caring for the environment. Through our tips below, we hope to empower Filipinos in giving the gift of sustainability this holiday season.”

Here are some eco-friendly and meaningful ways to celebrate the holidays:

1. Recycled gift wraps and Do-It-Yourself gifts
Using old magazines and newspapers as an alternative gift wrapper isn’t a new practice to Filipinos. But, it is definitely something that we should further encourage among our families and friends. Not only does it help the environment, it is also easy on the pocket too!

Moreover, if you’re still wondering what gifts you should give, you can check some of the winning DIY projects during the online contest for Ilabas ang SustainAbilidad campaign such as the apron made from the wrappers of used Ajinomoto products and a DIY toy kitchen set for kids who want to learn to cook. You can also try re-inventing some of the projects to make it more creative and more heart-felt.

2. Solar-powered string lights
Christmas decorations are incomplete without bright lights at home and on streets. Retire your vintage decors by using solar-powered lights which give you the same merry evenings with less electricity consumption and environmental impact. And since these solar-powered decors don’t add to your electricity bill, you may also consider maintaining this type of ambient lights on your garden and terraces.

Beyond homes, Ajinomoto has also introduced solar energy to its Bulacan factory and it is projected to offset around 865 metric tons of carbon dioxide which is equivalent to reducing 2,352,456 miles in vehicle travel per year.

3. Prepare delicious, nutritious, and eco-friendly holiday meals
What makes Filipino holidays special is the variety of food options planned and prepared by home cooks. Bring out the flavor of your favorite handaan dishes like Pinoy spaghetti, lumpiang shanghai, adobo, kaldereta, and more with the new AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning 45g paper pack. The new packaging is made from a natural paper material that can be planted, grown, harvested, and then replanted which means you’re not only preparing delicious food for the family but also helping the environment.

Here are some holiday recipe ideas you may try:

Instead of buying salty potato chips as an appetizer for your guests this Christmas, why not try making your own chips at home? These Pasta Chips recipe can turn your typical soft pasta into a crispy delight that’s also less sodium, thanks to AJI-NO-MOTO®! Just deep-fry sliced and cooked lasagna sheets in a pan with oil. Drain excess oil using a strainer. While hot, immediately sprinkle some grated parmesan cheese and AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning for that added umami-goodness.

New pasta dish to impress! Savor the delicious kick from Cajun and the savory goodness of AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning. Heat oil and melt butter in a pot. Add the chicken pieces then cook until golden brown. Chicken breast is a great source of lean Protein to help build strong muscles. Add the onions, tomatoes, French beans then cook for 3 minutes. Toss together the cooked penne pasta. To ensure an al dente texture or slightly firm pasta, cook pasta one minute less than the package instructions. Drain then you may opt to drizzle a little bit of olive oil to avoid the pasta from sticking together. Season with cream cheese and your homemade Cajun spice mix – smoked paprika powder, dried oregano, dried thyme, AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning, and cayenne powder. Mix and cook for 3-5 minutes. Transfer to a plate then garnish with spring onions. This is another pasta dish that is complete with Go, Grow, and Glow Foods!

APC Group’s campaign for sustainability is part of its Ajinomoto Group creating shared value (ASV) framework which directs the company to realize greater wellness for people around the world through thoughtful business activities focusing on health and the environment.

This holiday season, may we have more food to share and gifts to give. And more importantly, may the spirit of giving extend towards caring for the environment,” Co said.

Take a more proactive step towards sustainability and learn more about APC Group’s sustainability initiatives at


5 Best Gifts for Expecting and First-Time Moms.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift to give a first-time mom? You may want to consider some of these personal recommendations by celebrity and second-time mom Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico!

Now a mom to two beautiful girls, almost three-year-old Tili and newborn Lionel, Solenn shares how she’s taking everything in stride, which all moms, especially first-time moms can relate to all too well.

“I have always been very open about the fact that motherhood was not a walk in the park for me,” she shares. “I think that as a celebrity, it’s very important for myself to share these things with everyone so that other moms know that they are not alone in their struggles. Things can get pretty rough, but if I can overcome it, so can you.”

She adds, “Nothing will ever really prepare you for motherhood. Nothing. Especially during the first few months after giving birth to Tili, there were days when I would just ask myself, ‘When will it end? When will we get proper sleep again?’ It’s not a bad thing. We are entitled to feel tired. But of course, as moms, we must let our love for our family always take over. But, again, this doesn’t mean that we cannot ask for or expect help.

But even with all the challenges of raising a toddler, Solenn still prioritizes healthy skin for Tili above anything else as this is the foundation of a healthy childhood. And for Christmas, Solenn shares the gift of healthy skin to her fellow moms through her recommendations.

I believe that healthy skin should be essential to every baby, that’s why I’m so happy to share with you the products that help me raise Tili to the happy and healthy toddler that she is today!

Here are Solenn’s top gift picks for Christmas:

Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion with Organic Calendula
First in Solenn’s list of recommendations is the newest product line from acclaimed sensitive skincare brand for babies, Cetaphil Baby. The Cetaphil Baby Calendula range is composed of three products, which includes the Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion with Organic Calendula. The Daily Lotion provides baby’s skin with 24-hour hydration to help soothe and calm sensitive skin. Formulated with calendula, sunflower oil, almond oil, and Vitamins B5 & E, the Daily Lotion is clinically proven to prevent baby’s skin from drying out.

Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo with Organic Calendula
Another product under the Calendula line is the Wash & Shampoo, which is specifically designed for head-to-toe use and is hypoallergenic and enriched with Calendula and Aloe for up to 8 hours of long-lasting moisturization. It also helps smoothen, soften, and improve skin texture, perfect for everyday use

Cetaphil Baby Advanced Protection Cream with Organic Calendula
Finally, there’s the Advanced Protection Cream under the Calendula line, which is used for babies experiencing irritation & rough skin patches on cheeks, knees, elbow areas, or under those chubby folds. “This is especially great now that we’re experiencing colder days, that’s why Tili loves it so much whenever I apply the Advanced Protection Cream before going to bed.”

Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar
As Tili grows to be an active toddler, playtime is part of her everyday routine. Before and after playtime, mealtime or anything in between, she already knows the importance of proper handwashing. The Gentle Cleansing Bar blends into a rich lather that gently cleanses and gives a moisturizing feeling on delicate skin. 

Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wipes
Baby Wipes may be one of the last things that you’ll think about giving someone, but for first-time moms, this is a definite must-have! Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wipes gently cleanses and moisturizes baby’s delicate skin with its hypoallergenic formulation. It is made from 100% plant derived fabric and has natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. It also helps prevent baby’s skin from drying out, making Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wipes ideal for face and body use of baby’s delicate skin.

And if you’re planning to buy these essentials right in time for the holidays, then don’t miss out on a variety of amazing deals and discounts from Cetaphil Baby! Just visit the official Cetaphil Flagship store in Shopee and Lazada to add-to-cart and check out Solenn’s top picks.

At the end of the day, Christmas is all about spending time with your loved ones, so any gift you’ll be able to give will be greatly appreciated by the receiver,” shares Solenn. Cetaphil Baby is available in Watsons and Mercury Drug Stores, and on e-commerce sites like Lazada and Shopee.


Unli ang Saya this Christmas with J&T Express PH’s Huge Shipping Discount!

Leading e-commerce global delivery service J&T Express is giving away big discounts as an early Christmas gift to their customers nationwide. Get huge savings on shipping fees when you send your parcels via J&T Express this holiday season using its Unlisaya promo with a voucher discount, available on their mobile application.

The promo is offered to all J&T Express customers—especially the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Customers may pay as low as 39 pesos when they ship via J&T Express using Unlisaya promo with a J&T Express voucher. To avail of the promo, customers, whether walk-in or pick-up, must choose the Unlisaya promo and claim the daily voucher on the J&T Express mobile app.

It is undeniable that most of us will purchase our Christmas gifts online. With the holiday craze coming, we are offering our lowest shipping fee yet as we hope to help lessen the shipping cost for consumers and to attract more businesses for the MSMEs. This is our early Christmas gift for everyone, whether our regular customers, business owners, or even those who ship via J&T Express for the first time. Now, they may enjoy shopping online for Christmas without worrying about the shipping fee,” says Zoe Chi, Vice President of J&T Express Philippines.

The promo aims to ease the hassle of paying high-shipping costs as Unlisaya offers a pouch-based rate fee, regardless of the weight of the item/s. Together with the Unlisaya promo and the J&T Express voucher discount, customers will save more budget for their Christmas shopping because of the affordable shipping rate.

J&T Express Philippines’ Unlisaya Promo is ongoing throughout the Christmas season, avail yours today!

Visit the nearest J&T Express or book a free pick-up via the mobile application or website to use the promo. To learn more about the services offered by J&T Express, log on to or visit


Daily use of maintenance inhalers results in better asthma control.

Simply treating asthma attacks when they happen is not always enough to manage patient condition.* I know that for a fact, as I have asthma and come from a family of "asthmatics". 

However, the reality is that asthma patients often underestimate their diagnosis and therefore fail to get the proper, persistent treatment that they need. Research shows that 6 out of 10 asthmatic individuals consider their condition to be controlled, despite 41.3% reporting shortness of breath at least three times a week, and 57.8% having to use their reliever inhalers at least twice a week.**

As a result, the chances of complications may rise. Those with under-treated asthma can suffer from sleep disturbance, fatigue, poor concentration***, or airway inflammation****. There's also the risk of needing emergency care or hospitalization for treatment. And in the most severe cases, asthma can lead to death.*****

Being a chronic condition, asthma requires medication that not only relieves current symptoms but also provides sufficient control to improve the patient’s quality of life. Here’s a rundown of the usual medication for asthma patients, as well as new evidence which cites daily treatments as a more effective way of managing asthma both in the short-term and long-term.

Asthma Relievers versus Controllers
The first medication type that asthma patients typically take is called a reliever. A staple in our home, and a must-have everywhere I go, these fast-acting medications relax tightened airway muscles and open them up, alleviating acute signs of asthma. Relievers help when a patient suffers an asthma attack, but may also be used as a preventive measure in some instances. For example, a reliever may be used prior to physical exercise to prevent asthma attacks.^

On the other hand, controllers are medications meant to reduce the inflammation in the lungs, therefore preventing asthma symptoms over time. These usually contain steroids. Unlike relievers which are used as needed for short-term symptom relief,^^  controllers are usually taken on a daily basis - even when patients are not experiencing any acute asthma symptoms.^^^

The Effectivity of Daily Asthma Treatments
A recent study by Professor Dave Singh looked into the efficacy of proactive treatments via inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) or maintenance inhalers. Singh’s study revealed that higher doses of ICS treatment and higher adherence to treatment schedule generally provided the best protection for most forms of asthma.^^^^

Supporting this is a post-hoc analysis of data from a GSK-sponsored AUSTRI study which finds that in patients with a one-year history of exacerbations, ~92% of those treated with a daily regimen of ICS/LABA did not exacerbate during the treatment period.

Additionally, this same study also showed that this specific approach to daily treatment was able to reduce asthma attacks by 21.8%.^^^^^ Patients treated with daily usage of ICS-LABA witnessed fewer asthma exacerbations compared to those treated with ICS alone.

"These new pieces of evidence simply tell us that the daily usage of ICS treatments can in fact treat both the immediate symptoms of asthma, while also providing long-term control for the condition," explains Dr. Gyneth Lourdes Bibera, Country Medical Director of GSK Philippines. “Asthma shouldn’t just be treated as a condition that happens occasionally. It's better to follow a consistent plan that involves daily asthma treatment, to address evident and underlying symptoms and ultimately decrease the number and severity of asthma attacks over time,” she says.

*Medication for people with asthma. (2017, November 30). National National Center for Biotechnology Information. Retrieved September 23, 2022, from
**Price D, et al. npj Prim Care Respir Med 2014; 24:14009; 2. Chapman KR, et al. Respir Med 2021;186:106524.
***Asthma. (2022, May 11). Retrieved September 23, 2022, from
****Asthma: Treatments for Inflammation. (n.d.). Cleveland Clinic. Retrieved September 13, 2022, from
*****Asthma. (2022, May 11). Retrieved September 23, 2022, from
^Medication for people with asthma. (2017, November 30). National National Center for Biotechnology Information. Retrieved September 23, 2022, from
^^Asthma medications: Know your options. (2022, August 19). Mayo Clinic. Retrieved September 23, 2022, from
^^^Medication for people with asthma. (2017, November 30). National National Center for Biotechnology Information. Retrieved September 23, 2022, from
^^^^Singh, D. (2022, March). New Versus Old: The Impact of Changing Patterns of Inhaled Corticosteroid Prescribing and Dosing Regimens in Asthma Management. Springer Open Choice, 39(5). Accessed 13 Sept 2022.
^^^^^USTRI post hoc analyses - Busse W, et al. J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract. 2022;S2213-2198(22)00341-5.


Promo Alert | Holiday Gift Ideas with Taiwan Excellence Products.

Still not done with your Christmas shopping list? Not sure what to give to your loved ones this Christmas? Hold my beer and worry no more as Taiwan Excellence has got a complete range of excellent lifestyle products that you can choose from. Perfect for gift-giving this holiday season! 

Take Acer, for example. One of Taiwan’s best IT brands that completely took the world by storm, Acer makes unboxing during the holidays a truly exceptional experience with the whole family.

Just buy any participating Acer products and be ready to get a free Digital SM Gift Pass worth up to P8,000. Promo runs until December 31, 2022.

Ready to give the gift of beauty this season of giving? Annie’s Way products from Taiwan have an ongoing “Buy 5, Take 1” promo, and these products make great stocking stuffers! You can buy any five of their popular Jelly Masks such as their Honey + Lecithin, Arbutin Hyaluronic Acid, Lavender, Aloe + Seaweed, Anti-Aging, Calendula + Chamomile, Charcoal + Vita-C Pore, Snail Secretion Repairing and get another one absolutely free! Now how about that for Christmas beauty?

Here's another one of Taiwan’s outstanding products on information technology devices. ASUS has its “ASUS/ROG Share 2022” promo, where you can receive up to P11,000 worth of wonderful freebies through the purchase of participating ASUS products. ASUS has made it even sweeter as the freebie you’ll receive will depend on the price range of the ASUS product you will buy. Of course, the higher priced products get a premium freebie. But then again, whatever ASUS you receive will always be marked with excellence.

The ASUS/ROG Share 2022 Promo also offers limited-time exclusive bundle packages and discounts for select ASUS and ROG products such as laptops, mobile phones and others.

Better hurry since the “ASUS/ROG Share 2022” is only up to December 31, 2022. Learn more here.

Worried about your loved one’s thinning hair? Give the gift of Aromase and its Anti-Hair Loss Set to give your man—or woman—that extra boost in confidence. Aromase’s Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo removes unnecessary sebum on the scalp and regulates the health of the scalp ecosystem for hair growth. It also moisturizes the scalp and effectively relieves scalp itchiness.

On the other hand, the Aromase Anti-Hair Loss Essential Shampoo for Hair Loss helps strengthen the protective mechanism of the scalp and maintains hair visibility and makes it even stronger.

Looking to upgrade your computer hardware this season? Give yourself that gift of Transcend solid state drives, the leading brand in digital storage and multimedia products. The Transcend SSD225S, for example, is a 2.5-inch solid state drive that’s designed for both desktops or laptops. Enjoy fast application processing times to greatly enhance your computer’s performance. Plus, with up to 2TB of storage capacity, saving your music, documents, movies and photos will be such a breeze, a better choice than the usual hard disk drives.

Meanwhile, the Transcend MTE250S SSD features the 3D NAND flash, an 8-channel controller, and DRAM cache that delivers sequential read and write speeds of up to 7,200/6,500 MB/s (R/W) and ample capacity of up to 2TB. Its ultra-thin graphene heatsink guarantees stable performance despite working non-stop, with proven performance that gamers, content creators, and software developers will surely love and enjoy no matter what their game is.

MSI is another award-winning Taiwanese IT product which should be given to an exceptional family member or friend. Get full joy with MSI’s “Joy-Full Christmas Sale” where you can get special discounts and freebies worth up to P28,500. Whether for gaming or business productivity needs, trust MSI to give your computing this Christmas a big boost. And you only have until December 31, 2022 to avail of the MSI “Joy-Full Christmas” Sale so hurry up!

So, forget about buying products that can be like a box of chocolates where you wouldn’t know what you’re going to get. When buying Taiwan Excellence products, you have no doubt that what you get is quality and excellence.


6 Businesses that Need Translation Services.

Many industries are gradually gravitating towards translation services as more businesses are going global. When you operate in foreign lands, you need experts in the native language to convey your message to the target audience and convert them into buyers. Failing to translate messages properly can give the wrong impression of your brand or service to the target audience and damage brand value. Some local businesses dealing with foreign individuals or immigrants also need translation services regularly. Not all businesses require translation services. But it's mandatory for some industries. The following six businesses or industries must hire a translation service if they wish to go global or serve a target market speaking a different language. Check them out to see if your business needs such services.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young Woo (2022).

Legal Services
Whether your business is going global or staying within the borders, you might need translation services to serve some of your customers if you provide legal services. Many immigrants are not proficient in their native language and might have papers that need a translation before use. You might also need an interpreter to communicate with them. If you serve businesses registered in foreign countries with different primary languages, you will need translation services before you can provide consultation to these clients. All contracts, visa applications, educational or marriage certificates, and birth certificates contain sensitive information. Any misinterpretation can land your client in serious legal trouble, so choosing a good translation service is mandatory for your business.

Any research work done on a foreign country or a population from a country where the people speak a different language - requires a translation service. You must convey the intent and instructions of the research work to the population and make information available to them in their own language. The translation service can also help in the research method and data collection. For example, you need a survey in Spanish translation to conduct research on a Spanish-speaking population. Here, you must use a translation service to convert the original survey and the instructions to the desired language for the best outcome.

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Medical Industry
Globalization and a rise in immigration have given more people the chance to make a home in a developed country. These immigrants need healthcare regularly, and some might even speak another language. You must use a translation service when you serve these people. Interpreters can help you communicate with your patients. But if you want to check their medical history, you must hire translation services, especially if the documents are in a foreign language. Similarly, when prescribing medicines or therapy, you must use the translation service to turn the instructions into the patient’s native language so that they can easily follow them. The information is sensitive and hence must be handled with care because bad instructions can put the patient’s health in jeopardy.

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Financial Services
Every business needs to deal with finances. When you have a business that’s going global, a translation service is mandatory to handle the finances generated from overseas operations. Whether it’s related to transferring money overseas or looking at international laws for income and taxes, you will deal with a lot of documents and paperwork. Having a translation service in the native country and country of operation will make the process hassle-free. The financial statements dictate where the profit will go. To do so, the business must have a translated version of the original registration. A misinterpreted document can get your business into legal problems in foreign lands, and in serious cases, you might even have to wrap up your business. So, having access to a reliable translation service is mandatory in this case.

The entertainment industry is getting bigger, but the need for translation services is not new to this sector. Platforms like Netflix and YouTube are providing access to movies, TV shows, and video content to audiences from around the world. A large portion of these audiences speak various other languages, so if the platforms want the highest viewership, they must translate the content into their native tongue. Similarly, when new movies release in a foreign country, people expect to see them in their native language. Using subtitles or dubbing them in the local language is a common practice in the entertainment industry. The scenario is the same in the case of books, comics, and mangas. To properly convey the message of movies, shows, or books, a business in the entertainment industry needs access to a good translation service. It can also help the firm advertise its content in foreign lands without any chances of misinterpretation.

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E-commerce and Global Businesses
Ecommerce platforms are selling to customers from all around the world. Supply chains and shipping have become advanced in the last couple of decades, and the widespread use of social media marketing has increased international demand for homegrown goods. As a result, many new businesses have started selling to customers across borders. Having a website is mandatory for these businesses, and selling to customers who speak a different language requires a strong translation service. The website must be available in all local languages of the country the business ships to so that the customers can understand the details well. Similarly, companies with hubs in foreign lands must also use the local language to attract new customers and communicate with them. So, a translation service is a must for them.

If your business deals with clients who speak different languages, you should hire a translation service for superior customer support. It'll also enhance your brand value and reliability. Hiring a full-time interpreter or translator can bump the cost, and it might seem redundant if you don’t serve such clients regularly. In such cases, you can always go for a third-party translation service.


How to Choose the Best School for Your Child.

Where your child goes to school is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Given how their education can impact their future, you might be tempted to take control and decide for them. However, you might be doing more damage than helping them in the long run.

Your job as parents is to support them throughout the process so they can choose their path and find an educational institution that will not only make them happy, but also bring out the best in them as they prepare for real life. Here are helpful ways you can help determine the best school for your child without going overboard:

1. Create a list of school options with your child. If your child doesn’t have a particular dream school, you should help them gauge their choices by brainstorming with them. It’s vital that you take time to listen and understand what your child needs and wants.

For instance, if your child is an independent learner who learns best at his own pace, he might do better in a Montessori school. If your child responds better in a structured teaching style, then a traditional school might be best for him. Keep an open mind and decide on what will give your child what he needs.

2. Visit school campuses with your child. Some academic institutions have impressive websites with carefully curated photos, but in reality, the school leaves much to be desired. Instead of relying on brochures and the internet, take time to visit school campuses with your kid.

Schools are open to tours. You just need to schedule your visit in advance unless you’re an alumnus of that institution and have access to the grounds. You and your child can get a feel of the campus atmosphere to determine if it’s the right fit.

3. Provide guidance and support. While your child should have a say on where they will study, you should give them guidance based on pros and cons, and what you know about the school options. Choosing a school is a big decision and might cause anxiety for your child, so it’s best to be there for them.

The best way to provide emotional support is by actively listening to them. You should make your child feel comfortable about discussing their options and fears. Listen to understand where they’re coming from so you can help them make the right choice.

4. Prepare financially as soon as possible. Tuition fees are very expensive, especially with rising inflation so you need to prepare and be ready to provide for your child’s education. This way, you will be able to provide the best education for them.

Once you have made your choice for your child’s primary education, it is time to think ahead and prepare for the next big educational expense: college. You can save up on your own, or you can get AIA Philippines’ Future Scholar, an insurance product that gives guaranteed cash payouts that can help pay for your child’s tertiary education. Whatever happens, you’re confident your child will be able to get the college education that you envisioned.

Future Scholar doesn’t just help you afford costly school expenses. Aside from guaranteed savings, Future Scholar has an investment component so you can look out for your child financially even after they graduate from college. Moreover, you can choose to build your child’s education funds in five years or until the child reaches the age of 17. Should you decide not to use the funds for educational expenses, it can also be used for other big expenses in the future like buying a car or post graduate studies abroad.

In addition, Future Scholar gives you peace of mind. Whatever happens, your child will have money set aside for his future needs. Aside from that, your child or your chosen beneficiary can also be entitled to an additional lump-sum cash benefit should anything untoward happen to you.

We know that the pandemic and the volatile economy has made everyone insecure about their savings. As a parent myself, I understand every parent’s desire to ensure that there are guaranteed benefits intended for their child’s future,” said Tennyson Paras, AIA Philippines’ Head of Products. “And this is what we had in mind when our Products Team designed AIA Future Scholar. We wanted to make sure that no matter what happens, a healthier, longer and better life awaits our children.”

If you want to know more about AIA Future Scholar and how it can help you guarantee savings for your child’s future needs, click here.


Why the OPPO A17k is actually every student's best friend.

Global smart device brand OPPO recently introduced the OPPO A17k, perfect for every student looking to ace their classes and make the most of their school days with their friends. Designed to keep up with life in and out of the classroom, the reliable smartphone features the right tools for you to stay top of your class, without breaking the bank. The power-packed device comes with OPPO’s signature features, like a powerful battery, high-powered camera and more, while staying at a friendly price for students on a budget.

Dependable all-day power for your busy school days
Keeping up with your long days in and out of class, the OPPO A17k comes packed with a durable and dependable 5000mAh battery. It’s enough juice to get you through your commute, classes, study groups and downtime with friends, even as you use multiple apps throughout the day.

Barkada memories captured with a reliable camera
Taking photos and videos for assignments or projects, and even for keepsake moments with friends to look back on during reunions is a breeze with the OPPO A17k. The 8MP AI Main Camera delivers incredible image resolution for closeups and scenic views, while the 5MP Front Camera’s Night View Selfie and Portrait Mode guarantee clear portraits of you and your friends hanging out and even celebrating milestones together.

Bigger memory, less lag for more school work storage
Deciding which photos, videos and apps to keep to save space is a thing of the past, as the OPPO A17k’s 64GB internal storage is expandable up to 1TB. That’s more than enough memory to store a handy copy of your class modules, readings and more. The device’s 3GB RAM also comes with a RAM Expansion feature up to 4GB, to ensure your apps run smoothly. No need to worry about videos or calls lagging, thanks to the OPPO A17k!

Zone in on studies and me-time
Catching up on asynchronous classes or even unwinding during your downtime with Youtube or Netflix becomes more enjoyable on the A17k’s 6.56” waterdrop HD+LCD. The display also comes with OPPO’s Color Rich Eye Care to ensure crisp detail on screen, while providing a comfortable viewing experience.

Boost the sound of your favorite study playlist or podcast by switching on Ultra Volume Mode. As it doubles the external volume of your device, you won’t ever miss your alarms, notifications and calls, or your professor’s lectures.

Shortcuts and hacks for every student
With ColorOS 12 powering the A17k, you’re sure to get the most efficient smartphone experience. Quickly translate sentences from websites or even screenshots for your classes with Three-Finger Translate. Multitask in class like a pro with FlexDrop, which allows you to use split-screen views and floating windows to maximize use of your smartphone. Keep your data to yourself and customize the data you share across apps and functions with Five-Grade Access Control.

True value for money
The best part about the OPPO A17k is its price. At just Php5,999, the all-new smartphone, available in Gold and Navy Blue, proves #ItsAllYouNeed.

To know more about theOPPO A17k, visit OPPO Philippines’ official website at You can also check OPPO Philippines’ official social media pages on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. To get the best care for your OPPO devices, visit your nearest OPPO Care Center or contact us on our website, via Facebook.


Rotary Day 2022 | A Family Day to Remember.

The Rotary of Greenfield District in partnership with the Greenfield District Corporation will be holding the Rotary Family Day on 26 November 2022, Saturday, at the Central Park of Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City, dubbed “A Family Day to Remember!”

The Rotary Family Day will feature fun activities for all members of the Rotary family, a Pet Fashion Show that will surely bring smiles to everyone’s faces. There will be an E-sports tournament and an auto show in partnership with Mazdatech Philippines.

Surrounding these events are yummy food booths and sellers for unique finds. More importantly, throughout the day, Rotary will showcase the different areas where Rotary makes a difference. There will be a Bloodletting activity as well as Recycling stations. Drop by at the Central Park and experience Rotary!