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The Perks of Online Shopping.

The Internet has totally revolutionized the way that we perform so many daily tasks. One of these tasks is buying clothes. Not so long ago, shopping for clothes meant a trip to the store and going into changing rooms to try on the various articles of clothing you were thinking about buying. Things certainly have changed in a big way. Nowadays, every type of clothing imaginable is available online. It does not matter how obscure the clothing you are looking for is. You are sure to find it somewhere if you look long enough. Here are a few of the main reasons why shopping for clothing online has become so immensely popular.
Mr. Shopaholic.
1. There are no lines.
The speed of shopping online for clothing is one of its most appealing features. Many people want to avoid shopping at malls and other busy stores during the holidays because of the enormous crowds. As you might imagine, waiting in line endlessly to check out can become very frustrating. Shopping online allows you to relax and browse various items from the comfort of your own home. Also, there is the sanitary issue. Being in large crowds when you are shopping can expose you to many germs that can make you sick. You do not need to worry about that if you shop from home.

2. Convenience.
You can shop any time of the day or night if you decide to do all of your shopping online. The Internet never closes for business. This means that if you suddenly get the urge to do some shopping for clothes at three in the morning, you will be able to do it. Being able to conform your own schedule to your shopping activities makes life so much simpler for millions of people who are unable to get to the stores during the day. You can buy some sarees online if you visit Craftsvilla.

3. Deals are plentiful.
There seems to be more deals online these days than there are at the actual stores. Knowing the right places to do your shopping is very important in the online world. There are many stores that offer sales regularly. There are also special sites where you can pick up coupon codes for some of the most popular online clothing sites. In many cases, the deals will only be offered online. The company's real stores will not be included for some reason.


Seoul Searching | My Winter Travel Essentials.

Two more weeks and we're finally flying to Korea! Hooray!

To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I'm super psyched for this trip that I actually spent a good part of the day taking out luggage bags from the storage, sorting clothes, preparing the stuff that we need to bring, and listing down the items that I still need to buy. If I were more OC than this, I would have actually started packing a month ago. Haha!

Now as we all know, it's already winter in Korea and temperature has dropped to as low as 4 degrees Celsius. It has also snowed twice since winter started, with last Wednesday's snowfall heavier than the first. And while I am very eager to see, feel, and experience snow for the first time in my life, I'm also a tad worried because of my (and my son's) asthma. Hence, I've listed down our winter travel essentials - stuff that we're bringing (and/or buying) to brave the harsh Korean winter.

1) Thermals.
Otherwise known as thermal undershirts/underpants, these are pieces of clothing that are designed in such a way to help retain body heat.
Thermals for the little man.
Heattech by Uniqlo.
2) Coats, Jackets, Scarves, and Beanies.
They say the key to keeping yourself warm and toasty in the dead of winter is to layer clothes effectively. Coats, jackets, and scarves are key items in layering. Beanies, ear muffs, and gloves are options, too.
Keeping it warm!
3) Boots.
Because winter means boots, I'm trading my good old Onitsuka Tigers (for the meantime) for this pair of Dorothy Perkins ankle boots that I have not worn in a long, long time.
Winter = boots.
4) Hotpacks.
Perhaps you've seen these in Kdramas - those small sachets that give off warmth and are usually stuffed inside pockets. I bet I'll be buying a handful of these during our stay in Korea.
Photo credit: GrrlTraveler.
5) Medical Supplies.
Whether it's an overnight stay at the beach or a week-long trip to somewhere, I always make sure we have our medical supplies in tow. That includes our good ol' nebulizer and Duavent nebules (as prescribed by my son's pediatrician), Alnix Plus for my son's colds and allergies, and Ceelin Plus for his daily dose of Vitamin C. Also included in our stash are medicines for fever, cough, and upset stomach, pain killers, and my Salbutamol inhaler.
Some of our medical essentials from Unilab.
I guess I've got all my bases covered with this list. Hopefully, my son and I will be able to survive the unfamiliar season that is winter and have a blast while we're at it.

Do you wanna build a snowman? I do. :)


Being Prepared for the Unexpected with Children.

As many full-time moms around the country can attest, there is never a dull moment with children. One of the keys that veterans subscribe to is being prepared at all times. Of course, that is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are helpful tips that can enable moms to be prepared when the unexpected occurs.
Yue's first trip abroad - Hongkong, 2013.
Backup Bag Ready
Whether it is time to go shopping at a local store or visiting the grandparents who live a few hours away, a handy item to remember is to have a backup bag ready to go. A backup bag is ideal for those times when plans change or something is forgotten. A backup bag can hold those important items that are necessary. Consider having a jar of food for an infant. Toddlers can appreciate snacks and meals in plastic container. Bottles of water, formula and other beverage options can prove to be helpful when little ones get thirsty. A backup bag can contain diapers, wipes and even a small mat where a baby can be laid for changing time. Burp cloths, bibs, a few books, plastic spoons and so many other types of useful items can be ideal when something is forgotten. A stop at a grocery store or a meal at a restaurant may be in order, and a backup bag gives moms the flexibility that is necessary.

Insurance Cards Ready
No mother likes the thought that her baby, whether he or she is one month or 17 years old, needs to visit the emergency room. Although it is not a guarantee that such a trip will happen, moms need to be prepared. Make sure that a copy of an insurance card is conveniently located within a purse. A father can have an insurance card copy within his wallet. It may sound obvious, but many people do not keep vital information with them. If going out of town for a few days without the children, make sure that their hosts have the information that is necessary. Therefore, moms can be ready to take their children to an emergency room Houston residents trust in or another facility in the United States.

Being ready and prepared for unexpected events is certainly important in life. When moms have what they need, they can make great decisions and not get anxious. They are ready to face what may come.


Style Tips to Keep Him Looking Sharp.

Keeping a man looking sharp is an important task for that special woman in a man's life. A man who looks sharp has a special confidence about him that is not easy to replicate. There are some helpful tips to remember in order to keep him stylish.
Choi Siwon looking dapper, as always.

Consider Grooming Products

A good starting point for a man is to consider the type of grooming products that he uses. Whether an individual goes with a razor blade or an electric one for daily use, it is important to have quality products. Inexpensive products tend to be cheap and of poor quality. When it is time to cut or trim facial hair, the result of inexpensive products can have disastrous results. Therefore, invest in quality products that do a fantastic job. Although there is a price for excellence, the cost can certainly be worth it.

Consider Work Attire
The workplace is a very important location for a man to stand out. His skills, education and other factors can enable him to get results on a specific project. While he may look well groomed, remember that his work attire is something that cannot be overlooked. People notice when a man dresses to impress. It is certainly worthwhile to invest in quality clothing that is ideal for that certain presentation or a board meeting. There are plenty of custom dress shirts for men that will fit his body type and style. The right tie and suit can do wonders for a man who is ready to take on the world especially when combined with a pair of leather suspenders from JJ Suspenders.

Consider Personal Scents
One of the best ways that a man can separate himself from the competition is to have a personal scent that is amazing. What a number of people do not know is that cologne smells differently when it is applied on various men. Therefore, it is vital for a man to try on various scents in order to discover which one would match him best. Visiting a fragrance store is a good starting point. Look at a variety of scents before determining which one or ones work best with him. It does take time to find the right grooming products, work attire and personal scents that match him best. Remember that the efforts to make him stand out are certainly worth it. A man can stay sharp whether he is out or at home.


Party Makeup Tips.

When it is time to head out to a holiday party, it is no secret that everyone wants to look their absolute best. Whether you are hosting the party or you are simply an invited guest, it is important that you dress to impress. You can save money on your party makeup by using coupons from Discountrue and other couponing websites and you can also follow these simple rules for applying makeup before you engage in any holiday festivities. The path to becoming the life of the party starts at your home's dressing table.
Photo credit: London Beep.
Prepare Ahead Of Time
Before you have even decided on a stitch of makeup, you will need to decide on what you are wearing. This includes your shoes and accessories. Selecting all of these elements well in advance allows your makeup plan to come together much more easily. Knowing the look that you want to project is immensely helpful and gives you the chance to choose your makeup accordingly.

Nail Preparation
The nails are an underrated element of every holiday outfit. To begin, make sure that the nails have been cleaned thoroughly. File them to give them the proper shape. From there, a coat of colorless base needs to be applied. Let the colorless base dry and then add two coats of your preferred nail polish. Take a ten minute break in between the application of each coat. Once this part of the process is over, tack on another coat of colorless base and let the nails dry before proceeding.
Photo credit: Pop Sugar.
Fresh Skin
To have your skin looking its freshest, start by washing your face with warm water and your favorite face wash. Then rub ice in your face, but be sure to do so in increments. Five to ten minute spurts are recommended, as long as you are taking regular breaks. Wipe your face down with cleansing milk, by using a cotton ball and some gentle dabbing. The final step is the application of moisturizer and/or lotion, but be sure not to leave your face looking overly oily.

Applying Eye Makeup
As most women know, this process is begun by applying eye shadow to the eyelids. Use your eyeliner to define your eyes and use short strokes to do so. The tips of the lashes are also crucial, so apply at least two coats of mascara. Three coats may be necessary in certain instances. Define your eyebrows by using an eyebrow pencil and this part is over.

Base Preparation
Your preparation process will depend on your complexion. You may need to apply foundation all over the face, or only in certain spots. After the foundation is applied, the shimmery powder comes next. Use a brush to add this powder to the foundation. As a finishing touch, add color to the cheeks gradually by blushing them. The chin and the sides of the forehead can also benefit from the use of blusher.


Seoul Searching | My Korean Visa, finally! (Tips, How To's, and FAQs)

I'm still recovering from a bad case of blogger burnout (hence the lack of updates in this blog), but I have a bit of news that's too good not to share. Drumroll, please... I'll be flying to South Korea next month! Yes!!! I will finally be setting foot in the Land of the Morning Calm, one of my dream destinations here in Asia!

Of course, this trip would have not been possible if not for this one very important thing - a Korean C-3 visa, otherwise known as a tourist visa. My son and I were lucky enough to have been granted not just an ordinary tourist visa, but a multiple entry visa valid for three years! How awesome is that?! :)
Early birthday gift for me!!! :)
I know there are many of you who share the same dream as I do (hello, fellow Kpop fangirls and Kdrama addicts!) so I thought of sharing my experience in this blog post. Hopefully, you might find this useful when you apply for your own Korean visa.

Basically, here are the documents that you'll be needing if you're an employee:
1. Application Form (which you can download here)
2. 1 piece of Passport size colored picture
3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6 months)
4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)
5. Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable, and Korean Visas will not be counted)
6. Original Certificate of Employment (must include applicant's position, date hired, compensation, office address, HR landline number, HR e-mail address)
7. Original Personal Bank Certificate (must include account type, current balance, account opening date, ADB)
8. Bank Statement (original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months)
9. ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316 Copy and Company Alphalist (Form 1604 CF with BIR-received stamp with your name highlighted on the list)
10. Copy of PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) Card or IBP (Integrated Bar of the Philippines) Card (If applicable only)
My little traveler. :)
If you'll be travelling as a student, or with a child (as in our case), here's what you need to prepare:
1. Application Form
2. 1 piece of Passport size colored picture
3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6 months)
4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)
5. Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable, and Korean Visas will not be counted)
6. Original School Certificate
7. Photocopy of School ID
8. Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate of an applicant
9. Parents' Documents
- If employed: Original Certificate of Employment 
- If self-employed: Copy of Business Registration from SEC or DTI, and copy of Business Permit or Mayor's Permit
- Original Bank Certificate 
- Bank Statement (original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months)
- Copy of Income Tax Return (ITR) or Form 2316 Copy and Company Alphalist
- Copy of NSO Marriage Certificate
This  boy is finally flying to Seoul!
Processing time is 3 working days for frequent travelers (those who have been to OECD member countries within the past 5 years) and 5 working days for first-time applicants and travelers who have not been to any OECD member country. Visa fee is FREE for those who plan to stay in Korea for 59 days or less. For those who plan to stay for up to 90 days, a visa processing fee of Php 1800 is required.

Now here are some tips:
1. Fill out the form neatly, completely, and with no erasures. Do not leave any item blank. Put N/A if not applicable.
2. For your address/telephone number in Korea, you may write down the address/telephone number of the hotel where you plan to stay. In my case, I wrote down the address and phone number of a guest house in Hongdae, as recommended by my friend who has previously traveled to South Korea.
3. For the estimated travel costs, write a realistic amount that would be equal or less than the amount reflected in your Bank Certificate/Bank Statement. For instance, if you have Php 100,000 in your Bank Statement, it would be safe to declare $1200 as your estimated travel cost.
4. As to who will pay for your travel-related expenses, you can simply write 'myself' or the name of the person funding your trip. In my son's application form, I wrote my name and in the 'type of support', I wrote 'financial'.
5. Bring your old passports, if you have any. I brought mine, just in case the consul would need to check the stamps from my previous travels abroad.
6. For your Certificate of Employment, make sure that it includes your company's landline number and e-mail address. You'll never know if the Embassy will really call your workplace to verify your existence/employment details.
7. For the Income Tax Return, you can request this from your HR.
8. Now for the Bank Certificate/Bank Statement and the amount of money that you need to have... I'm not really sure. I guess it would be safe to have around Php 85,000 as your Average Daily Balance (ADB) for the last six months.
9. Plane tickets and itineraries are not required. I know of people who booked tickets prior to visa application, but I did not want to take the risk. I only booked our plane tickets as soon as I got home from the Embassy. :)

And here's a bonus for BDO Gold/Elite and American Express cardholders:
Promo has been extended until December 31, 2016!
BDO Gold cardholders can get a multiple entry visa valid for 3 years, while BDO Elite and American Express cardholders can get a multiple entry visa valid for 3-5 years. This is actually the secret to our Multiple Entry visa. Along with the aforementioned documents, I also presented my American Express card and submitted my card's Statement of Account from the previous months. BDO Gold and Elite cardholders are also exempted from submitting their Bank Certificate and ITR's. I wanted to be on the safe side, so I submitted a Bank Certificate and ITR nonetheless.

*edited 04 February 2016*
BPI Gold and Platinum cardholders are now also eligible for multiple entry visa South Korea. Same requirements apply.

Other things you need to know:
- The Korean Embassy is open daily from Mondays to Fridays, except on holidays.
- Applications are done in the morning from 8:30 am to 11 am only.
- Releasing of passports are done in the afternoon, from 1:30 pm to 4 pm.
- Once you enter the Embassy, your documents will first be reviewed by the security guards/personnel. You will then be given a number and will line up at either Window 1 (first-time applicants) or Window 3 (frequent travelers/BDO or AMEX cardholders).  Don't worry, the lines are not that long, and there are no queues that go on forever. It took me less than ten minutes to complete the entire application process. 
I said a little prayer before I handed our documents over. :)
- After the consul has reviewed and verified your documents, you will then be given a piece of paper which you need to present upon claiming your passport. I'm glad that our visas were processed after three working days. I had not been able to sleep soundly during those three days of waiting so imagine what state I would be in had I waited for five working days! Haha!
Claim Stub.
- Applying for a visa through a travel agency is alright, but I see it as a waste of money. After all, the documents will still be coming from your end.

Oh, and before I forget, here's the complete address of the Korean Embassy:
122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 1634, Philippines
Korean Embassy.
This pretty much sums up my Korean Embassy experience. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. I would be more than glad to answer them! :)

For more information on Visa Requirements, and for the latest Visa Announcements, visit the official website of the Korean Embassy.


Tips for Shopping for Fine Art.

The internet has made spending time with fine art something you can turn into a daily habit. Social media pages, museum websites, and gallery websites are just some of the places where you can seek out classic and contemporary fine art. This may inspire you to want to buy fine art for your home or office space. Here are three ways you can shop for art, whether you're on a small budget or looking to invest.
Photo credit: MET Museum.
Purchasing Fine Art Posters
If you're on a tight budget, you may want to start by purchasing reproductions. A number of online stores sell a variety of fine art posters and prints at reasonable prices. Many of these venues, such as, offer the opportunity to browse art by subject but also by recommendations for various rooms in which you could display the prints. They also offer framing services.

Get to Know Local Artists
Local art galleries and centers often put on exhibits by contemporary artists, but you can also find fine art in many other places. Check the art and cultural calendar of the city nearest you to learn about outdoor art festivals or markets, where you can get to know the works of local and regional artists. Sometimes these artists sell prints and reproductions of good quality, but you might also fall enough in love with a given artist's work that you decide to purchase an original painting or sculpture. Many artists are also happy to work on commission, so you could perhaps end up with a one of a kind piece.

Visit Local and Regional Galleries
A visit to a local gallery can be a rewarding experience, both in terms of enjoying art and in deciding on a piece to purchase. If you're willing and able to invest in an art purchase, some galleries, like the Lanoue, a Boston fine art gallery, offer services to help you begin or expand your fine art collection. They will go to home or office to measure and evaluate your display area so they can give your recommendations about art rentals or purchases. They even have an online "virtual preview" feature that allows you to see how a work of art you're interested in will look in your given space.

Whether you're a novice or seasoned fine art collector, finding ways to add more art to your life can be a rewarding and enriching experience.

Benefits of Home STD Testing Kits.

Sexually transmitted diseases refer to any type of disease you pick up from someone you had sexual contact with in the past. Doctors today often refer to STDs as STIs, which stands for sexually transmitted infections. Some of the more common diseases include chlamydia, gonorrhea and genital warts. As some of these diseases and infections have little to no symptoms, the only way you can really tell if you are clean is with testing. Using a home testing kit like an HIV ELISA kit often has a number of benefits over visiting a clinic for testing.
Photo credit: QWOC
Truly Private Results
When you visit a clinic for an STI test, you generally need to submit blood and/or urine samples, go home and wait to receive a call back. The doctor or nurse will then take you into a separate room to discuss your results in private. While the tests are private, you never know who might see you enter or leave the clinic. Taking the test at home ensures your privacy. You can complete the steps associated with the test and mail the test to the testing center. Your results will come directly to you at home or any address you choose.

Lower Costs
Though the Affordable Care Act reduced the cost of health insurance in the United States, some people still cannot afford insurance. If you do not have health insurance or live close to a free clinic, you may need to pay as much as $100 or more for each STI test you take. Major cities are usually the only places that offer free testing, and many hospitals and clinics require that you meet certain income restrictions to get free STD tests. With home kits, you can usually submit your sample and get your results for as little as $50.

Protect Yourself
As many STIs come with few symptoms, it's important that you get yourself tested regularly and especially before you enter into a sexual relationship with someone new. You may find that you contracted an STI years ago and never showed a single symptom. Taking one or more tests lets you protect yourself and any future sexual partner you may have. With home testing kits, both you and your partner can get tested for the more common diseases. This ensures that you are both clean, healthy and ready to start your new relationship.


Remembering Those Who Have Passed Away.

After a loved one is cremated, you probably think of the ashes being placed in a container or an urn so that they can be kept on a mantle or in an area where the person can be remembered. Some people will bury the ashes once another family member passes away, or scatter the ashes at a favorite location.

Another option is a keepsake bracelet. A small amount of the ashes are placed in a bracelet so that you can wear it all the time. This is a way that is comforting for some who want to keep their loved one as close as possible. It's also a way for children to keep a family member, such as a grandparent, close to them after a death. A bracelet is often a gentle reminder that the person is still there instead of looking at an urn on a mantle in the home.
Heartlink bracelet.
There are various designs that you can get with the bracelet depending on how detailed you want it to look. Most bracelets are made of sterling silver. This gives the piece a delicate look and a reverence that you might think of after someone passes away. Details like crystals or pearls can be added to the bracelet. As light hits the bracelet, it can cause a sparkle that will make it look like an angel is shining from Heaven, which can be a way for you to remember your loved one. Most bracelets have a charm on them, many that are in the shape of a heart. The ashes are placed inside this charm so that they are secure. There are some bracelets that have tiny areas on the links where the ashes are placed.

If you don't want a bracelet, then consider getting a ring with a stone where the ashes are placed. You can add a birthstone of the person who passed or stones of your own family. There are also necklaces with crosses and other charms. Some of the pendants include teardrops, a small urn or a heart. These are keepsakes that give a reassuring feeling that your loved one hasn't left your side.


Style Heroes | Dorothy Perkins AW2015.

For A/W 2015, women's fashion retailer Dorothy Perkins has made it easy to navigate all the new looks, while helping women create an incredible wardrobe with these style heroes – 10 beautiful pieces that will work together for the nippy autumn and chilly winter.

For the new season, the brand focuses on key pieces and offers them in a variety of different prints and textures. Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect from Dorothy Perkins this season:

The Roll Neck
Great wardrobes are created from the best foundations. The roll neck is the season’s most multi-talented staple and will take you seamlessly from day to after dark.
Metallic Style Roll Neck.
The Skinny Pant
The Skinny Pant will be your go-to trouser this season. Creating a slim silhouette, it looks perfect paired with shirts, blouses and knitwear.
Black PU Skinny Trousers.
The Wrap
Ideal for those in-between weather days, the wrap will cocoon you in style. Cinch with a belt and layer with lightweight knits and shirts to nail the look.
Block Blanket Cardigan.
The Pinny Dress
A fresh take on the classic shift, this year’s pinafore looks great teamed with blouses and roll necks. Add tights and a broad brimmed hat when the temperature drops.
Wine Geometric Print Pinny Dress.
The New Bodycon
Every wardrobe needs a hint of va va voom and this season’s bodycon dress is the definition of boardroom to bar chic.
Tall Khaki Textured Tube.
The Tote Bag
A bag that carries around your entire life deserves plenty of consideration. These totes are the perfect blend of both form and function, and will soon become your best friend.
Black Mini Tort Handle Tote.
The A-Line Skirt
Flattering, feminine and eternally modern, the A-line skirt is a no-brainer. Wear yours with tights and boots for effortless cold weather elegance or layer with a jacket for an easy look to bridge the seasons.
70's Floral A-Line Mini Skirt.
The 70s Blouse
Channel the golden days of 70s glamour this season with a romantic, full sleeved blouse.

Zigzag Print Pussybow Blouse.
The Fur Coat
Looking for an instant, throw-on way into evening? Step forward the faux fur coat – guaranteed to make you feel party- ready.
Gray Camo Faux Fur Gilet.
The Ankle Boot
Style yourself from the feet up with the perfect pair of ankle boots. Adding the finishing touch to everything from the A- line skirt to the Skinny Pant, you’ll never regret the investment.
Grey Lydia Heeled Boots.
Dorothy Perkins is owned and operated by Robinsons Specialty Stores Inc., a subsidiary of Robinsons Retails Holdings, Inc. Get the latest style updates through Dorothy Perkins’ Facebook page at

Dorothy Perkins stores are located at Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Magnolia, Power Plant Mall, Glorietta 2, TriNoma, Eastwood Mall, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Aura Premier, Ayala Center Cebu and Abreeza Mall, Davao.


New Kitchen Cabinets with Style and Storage.

With the right kitchen cabinets, you can transform a plain, ordinary kitchen into a beautiful, luxury kitchen with unique, custom details. New kitchen cabinets can quickly change the look of your kitchen and give you updated style and well-organized storage.

Your base and overhead cabinets need to be strong and functional. They need to be properly installed to make sure they don't become uneven or detach from the wall over time, so it's important to work with a reputable, licensed contractor for installation.

When choosing the layout for your kitchen cabinets, consider the location of your refrigerator, stove and sink. You want to create an easy path and reach from one to another to maximize function. When choosing base and overhead cabinets, locations, and sizes, make sure to consider your storage needs. Lower base cabinets should hold heavier items like small appliances, pots and pans, and cleaning supplies. Upper cabinets are better for lighter items like dishes, glassware and food items.
Photo credit: Lyncho.
Cabinet Accessories
There are wonderful cabinet accessories that will add extra storage and organization to your cabinets. You'll find everything from simple dividers to complex pull-out compartments that will keep your cabinets neat and well-organized.

-  Divided plate holders create visible display areas for your dishes or fine china
-  Lazy Susans increase storage by using dead corner spaces in your cabinets
-  Swing-out pantries increase storage and make it easy to access food items
-  Built-in spice racks keep kitchen spices organized and easy to find for cooking
-  Pull-out compartments provide convenient storage for kitchen essentials
-  Pull-out trash bins keep trash hidden and provide with easy access for cleaning

Doors and Drawers
Today, kitchen cabinet doors and drawers are available in so many styles and finishes. Whether your home is traditional, modern or somewhere in-between, it will be easy to choose cabinets that compliment the style of your home.

Cabinet doors and drawers are available in designs with flat, raised and recessed panels, flat, beveled and carved mouldings, and glass panels in clear, opaque, etched, and textured designs. When choosing a style, look for one that enhances your kitchen with an updated look and works well with the overall feeling of your home's interior design.

If you want to give your kitchen a stylish, updated look and increase your kitchen storage, consider new kitchen cabinets with great custom features. To get started, get a contractor and quote now.


V app | Meet, Greet, and Interact with your Favorite Kpop Stars!

Attention K-Pop fans! Here's something to feed our (yours and mine) K-pop addiction! :)

V app, a live-streaming video application featuring the hottest K-pop stars, is now available for all iOS and Android users worldwide. Since the beta release in July 31st, V app has become the best gateway to meet the top-notch K-pop stars everywhere. With the recent official iOS and Android launch, V app provides more stabilized service for global users to enjoy fluid communication with their favorite stars. Currently, 55 lineups of K-pop celebrities are signed up on the on-air schedule, including Big Bang, SM Town, Wonder Girls, 2PM, and Kara.
Introducing V app!
Comprised of three categories - ‘Special Live,’ ‘App Live,’ and ‘Spot Live’ – V app offers exclusive videos of concerts and showcases, while revealing celebrities’ hidden personalities and talents through self-produced contents by the stars themselves. Also equipped with a real-time chatting feature, users can have engaging communication with the stars.
Chat with your favorite K-pop stars!
With the ‘Star Following’ feature, users can follow the individual channels established for each celebrity group and receive alerts when their favorite stars start their live-broadcasting. Other additional features such as ‘Upcoming’ and ‘Chemi-beat’, allow users to stay updated for upcoming on-air schedules and have more interactive experiences with the stars. Total of two to six new contents are released daily. After a live-broadcast, users can watch the video again through VOD service.

The upcoming broadcasting schedule will feature Big Bang, the most-beloved K-pop idol group, who currently are preparing for their next live-show. Since September 2nd, Big Bang V LIVE has been aired on every Wednesday at 10 PM (Manila Time), where each member meets with global fans through individual live-show. After the success of the three previous shows with G-Dragon, Taeyang and T.O.P, (which are all available to watch on V app’s VOD service), over 1 million fans are following Big Bang’s V app channel. Two additional shows by Seungri and Daesung are scheduled to air on September 23rd and 30th, respectively.

G-Dragon is love!
Proving its global popularity with a record of 610,000 downloads in 170 markets on the first day of its beta release, K-pop lovers in 210 countries are now interacting with their favorite stars through V app. App downloads in non-Korean countries account for more than 60% of the total download numbers. V app especially enjoys popularity in the Philippines and other regions including the U.S., Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Naver is now focusing on the provision of smoother global services, while expanding the lineup to include non-Korean celebrities in the future.

V is a global live-streaming video application launched by Korea’s IT service company NAVER, also the parent company of global messenger LINE. Based on its know-how and technology established through the operation of Starcast, a live-broadcasting service providing various video contents of Korean celebrities, Naver’s V offers lively videos of celebrities, uncovering different aspects that global fans have never seen before.
Download link to V: (Android) (iOS)
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NAVER Corporation is Korea’s No.1 Internet company, operating the nation’s top search portal 'NAVER' (both PC and mobile). NAVER has introduced many innovative services over the years, such as ‘Comprehensive Search’, ‘Knowledge iN’ and ‘Real-time Rising Keyword'. In addition, since releasing the ‘NAVER' application, NAVER has launched applications for a wide variety of services. NAVER offers innovative mobile services for the global market, including the mobile messenger LINE through LINE Corporation, NAVER’s subsidiary. NAVER launched the Webtoon service in June 2004 in Korea and has pioneered distribution and consumption of webtoons, also known as internet cartoons.


Hair Story | Innisfree Camellia Bubble Hair Color.

Surprise, surprise! I actually found the time to update this blog. I have been neglecting it for waaaay too long - but not without a reason, of course.

As I have mentioned in my Facebook page, my son's school activities have taken up most of my time. And with all the stuff that he's doing at school, plus his karate training during Saturdays, I don't even have the time to catch up on my Korean dramas (and you know how my day can never be complete without watching an episode or two of these Kdramas!), let alone catch up on my blog backlog. Hopefully, I will be able to get a one or two more blog posts up within this week, with the Eid ul Adha holiday coming up.

But first things first. Let me first share with you what happened last weekend (aside from Alden Richards and Yaya Dub and their most awaited date - yes, I'm a fan). I colored my hair again, and as always, in DIY-fashion.
Innisfree Camellia Bubble Hair Color.
This time around, I used the Camellia Bubble Hair Color from Innisfree, which I purchased for Php 295 from Kkochipida. There are no Innisfree stores here in the Philippines, so I usually shop for their products online. That, or my husband buys them for me. Haha. ;)
Hangul text at the back of the box.
Moving on, there are four shades to choose from in the Innisfree Camellia Bubble Hair Color Line, and the one that I got is #4 Burgundy Red.
Shade reference at the side panel.
Inside the box, you'll find the following: a pack of Coloring Solution (1), a bottle of Liquid Solution (2), two sachets of Hair Treatment (3), a cape, a pair of gloves, and an instruction booklet.
The instructions are written in Hangul, and comes with illustrations for the benefit of those who can't read Korean (me included).
You're in luck if you can read Hangul.

Otherwise, you can just deduce from these illustrations. ;)
So here's what I did:
1. Wear the cape and latex gloves.
2. Pour the Coloring Solution inside the pump bottle.
3. Tilt the bottle from side to side so that it mixes with the Liquid Solution inside the bottle. Do not shake the bottle, as it may become too foamy to pump out.
4. Pump out the foamy mixture and apply it on your hair.
5. Leave it on for about 20-40 minutes. 
6. Rinse thoroughly.
7. Apply the Hair Treatment next.
8. Leave it on your hair for at least five to ten minutes.
9. Rinse.

Here's how the bubble foam looks like. It has a mild, floral scent, which I reckon comes from the camellia oil.
Grimace? :)
Like most Innisfree products, this Bubble Hair Color also has the 4-Free System. Meaning, it is free from ammonia, tar, silicone, and mineral oil. Plus points for being chemical-free!

Finally, here's how my experiment turned out.
From the 'after' photo, it may seem like my roots were not colored properly. In actual, however, it did a pretty good job of coloring my hair. Totally digging the soft, pinkish red shade! :)

My only gripe? The color bleeds like crazy!
I dyed my hair last Sunday, and the color still bleeds even after two days of washing! I've tried several brands of bubble hair coloring before, but this is the first time that I've experienced excessive bleeding. I couldn't even wear light-colored tops, out of fear of staining my clothes. Here's hoping that there will be no more bleeding when I wash my hair tomorrow. Fingers crossed. ;)