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Seoul Searching | My Winter Travel Essentials.

Two more weeks and we're finally flying to Korea! Hooray!

To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I'm super psyched for this trip that I actually spent a good part of the day taking out luggage bags from the storage, sorting clothes, preparing the stuff that we need to bring, and listing down the items that I still need to buy. If I were more OC than this, I would have actually started packing a month ago. Haha!

Now as we all know, it's already winter in Korea and temperature has dropped to as low as 4 degrees Celsius. It has also snowed twice since winter started, with last Wednesday's snowfall heavier than the first. And while I am very eager to see, feel, and experience snow for the first time in my life, I'm also a tad worried because of my (and my son's) asthma. Hence, I've listed down our winter travel essentials - stuff that we're bringing (and/or buying) to brave the harsh Korean winter.

1) Thermals.
Otherwise known as thermal undershirts/underpants, these are pieces of clothing that are designed in such a way to help retain body heat.
Thermals for the little man.
Heattech by Uniqlo.
2) Coats, Jackets, Scarves, and Beanies.
They say the key to keeping yourself warm and toasty in the dead of winter is to layer clothes effectively. Coats, jackets, and scarves are key items in layering. Beanies, ear muffs, and gloves are options, too.
Keeping it warm!
3) Boots.
Because winter means boots, I'm trading my good old Onitsuka Tigers (for the meantime) for this pair of Dorothy Perkins ankle boots that I have not worn in a long, long time.
Winter = boots.
4) Hotpacks.
Perhaps you've seen these in Kdramas - those small sachets that give off warmth and are usually stuffed inside pockets. I bet I'll be buying a handful of these during our stay in Korea.
Photo credit: GrrlTraveler.
5) Medical Supplies.
Whether it's an overnight stay at the beach or a week-long trip to somewhere, I always make sure we have our medical supplies in tow. That includes our good ol' nebulizer and Duavent nebules (as prescribed by my son's pediatrician), Alnix Plus for my son's colds and allergies, and Ceelin Plus for his daily dose of Vitamin C. Also included in our stash are medicines for fever, cough, and upset stomach, pain killers, and my Salbutamol inhaler.
Some of our medical essentials from Unilab.
I guess I've got all my bases covered with this list. Hopefully, my son and I will be able to survive the unfamiliar season that is winter and have a blast while we're at it.

Do you wanna build a snowman? I do. :)

4 replies:

G Abogado said...

Ingat and have fun on your trip to Korea. Boyfriend and I naman are planning our first out of the country trip together by March pa. Oh I'd love to go to Korea din. Will wait for your post about it! :D


Adrianas Best Recipes said...

love those boots very stylish and the scarfs are beautiful too never been to Korea so tell us all about it

Dina said...

My daughter is from Korea. We have hopes that we will be able to take her there one day when she's older. I love the boots you've picked out though!

Xon said...

Looks like you're all set for the trip! I hope you have fun and make the best out of it. I really like the boots and the sweaters!