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Nailed | Etude House Petite Darling Nail Polish.

Getting my nails done is one of my cheap thrills. And by cheap, I mean dirt cheap.

For one, I don't buy expensive nail polish. They're totally not worth my money considering I do all the household chores at home. They're most likely to chip off before I could even finish my week's worth of laundry. (I handwash the whites, just so you know.)

Now you must be thinking, "Well, you can just do your nails all over again." Sad to say, I can't. My hands get all clammy and wobbly the moment I hold the brush, and I just couldn't get the coating and stroking right. And I don't even know how to use a nipper. Pathetic, lol.

So instead of doing it on my own. I usually get the services of our neighborhood manicurist. Her rates are pretty affordable; the combined price of manicure and pedicure costs only Php 80. You'd pay double if you go to a salon or nail spa.

I called her in last Sunday, as soon as I was done with ALL the household work. I made it a point to finish all the chores by midday so I can put my Etude House Petite Nail Polish to a test. The result?

Etude House Petite PP903 Lilac Milk.
Kyeopta! That's the Korean term for 'cute'. :)

What I loved about it:
  • The color. I'm a huge fan of frosted nail polish and hardly do I ever use mattes. I used to think they look dull on me. Now I think otherwise.
  • The price. I got this for only Php 59 pesos (via bhappywithme at eBay), which is cheap considering it's a branded product.
  • The drying time. It's fast.
  • The durability. It lasted me four days before the edges began to chip off. Four days plus a week's worth of laundry. Pretty tough, huh?
  • The bottle. It's just so charming.
What my manicurist didn't like about it:
  • The brush. It was too thick for her standards.
Will I buy this again? Definitely! But I'll get a different color, of course.

And while we're on the topic of beauty and pampering, why not join my Valentines giveaway, too?

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24 replies:

deb duty said...

Your nails look so pretty!

Marana said...

cutie nail polish! love the color! dropping by for MM.
here is Mine Me, Myself and My Shoes

Tetcha said...

What a lovely color for a nail polish, and yes, the price is really affordable! Here's my MM entry:

PL said...

lovely and nice color. love your nails... was here for BPC 34. here's mine:

cassandrasminicorner said...

Like the color and very affordable. Looks great on your nails:)

Visiting for # 34 BPC! Hope you can stop by:)

mommy Orkid Belle said...

The color is nice! That reminds me that I need some mani and pedi for sure. Visiting!

Adin B

Bless said...

Love the color and the bottle is very charming.Haven't done manicure in a long time :-)

Visiting for the 366BPH!

Shari said...

Very pretty!

I don't know if you have them there, but we have these nail "stickers", kinda, from Sally Hansen, called Salon Effects.

They're so simple to put on & last a lot longer than conventional polish for me. They're about $12USD, which is somewhat pricey, but definitely a lot less expensive than having your nails done professionally, and one box will last several manicures.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Momgen said...

Cute color... Visiting from 366 challenge...

Unknown said...

Fun color nails,I love your blog, I'm following you. I invite you to come check mine to, I'm an artist.

""rarejonRez"" said...

That's a lovely color! Galing mo naman! I used to do my own nail painting, but I stopped coloring my hands kasi nga, it chip off quickly since I'm the maid. LOL. Si toenails nalang ang nakukulayan ko! And like you, i don't go for expensive nail polish!

BPC #34 visit here!

Prettymom said...

love the color, visiting for PF,i hope to see you around at

Emzkie said...

very pretty! love the color. pretty fingernails too!

visiting your pink! heres mine..

Emzkie said...

is here again and this time for BPC. =)

here is my take..

Rachelle said...

pretty nails! that pampering is what I've always missed since i came here in germany. I used to have my nails done back home every two weeks!
you really got an affordable manicurist huh!
visiting from PF
hope you visit mine too!

Prettymom said...

am here again, this time for Mommy moment, see you at

RUBY Caberte said...

That is a fab color but I think it won't match my age. I am already in my early 30s and I am more into dark shades.

Visiting from the February Host Blog of Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge. :)

Momgen said...

I like cream or pink color hehehe...Visiting from PF!

Jessica said...

that is a pretty color of nail polish Sis, beautiful nails you have too :-) Visiting from Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the visit too.

cassandrasminicorner said...

Visiting you back sis for PF! Hope you can stop by:)

Mel_Cole said...

I love the lilac shade sis :) looks good in your nails. Sharing to you My Pink Fridays Entry.

Unknown said...

dropping by here again sis. Sharing to you My 39/366 BPC.

Chris said...

fun time for mommy! :D nice color too :)

Unknown said...

when u mentioned etude in your latest post, i click the link right away as i love few stuff from etude, their BBcream and facial foam, to name a few.

same here, i get too frugal for my pedi/mani, 60 pesos is all that i could pay to my "suki"...that's minus the polish because i'm not into applying even colorless polish. but, seeing ur nails...i might get tempted the next time my suki comes over :)

have a fab Sunday.