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Singing (the) Blue | Big Bang Daebak!

I wasn't a BigBang fan. Until this came along.

Blue - title track of BigBang's 5th mini album

After I posted this yesterday, I got so curious about BigBang's comeback album that  I couldn't help but to Google it. Really, when you see something as quirky as this, you're bound to get curious.

Nebulizer masks FTW!
The next thing I knew, I was on BigBang's official YouTube channel, watching the Blue MV over and over until Yue began complaining about it. "Mommy, ang lakas naman ng tugtog mo! Hindi ko marinig si Pink Panther!" (Mommy, your music is too loud! I can't hear Pink Panther!) LOL.

I usually fall in love with the song first, before the artist itself. After being smitten by Blue, I decided to preorder a copy of Alive for myself. Just when I thought the only album I will be purchasing this year would be Lee Jun Ki's Deucer (single to be released in March, album in April), I found myself enamored by Blue - like I'm in a trance or something. Play the video above and perhaps you'll understand what I'm talking about.

And with that, I'm now making it official. The Rebel Sweetheart is now a VIP. :)

*VIP is BigBang's official fan club.

4 replies:

Kjbikakis said...

Hehe glad to see you've jumped aboard the VIP train :D lol
See if you can get Yue hooked on BB as well (: they're such an amazing band! Which copy did you order? ^^
ps: i saw your photo's on instagram; Yue's new hair cut is so incredibly adorable!!!

Jessica said...

they look cool Sis, never heard of them :-( Visiting late from Food Friday, hope that you can return the visit too.

Czjai said...

I got TOP's version. I'm thinking of getting another one for my cousin, who is the original VIP here. :D


OMG! you bought the album na!! So jealous!! I want to buy it too but I'm poor as of the moment! Haha! :P