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Project Lee Jun Ki | Episode 1.

Forget dessert. Here's something even more worthy of my now-elusive smile.

All the way from HK!
Today, I finally had the chance to get this registered parcel. Yue and I made a quick trip to the local post office before going to the supermarket. I had to personally claim this - complete with ID verification - because it's registered mail. I even had to pay an extra Php 40 because of this Customs Declaration thinggy.

Hmmm... movie disc. Take a guess at who is inside. :)
The parcel's claim stub actually came last Tuesday, but as you may have known, I had to attend to pressing (and depressing) matters earlier this week. After being down in the dumps for the past couple of days, this was a surefire way of putting the smile back into my face.

Ehem! Photo not too clear for you?
Episode 1... here we go! :)
That's Lee Jun Ki Episode 1- otherwise known as Lee Jun Ki's 1st Concert / Fanmeeting in Seoul. This Korea version DVD, released in 2006, is a rare find these days. I was lucky enough to find this on eBay a few weeks back; the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew I had to have this in my collection.

DVD, photobook, stickers.
This is my first Lee Jun Ki collectible, by the way.

Yue, the sticker addict, had cruel intentions for my kkonminam. LOL.
And it just so happens that this is also my first Paypal and first international eBay transaction.

Although a bit worried at first, (I was a Paypal/eBay international newbie, after all) the seller had been very accommodating and was quick to respond to my queries. I even got a discount for the shipping fee. :)

Awww... there's a crack on the cover. :(
I guess the only thing I can complain about is that crack on the cover, which could have been incurred while in transit. One layer of bubble wrap obviously wasn't enough to protect my Joongi. :(

Not a dibidi copy. Haha!
Thankfully, the DVD itself was safe and sound. And it's compatible with my player.

DVD + photobook.
I found happiness in those ninety minutes of nothing but Lee Jun Ki. And seeing these on top of my drawer makes me purse my lips to form a giddy smile.

My son, who has been complaining to his Dad that 'Mommy cries a lot', was delighted to see me smiling again. But I guess he was even more delighted with the stickers, lol. I hid them away as soon as I was done taking these photos. Otherwise, I might find Jun Ki plastered all over the place!

29 replies:

MM said...

Nice! Been wanting to buy from intl ebay for a long time. Nttakot ako sa shipment fee. Hehe.

Jessica said...

awww! what a great package...must feels heaven when you got them Sis.
Visiting from Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the visit too :-)

I♥am♥gie said...

nice to know you're smiling again :) re: intl shipping, good thing you got it mura, the last time I went for intl shipping, the customs was asking me to pay 2K for tax daw. lol:D good thing it was just a gift so I told them to just ship it back! :D

Czjai said...

Wutda?! 2k? Naglakas-loob nga lang ako sa pagbili nito, sobrang hirap maghanap ng Korea version nito. Ang available na lang nito sa YesAsia is the Jap version, and like all Jap version items eh hindi makatao ang presyo, lol.

How do they compute ba for the taxes? I got this item kasi pretty cheap, around 750php lang including the shipping. Ang Jap version nito around 3k na halos eh. o.O

Verna Luga said...

OMO... akala ko ako lang naloka sa JunKi na to hahaha.. di pala ako nag-iisa lol..

I've been blogging for years pero di pa talaga ko nakabli sa ebay..hehe :) was here for PF.

My Pink Friday here. Hope you can visit back.

anne said...

my cousin is also up to koreans I am not sure though if he is one of them but mind you he have a cute smile visiting from happiness My Little Home and PF Mary Anne’s Musings

Czjai said...

Hello Vernz!
Obsession na itong akin for Jun Ki, hahaha! :)

anne said...

Yay I think I have sent the wrong link for PF here it is Mary Anne’s Musings

Emzkie said...

i hate customs! i paid 6000 pesos just to get my laptop. =( but anyway.. your hubby is so sweet to send u those disc. im not a fan because i never get the chance to watch any of his teleserye. maybe one of this days.. i will check out Lee Jun Ki

visitng from PF here is mine

Anonymous said...

Your PINK is very pretty!
thanks for sharing...and HAppy PINk SatURday!

ciao bella.
Creative Carmelina

KM said...

as i always say, there's always a reason to smile :) and in this case, yours came in the mail just in time ;)

thanks for joining Happiness Is. see you there again next week for another round of happy posts :)

Jessica said...

what a beautiful package delish that yummy desserts Sis :-) Visiting from #57 Project 366 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

Bless said...

Something nice from the mail can surely be a reason to smile. Good thing you find something like that cheaper and no hassle from shipping/post office :-)

Visiting for the 366BPC!

♥FreakyehS♥ said...

oh my fanatic talaga hehehe cute mo sistah, parang teenager at talagang pinag gastusan ahh. hehe thats really cute, pwedi makapanood? :-)

Here is my 366 BPC

Unknown said...

hehe..sorry sis, but don't know him kasi di ako nanonood ng korean tv shows hehe. tsaka, late na ng gabi ksi ang mga korean telenobela kaya di na ako nakakapanood. hehe.

well, nice to know at naka smile ka na. Visiting from BPC#57.

bev said...

wow you are also into the Korean Craze. Visiting from Blog Photo Challenge. Hope you can drop by my entry house of P

bev said...

wow you are also into Korean Craze. Visiting from Blog Photo Challenge. Hope you can drop by my entry house of P

Liz said...

Ako naman I like watching Korean epics and telenovelas. :)

Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC

Shengkay said...

hahaha...hindi ka adik..hehehe..
Visiting from Pink Friday entry #35.
My Pink Entry
Have a nice day!

Shengkay said...

mt second time here today..
Visiting from happiness is... entry #33.
My Happiness is..
Happy Monday!

Kim, USA said...

I don't have any idea who this actor is looks Korean because I read it sa post hehe, pero para sa akin enjoy the moment, pareho din sa pag enjoy ko at naloloka ako kay William Martinez high school pa ako noon lol!!


cassandrasminicorner said...

Oh, I remembered him if tama ako..Isa ba sya sa cast ng meteor garden ba yun? I like him too:)

Visiting from the challenge-hope you can stop by:)

cassandrasminicorner said...

Visiting again for PF- hope you can stop by:)

""rarejonRez"" said...

I don't know him sis but your post made me do a little research on him! ;-) Glad you got what you wanted now! :)

BPC hop here!

Prettymom said...

you indeed a Korean fanatic, nanood din ako ng Korean telenovela pero yung like ko lang, visiting for Pink friday and Happiness is, i hope you can visit mine at

see you..

Czjai said...

Lee Jun Ki = <3

Jessica said...

awww! that is one moment to share The Happiness Is Sis when receiving stuff form our idol :-)hope that you can return the visit too.

MaiThreeBoyz said...

wow happiness talaga yan. i love koreanovelas but haven't really been into korean music before. I'm sure he's really good. i'm so glad you got more reasons to smile now! visiting for happiness is...

Emzkie said...

is here once again and this time from Happiness, here is my share