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Avon Ideal Luminous Concealer | The Battle Against Dark Undereyes.

It's a known fact that I have the most horrendous eyebags in the history of mankind blogging. I've ranted and prattled about it time and again, as if I were a broken record on repeat. My ongoing battle with dark undereyes has compelled to try all sorts of eye creams, eye masks, and concealers. The latest of which is Avon's Ideal Luminous Concealer Stick.

Avon Ideal Luminous Concealer Stick in Almond.
Like the other products from the Ideal Luminous line, this concealer boasts of the Invisiblend Technology - an Avon innovation four years in the making. With this technology, skin-matching pigments are used 'to create a breathable network of undetectable coverage'. Or in layman's terms, lightweight makeup, flawless look, full coverage.

Sounds promising right? I've been using the Ideal Luminous Dual Powder Foundation for quite awhile now, and I like how it works well on my face. I like it a lot that I've ditched all other foundations and stuck to just this instead. Which is why I have high expectations with this concealer stick. After all, they're from the same Ideal Luminous product line.

Ideal Luminous vs Ideal Shade.
I put it up to a challenge and place it head to head against Avon's Ideal Shade concealer stick. I've been quite loyal to this particular concealer, to be honest. Despite trying other brands, I keep coming back to this Avon product.

Ideal Luminous on the left vs Ideal Shade on the right.
Both concealers are in Almond. But as you can see, the Ideal Luminous has a distinctly lighter shade.

Ideal Luminous on the left vs Ideal Shade on the right.
Or should I say it has a whiter shade?

Ideal Luminous on the left vs Ideal Shade on the right.
It looks even paler when blended across the skin.

Bare face, bothersome eyebags!
But the real test is on the undereyes. That's my 'fresh-from-the-shower' look - bare face and all.

Ideal Shade on the left vs Ideal Luminous on the right.
Now with a generous swatch of both concealers. On the left (the one just above my mole) is the Ideal Shade, while on the right is the Ideal Luminous. You can see that the latter is definitely lighter.

Ideal Shade on the left vs Ideal Luminous on the right.
The right side (as in your right) of my face looks like a mess, I know. For some reason, the Ideal Luminous was a bit difficult to blend. Both concealers are creamy, but the Ideal Luminous tended to settle more on the creases beneath my eyes. I guess I applied a little too much of it, lol.

Ideal Shade on the left vs Ideal Luminous on the right.
You can correct this by setting the concealer with powder. I used the Ideal Luminous Dual Powder Foundation, which did a bit of help for the underye mess. I'll remember to use the Ideal Luminous concealer sparingly next time. But then again, I may just settle for my good ol' Ideal Shade who keeps on calling me back whenever I go astray, lol.

Although this concealer didn't elicit a 'wow' from me, I'd give it points for its affordability. Since I got this as an FD Privilege Buy (the perks of being an Avon Lady), I paid only Php 179 for it. This product will be available to the public beginning March 1, at a special introductory price of Php 199. That's Php 81 cheaper than the regular price of Php 280.

And with that, the epic battle against eyebags and dark undereyes continue. The saga goes on...

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emz said...

wow i wanna try that concealer. it works wonders!

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I♥am♥gie said...

gaahh, eyebags! kaaway ko din yan!

Czjai said...

Naku Gie, when are we ever gonna win this battle? Haha!

Uy, were you the one who won House of Flair's giveaway? :)

Wifey10 said...

Every woman's Good thing we've got make up to count on..hehe

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Have a great day!

urban muser said...

thanks for linking up at {in the picture} this month!

anne said...

Wahh you remind me of my concealers I have like two of them but I don't where did I put those or maybe I lost it. Sigh visiting from WW this is my entry thanks My Daily Mumbles

PL said...

i have those too! i mean dark undereyes and eyebags! thanks to blogging! hehehe... di ka nag-iisa sis. was here for WW!

MaiThreeBoyz said...

This is a great review, very detailed. i love Avon products but I haven't tried this concealer stick.
visiting for WW.

Czjai said...

Thanks everyone! Visited your blogs, too! :)

Jessica said...

You are such an expert Sis with beauty products, love your tips, thank you for sharing :-) Visiting from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the visit too

Czjai said...

Thank, Jessy! Pero I'm not an expert, hehe. Sanay lang siguro. :D

purethoughts said...

i sooo need this!!
thanks for sharing, sis. I will definitely do something about my eyebags, too! it's killing me! thanks for joining and very sorry for the late visit.