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Popular Animal Wall Decals.

Today I’m gonna instroduce some wonderful stickers which are welcomed by children. We all know that children love the animals - they love the zoo animals, they love jungle animals, they love marine animals... It seems each animal has their own “fan”. That’s why animal wall decals are popular in the world, and it is the number one welcomed gift for children. If you are still confused which animal wall decals are right for you and your kids, read on.

Zoo Animals Wall Decals
Zoo animals wall decals are a great choice, especially when you're giving it as a gift to a child. These include popular zoo animals, such as lions, elephants, monkeys, giraffse, zebras, and birds.
Baby Elephant wall decal.
Cartoon style wall decals are the best way for children to recognize each animal, and the cute, cartoon images can make the child feel closer to these animals. These adorable animal decals can be put on the walls of the playroom, or on the child's bedroom walls.

Jungle Animal Wall Decals
Jungle animals wall decals have a bigger selection, such as monkeys, owls, giraffes, and foxes. Compared to the zoo animals wall decal, the jungle animal wall decals also have different styles of tree wall art, various mushrooms, and colorful butterflies.
Tree wall art.
If the zoo animal wall decals are a favorite among little boys, the jungle animals wall decals are a hit among little girls. The vibrant colors can make every child feel like they are in the jungle, playing with the animals.

Marine Animal Wall Decals
The deep sea is a mysterious world which children yearn to unravel and explore. Patterns showcasing marine animals will make the kids feel like they are having an adventure underwater. These patterns include animals such as penguins, dolphins, and whales.
Penguin wall decals.
The penguin wall decals include the nursery penguin decals, the penguin silhouette wall decals, and the funny penguin decals. The dolphin wall decals include the nursery dolphin wall decals and the dolphin silhouette wall decals. Meanwhile, the whale decals have nursery style wall decals and the cartoon wall stickers.

Dinosaur Wall Decals
If you need to choose one animal that all the little boys are crazy for, then it has to be the dinosaur.
Dinosaur wall decals.
Dinosaur wall decals are immensely popular, such as the dinosaur silhouette wall decals which are well-loved by kids ages 5 to 12 years old, and the nursery dinosaur wall decals, which are a hit among toddlers and younger kids. Whether it's a tyrannosaurus, a pterosaur, a tanystropheus, or the Ceratops, they are all awesome, and will be greatly appreciated by every child.


My First 'Official' BeautyMNL Haul!

Just recently, I had the honor of being named as one of BeautyMNL's brand ambassadors. (Yay!) I was super psyched upon hearing the news, not only because BeautyMNL happens to be one of the leading homegrown e-commerce platforms in the Philippines, but also because I've been a silent reader of Bloom, BeautyMNL's online magazine, for the longest time.

To celebrate this 'milestone', BeautyMNL awarded me with shopping credits, which I then used to  pay for my latest purchase at the the BeautyMNL app. Although this was not my first time to shop at BeautyMNL, I consider this my first 'official' haul since becoming an ambassador for the brand. And with that, here's a sneak peek of my first 'official' BeautyMNL haul. :)
My first 'official' BeautyMNL haul.
W. Dressroom Dress & Living Clear Perfume No. 97 (April Cotton).
A fragrance brand from South Korea, W. Dressroom was created by designer Choi Bum Suk who believes that your scent 'is the most powerful way to symbolize who you are'. The brand was made popular by Korean celebrities and idol stars who personally use and endorse W. Dressroom products. Case in point, BTS' Jungkook who wears this particular scent.
W. Dressroom Dress & Living Clear Perfume No. 97 (April Cotton), Php 595.
W. Dressroom describes April Cotton as a 'gender-neutral, clean, and crisp scent reminiscent of fresh, silky-soft linens'. True enough, April Cotton did remind me of our cozy little neighborhood in Seongsu-dong, and how the entire block reeks of that soft, powdery scent on weekends when most of the ahjummas do their laundry. I nearly cried out of homesickness when I first took a whiff of this perfume.

Biore Cleansing Oil.
A favorite among beauty/skincare enthusiasts, Biore Cleansing Oil effectively dissolves and removes stubborn makeup, including waterproof mascara, while lifting away dirt and impurities.
Unlike other cleansing oils, this one doesn't leave a greasy film on the face and maintains the skin's natural moisture balance. The Biore Cleansing Oil is great for everyday use, especially if you use makeup on a daily basis, and the perfect first step in your double-cleansing routine.
Biore Cleansing Oil, Php 349.
COSRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser.
Speaking of double cleansing, you all know I swear by the COSRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser. This has been my morning cleanser for more than two years now, and I've emptied more or less half a dozen tubes of this product since then. It's still my HG cleanser to date. :)
COSRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, Php 540.
You can read my full review of the COSRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser here.

Innisfree My Real Squeeze Sheet Mask (Fig & Lime).
Skincare shopping ain't complete without adding a sheet mask or two to my cart! These Innisfree My Real Squeeze sheet masks were on sale at Php 55 each and I got the Fig and the Lime variants. The former is a moisturizing essence-type mask that leaves your complexion smooth and radiant, while the latter is a refreshing water-type mask that brightens the skin and makes your complexion glow.
Innisfree My Real Squeeze Sheet Masks, Php 55 each.
Puritan's Pride L- Carnitine 500 mg (60 caplets).
I bought this bottle of L-Carnitine caplets mostly out of curiosity (Does this work? Will I sweat buckets? Will I lose weight?), aside from the fact that this was on sale at almost half the original price (Php 729). This product claims to be one of the best weight loss supplements as it enhances the body's fat-burning functions and supports heart health and cardiovascular wellness. This bottle will definitely come in handy with all that feasting and partying that we'll be doing during the holidays. Will keep you posted if this product works. ;)
Puritan's Pride L-Carnitine 500 mg (60 caplets), Php 377.
What beauty/skincare products have you bought lately? Did you hoard stuff during the 11.11 sale?
Don't forget to use my discount code when you shop at BeautyMNL! First-time buyers get Php 100 off on purchases worth Php 1000 and up!
Use my discount code 'CZJAI' when you shop at BeautyMNL!


Why Electrolyte Sports Drinks Are Important.

Sport drinks are a big part of an athlete’s life; it is a big part of the athletics business all over the world. People see these beverages as magic elixirs that give more power, even to non-athletes. However, there are those people who would also tell you that this is just manufacturers doing the marketing, and water is the best form of hydration.

Whatever makes up majority of human body weight is critical to its proper functioning. Water makes up majority of the human body and it is lost through sweat, urine, and feces. It is also continually through the skin and when we breathe. This losses need to be replaced for the human body to stay healthy, and to replace it, it is recommended to drink lots of fluids regularly to avoid dehydration, a condition that occurs when a person eliminates fluids more than his intake; read here to know more.
Kim Woo Bin.
Sports Drinks
The main ingredient of sports drinks is water but they also contain many other substances. Electrolytes and carbohydrates that are substances that help improve bodily performance also make up these sports beverages. Most often, the carbohydrates are often added as sugars like sucrose, glucose and fructose.

Some sport drinks, however, are prepared with low or zero carbohydrates. This is so because it also wants to cater to people who want to make use of sport drinks to replenish lost electrolytes and water without taking in additional calories.

Electrolytes help produces ions in the fluids of the human body and it is necessary for the body to function properly. The main electrolytes that are usually found in sport drinks are potassium and sodium.
Sung Joon and Park Hyung Sik, High Society (2015).
Benefits to Athletes 
Water, electrolytes, and carbohydrates are important to an athlete’s performance. Athletes sweat too much, especially during a long exercise. Electrolytes are lost together with sweat and this has to be replaced to maintain the levels at a certain range.

Carbohydrates are stored in the body through the muscles and the liver in the form of glycogen. These stored carbohydrates are used as fuel to the body during exercise. So when an athlete exercises he is burning carbohydrates and this means stored carbohydrates are running out. To slow this process down, athletes should consume carbohydrates before or during his exercise or a game. This will ensure that carbohydrates in the body do not get depleted quickly. discusses the effects of carbohydrates in endurance performance.

This is where athletes benefit from sports drinks because it is designed to contain the important ingredients and provide athletes the stamina and strength so they can perform.
Lee Jang Woo, Glory Jane (2011).
Weight Loss
For people who are trying to lose weight or maintain a certain weight, like athletes do, it is important to consider a balance of energy or a balance of calories consumed and burn.

Losing weight would require burning of more calories than what is consumed. Sports drink may not be advisable when your objective is to lose weight because they contain carbohydrates which you want to shed off by burning them. It could hinder your weight loss goals. But studies also show that these drinks do not necessarily “undo” the calories you have already burned. Plus it can help you stay hydrated. The best thing is to consult your coaches or weight manager.
So Ji Sub.
Electrolytes are replenished
When an active person sweats electrolytes are lost. If these are lost too quickly the body is not able to restore them as quickly as it has lost them. Intake of sports drink can help dehydration from happening.

Drinking sports beverages help replenish the lost nutrients in the human body. It will help rehydrate the body. Dehydration, if not countered quickly, can result to very serious medical problems. So when a person is exerting too much energy and sweats continuously, he can be dehydrated quickly in a matter of 30 minutes. Thus, it is recommended for athletes to take sports beverages even before they start with their activities, and most especially during the activities to prevent them from dehydrating.

Exercise and strenuous activities hastens the metabolism of the body and quickly breaks down stored carbohydrates as energy is consumed. When the energy level is low, exhaustion happens. Therefore, athletes need to replace lost carbohydrates to prevent them from slowing down. The energy drinks can help sustain their stamina to complete their activity.

On top of that, the best electrolyte drinks quench thirsts as effectively as fresh and clean water. Exerting energy makes one sweat profusely, and sweating causes thirst. So the body needs quenching. Ideally, water is the best thirst-quenchers, but it does not provide the needed supplements that will sustain the energy, stamina, and endurance of athletes, hence, sport drinks are recommended. It provides the quenching necessary, plus it helps maintain the balance of nutrients in the body.


Be Physically Fit | Add Tasty Keto Bars to Your Diet.

There are many types of health and each one is interconnected with the others. Good condition of one type of health promotes the condition of other types of health. On the other hand, a poor condition of one adversely affects the others.

In achieving a healthy body, the focus shouldn’t be solely on one or two types of health. All types of health should be given the utmost importance. Focusing on one and neglecting the others can be detrimental to the body. Being healthy overall should be the goal and it is only attained by taking into account all types of health.

The most commonly talked about types of being healthy are mental and physical fitness. Perhaps physical fitness is the more popular of the two but people have started to become more heedful of mental health in recent years. This is probably brought about by the rising instances of suicide in the world. There is also emotional, spiritual, and social health; such types are as important as the first two mentioned.
Donghae of Super Junior at a hotel gym.
Because mental and physical are the most discussed types of fitness, they are only the ones that people tend to consider. Consequently, emotional, spiritual, and social health is overlooked. People don’t know that taking those types of health for granted can also have an impact on their physical and mental condition.

While there are many types of health, all are equally important; this article will simply and solely focus on the physical aspect. Having a fine condition physically is very important. Being in a good physical condition allows you to carry out tasks and do whatever it is that you wish to do. But achieving an optimum physical condition is not a walk in the park as it does not only mean having no illness.

Apart from the absence of diseases, there are a lot of factors to consider before you can declare that someone is physically healthy. It is achieved through discipline, dedication, and hard work. It also requires a commitment to live a lifestyle conducive to the promotion of your well-being.
Choi Siwon.
Fit and Healthy
Being physically fit demands a lot from you. Physical fitness entails eating a balanced diet, getting the right nutrition, maintaining proper weight, doing regular exercises, being physically active, consuming a sufficient amount of fluids, and having an adequate amount of rest. Considering how hectic the lifestyles of most people are, it would seem that achieving all those is practically impossible. But with the right mind-set, your fitness goals can be realized. Visit the following link to get tips on how to be physically fit:

People nowadays have become more mindful of their weight. They have become more conscious of their figures. It’s not a bad thing though. It’s actually good news that people have become more concerned about their bodies.

More people are getting into physical fitness. This can be manifested by the increase in popularity of gyms all over the world. Making time to go to the gym is not difficult. What’s really difficult is having enough discipline to maintain a diet. Saying no to your favorite food is extremely hard.
Yunho, Donghae, and Siwon at the gym.
Ketogenic Diet
Through the years, people have gotten into many kinds of diet. One of the most popular kinds of diet at present is the Ketogenic diet or the Keto diet. The Keto diet has become so popular for people wanting to lose weight. This kind of diet is a low-carbohydrate and high-fat diet.

It aims to reduce carb consumption and increase fat. The decrease in carb intake puts the body into ketosis. During this metabolic state, the body is more efficient in transforming fats into energy. It also helps decrease blood sugar and insulin levels.
Keto bars.
Subscribing to the Keto diet means lower consumption of sweets. While bacon and steak aren’t bad at all, it cannot be denied that you’re missing sugary, carbohydrate filled treats. Good thing for you, great tasting Keto bars have been made to help people satisfy their sweet cravings while still maintaining their diet. This way, you’re indulging yourself without diverging from the Keto lifestyle.

Being physically fit is very essential in living life to its fullest potential. Dedication to a more active lifestyle and discipline in one’s diet is of great importance in achieving physical fitness. Taking care of your health physically is just one step in achieving good overall fitness.


Van Gogh Alive - The Experience.

Back in 2016, on our second winter in Korea, Yue and I had the chance to visit the Van Gogh Cafe at Lotte World Mall in Seoul. It's the world's first official cafe affiliated with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and the closest we've ever been to Van Gogh's works. The cafe showcases replica of Van Gogh's masterpieces, around 700 of them, as well as various relics such as Van Gogh's tobacco pipe and letters to his brother, Theo. Yue developed an interest for Vincent van Gogh and his artwork during our brief stay at the cafe, especially with Van Gogh's self-portraits.

Fast forward to October 2019, when news broke out that Van Gogh Alive is coming to Manila. As soon as we heard the news and saw teaser videos of Van Gogh Alive, we made plans to see the show during the semestral break. I booked tickets as soon as they were available online, and luckily, I was able to secure slots on October 29 for my mom squad and I, and our kids.
We went to see Van Gogh Alive!
Squad goals! :)
Van Gogh Alive is a one-of-a-kind exhibition. It's a multi-sensory experience which gives viewers the unique opportunity to experience Van Gogh's artistry through sight and sound.
He was literally the first in line and the first to enter the 12:30 pm exhibition that day. 
Selfie while waiting for the door to open. :)
More of Van Gogh's masterpieces after the jump!


Flooring Trends for 2020.

As 2019 draws to a close, we look ahead to see what flooring trends are looking big for 2020 - that’s if you want your house to look as fashionable as possible. But it does all depend on the existing décor of your home, whether you’re into a rustic farmhouse look or something a little more modern is to your taste. Here’s a few that we’ve noticed:
Photo credit: Price Your Job UK
Going Green As you can expect, with people becoming more and more conscious of their carbon footprint, their choice of flooring is no exception. With a huge focus on global warming, people are keen to do their bit to help.

Natural, recycled materials have proved popular in 2019. Products like real wood are preferred as opposed to man-made products. Although you may think that real wood flooring would result in deforestation, the trees are nearly always replanted.
Mosaic tiles for your bathroom.
If you’re fashion conscious, then you really need to get on board with this trend. Patterned tiles in your bathroom are a must have right now, coming in many different shapes such as herringbone, small squares and subway tiles.

However, you don’t need to invest in tiles to achieve this look. We sell vinyl’s and laminate’s that mimic the real tile look perfectly, which of course come along with all their own benefits such as a money saving and easy maintenance.
Rustic look for your kitchen.
More and more people are enjoying a rustic interior, and we can see why. It gives your home extra character and a touch of the past, without looking too outdated. You can enjoy a fresh modern property while keeping some of its classic features alive. Even city flats are opting for the rustic farmhouse interior - perhaps we all want to feel close to the country deep down?

This trend is the most prevalent in the kitchen, where people usually spend most of their time. We have a number of rustic style floorings available, from real wood walnut flooring to laminate that mimics wood impeccably.
Luxury vinyl tiles.
Wood looking vinyl 
It’s no lie that real wood flooring is very desirable, no matter what taste you have. They look attractive, all natural and never go out of fashion; but they are pricey. Nevertheless, there are ways of achieving this stylish look without having to dive too deep into your pocket.

Wood mimic vinyl flooring is all the rage right now, especially in bathrooms due to its practicality and water-resistant features. If your bathroom furniture is white, then we’d recommend grey. It complements the white, but also giving the room a bit of colour variety. You get the benefits of the lighter colour, allowing your room to appear more spacious and airier, but doesn’t show the dirt as much as a white or cream floor might. Plus, it’s so easy to maintain, not to mention you’re bang on trend. Why wouldn’t you?
Seo Kang Joon in Are You Human (2018).
Of course, you can’t be changing your floor every time the trends change, that’s why it’s good to go for something that will always stay in style. But 2020 may be the year you give your house a whole new look. Treat yourself and say goodbye to that outdated carpet in your bedroom and go for something a little more modern. It is the start of a new century after all!


An In-Car Safety Guide for New Parents.

Using a car seat or child safety seat is one of the best ways to protect your kids when traveling in the car, and they are a legal requirement in all states. Car accidents are amongst the leading causes of serious injury and death for young children, so keeping your child safe when you’re driving depends on choosing the right seat and using it correctly. If you’re a new parent, keeping your baby safe in the car is going to be a top priority. Here are some tips to keep in mind.
Kim Ji Seok in When the Camellia Blooms, 2019.
#1. Choosing the right car seat
You should always choose a car seat that meets or exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213; you can find this information on the car seat box or label. It’s a good idea to purchase the seat well before your child’s first ride so that you can learn how to install it and use the harness correctly. If you are struggling, ask for help – some sales assistants may be trained to do this, or you can find plenty of reputable online tutorials. You can also visit a child car seat inspection station, which are set up across the country by the federal government, where they can provide advice or double-check that the seat has been installed correctly. Check out AskTheLawyer to find out more about specific car seat rules and regulations in your state.
Jang Nara in Fated to Love You, 2014.
#2. Using a second-hand car seat
Using a second-hand car seat can seem like a good way to save some money on the mounting expenses that come with welcoming a new child into the world, but it can also carry a massive risk. Only use a second-hand car seat that you can be sure has not been involved in an accident – if it has it may be damaged in ways that are not visible to the naked eye. You should also fully inspect the seat or have a professional look over it for you; don’t use a car seat that has any parts missing or if it is lacking a model number and manufacture date. Car seats will also have recommended ‘expiration dates’, so it’s worth checking for this too.
Lee twins in The Return of Superman, 2013.
#3. What type of car seat?
For new parents, there are generally two different types of car seat to choose from. The popular choice is an infant car seat, which fit newborns and smaller infants up to around 35 pounds. You will need to replace your car seat when your infant outgrows it. These car seats are designed to be rear-facing as a small child is likely to be much more protected in this position in the event of a crash, as the back of the seat will cradle the child’s head, neck, and torso. Small children can usually stay rear-facing until around age 3-4. Some infant seats are also designed to double as carriers or rockers, so provide added convenience. Alternatively, you may wish to use a convertible seat, which can be used as an infant seat and converts to be placed in different positions as your child grows.

 No matter which car seat you choose to use for your child, ensuring that it is safe and in line with state and federal regulations is crucial.