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Flooring Trends for 2020.

As 2019 draws to a close, we look ahead to see what flooring trends are looking big for 2020 - that’s if you want your house to look as fashionable as possible. But it does all depend on the existing décor of your home, whether you’re into a rustic farmhouse look or something a little more modern is to your taste. Here’s a few that we’ve noticed:
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Going Green As you can expect, with people becoming more and more conscious of their carbon footprint, their choice of flooring is no exception. With a huge focus on global warming, people are keen to do their bit to help.

Natural, recycled materials have proved popular in 2019. Products like real wood are preferred as opposed to man-made products. Although you may think that real wood flooring would result in deforestation, the trees are nearly always replanted.
Mosaic tiles for your bathroom.
If you’re fashion conscious, then you really need to get on board with this trend. Patterned tiles in your bathroom are a must have right now, coming in many different shapes such as herringbone, small squares and subway tiles.

However, you don’t need to invest in tiles to achieve this look. We sell vinyl’s and laminate’s that mimic the real tile look perfectly, which of course come along with all their own benefits such as a money saving and easy maintenance.
Rustic look for your kitchen.
More and more people are enjoying a rustic interior, and we can see why. It gives your home extra character and a touch of the past, without looking too outdated. You can enjoy a fresh modern property while keeping some of its classic features alive. Even city flats are opting for the rustic farmhouse interior - perhaps we all want to feel close to the country deep down?

This trend is the most prevalent in the kitchen, where people usually spend most of their time. We have a number of rustic style floorings available, from real wood walnut flooring to laminate that mimics wood impeccably.
Luxury vinyl tiles.
Wood looking vinyl 
It’s no lie that real wood flooring is very desirable, no matter what taste you have. They look attractive, all natural and never go out of fashion; but they are pricey. Nevertheless, there are ways of achieving this stylish look without having to dive too deep into your pocket.

Wood mimic vinyl flooring is all the rage right now, especially in bathrooms due to its practicality and water-resistant features. If your bathroom furniture is white, then we’d recommend grey. It complements the white, but also giving the room a bit of colour variety. You get the benefits of the lighter colour, allowing your room to appear more spacious and airier, but doesn’t show the dirt as much as a white or cream floor might. Plus, it’s so easy to maintain, not to mention you’re bang on trend. Why wouldn’t you?
Seo Kang Joon in Are You Human (2018).
Of course, you can’t be changing your floor every time the trends change, that’s why it’s good to go for something that will always stay in style. But 2020 may be the year you give your house a whole new look. Treat yourself and say goodbye to that outdated carpet in your bedroom and go for something a little more modern. It is the start of a new century after all!

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