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Wordless Wednesday #11 | Happy Halloween!

Trick or treat!
The little man and I hied off to the mall today for some Halloween fun. There's a costume contest, a Halloween parade, and of course, trick or treatin'! Here are some photos from the event.

Happy Halloween, folks! :)

Spotlight | CatalinaGeo Auto Eyebrow Pencil.

I've been meaning to post this review earlier, but the past few days had been too crazy for me to get any writing done. There was the little man's school activities, the Big Bang Alive Tour Manila leg, then alas, the little man got sick and we had to stay at the hospital for almost four days! We were discharged last Sunday, and now this blog is back to regular programming.

A few weeks back, I did a review of the StemCello EMortal Revitalizing Vitamin C Serumwhich was sent to me by Korea Cosmetics (KC). This product, the CatalinaGeo Auto Eyebrow Pencil, was also included in that package from KC.

A product of Lamy Cosmetics, the CatalinaGeo Auto Eyebrow Pencil is a retractable and refillable eyebrow tool. It comes in a distinct triangular shape, which allows you to line your eyebrows and fill them in at the same time.
The pencil itself, plus a refill!
The CatalinaGeo Auto Eyebrow Pencil comes in two variants - 01 or Gray Brown, and 02 or Black Brown. The Gray Brown is suitable for those with brown hair, while the Black Brown for those with black or dark hair. Ironically, I received the latter.
Use the triangular pencil tip to draw and define the eyebrows.
Use the broader surface to fill in lighter parts for natural-looking eyebrows.
I dye my hair brown so I normally use light to medium brown eyebrow pencils. The CatalinaGeo's Black Brown variant is a tad darker than the ones I use, but the color is good enough when you're aiming for a more natural, no makeup look.
Three swipes on the left, one swipe on the right.
The pencil comes with a spoolie on the other end, which you can use to shape your brows and even out the color.

My eyebrows are my Achilles heel when it comes to doing my makeup. I'm still a noob when it comes to creating perfectly-arched brows, lol.

The taming of the shrew? :)
Now watch the product do its thing on my sparse and untamed eyebrows.

What I love: 
- Chic and classy packaging.
- Refillable, and comes with a refill.
- Comes with a spoolie.
- Easy to apply.
- Pencil itself is durable and does not break easily.
- Excellent staying power - eight hours max in my case. 

What you might not like:
- Not available locally.
- It's priced at $24 (roughly Php900 or 26,000 KRW) BUT considering that you get an extra refill per box, the price isn't so bad at all.

The CatalinaGeo Auto Eyebrow Pencil, along with other CatalinaGeo products are available online through Korea Cosmetics. Like them on Facebook to get the latest updates on your favorite Korean cosmetics and beauty products!


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Sometimes it’s the unexpected turns which provide the fun at a dinner party.

In my mind, the perfect dinner party has to tick a certain number of boxes. The food has to be great, the company even better, and the after dinner entertainment has to keep the mood alive. If these three criteria are satisfied, I'm pretty convinced that means you've got a recipe for success.

That said, this week I experienced a rather unusual dinner party, which must rank somewhere in my top ten. First of all, the host was an old school friend of mine, as were most of the guests. Dinner parties to me usually mean that I'm going to meet some new people, so I didn't know quite what to expect.

The second thing which soon became apparent as unusual was the food situation. As it turned out, our host had intended for each of us to bring something to eat, to create a sort of buffet. He had intended to do this but it seemed he had forgotten to tell anybody. On top of this, the only food he had prepared was a rather odd looking dessert. By the time we had all arrived, everybody's appetite had become somewhat fierce and we needed something quickly before the evening turned sour.

So, spurred on by an ad I had recently seen on TV, accompanied by a few friends, I rushed to the kitchen to discover what we could find. When I returned from the kitchen clutching some glorious Heinz Baked Beans, crisis was averted and the British favourite came through for us once again.

This turn of events was naturally a source of much amusement but it got us all thinking about Heinz Baked Beans and the advert which kick-started our trip to the kitchen. Re-launching their popular ‘ring my bell’ ad, Heinz has managed to maintain its identity as the leading baked bean provider for some time. The advert promotes the new snack pots, a convenient baked bean helping that is easy to open and quick to microwave, but this is not its only achievement.

Thanks to the catchy soundtrack and the diverse individuals shown in the ad, Heinz reminds us that baked beans are for everyone. From schoolchildren to grandparents, there are few who can deny their love for these beautiful beans. With a Facebook page that boasts an impressive number of followers, Heinz has certainly established itself as a strong brand and I only wish more people would follow our lead and serve this great food at dinner parties.



Wordless Wednesday #10 | Chasing Butterflies.

Last Monday, the little man's Kindergarten class, together with the Nursery and Preparatory students of The Learners Academy, went on a day trip to Dioko Garden Resort and Butterfly Farm. The kids had a blast as they had a chance to see not just the butterflies, but also the animals at the mini zoo located within the resort grounds.

I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking. :)

Best Cycling Tours in Vietnam.

When it comes to being truly immersed in the people and culture of a country, touring on bike is an efficient and exhilarating way to absorb every molecule of a place like Vietnam. To explore this wonderful, being guided by those who know the ins and outs of the people and country, guarantees a memorable experience.

Vietnam Backroads Tours: Cycling the Mekong Delta

Starting at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Backroads will take you through the south-western region of Vietnam, where the Mekong River approaches the South China Sea. This area is rich in biology, with 10,000 new species discovered here. The region lies immediately west to Ho Chi Minh City, with a variety of visual feasts ranging from mountains and highlands in the north and west, to flat flood plains in the south. Experience the culture of rural Vietnam when you stay in the local villages, where the locals are your host! On your last day you will be taken by boat to the biggest floating market near Can Tho before returning to Ho Chi Minh City.

REI ADVENTURES: Cycling Saigon to Hanoi

Take an epic adventure cycling from the north to the south of Vietnam!
On this 14 day trip, you will cycle 10-75 miles per day, experiencing rice paddy fields, jungles, pristine beaches and the beautiful people of Vietnam. Climb Bi Doup and Thien An Mountains on your bike, take a boat trip to tropical "Whale Island" and venture the historic city of Hue, pedalling over Hai Van Mountain pass or "Pass of the Ocean Clouds." You will be immersed in the culture and beauty of this country and come away with a true experience of Vietnam!

Spice Roads Cycle Tours: Vietnam's Northwest Mountains

If riding up Indochina's highest peak is your idea of a biking holiday challenge, then cycling the Northwest Mountains of Vietnam is right up your street! Discover the colourful ethnic tribes of the Northwest Mountains that few tourist experience, as you cycle through valleys and river gorges to Dien Bien Phu. Here you will receive a history lesson in the great outdoors, when you learn about how Ho Chi Minh defeated the French. Packed with physical challenge, breathtaking scenery and exhilarating riding, this tour is sure to satisfy the most venturous of cyclists!

Viet Vision Travel: Soft Cycling around Hanoi

For 2 days of private touring, Viet Vision Travel will guide you around the city of Hanoi, cycling amongst its historical sites and mingling with the Hanoi locals. Explore the back streets, observe skilled silk weavers hard at work and enjoy coffee with the locals. Experience the Cho Mo markets which are far from the city centre and not commonly visited by tourists. Even a Vietnamese spiritual experience is to be had with a visit to Ngu Xa Temple before enjoying a meal in a private home.

So for a cycling experience that is still close to some modern comforts, but shows you the heart of the Vietnamese way of life, this tour was made for you! Author Bio Richard is a cycling enthusiast from Sydney, Australia, who has just returned from a bike tour of Vietnam. He chooses to ride Cube bicycles and recommends cycling tours as a great change of pace and for seeing some amazing sights that you otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity to experience.

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