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Spazz Saturday #8 | Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

It's here! The Bahamut of smartphones has reached the Philippine shores - finally!
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

I have my eyes set on this baby, and I reckon the husband will get this as a not-so-surprise birthday gift for me. Originally, I was lusting for its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Note - which is my Mum's current phone, and the phone overly represented by most Hallyu stars in Korean dramas. (Think Rooftop Prince and To the Beautiful You.)

But when Samsung dropped the bomb (about the Galaxy Note 2) sometime around August, my resolve melted. I was like, "Forget the Note! Forget S3! Who cares about iPhone5? The Note 2 will be mine!" (Insert Maleficent laugh here, lol.)

Check out the phone's features so you can understand my madness.

Stunning Viewing Experience
The Galaxy Note II's 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display and 16:9 screen ratio allows you to see more content in breathtaking detail. Its innovative design includes a larger display and slimmer body, so it fits just right in your hand.

Air View 
Browse your photos quickly and conveniently without having to open any folders. Thanks to Air View, managing your life's contents is easier than ever before.

Quick Command
Need to send emails, text messages, meeting locations or call contacts immediately? Just write your command on the pad and Quick Command will instantly do it for you.

Popup Note
With Popup Note, you can easily jot down important details such as phone numbers, directions, and other information in the middle of a call. Simply double-tap the screen using the S Pen and you can take note of the details without delay.

Easy Clip
Click. Trace. Clip. Send. That's all it takes to including what you want in email, messenger, S Note, and Scrapbook. Now isn't that easy?

Enhanced Handwriting
Say goodbye to your paper planner! With the Galaxy Note II's enhanced handwriting support, you can send handwritten notes via email. You can even handwrite notes and memos to yourself with the S Planner.

Photo Note
Add a personal touch to your photos. Photo Note allows you to add handwritten notes on the back of your photos, helping you capture those moments perfectly.

Enhanced S Pen / S Note 
Now you have more writing tools and notepad templates to use, so you can always find one to match your creative style.

Pretty amazing, huh?
I'm thinking of getting this baby under Globe Postpaid's Super Plan 999. I've been with Globe for about a decade now, and I have no plans of switching networks yet. And yeah, the mobile number I'm using now is the same one I had ten years ago.

I can't wait for my birthday. :)

It's Saturday! What are you spazzing on?

9 replies:

Franc said...

Wow, Samsung Note 2 is really nice. I wish I can convince my stingy side to spend on this neat gadget.

Pepper said...

Exactly... who needs an iPhone5 when there's Samsung note 2. You have such a loving hubby, that's all I can say ;)

Life by Cynthia said...

What a grand birthday present! I still don't have a SmartPhone...

Dominique Goh said...

It just came out here too in Singapore. Have yet to see it at the stores but will be something that I will be looking out for.

Gina Jacobs Thomas said...

I never really entertained the idea of the Samsung, though they certainly seem to be targeting iPhone users. AND giving the iPhone 5 a run for the money. Do you know anything about the quality of the phone? It's reception? Still, all the perks seem pretty attractive. Thanks for sharing!

The Budget Diet said...

My Apple-loving college age son has brainwashed me into surrounding myself with only Apple products. I have to admit that I'm thrilled with all their products I have tried. The Samsung certainly has some perks, and it will be interesting to see if they can lure Apple fans.

KG said...

I'm a big Apple fan..this looks cool but I've been a MAC user since the 90's. I just can't deal with the other competitors. I did try the Note in the store and it is cool but just not for me.

Khloé Gadson

I would like to look into one of these, I'm due for a new phone soon and this one sounds great, It seems user friendly, goodness knows anything I use will have to be!(:

Unknown said...

This is so cool I am thinking of ditching my iPhone for it.