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Spazz Saturday #6 | Nice Guy.

So many Korean dramas, so little time.

This has been my grievance ever since I got hooked to the Kdrama frenzy. If I were watching just one or two dramas, I wouldn't be saying this, but dang, I'm watching six different series (five currently airing, one on DVD) on a daily basis! Originally there were seven, but since To the Beautiful You ended last Thursday, that's one drama less in my 'now watching' list.

Out of the six that I'm watching, there's one drama that stands out in terms of storyline, acting, how it leaves me in awe at the end of each episode, and how I eagerly await the next episode.

Surprise! It's not my beloved Lee Joongi's Arang and the Magistrate that gets me spazzing. My ahjussi's fantasy sageuk only comes second to... Nice Guy.

Also known as 'The Innocent Man', the drama takes off with Kang Maru (Song Joong Ki) and his unconditional love for Han Jae Hee (Park Shi Yeon). However, it was his love and trust that Jae Hee used
to frame him for a murder she committed and then marries an older, rich man to escape her impoverished life.

After serving time in prison, Maru comes out as a changed man. What once was a promising medical student, now becomes a bartender, and a gigolo who uses women to get what he wants. When he meets Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won), the daughter of Jae Hee’s new husband, he realizes he can use her to get revenge for the betrayal, the hurt, the pain that Jae Hee has caused him.

It's amazing how this seemingly dark melodrama leaves you wanting for more. Its writer, Lee Kyung-hee is famous for layered characterization and unfathomable twists to the story, and he's at it again with Nice Guy. Couple it with Moon Chae Won's 'defiant now, vulnerable next' character, plus Song Joong Ki's flawless acting and the expression in his eyes that speaks volumes and pierces the heart...

then you have a drama worthy of its 16% audience share. (Episode 6, as per AGB Nielsen). And I won't be surprised if the ratings keep on soaring up, up, and away. The storyline is so intriguing, the twists so interesting, and the acting so impressive that it makes the audience wanting for more.

I can't wait for Episode 9. Fast forward to Wednesday, please!

What about you? What show has you hooked right now? :)

1 replies:

ChicSassyMom said...

Sister, I super love this too! I am crazily addicted to it. Waiting until midnight and dawn of Wednesdays and Thursdays for the raw copies. I love, love, love! :)

I feel guilty too, since I watched this first than Arang and the Magistrate #JoonGiLove Not for the pretty face of SJK, but I love everything about it. MCW is love too. I love her in Princess'Man and It's Okay Daddy's Girl! ;-D