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Making My Bathroom Look Special.

For my grunge-style apartment, classical sanitary ware was not an option. I wanted every interior object in my flat to be unique and trendy.

Grunge walls.

When decorating my bathroom, I was looking for custom bathroom sinks. My designer suggested combining the cement wall above the countertop with a bright vessel sink. My bathroom is quite spacious, and I want to put two similar sinks next to each other. The designer suggested I have a look at

The Aquatica sinks are made from high-quality composite materials. The shapes available are diverse thanks to acrylic resins, while the touch of a sink is warm and natural.

Gorgeous double black sink.

Aquatica made me interested with its black-colored sinks made from innovative NeroX material. Black sinks look gorgeous and different, but I heard one may have problems with cleaning. They tend to get stained. NeroX is easy to clean, but it has to be periodically treated with wax to enhance its stain-resistant qualities.

When I made up my mind about the material and black color, I was convinced with a choice of Aquatica as my supplier. Deciding on the shape of my sinks was a bit more complicated. I was looking for rectangular sinks. The shape gives you extra free space under its edges. I went for a smaller version of the Colette sink and am happy with the choice. I enjoy the contrast between its elegant yet minimalistic design and the rough walls of the bathroom. I think it softness the interior without overdoing it.  

You can leave the outside walls of a sink black or customize on request with a finish. I find the combination of cement walls, dark wooden countertop, and black sinks with moss green outside absolutely stunning.

Dark green towels complete the look.

I have chosen towels of the matching dark green shade and am absolutely happy with my enigmatic bathroom. I am also glad that Aquatica has treated my sinks with a nanotechnological protection layer that secures them from scratches, chemicals, and microbes.

It is invisible to the eye, but it does the job well. I had no problems with stains or scratches whatsoever!


Thinning Hair and Hair Loss at the Temples.

One of the things that you’re more likely to notice when meeting people is their hair. This conveys their personality, style, and will dictate their overall look. As an individual grows older, a healthy-looking and silky mane is becoming more important than ever.

For older women in the 20th century, perceptions are changing, and it’s becoming increasingly essential for them to maintain a well-managed and groomed style to avoid a more negative perception that’s often related to aging. Some may begin to experience some hair loss as they age, specifically during the menopausal stage. Thinning and loss are becoming common as one approaches the age of 50.

The overall problem can be distressing to many, and this is why there are treatments and techniques used to combat this hair loss. In some cases, women’s hair thinning at the temples can be a problem, but with the right products, they can be avoided. There’s a medical term for baldness, and this is often called alopecia. A complete form of baldness is called alopecia totalis.

Hair fall can be distressing.

More about Hair Loss on the Temples

Some people may experience hair loss at any point in their lives, which does not necessarily come with old age. While the falling or thinning may happen in the 40s or 50s, some may start to feel it in their teenage years due to genetics.

One of the most visible is losing hair at your temples. This is the region behind your eyes, between the forehead and ears, or the side of the head. This can happen due to several reasons. When experiencing this, you may need to consult your physician to look for underlying causes and get the right treatments.

People can lose up to 100 hairs a day through regular thinning or shedding. An increased amount of falling strands when you comb them is one of the first signs of an issue connected to hair loss. This can also be shown by receding hairlines that usually affect the temples.

When this happens, this may usually be the result of a so-called widow’s peak. The V-shape may be present and common in men, but they can show up with women as well.

Kim Sang Ho in Missing Nine (2017).

Common Causes

Various factors and conditions can result in hair loss on the temples. There’s the most common cause called androgenetic alopecia or male-pattern baldness. Know more about androgenetic alopecia on this page here. This is a genetic factor, and the loss can usually manifest first above one’s temples.

Meanwhile, many women may experience female-pattern baldness, resulting in the hair becoming less dense than before. In some cases, many may find their scalp starting to become visible, and they may typically have receding hairlines as a result. Other more common reasons why these changes are happening are the following:
  • More Stress
  • Changes in hormones during pregnancy
  • Cornrows or tighter ponytails
  • Side effects of specific treatments and medicines
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Deficiencies in various vitamins like B and D
Like males, most females may have a genetic pattern that will cause baldness. Many factors are involved, and it can be hard to predict whether an individual will get this in the future. However, some indicators are more likely such as when one’s parents suffer from these same cases. Another thing is that a hormone-secreting tumor can make matters worse.

Hwang Jung Eum in She Was Pretty (2015).

How to Prevent this from happening?

Hair loss that is usually associated with one’s genetics, like the female or male-pattern baldness can’t be prevented. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to minimize the impact and maintain your look. Some of the things to do are:
  • Avoid pulling and twisting the strands in a rough manner
  • Don’t use treatments like hot curling irons that cause damages
  • Steer clear of hairstyles that will pull back the strands very tightly
  • Do yoga and more activities that will decrease your stress levels
  • Eat more foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins
  • Cooling caps may help your situation if you’re under treatment for chemotherapy
You may be experiencing a severe case already, and you find that your temples are nearly balding. If this is the case, it’s best if you could consult a dermatologist who can give you medications and treatments. Some medicines regrow the strands, while others may prescribe topicals to stimulate the follicles to grow again.

SHINee's Min Ho showing some signs of receding hair back in 2015.

What’s the Difference Between Thinning and Receding Hairs?

Despite what many people believe, not all of this baldness looks the same. Some have thin and balding spots, especially at the temples, indicating that the follicles are affected. If this is hereditary, you may notice a gradual occurrence of this phenomenon as you age. The first thing to do is to know which type you’re experiencing so you can go to the bottom of the issue.

If the loss of the strands is gradual and slow, one may think about a female-pattern hair loss involved in all of these. However, if this happens after a few months of giving birth, then it might be the telogen effluvium in action. A dermatologist near you may administer blood tests, look at your scalp, and talk more about your symptoms.

Jung Ji Hyun in My Love from the Star (2013).

What Does the Shedding Indicate?

You may be panicking because you’re losing a lot of strands in a short period of time. This might be natural if you are undergoing chemotherapy or after surgeries. Other factors may be childbirth, physical, or emotional traumas because of the intense stress that you’re feeling.

Some seemingly inconsequential actions like changing the brand of your birth control may throw your body into a frenzy and may take a toll later in life. If you are into a rough patch lately, the stress may be the culprit for the shedding you’re experiencing. The good news is that the strands that you’re sleeping on the floor today will eventually come back. You have to focus on your recovery, mental health, and stress levels to lessen the increase of hormones like cortisol in your body.


How to Fix the Best Porcelain Veneers.

Are your teeth okay, or do they have any issue that is making you uncomfortable smiling in public? Then, you may need to consider porcelain veneers as the best solution.

Unlike most bridges, crowns and implants may be used to restore the complete integrity and function of the teeth; these are used to boost the aesthetics and beauty of people's smiles. This link has more of the best porcelain veneers you can try.

The medical-grade shells made of ceramic create a transformation that helps fill one with total confidence. In this article, we will be analyzing all you need to know about fixing the best veneers for your teeth.

How Exactly Do Veneers Function?

These are just ceramic pseudo-teeth that can cover existing teeth with a beautiful facade. Imagine covering the side of your home with fancy blocks and bricks. This does not make change what lies underneath. It only changes the overall beauty of the place.

Every specific veneer is a custom-made and thin shell carefully crafted and made to cover the side of any tooth. Once there have been applied to the dentition, the veneers create an improved and new appearance to hide all cracks, chips, stains, and other signs of crooked dentition.

You can always choose the number of these ceramic tools you need and where you want to place them. Some need just one while others need more than one.

Lee Dong Wook in Strangers from Hell (2019).

Who Should Use Veneers?

If your mouth is in great shape, but somehow you feel that you are not happy with the feel and look of your dentition, you might need veneers to be the solution. Dental types can solve a whole lot of dental issues.

They are helpful when orthodox cosmetic treatments such as crowns, braces, and whitening are not good enough to get the desired results.

You might need these to fix your smile when you have;
  • Worn or dull enamel.
  • Discoloration that traditional methods cannot repair.
  • Small cracks and chips.
  • General wear and tear.
  • Uneven dentition.
If the issues become more complex than usual, one may discard the idea of using veneers. However, it is easy to resolve the underlying problems of all dental issues before using them as a last resort to help improve your smile.

For example, gum disease, untreated decay, or severe misalignment are issues that can be solved before using these tools becomes a real solution. Once you have decided to use veneers, you can then contact a consultant. This page has suggestions for avoiding regular trips to the dentist.

Dindin's famous front teeth in 2 Days 1 Night.

How Does One Keep Veneers in Perfect Condition?

Since these have become a very effective way to replace teeth that cannot be fixed through traditional methods, they look very much like natural dentition, and you should care for them in the same way. You should also realize that they can suffer damage and get fixed just like natural teeth.

It may not be obvious to take proper care of them initially, and we understand that. But investing in your smile should be a priority to help boost your confidence and self-esteem. Below are a few tips to keep these smile-enhancing tools in great shape;

Treat Them as You Treat Your Natural Teeth
Because you use veneers does not mean you should neglect your teeth. They also need to be brushed, rinsed, and flossed like regular dentition. Poor oral health and gum diseases can also occur when they are not taken care of.

If the tooth below them decays, it can also change color. Even though they are not capable of decay, they can be negatively affected by the tooth underneath. However, you need to be extra careful when doing things like eating nuts, crunchy foods, flossing, etc., because if natural teeth can suffer damage, veneers can.

Use Whitening Paste for Your Dentition
These ceramic items can also go off-color or get stained just like natural teeth, so you might want to clean them as they clean natural dentition. You can always engage the services of professionals to match its color to that of your dentition. It allows them to blend in and look natural. Using the right toothpaste will stop porcelain veneers from stains, and it will even make the teeth whiter. However, you should beware of concentrated forms of toothpaste.

Avoid Unhealthy Lifestyle
When you take tobacco and alcohol, it can damage the natural teeth, causing stains and cracks. They can even cause bad breath also. Everything bad that can go wrong with regular teeth can go wrong with veneers. They can be overly stained, broken, and even replaced.

But you have to take care of them just as much as you care for your regular teeth. The concept is if you take care of your natural teeth, your veneers will remain in shape and won't have to be replaced anyhow.
Lee Dong Wook in Strangers from Hell (2019).

In general, the same oral hygiene rules that apply to dentition also apply to regular teeth. However, you might need to use a bit more caution to protect these artificial insertions. Here are a few tips one should keep in mind to expand the lifespan of these insertions; 
  •  Try as much as possible not to open packages with your dentition as it may crack or break them. 
  •  If inserted in your front teeth, you will do well to chew more complex foods only with the back dentition. Save the covered teeth from the pressure and stress of chewing. 
  • Use a splint or mouth guard to guard the veneers against clenching and nighttime grinding. 
  • Generally, avoid chewing mindlessly on complex objects, be it fingernails, ice, pens, or other items.
The earlier you realize that they are not as strong as your natural teeth, the better your chances of maintaining them properly. As long as you stick to diligent oral routine care and protect them from stress and direct impact, they can last for years.

Take Away

There are so many benefits of porcelain veneers. They may include a straightforward process of insertion, longevity, and improved natural appearance. With good oral hygiene and maintenance, they may be your best shot at improving your smile. If you are keen on fixing your appeal, self-confidence, and natural appearance, you might want to get them today.


AYDA TV | The Search for the First Ever AYDA TV Correspondent.

Are you an aspiring broadcast journalist or TV host? A vlogger perhaps, or someone who loves making videos of oneself? If you love hamming it up for the camera and enjoy talking and engaging with people, then this side of the AYDA competition might be just for you!

AYDA is looking for its first ever TV Correspondent!

This year, the Asia Young Designer Awards (AYDA) opens its doors to students outside of Architecture and Interior Design in the search for the first ever AYDA TV Correspondent. If you're currently a student at a school that will participate in this year's AYDA competition, with a bright and pleasing personality and know how to make social media work for you and the school that you represent, then you have a shot at becoming an AYDA TV Correspondent! You get to take home a cash prize, too!

Anyone can be an AYDA TV Correspondent as long as you meet the following requirements:
  • You are currently enrolled in any course in your school 
  • Your school participates in AYDA 
  • You are not participating in the main competition (to avoid conflict of interest) 
  • You are officially endorsed by your school
Each school can endorse two representatives - one trainee for the Architecture category, and another for the Interior Design category.

Aspiring TV Correspondents must fill out this form to join. You also need to submit three videos which covers the following:
  1.  Introduce, highlight, and cheer for your school 
  2. What does the #AYDA2021 theme of FORWARD: AMPLIFYING EMPATHY THROUGH DESIGN mean to you? 
  3. Invite and encourage architecture and interior design students of your school to participate in the main competition
Be creative with your videos! 

Videos sent in by AYDA TV Correspondent trainees will be judged as follows: 50% for content and 50% for creativity. Make sure to get your message across clearly and creatively and you might make it to the top 10!

The student hosts of Asia’s premier design competition will be determined after the Top 10 applicants to a final interview with the finalists of Asia Young Designer Awards 2021.

Apply as an AYDA TV Correspondent now and get a chance to win ₱15,000 cash! The winner will also be invited to host the AYDA 2021 National Awarding Ceremony. Even your school will receive a prize for supporting you!



Boost Your Immune System With These Fruits and Veggies and Win Up To P2.5M from Pru Life UK!

Prepare the jackets, umbrellas, and vitamins—it’s the rainy season again! For some, this means hot meals and bed weather but for others, this requires taking additional precautions to avoid the flu.

With COVID-19 still looming in the country and stricter quarantine protocols being implemented, it remains important to do more to prevent one’s self from getting sick— even with just minor colds. This is why it’s important to consume the right food to help boost the immune system. While sometimes challenging, it can be made easier and gratifying with Pulse, the all-in-one AI-powered health and wellness app from leading life insurer Pru Life UK.

Pulse by Pru Life UK - a handy and helpful health and wellness app.

With health being a top priority for all, Pru Life UK through the Pulse app, wants to be their customers’ partner in effectively monitoring their nutrition to help prevent any diseases especially this rainy season,” shares Allan Tumbaga, Pru Life UK SVP & Chief Customer Marketing Officer. “We at Pru Life UK want to help as many Filipinos as possible maintain optimal health, and instill this habit through our health management app.”

Some of Pulse’s features include Healthcheck, a comprehensive AI-driven health assessment tool that checks your medical and family history, lifestyle, nutrition, and mental health. It also has a Call-a-Dietician feature which offers unlimited chat access and a one-hour video call consultation with a licensed dietitian who can help address a user’s dietary concerns.

Through the Pulse Gold subscription, the app also has a Food Journal feature which allows users to upload a photo of their food and monitor their daily food intake to achieve a balanced diet. Some of the most nutritious fruits and vegetables that users upload as part of their meals are:

1. Oranges
High levels of flavonoids and vitamin C are present in citrus fruits which include oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. Vitamin C helps decrease inflammation, which is useful in fighting a fever. It’s better to enjoy these fruits raw since Vitamin C is heat sensitive and may be reduced when cooked. They also contain Quercetin, a specific flavonoid, which is helpful when treating rhinovirus infections that usually cause common colds.

2. Papaya
Aside from a substantial amount of Vitamin C, papaya contains papain, a digestive enzyme that has anti-inflammatory effects. This means that it is not only capable of protecting a body from viruses, but also of treating it. It also has fibers located by the bowels, allowing for better and more regular digestion. Lastly, papayas can be enjoyed raw, making them an easy treat.

Broccoli boosts immunity!

3. Broccoli
Broccoli is an example of a cruciferous vegetable that is proven to boost immunity. It contains sulforaphane, which neutralizes toxins and in turn, prevents them from turning into viruses. These can be activated by consuming it raw or steaming it for one to three minutes below 140˚C.

4. Spinach
Spinach contains Vitamin C and antioxidants like digestion-regulating fiber, which aid in the excretion of unwanted toxins in the body. Similar to broccoli, spinach can be best enjoyed with minimal to no cooking to ensure that its nutrients stay.

5. Asparagus
Asparagus contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant that strengthens your immune system by widening blood vessels and preventing clot formation. Cooking it with a little olive oil increases its effect since vitamin E is absorbed better if eaten with a little healthy fat.

Jo Jong Suk eats healthy.

6. Red Bell Peppers
Vitamin C is three times as present in bell peppers as they are in citrus fruits. It is also rich in beta-carotene which can reduce inflammation and boost immune functions by increasing disease-fighting cells in the body. It can be cooked and baked in multiple ways.

7. Ginger
Ginger contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties such as gingerol, which can help strengthen the immunity system. Not only does it help prevent flu-like illnesses, but it can also ease the feeling of flu and common colds for those who have them. Ginger can be incorporated into multiple meals and drinks, such as Indian cuisine and tea.

Using the Pulse app by completing activities and challenges, such as uploading photos of one’s meal, will give users raffle entries for a chance to win amazing prizes in Pru Life UK’s ongoing We DO Health and Wealth: 25th Anniversary Free Raffle Celebration. Participants can win gift certificates worth 2,500 pesos or iPhone 12 mini 64GB weekly. Meanwhile, one lucky winner will get the grand prize of 2.5 million pesos to be announced in the grand draw in September as Pru Life UK culminates their 25th year in the Philippines.

Through our raffle celebration and the various offerings that users can access on Pulse app, we hope to contribute to the wellbeing of the Filipinos and encourage everyone to continue being mindful of their health,” adds Tumbaga. For more information about the raffle draw, visit Pru Life UK's site.


Tag-lamig na, pero tag-init pa rin diaper ni baby? 5 Presko Ways to Keep Baby Cool.

Sweaters, jackets, blankets, and socks – everyone is starting to bring out their colder weather essentials as the rain continues to pour and the wind continues to blow. But, we forget that not everything becomes cooler with the cool weather. Our baby’s diapers still trap kulob and init if it doesn’t use breathable materials, which can cause heat rash. That’s a big no-no for any parent!

Pampers Aircon Pants.

Don’t worry, keep baby cool and comfy
It’s a good thing that Pampers is ready for all seasons, rain or shine, so our precious little ones won’t have to be irritated by init or kulob that lead to rashes. Here are five ways that Pampers Aircon Pants can put our worries at ease:

1. Not just 10 thousand, but 10 million microholes
We want our baby’s diaper to keep the poo and pee inside, but not the heat that comes with it. Pampers Aircon Pants has 10 million microholes so air can flow from inside to outside, making baby feel as breezy as the weather outdoors!

2. Snug fit that lets baby move
Pampers Aircon Pants not only improved its breathability, it also made sure baby can play, dance, crawl, and move with ease. A comfy and presko baby is a happy playmate!

3. It’s 5 degrees cooler (how cool is that?)
We will never stop finding newer and better ways to protect our babies from all kinds of irritation, that’s why it’s great news that Pampers Aircon Pants is now 5 degrees cooler! It was already cool before, but it’s even more presko now. That means better play and rest for our babies from summer to ber months!

More fun with Pampers Aircon Pants!

4. We won’t forget leakage protection
What’s a good diaper without leak protection? Even with all the added benefits of Pampers Aircon Pants, it doesn’t forget the most basic requirement of a trust-worthy diaper – protection from spills. We can worry less about “accidents” and focus more on enjoying presko moments with our babies.

5. Preskotection all-year round
Even if the weather changes, we can be sure that Pampers Aircon Pants won’t. It’s available from New Year’s Day to New Year’s Eve and for every special moment in between, so we can have only the best, most presko and comfy memories with our babies.

Keep your baby cool all day, every day
Our little ones grow up so fast, and we want them to protect them from init and kulob that lead to rashes for as long as we can, no matter the weather. Pampers Aircon Pants with its 10 million microholes for breathability and 5 degrees cooler experience can help us, one diaper at a time.

Pampers Aircon Pants is available on Lazada, Shopee, and Facebook. Learn more about the presko and comfy benefits of Pampers Aircon Pants on our website.


Lumina celebrates its 9th Anniversary with '9 Years, 9 Wins' Raffle Promo and more month-long activities!

Remember my earlier blog post about the perks of living in the countryside and why Lumina Bauan is a great community to live in should you decide to move out of the urban jungle? As it turns out, now is an even better time to be a part of the Lumina community because Lumina - one of the top-listed housing developers in the Philippines - is celebrating its ninth anniversary this August. Yes, they've been around for almost a decade already! And despite the pandemic, Lumina keeps their anniversary celebration fun and meaningful with a bunch of exciting activities for every Juan.

Here are the special promos to look out for during Lumina's month-long anniversary celebration:

9 Years, 9 Wins!

9 Years, 9 Wins

To mark their ninth year in the industry, Lumina presents the "9Years, 9 Wins" raffle promo for all Lumina homebuyers and sellers. All reservations made between August 7 to August 29 are equivalent to one raffle entry. Get a chance to win one of these siyam-thing when you reserve a house and lot in Lumina Homes during the raffle period:
  • One winner of 43" Smart TV 
  • One winner of Tablet 
  • One winner of Smartphone 
  • One winner of Air Fryer 
  • One winner of Air Purifier 
  • Four winners of Necklace Air Purifier
There will also be consolation prizes to be given away such as Php500 worth of grocery items and Php500 worth of AllEasy load. There will be 25 winners for each consolation prize.

Bida Lumina sellers get entries for the raffle promo, too! And they have the chance to double or even triple their entries depending on the units sold.
  • One bungalow unit equals one raffle entry, but if the unit sold is ready for occupancy (RFO), it will be equivalent to two raffle entries. 
  • One townhouse unit equals two raffle entries and will have two additional raffle entries if the unit sold is ready for occupancy. 
  • One single firewall is equivalent to two Raffle Entries and will have three additional entries if the property sold is ready for occupancy.
Good Jab, Kabarangay!

Good Jab, Kabarangay!

Aside from the raffle promo, Lumina gives an extra treat to home seekers who have been vaccinated for COVID 19. From now until August 15, simply present your COVID vaccination card to enjoy as much as Php1000 off on reservation fees.
  • Php500 off for any rowhouse or bungalow home models 
  • Php800 off for any townhouse home models 
  • Php1,000 off for any single firewall home models
The amount discounted to the homebuyer's reservation fee will also have a matching donation to a chosen foundation. Where else can you get a discount and have the chance to help those in need? 

Pambansang Araw ng Bahay ni Juan.

Unst9ppable Anniversary Celebrations

Aside from these exciting promos, Lumina will also conduct a series of activities in celebration of their ninth anniversary.

OFW Sessions: Property Investment Seminar
A virtual webinar held last August 8 via Zoom where OFWs learned about investing and bank housing loans from real estate professionals

Luntiang Lumina 
An urban gardening initiative in all Lumina communities, encouraging Lumina residents to grow herbs, vegetables, and fruit-bearing plants in their mini gardens and open spaces. 

Lumina TikTok Dance Challenge
With the launching of Lumina's official TikTok account, a dance challenge will also be held and three winners will be awarded with cash prizes

Lumina Mid-year Awards
Lumina's virtual awarding ceremony/concert for sales agents and brokers who have performed well in sales amidst the constraints of the pandemic

"Espacio" Launch
The Spanish word for "space", Espacio is Lumina Homes' very own amenity center. It is a well-thought-out expansion and improvement in Lumina's standard amenities such as a covered multi-purpose hall with stage, mini gardens with play area, jogging path, and shuttle terminal. It also comes with additional new spaces for livelihood, entertainment, and recreation such as the community center, parking spaces, and Tambayan ni Juan - an al fresco food hub (think night market) allowing homeowners to set up food kiosks and stalls for other merchandise.

Prima in your area!

Making Milestones

In August 2012, Lumina opened its very first project, "Lumina Batangas", in Sto. Tomas, Batangas. Since then, Lumina expanded to 5 more projects in Batangas, and over 50 more nationwide, catering to more than 100,000 clients in just 9 years. 

Lumina is now available in key cities and municipalities in Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga, Bataan, Zambales, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, La Union, Pangasinan, Cagayan, Isabela, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Quezon, Camarines Norte, Albay, Sorsogon, Iloilo, Capiz, Aklan, Negros Occidental, Agusan del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, Bukidnon, Misamis Occidental, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, and South Cotabato.

This year, Lumina launched its first-ever condominium project - Prima Tanza, a 3-hectare exclusive vertical development that features 10 walk-up condominium buildings, over a hundred parking spaces, and well-thought-out facilities and amenities. Soon, more Prima condominiums will rise in locations across the country, including Subic, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, Butuan, and Cabanatuan.

Lumina e-Services.

Digital Innovations

Despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Lumina stays strong and remains at the forefront of innovation in real estate selling practices. This year, Lumina launched the Lumina e-Services app which aims to provide all the links that each client and partner sales network will need in home buying and home selling.

With the Lumina e-Services app, home seekers can easily make reservations online, fill out and submit forms and requirements necessary for purchasing your new house, and settle payments online. The app also has a Sellers' Portal for real estate brokers and agents, and a Vendors' Portal for suppliers.

In addition, Lumina also now has a Viber store and community where you can make inquiries and reservations, and get exclusive discounts and latest updates on Lumina products and services. The official Lumina website, meanwhile, has added Juan Support, a virtual admin assistant on standby 24/7 for your housing inquiries. Its official Facebook page has also added the Shopping Cart function which allows you to message real-time sellers, and even complete the reservation purchase through Facebook Messenger instead of navigating to another site.

With these milestones and digital solutions, Lumina proves to be a force to be reckoned with in the real estate industry. Despite the country's highs and lows, Lumina will be Unst9ppable in helping every Juan in achieving his dream of owning a home.


Prudential and SuperM Host Virtual Concert and Fan Meet across Asia.

Prudential Corporation Asia (Prudential), the regional headquarter of Pru Life UK, and K-pop super group SuperM threw an unforgettable experience titled “PrudentialxSuperM We DO Virtual Concert & Fan Meet” for fans across Asia over the weekend on Saturday, 7 August. The event was exclusive to the winners of Prudential’s “We DO” campaign and Dance Challenges, as well as users of Pulse by Prudential, the company's all-in-one health and wellness app, across the region.

A special treat for SuperM fans brought to us by Prudential

We DO!

The virtual concert and fan meet brought people together for an uplifting experience in these challenging times. The activity was held as an extension of Prudential’s “We DO Well Together” campaign, which aims to encourage everyone to stay well and healthy, and have fun doing it.

Since the announcement of the PrudentialxSuperM partnership in January this year, the collaboration has encompassed various ways to inspire Filipinos to attain a healthier lifestyle. These include the #WeDoDanceChallengePH where Filipinos are invited to submit a video of themselves dancing to the “We DO” song on social platform such as TikTok for a chance to win tickets for the virtual concert and fan meet as well as exclusive SuperM merchandise.

K-pop fans from Prudential’s 11 markets in Asia tuned in to the virtual concert and fan meet from the comfort of their homes. SuperM lit up the stage and united fans across the region by performing their campaign song “We DO” in their signature dynamic moves. Released in April this year, the “We DO” song showcases efforts by Prudential and SuperM to promote health and wellness, and inspire optimism and positive actions.

Allan Tumbaga, SVP and Chief Customer Marketing Officer of Pru Life UK said, “We are excited to host our exclusive, first-ever virtual concert and fan meet with the widely-popular K-pop group SuperM for our employees, agents, customers, and K-pop fans across Asia. Through this platform, we want to connect people through music and dance and inspire them to take charge of their wellbeing in a fun manner so they can continue to live well in these extraordinary times.”

SuperM, described as the “Avengers of K-pop”, held a very special fan meet activity. Lucky fans had a once-in-a-lifetime interactive experience to get up-close-and-personal with SuperM.

Lucky fans had the chance to talk (online) with the SuperM members!

The fan meet activity was followed by SuperM’s performance of the fan-favourite songs, including 100, One (Monster & Infinity), Wish You Were Here, and With You. An enormous LED screen on the back of the stage displayed a multitude of fans tuning in live and interacting with their favourite idols.

Although Baekhyun and Taemin were not physically present being enlisted in military services, they wanted to spread positive energy to fans through pre-recorded messages shown during the fan meet and actively participated in pre-recorded performances, melting the hearts of their fans at the event.

Baekhyun and Taemin were present on the big screen. :)

SuperM sends love to fans across Asia!

Kai recently tested negative for COVID-19, but unfortunately could not attend the event due to a two-week self-quarantine imposed in accordance with Korean health regulations. He sent his sincere apologies for not being able to attend the event at the last minute.


5 Best Aquatic Plants For Your Goldfish.

Every beginner goldfish parent needs these five beginner-friendly aquatic plants for their fish tank or bowl.

In the world of taking care of fish, goldfish is perhaps the most beginner-friendly of all the pet fishes out there. People who want to start raising fish friends will need to set up their fishbowl or aquarium to raise happy and healthy goldfishes.

Even young kids can easily take care of a goldfish.

While plastic fish tank plants are affordable and easy to get, they can be toxic for your fish. Don’t fret because there are affordable aquatic plants you can put in your goldfishes’ tank. Here are five of them: 

Anubias plants are one of the easiest aquatic plants to take care of. They have bright green leaves and can grow on driftwood or rock. However, you can find unique aquarium planters to secure them and prevent your fish from digging into your plants.


These plants are low-maintenance as they can grow with low light. In turn, you don’t have to worry about installing pricey tank lighting to keep them alive. While they are hardy and easy to care for, anubias plants prefer environments with little to no algae. Regularly clean your tank to keep your fish and plants alive.

Marimo Balls
Marimo balls are cute, puffy green mosses that are popular as pets for some people. While you can raise them as aquatic pets/plant babies, they are great companions for your goldfish. Just place them in your fish or tank to let them grow with your fish.

Marimo Balls.

Marimo balls are pretty small and grow slow. Due to their size, they are suitable plants for smaller fishbowls. People renting apartments in Parañaque can now raise goldfish with a few Marimo ball friends without taking up a lot of space in their bedroom or living area.

Java Fern
Java ferns are another beginner-friendly plant you can put in your goldfishes’ habitat. Their leaves look similar to anubias plants but are longer and slightly narrower. Attach them to driftwood, rocks, or special planter to keep them from moving around your tank or bowl.

Java Fern.

You can also propagate your java ferns to create smaller plants for when you expand your tank. Trim off a leaf or two, let them float in your water vessel, then wait for plantlets to sprout from the ferns’ black spots. You’ll never have to buy new java fern plants for your other goldfish tanks or bowls.

Amazon Sword
If you plan to grow your goldfish in a TV-sized aquarium or a pond, amazon sword plants are excellent greens as decoration and habitat.

Amazon Sword.

Their tall green leaves provide aesthetics and protection for smaller fishes. Note that these plants are pretty tasty for your fish; however, amazon swords grow fast and have a stable root system that prevents any fish from nibbling on them.

Bolbitis Fern
Most aquarium plants have tall, bright green leaves. So if you’re looking for greeneries that look different from the usual fish tank plants, consider getting Bolbitis ferns. They have textured, emerald green leaves, making them unique decorations for your goldfishes’ habitat.

Bolbitis Fern.

Bolbitis ferns require higher water pH and hardiness to thrive. You might also have to invest in tank lighting as these special ferns prefer low to medium light to grow beautifully and healthily.

Overall, choosing the right plants for your goldfishes’ habitat is crucial to their health and survival. These five aquatic plants provide shelter and nutrition for your fish and water and aesthetics for your tank. Check your local pet store and see which plants you can get for your new goldfish kingdom.


Introducing the GUESS Originals Summer 2021 Collection + GUESS Originals KIT Program.

The Summer 2021 GUESS Originals collection is returning with its newest essentials line coined as the "GUESS Originals Kit Program". The program continues to be refreshed seasonally with essential core fits and colors featuring premium fabrics and timeless designs for both men and women. The GUESS Originals capsule and Kit Program includes the brand division’s most contemporary denim styles and is available beginning July 16, 2021, in select GUESS retail stores and

Guess Originals Summer 2021 Collection.

GUESS Originals Collection
The Summer GUESS Originals Collection for both men and women takes inspiration from the California surf scene and features surf inspired graphics from the archives. The relaxed California lifestyle inspires the pastel colors and softer washes in this delivery. The summer collection features timeless silhouettes with a fashion-forward approach.

The men’s collection offers an array of tees, tanks, sweat shorts, slim and straight leg denim in light, dark, and black washes. Jogger pants, hoodies and crew neck sweatshirts return in gray, black and white tones and provide a laid-back look to your style. All denim pieces from the GUESS Originals seasonal offering also feature the iconic triangle logo on the back pocket.

The women’s capsule incorporates a selection of tanks and crop tops in pale banana yellow and jet black. Knit sets in the form of button ups, provide ultimate comfort to your wardrobe. A two-piece matching crop top and short set in daisy prints are the ultimate go-to summer styles that are both lightweight and fashion forward. The denim options are available in the form of cropped mom jeans, high rise, carpenter fit denim and the debut of a retro-inspired wide leg style.

GUESS Originals Kit Program
Each style featured in the GUESS Originals collection pairs back to the core styles offered in the Kit Program. Each silhouette included in the program emphasizes premium denim and heritage styles from the brand’s design archives. The Kit pants are an assortment of elevated light twill cargo pants, light chino khaki woven pants as well as light to dark stonewash denim. The Kit Program also includes chambray shirts and pocket tees for men. The women’s GO Kit Program offers a variety of ribbed tanks, bodysuits, mid-thigh shorts, as well as a light and dark stonewash denim jacket.

Pricing for the GUESS Originals collection + GUESS Originals Kit Program ranges from P 1,698 to P 3, 898 for tops, bottoms, dresses, hats and denim.