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5 Best Aquatic Plants For Your Goldfish.

Every beginner goldfish parent needs these five beginner-friendly aquatic plants for their fish tank or bowl.

In the world of taking care of fish, goldfish is perhaps the most beginner-friendly of all the pet fishes out there. People who want to start raising fish friends will need to set up their fishbowl or aquarium to raise happy and healthy goldfishes.

Even young kids can easily take care of a goldfish.

While plastic fish tank plants are affordable and easy to get, they can be toxic for your fish. Don’t fret because there are affordable aquatic plants you can put in your goldfishes’ tank. Here are five of them: 

Anubias plants are one of the easiest aquatic plants to take care of. They have bright green leaves and can grow on driftwood or rock. However, you can find unique aquarium planters to secure them and prevent your fish from digging into your plants.


These plants are low-maintenance as they can grow with low light. In turn, you don’t have to worry about installing pricey tank lighting to keep them alive. While they are hardy and easy to care for, anubias plants prefer environments with little to no algae. Regularly clean your tank to keep your fish and plants alive.

Marimo Balls
Marimo balls are cute, puffy green mosses that are popular as pets for some people. While you can raise them as aquatic pets/plant babies, they are great companions for your goldfish. Just place them in your fish or tank to let them grow with your fish.

Marimo Balls.

Marimo balls are pretty small and grow slow. Due to their size, they are suitable plants for smaller fishbowls. People renting apartments in Parañaque can now raise goldfish with a few Marimo ball friends without taking up a lot of space in their bedroom or living area.

Java Fern
Java ferns are another beginner-friendly plant you can put in your goldfishes’ habitat. Their leaves look similar to anubias plants but are longer and slightly narrower. Attach them to driftwood, rocks, or special planter to keep them from moving around your tank or bowl.

Java Fern.

You can also propagate your java ferns to create smaller plants for when you expand your tank. Trim off a leaf or two, let them float in your water vessel, then wait for plantlets to sprout from the ferns’ black spots. You’ll never have to buy new java fern plants for your other goldfish tanks or bowls.

Amazon Sword
If you plan to grow your goldfish in a TV-sized aquarium or a pond, amazon sword plants are excellent greens as decoration and habitat.

Amazon Sword.

Their tall green leaves provide aesthetics and protection for smaller fishes. Note that these plants are pretty tasty for your fish; however, amazon swords grow fast and have a stable root system that prevents any fish from nibbling on them.

Bolbitis Fern
Most aquarium plants have tall, bright green leaves. So if you’re looking for greeneries that look different from the usual fish tank plants, consider getting Bolbitis ferns. They have textured, emerald green leaves, making them unique decorations for your goldfishes’ habitat.

Bolbitis Fern.

Bolbitis ferns require higher water pH and hardiness to thrive. You might also have to invest in tank lighting as these special ferns prefer low to medium light to grow beautifully and healthily.

Overall, choosing the right plants for your goldfishes’ habitat is crucial to their health and survival. These five aquatic plants provide shelter and nutrition for your fish and water and aesthetics for your tank. Check your local pet store and see which plants you can get for your new goldfish kingdom.

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