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The 5 Voices in Your Head That You Immediately Need to Shut Out.

People tend to remember negative words more than their positive counterparts.

From a psychological standpoint, this is referred to as the negative bias – where people gravitate towards negative information even if something positive is equally or more present. Eventually, these words evolve into internal voices that induce doubt, anxiety, panic, and other unpleasant emotions that keep a person from living her most authentic self.

While having negative thoughts circling the mind is natural, it also tends to erode one’s own self-esteem, eventually affecting one’s ability to function properly. Acknowledging them when they surface is an ideal first step towards shutting them down.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, here’s a list of the most common intrusive thoughts that most women deal with:

Photo credit: Artem Kovalev on Unsplash.

1. I don’t fit here!
Growing up has people searching for the best social circle to fit in, but sometimes there are children who seem to have their own personal problems and suddenly decide that other kids are not up to their standards. They end up teasing their peers for their physical characteristics, mannerisms, what they brought to lunch, or whatever minute detail that comes to mind. This social trauma often manifests later in adulthood which makes one avoid meeting new people for fear of being judged or simply not fitting in. This is not your voice; it’s from that childhood bully.

2. I can’t do it!
Remember in your younger years when you wanted to try out for the school varsity, and your guardian immediately said no, because you’re just a girl? That memory may later manifest into hesitation to try out experiences and assert oneself, especially in activities that are traditionally dominated by men. Having the need for validation to do something can pull you from exploring what life has to offer. This is not your voice, it’s from that guardian.

Photo credit: Morgan Petroski on Unsplash.

3. I am not enough!
It’s hard enough to juggle relationships, family, and personal goals, more so if you’re a woman. You encounter voices from all fronts, telling you you’re not enough as a mom, not enough as a wife. This is more prevalent at work, with voices telling you you’re not enough as an employee – pushing you to work harder than your male counterparts. When others disregard your efforts in whatever you do, it lowers your sense of accomplishments, more especially if it’s being done in a team setting. This is not your voice, it’s from those colleagues

4. I’m too fat/too thin!
While some family gatherings present an opportunity to reconnect with relatives, there’s always that one nosy relative who always has an opinion on your personal life—most especially how much weight you have lost or gained. Regardless of whether it is true or not, the tumataba ka comment is something most women dread because it’s pointing out something that a woman already knows but can’t change in a snap. Soon, this turns into an insecurity, affecting how she carries herself. This is not your voice, it’s from that tita.

Photo credit: Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash.

5. I can’t be happy on my own!
Ending a romantic relationship unravels a whole lot of emotions. Sometimes it’s best for both people involved, especially if there are irreconcilable differences. Unfortunately, there are exes who are so full of themselves that they will say you can’t be happy without them; that being alone will get to you eventually. Being single or in a relationship should have nothing to do with a woman’s self-love. And when someone tells you that being alone will damage you more, don’t listen to that. This is not your voice, it’s from that ex.

I Do Me
Whenever these voices cloud your thoughts, it pays to remember that these voices are not yours—they are from those whose opinions should not have any bearing on your worth.

Avon celebrates International Women’s Day by reminding women that they always have the power to silence these intrusive voices and when they do, they can find their own voice – the one that will make her love herself and empower her to achieve greatness.

As the brand that continues to stand for women for over 135 years, Avon encourages women to build their confidence and say “Let me be. You do you and I’ll do me”.

Nothing should hold you back from achieving your full potential—not society, not your social media feed, and most especially not what these voices might say.

Avon as a brand and through its products, encourages women to silence the negativity to grow and flourish. Because women owe it to themselves to bloom where they are planted.

Follow Avon Philippines on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to learn how women are shutting out negative voices as they assert their worth.


Protect Lives and Livelihood with These Easy Fire Prevention Tips and with Cebuana Lhuillier ProtectMax.

In the first two months of 2022 alone, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) announced that fire incidents have already increased by almost 13% compared to the same period last year. In addition, back in 2020, data from BFP also showed that open flame due to torch, unattended cooking, and electrical connections are the main causes of fire accidents.

Like other threats and risks of loss in any unfortunate events such as natural calamities, impacts due to fire and negligence mishaps, thousands of lives and millions up to billions worth of properties are being lost every year, and the need for a financial tool arises to make financial impacts less severe.

“Damage caused by fire is insurmountable. It affects the lives and livelihood of many Filipinos, regardless of their economic status in life. Unfortunately, our kababayans in the marginalized sector can experience bigger risk and more profound impact. Backed by our commitment for financial inclusion, we also want common Filipinos to be able to afford protection and security as a part of their financial plan. It is crucial that they have access to basic security requirements to cushion the blow of disasters that may happen,” Cebuana Lhuillier CEO and President, Jean Henri Lhuillier said. 

As the country observes the annual Fire Prevention Month, here are some tips from the BFP to make sure that your house is safe from fire:

1. Unplug appliances when they are not in use
Unplugging items when not in use not only reduces your electricity consumption but also cuts down the chances of a fire. Excessive electricity flowing through appliances like TV sets, computers, and a lot more – or a possibility of power surge can be a source of conflagration. Make sure to always unplug your appliances when leaving the house.

2. Never leave flames or heated appliances unattended
Always be cautious of any excessive flames that you may use like lighting candles or cooking. Always keep an eye and one step ahead if anything goes wrong. Much better if you can install fire alarms or have fire extinguishers ready, nearby.

3. Keep flammable items away from things that can be a source of fire
Proper storage of different items and supplies can prevent a fire incident. Ensuring that flammable items are stored in the right place and are far away from a source of heat, can save you from a possible accident.

4. Declutter
Too many things cluttered in an area can give fire plenty of space to spread faster. By decluttering certain areas in your home, you’ll be able to minimize the risk of spreading fire, minimize your loss, and save your home in the event of a fire.

5. Check your electrical wirings regularly
Pay close attention to any visible faulty wirings. This can damage your appliances that can eventually lead to a fire incident.

Always remember that prevention is always better than cure. Knowing these fire prevention tips could save you and others from a devastating event.

“This Fire Prevention Month, it is important to raise awareness about fire safety and prevention. Apart from being ready when a fire incident happens, it is also important that common Filipinos have a safety net in case it happened. This is our main mission for our microinsurance product, ProtectMax. This product offers comprehensive coverage at a more reasonable cost,” First Vice President and Group Head of Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Brokers Inc., Jonathan Batangan mentioned.

To lessen the risk brought by fire and other natural calamities, Cebuana Lhuiller offers ProtectMAX, an affordable microinsurance product designed for individuals aged 7 to 70 years old with Death Benefit, Accident or Sickness Emergency Cash Assistance, Accidental Dismemberment and/or Disablement, Murder, and Unprovoked Assault and Residential Fire Reconstruction cash assistance.

For as low as P50, get a total coverage value of up to P61,000.00. Each certificate is valid for four (4) months from the date of issuance and can be availed up to a maximum of 5 certificates per insured in a year.

To know more about Cebuana Lhuillier ProtectMAX, visit the nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch or just log on to Avail ProtectMAX now in almost 3,000 branches of Cebuana Lhuillier, nationwide.


Cleene CLIO makes Clean Teeth possible for Families this World Oral Health Day 2022.

As someone who has had problems with her teeth (almost) all her life, I strongly encourage everyone, especially the young ones, to take care of your teeth and pay particular attention to your oral healthcare. And I'm saying this because my teeth and gums have been through a lot - splint, metal braces, retainer, deep scaling, gingivectomy, periodontal surgery, even gingival hyperplasia. Name it, and I most likely have been through it. 

Currently, I'm receiving treatment/therapy to correct my malocclusion (I have a horrendous overbite which causes damage to my gums), and having to wear an EF appliance for six hours a day everyday and overnight while sleeping can be very uncomfortable. Who would have thought that after wearing braces for almost six years, I'd be having issues with my teeth again? 

I certainly wouldn't want my son, or any other child for that matter, to experience these kinds of pain and discomfort, that is why I'm making oral health my new advocacy. As such, I am excited and very much honored to be part of the Mommy Bloggers Philippines community and Cleene Clio's campaign for World Oral Health Day.

On World Oral Health Day, Cleene CLIO invites everyone to celebrate by practicing proper oral healthcare with their families.

A product of proudly Filipino company PHILUSA Corporation, Cleene CLIO has been an ardent supporter of this global oral health initiative, especially with oral care given less priority during the pandemic when accessibility to dentists and visits to oral health facilities were challenging at the height of the lockdowns.

To emphasize the importance of good oral health practices at home, Cleene CLIO has partnered with Manila Water Foundation and Philippine Dental Association to provide oral health kits to various barangays and schools as part of this year’s World Oral Health Day activities. Over 2,000 health kits containing Cleene CLIO toothbrushes and Dental Floss Premium from Cleene CLIO and PHILUSA were distributed to 12 barangays and to the chosen hygiene facility in Dinalaonan Elementary School in Pangasinan.

And as a special treat for World Oral Health Day, selected Cleene CLIO products will be sold at 20% off exclusively in Mercury Drug stores nationwide until April 15, 2022. Cleene CLIO continues to be the partner of every Filipino family in promoting good oral hygiene by offering a wide range of affordable and quality toothbrushes.

Cleene CLIO toothbrushes are made with MicroFine Soft Bristles that help penetrate and clean hard to reach areas for better interdental cleaning and a gentle brushing experience. The tapered bristles penetrate between teeth and gums for thorough cleaning, while the rounded shape of the bristles remove plaque and prevent teeth and gum damage.

There is a Cleene CLIO toothbrush for every member of the family that is affordable and has world-class quality. For those wanting extra care and protection for your teeth, Cleene CLIO offers its Refreshing Green Tea and Ultimax Charcoal under their Special care line. While for those needing specialized care, Cleene CLIO has its Kiddie and Junior as well as 40+ for sensitive gum and teeth. It also has its economy toothbrushes for general oral health care for any age.

Cleene CLIO is available at Mercury Drug, leading supermarkets, drugstores and other retail stores nationwide as well as on all leading ecommerce websites: Shopee, Lazada, and the PHILUSA Online Store.


PCPPI marks World Water Day, urges public to conserve water.

By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may be facing water shortages. According to World Wildlife Fund Inc., this pmay get worse considering the current consumption rate worldwide.

On World Water Day, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI)—the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country—is urging the public to participate in water conservation efforts to reduce any unnecessary water usage.

Water is a fundamental right. This is the reason we strictly manage our water consumption and water wastes. We need to integrate water conservation methods to improve global water security. We encourage the public to use water responsibly as this is a shared responsibility that we need to take seriously,” said PCPPI president and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Frederick D. Ong.

Last year, PCPPI reported a six percent reduction in its 2020 water usage. The company saved around 369,000 cubic meters of water which is equal to more than 147 Olympic-sized swimming pools. From 2019 to 2021, the company has reduced its water use by 11.5%.

To bolster its water stewardship initiatives, PCPPI monitors its water consumption in its operations and has devised ways to improve its water recycling to minimize wastage. It also continues to strengthen its host communities' involvement by partnering with local government units for its adopt-a-river program.

Everybody can join this water conservation movement, even while at home. Here are some tips on how you can efficiently use water and save money on water bills, too.

Prep your food wisely
Practice rinsing your fruits and vegetables in a basin of water instead of under running water. Do this and save up to 10 to 15 gallons of water every year.

Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator overnight. This is better than placing it under flowing tap. When boiling vegetables, make sure to use only enough water. This allows you to still get adequate nutrients from them. Use your rice wash to water the plants.

Run full loads of laundry
If you want to wash your laundry with ease, soak your dirty clothes in water for at least 20 minutes to remove the stains. It is also advisable to run a full load of laundry to maximize the water used—it’s energy-efficient, too. You may then recycle the laundry water and use it to clean your garage, pathways, bathroom floors, or your pet’s cage.

Check for leaks
Regularly check for pipe leaks. If you see signs of molds or foul smells, it’s best to ask for help from an experienced plumber to inspect your plumbing system. Leaks occur in toilets, too. Try adding a small drop of food coloring to your toilet tank and wait for a few minutes to test for leaks. If the water in the bowl changes its color even without flushing, then it's leaking. Getting rid of leaks could save a household 10,000 gallons of water per year.

Shower and brush your teeth responsibly
When washing with soap or shampoo, turn off the faucet to prevent water waste. You can also work on reducing your shower time by finishing your bath routine quickly. If possible, use a bucket and a dipper or get a water-saving showerhead.

It is wise to brush your teeth and rinse using a cup of water. Running the tap while toothbrushing uses up as much as six liters of water every time.

Save water when cleaning outdoors
Use a pail of water and a broom rather than a hose to get rid of stubborn dirt on your sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot. To add, use recycled laundry water. It has the same cleaning effect for outdoor dirty areas as with clean tap water.

Turn off faucets
Need we say more? Turn off all your faucets at home when not in use.

There are still so many ways to conserve water and to ensure global water security. The world is changing and it is only fitting that we change our ways, too, because this fact remains: Water is life.


Top Tips to Prepare for the Perfect Retirement.

Retirement is something that many people dread. They worry about finishing work and entering a different stage in their lives. Although retirement is a significant milestone in your life, it’s not one that should be feared. In fact, the opposite is true! Retirement is something that should fill you up with excitement and anticipation.

No matter what age you aim to retire, proper planning will make your transition into retirement much smoother. It may be a multi-step process that will adapt over time but there are still plenty of ways that you can prepare for this event.

Knowing where to start when it comes to retirement can be difficult. To make things easier for you, we’ve laid out all of the key steps in this article.

Kim Hae Sook in About Time (2018).

Consider the Location of Your Retirement
You might wish to retire in the same location as where you worked. However, if you’re ready for a change and you want to find somewhere more peaceful and relaxing for your retirement, it’s never too early to start searching for the perfect location.

For example, if you live around the South West of the United States, there is a friendly and welcoming retirement community in Arizona that you can join. There will be similar communities across the whole of America and they’re the perfect way to meet like-minded people as you retire.

Kim Hae Sook in Start Up (2020).

Organize Your Finances
Money is a huge part of retirement. Organizing your finances is going to be key to a happy and simple transition into your retired life.

A great way to get organized is to identify how much you have in your total retirement fund and allocate a specific amount of money for each month or year. Consider how much you will spend on your daily living activities, your groceries, and your bills.

You can use a spreadsheet or another budgeting method to help you keep track of your money. Make sure to track old pensions, state pensions, and any other benefits that you will receive as this will determine your total income when you retire.

Kim Hae Sook and Kim Kap Soo in Hospital Playlist (2021).

Take Up a New Hobby
When you stop working, it can often feel like you have no purpose anymore. You might feel lost and confused or unsure what to do with your spare time.

Taking up a new hobby is a great way to keep yourself occupied and stimulate your brain during retirement. It’s also the perfect opportunity to meet other people if you join local groups or clubs.

Your retirement hobbies and pastimes may be something that you can do in your home, such as knitting or drawing. If you prefer being outside in the fresh air, gardening or hiking might appeal to you.

Finding active hobbies will help to keep your body physically fit and makes it easier for you to maintain muscle mass as you age. You don’t need to do anything too strenuous. As long you are actively moving each day, you will be able to maximize your health.


Stop renting, start owning now! | 5 things to consider before moving to your own home.

Many Filipino families start renting a space before moving into a more permanent address, thinking that this is the most cost-effective way. However, in many instances, investing in a home is actually more economical in the long run. Instead of having your hard-earned money going to rent, it is much better to invest in a real estate property, the value of which rises year after year as your family grows. More importantly, your home would be in your name.

“Moving to a home of your own is a big step for every family. A lot has to be considered from location to financing among others. This is why we, at RLC Residences, commit to providing home solutions that are dedicated to addressing the urgent and long-term needs of a modern Filipino family,” said RLC Residences Marketing Head Karen Cesario.

RLC Residences has rounded up a list of things to consider when making the shift from renting to moving to your own home:

RLC Residences.

1. Location
Most of the time, people rent because they want more affordable access to the city where offices, schools, malls, hospitals, and other essential establishments are located. Amid the new normal, being able to walk or bike to the places you need to go to is now also a main consideration. Most of these qualities are available on properties situated in key locations such as RLC Residences’ The Trion Towers in Taguig, The Radiance Manila Bay in Pasay, and The Magnolia Residences in Quezon City.

2. Availability
Availability of the unit is crucial for current renters, which is also an advantage RFO units offer. Once paperwork and requirements are complete, you can move in immediately and settle into your own home. So if you’re ready to shift from renting to owning your place that you want to use right away, check out available one to three-bedroom flats in The Trion Towers, studio to two-bedroom homes at The Radiance Manila Bay, and one-bedroom RFO units at The Magnolia Residences.

3. Amenities
Amenities are one of the things that hook buyers into investing in a home. And rightly so. With people spending more time at home, it’s important to be able to use the gym, the pool, or function rooms when the need arises or at the homeowners’ most convenient time. With RFO units, these amenities are ready to use upon move-in. No waiting required. Plus, there’s no need to spend more on memberships outside because you can use these amenities for a minimal fee or none at all.

For example, at The Trion Towers, you can use its 32 wellness and recreational amenities such as the outdoor and indoor pools, the kiddie play areas, gym and yoga, and pilates rooms. At The Radiance Manila Bay, its outdoor pool area is ready for you should you need to unwind, while its videoke room and private theater are bookable for some family bonding. On the other hand, The Magnolia Residences’ amenities such as lounge areas, yoga rooms, function halls, and outdoor pool and play areas are also ready to use once you move in to your home. 

4. Security
Beyond the actual unit, homeowners must also think about how the property is protected. More importantly, how your family is safe and secure within the walls of your home. RLC Residences’ RFO properties, for example, have CCTV cameras installed around the premises. These are complemented with a team of security guards–on duty 24/7–who man the gates and roam the premises for maximum protection. Having a friendly and smiling face at the front desk, ready to be of assistance to homeowners, is also a big plus.

Knowing that your loved ones live in a safe neighborhood with people and technology looking out for them results in peace of mind and a sense of security.

5. Investment
Buying a home is probably the biggest purchase one can make in a lifetime. This is why it’s all the more important to find one that is worth your hard-earned money. What’s good with RFO properties is that you can literally check every inch of the unit before making the purchase, instead of basing a purchase off a model unit.

Additionally, promos and discounts are every homebuyer’s friend. For its RFO properties, RLC Residences gives a 10% discount on all units of The Trion Towers and The Magnolia Residences, while future homeowners can enjoy as much as 30% markdown on selected units in The Radiance Manila Bay.

“Moving into a home you can finally call your own after all the hustle and hard work is a milestone like no other. We are truly grateful here at RLC Residences that we get to help in realizing that dream,” shared Cesario.

For families looking for quality ready-for-occupancy homes, they may connect with a Property Specialist through For more info, like and follow RLC Residences on social media ( and and visit its website


Best Ways to Ease Your Baby's Teething Symptoms.

As a parent, you will do whatever you can to ease your baby's discomfort, such as giving her organic gripe water for stomach discomfort. Once teeth begin to come through, which typically begins around the age of six months, your baby will more than likely exhibit discomfort, which is not fun for her or you. The good news is that teething symptoms do not last forever, and there are things that you can do to help minimize and ease the symptoms so that your baby is more comfortable.

What Are Teething Symptoms?
There is a good chance that your bathroom cabinet is stocked with a wide variety of baby wellness products so that you can quickly attend to symptoms or issues as soon as they arise. To prepare for teething, it is a good idea to be able to recognize the symptoms so you can take prompt action at the first signs. 

The first thing to understand is where and when the first teeth come in. The first teeth to appear are typically the bottom two front teeth, followed by the top two front teeth. This usually occurs between four and seven months, but it varies from one baby to another. Babies typically have a full set of teeth - 20 in total - by the age of 3.

Photo credit: Babycare Journals.

The most common symptoms and signs of emerging teeth include:
  • Tender or sore gums
  • Excessive drooling, which may result in a rash
  • Crankiness and fussiness
  • Chewing on a wide variety of objects
  • Small increase in temperature
  • Pulling their ear
  • Rubbing their cheek
  • Changes in sleeping or eating habits 
Although it is not fun as a parent to watch your baby in discomfort, know that it will not last for too long.

Easing Baby's Teething Pain
While your baby is dealing with teething discomfort, there are things you can do to ease the symptoms. There are numerous teething crackers available that are hard and give your baby something to chew on. Make sure they are unsweetened, however.

Cold tends to help minimize discomfort and swelling. You can wet a washcloth with cold water or put a pacifier in the fridge for a little bit. There are also teething rings and toys you can place in the fridge. You can also place them in the freezer for a quick cool down, but do not freeze them completely. Make sure to choose ones made with non-toxic ingredients. 

Applying a pressure against the gums helps minimize pain and discomfort, which is why teething toys help. You can also massage the gums with your finger, which your baby may also choose to chew on.

Although there are over the counter teething medication, you should avoid these. Some of them contain benzocaine, which should not be given to children under 2. Plus, they have not been shown to be effective. Instead, try something natural such as Wellements teething oil. It is made with organic ingredients and is free from allergens and preservatives, which helps soothe your baby's gums, and you can feel confident in the quality of the product.


Space out and clean well with the Dreame V12 Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum.

Explore infinite possibilities.

Dreame Technology, established in 2015, is an innovative company with the vision to "enhance the living quality of global users". The Company focus on high-end cleaning appliances by leveraging astrodynamics technologies. At the end of 2015, Dreame joined the Xiaomi Ecological Chain, as the driving force and leading enterprise of smart household cleaning appliances.

Innovations & Technologies are for everyone.

After years of hard work, Dreame has come up with a series of core inventions and over 150 core patents, such as the high-speed motormonocular machine visionSLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) and the multi-cone cyclone separation, among which multiple patents are in a global leading position.

Dreame V12 Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum is now ready to dominate the Philippine market.

V12 Pro possesses Dreame’s strongest suction yet, powered by a high-speed motor that spins at a stunning 160,000RPM*Dreame’s most advanced development techniques have been applied through the materials, aerodynamics, and mechanism to make the motor as light as possible.

Uproots hidden dust – even from crevices.

Powerful on both hard floors and carpets. Dreame engineers have made the most of the 160,000RPM motor, airtight structure, and streamlined architecture to create a powerful suction that removes most of the dust accumulated in crevices.

Easily clean large homes.

An 85-minute* max runtime provides power to vacuum extensively before needing to recharge.

*85-minute: Tested when running V12 Pro in Eco mode with a 2-in-1 Brush Nozzle attached under 25°C. The test report is ZM-P2229-210427-1.

Automatic suction boost. Less tangled hair.

In Auto mode, V12 Pro intelligently increases the suction for carpets and fabric coverings to pick up the dust deep inside. The v-shaped tunnels and comb-like teeth work together to help keep hair from tangling.

Easily clean from top to bottom.

Incredibly lightweight and well-balanced, V12 Pro makes cleaning hard-to-reach places remarkably easy. Swing, lift, or angle to clean hard-to-reach areas and high places. The super-lightweight carbon fiber rod is ideal for cleaning tight spaces to remove dirt from every nook and cranny.

Instant emptying at the click of a button.

Cleanup is no longer a chore when It only takes a press to empty the dust cup. The large 500ml dust cup holds a lot of debris so you empty it less often.

Take full control over the cleanup.

Remaining runtime, work mode, and error prompts are displayed on the LCD screen so you know exactly how to plan your cleaning session. A trigger lock liberates you from holding down the trigger while you clean.

8 useful tools to tackle any task.

Clean everything from rugs, to furniture, and from drapes, to upholstery with 8 handy accessories. The right tool for every situation makes cleaning as effortless and thorough as possible.


You can now take home the latest V12 Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum at P23,990 SRP. Available in Dreame Concept Store at Level 2 SM MOA Square, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City and via online on LazMallShopee MallPrime Goods and other authorized re-sellers.

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Get the latest Dreame V12 Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum for only P18,990 promo price with FREE storage bracket worth P3,190 for the "First 10 Buyers" and enjoy up to 45% OFF on selected products exclusive from Lazada Dreame Flagship Store starting March 15 to 17, 2022 only.

Where to Buy?

We believe the best is still yet to come.

Thanks for years of endeavor, the team has developed series of unparallelled innovative advances in the field of intelligent science and technology.


More Flavor, Less Salt.

Filipino cuisine uses a wide range of healthy and nutritious ingredients, however most pinoy dishes use generous amounts of salt, soy sauce, fish sauce, or bagoong to achieve full flavor. In addition to this, Pinoys also love salty dipping sauces or sawsawan. Unfortunately, the flavor that brings the yum in Filipino dishes may be a key ingredient that is putting people’s heart and health at risk.

That’s because too much salt leads to excessive sodium intake, which has been linked to many illnesses such as heart diseases, stroke, and kidney diseases. In fact, Filipinos’ average salt consumption per day is 11 grams (4,263 milligrams of sodium). This is more than the recommended 5 grams of salt (or less than 2,000 milligrams of sodium) daily by the World Health Organization (WHO).

To help address the issue, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) Group recently launched its BawAsin or Bawasan ang Asin campaign, an effort that encourages consumers to reduce their sodium intake without sacrificing the deliciousness of their meals.

Less Sodium, Happier Heart
Our heart works non-stop to keep us going, so we need to take a good look at the condition of our heart and give it the attention and love it deserves. And people can start with consuming less salt in their diets.

Ajinomoto’s new BawAsin section in its official website contains less sodium hacks as well as more than 100 less sodium recipes to help Filipinos in their pursuit of keeping a healthy and hearty diet. One of the main tips suggested is to substitute 1 teaspoon of salt with the combination of ½ teaspoon of salt and ½ tablespoon of MSG. This simple step allows for reducing sodium content by up to 40% while maintaining the flavor.

Many people remain apprehensive of reducing their salt intake because of the notion and misconception that less salt results in bland-tasting or less flavorful food. This is far from the truth,” said APC Science Communication Specialist Beatrice Menorca, RND. “Based on a study entitled ‘Determining acceptability of a less sodium recipe with umami seasoning’ participants of the study actually preferred the less sodium recipes over regular recipes. This only proves that it is possible to cook delicious food with less sodium. It’s quite easy too, as there are healthier alternatives to make food rich in flavor without adding too much salt,” Menorca said.

APC Group’s BawAsin or Bawasan ang Asin campaign was also launched in a Webinar Series that was held in partnership with the Nutritionist-Dietitians Association of the Philippines. APC Group and NDAP’s Webinar Series enjoined nutrition experts and students to help spread the word about the importance of taking care of health, through healthy and nutritious food.

The first webinar entitled, ‘Invest in your health be better in 2022’, discussed how people can invest in improving their immune system by consuming healthy and nutritious food. Another webinar entitled ‘More flavor, less salt: Delicious salt reduction’ covered the effects of excessive salt intake on people’s health and how Filipinos can make food delicious with lesser salt intake.

The BawAsin or Bawasan ang Asin campaign is a reflection of the brand’s “Eat Well, Live Well” promise, which aims to help families improve their health by providing ways on how to prepare healthy and delicious meals. These initiatives are in line with the company's ultimate goal of extending the life expectancy of 1 billion people.

“It’s amazing how one simple step—reducing sodium intake—can bring about so many benefits for the heart and our overall health. We must do every little thing that would help us live a healthier lifestyle, while making sure we have delicious meals every single time,” said Roann Co, APC General Manager of Marketing and Public Relations. For more information about the BawAsin campaign, visit