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Wordless Wednesday #137 | Training the Dragon.

The little man enjoyed karate so much that he decided this is going to be a long-time thing and not just a summer activity. Which is good, since I want my son to be completely bully-proof.
Learning side kicks...
So now, our Saturday mornings are spent at K2LC, where the boy (still) trains with Sensei Danny and Senpai Louie.
And finally, a roundhouse!
The kids are now learning the ropes of front kicks, side kicks, and roundhouse kicks. I can't wait to see my little dragon do a proper spinning roundhouse in the future! :)
Senpai Louie, the Little Dragon, and Sensei Danny.
Karate teaches that the real enemy lies within. Get interested in the pursuit, not just the possession. The race, not just the goal. Effort is everything. - Chotoku Kyan


Spotlight | Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths.

I was never a big fan of cleansing tissues, mostly because I like going through the whole intricate process of removing makeup (i.e. wipe the gunk off with makeup remover, wash my face with my favorite cleansing foam, rinse). Yeah, I'm OC like that.

Also, I used to think cleansing tissues aren't at par with its bottled counterparts (ergo, liquid makeup removers) in terms of removing all the dirt, grime, and gunk off your face. However, these Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths from Cetaphil made me think otherwise.
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths.
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths are pre-moistened cloths that remove dirt and makeup without drying or irritating the skin. These cloths are soft and gentle, and they're safe even for the most sensitive skin. They're unscented, and that's a plus if you don't like overly scented skincare products.
Safe for sensitive skin!
Ingredients, plus directions for use.
This product is perfect for days nights when you're too lazy to go through the entire process of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. These cloths require no rinsing - meaning, you can just wipe this on your face and go straight to bed! And thanks to its mild, soap-free, and non-comedogenic formula, you get clean and moisturized skin without having to worry about residues that can clog your pores.
Convenient packaging.
Soft and gentle tissues!
To use this product, simply lift the lid to remove cloth. Gently wipe your face, including the eye area, to remove makeup and impurities. No need to rinse afterwards. Close lid securely after each use.
Cleansing cloth folded in three parts. They're pretty long and stretchy in actual.
All that gunk from my face!
I love that these cleansing cloths come in a handy, resealable packaging. They're perfect on-the-go, and you know that I'm always out and about - especially now that I can drive on stick. I've come to love this product so much that I keep a pack in my vanity table at home, one in my bag, and another in the the glove compartment of our car. Talk about being on-the-go! :)
Freshness on the go! :)
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths sell for Php 235 per pack, each containing 25 disposable cloths. Cetaphil products are available at leading drugstores (Watson's, Mercury, South Star) and supermarkets nationwide.

Get to know more about Cetaphil by visiting their official website and liking their Facebook page. :)


What a Man Wants.

So I just finished watching the 251st episode of 'Running Man', Korea's long-running and extremely popular variety show. In this particular episode, which featured on-screen and real-life couples, there was a segment where the competitors were asked to make a list of 'Disappointing Presents You've Received'. Majority of the men wrote 'socks', 'tie', 'belt', and 'books'. I am not surprised, since my husband wouldn't be too thrilled to receive these gifts either.

Men aren't always the easiest people to buy gifts for, so you have to put in extra effort in searching for the perfect gift - especially if the recipient is someone you love. To make the search a little bit easier for you, I've rounded up a short list of items that men will surely love to receive as gifts. Tried, tested, and appreciation guaranteed!
1. Tickets to their favorite sports team.
No sports buff would be able to resist these, especially if they're season/playoff/finals tickets! Now if your significant other is into boxing or mixed martial arts, get him tickets to an event with his favorite boxer/fighter in the card.

2. An expensive watch.
I've read somewhere that watches make perfect graduation gifts. And true enough, when my brother graduated from college, he received a designer watch as a gift.

For men, a watch is an acknowledgement of hard work, and for the fresh graduate, it is an encouraging nod to the his upcoming professional undertakings. More than a quirky tie or a crisp handkerchief, a watch symbolizes maturity and growth, and will be put to good use as a man enters the working world.

3. Shoes.
For guys who care about their appearance, stylish apparel and a nice pair of shoes are always a welcome gift. As British designer Oliver Spencer would say, "Good shoes stand the test of time, and are almost oblivious to the ebbs and flows of fashion."

So go ahead, get your man those Weejuns from GH Bass. Or if your significant other is a sneaker freak like mine, surprise him with a kick-ass pair from the Jordan Retro Collection.

Gadgets galore!
4. Gadgets.
In this day and age where technology has become so advanced that you can even turn the gas stove off with a smartphone, any man would surely want to receive a new gadget as a gift.

If you're feeling a tad generous, you might want to fork out a smartphone complete with a postpaid plan for your loved one. Now if he's ahead of his time and already has his hands on the latest smartphone, why not get him some tech accessories to go with it? You can shop for gadgets at Zalora Philippines where there's an array of speakers, amplifiers, and even wearable devices that your man will surely love.

5. Video games.
It's no secret that men love their video games just as much as women love bags and heels. For men, spending time with their XBox One or Playstation 4 is just another way to relax, a way to unwind and release stress, just like watching sports. In that sense you're actually doing your husband/boyfriend a favor by surprising him with Halo 5, or better yet, the much-talked about remake of Final Fantasy VII.

I'll let you in on a secret. Men find it attractive when a woman understands video games, all the more if she plays. Trust me on this. My husband was smitten when I busted his ass on Tekken. Haha!

So next time you're tempted to give your husband a tie, a pair of socks, or a belt, because you think he needs it, think again. He might need it, but might not actually want to receive it as a gift. ;)


How Diaper Bags are Changing the Lives of Parents.

One of the first things that every new mother looks for is a diaper bag as she will absolutely need one. To be honest, most mothers find that the diaper bag ends up in the trunk of the car or left at home and being organized for her baby becomes more difficult than ever before. Many mothers also find that their diaper bags get useless as soon as their child grows up but all of these things can be avoided by choosing the right diaper bag.

Photo credit: Cath Kidston.
1. Better Materials
As time progresses, one of the things that many diaper bag manufacturers pay attention to is the material that they use for the bags. Take your everyday life into account when you’re examining materials, as an example, do you like going on nature hikes? Are you more of a mother that likes to have a dainty bag to bring out shopping? The more durable your diaper bag materials are, the longer it will last and the less money you’ll have to spend on a new bag in the future.

2. Insulation and Padding
The outside of the diaper bag is one thing to pay attention to but you also want to make sure that the inside of the bag is fully equipped as well. Make sure that the diaper bag is insulated so you can keep your baby’s bottles warm throughout the day. There should also be padding to protect all of the personal belongings that you are carrying in the bag to make sure that they don’t get damaged. Insulation is also important to make sure that your belongings are kept safe if you’re going out in warmer or colder temperatures.

3. Enhanced Comfort
Think about it – you’ll be carrying the bag around with you everywhere that you go and the last thing that you’ll want to deal with is an uncomfortable bag attached to your shoulder. You will be able to find an array of different bags with different integrated comfort features to make sure that you can easily carry around everything that you need without getting tired or sore throughout the day. Try to find a diaper bag with padded straps or extra straps to let you attach it to your stroller.

4. More Storage and Functionality
You would be surprised at the sheer amount of things that you’ll be bringing with you when you go out with your baby. There are dozens of things that you will need and making sure that you have space available for everything is imperative. The more storage options you have, the more organized you will become. Though it is important to note that too much storage can also be a bad thing. If you have too many places to put things it can take away from the larger storage spaces that you have. As an example, if you have 10 pockets versus 6, you won’t have a place for baby wipe containers, bottles, or any other larger items.


Designer Style In The Bedroom.

Famous clothing designer, Vera Wang, is known around the world for her high-fashion couture and beautiful bridal gowns. With over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, she has created exquisite fashions and gowns for some of Hollywood's most famous celebrities, as well as royals, diplomats and distinguished people.

Vera Wang's signature style reflects elegant designs with simple lines, classic colors and patterns, and beautiful fabrics. After designing countless fashion ensembles, her designs can now be found in beautiful home furnishings like Vera Wang bedding, towels, kitchen linens and home accessories. Whatever your design preference, her designs provide a perfect way to create an elegant bedroom with designer style.
Romantic and elegant.
Romantic Elegance
If you love the idea of a romantic bedroom setting, look for bedding that will create a soft, comfortable atmosphere. You can choose either light or bright colors and patterns, but look for fabrics that feel soft and luxurious like silk, satin or high thread count cottons. Add large, soft throw pillows and a cozy chenille or cashmere throw across the bed. Keep the bedroom lighting soft and romantic by using dimmers on overhead lighting, low-wattage bulbs in lamps, and lots of beautiful candles. For wonderful aromas, use scented candles with light, fragrant scents like vanilla, jasmine or lilac.
Sophisticated and chic.
Sophisticated Style
If your home is traditional or contemporary with sophisticated style and a more neutral color palette, look for bedding and bedroom accessories that enhance that style. There's nothing more sophisticated than crisp white or ivory sheets with a matching neutral comforter and pillow shams. If you want a little more color, choose neutral bedding with soft accents like stripes or contrasting trim. To create sophisticated style, you don't have to use only light, subtle colors. Darker colors like taupe, sage, olive, mustard, cinnamon, brown or black will create a sophisticated color palette with dramatic ambiance.

Modern minimalist.
Modern Appeal
Modern interiors emphasize straight lines, clean features and simplistic style. Details are kept to a minimum, so the focus remains on materials and architectural elements within the space. When selecting bedding and bedroom décor, keep it simple by using solid colors, interesting textures and geometric patterns that enhance modern style. Concentrate on bedroom lighting, artwork and accessories that will add visual interest or color to the room without overpowering other items. Focus on simple, sleek lines and shapes that reflect the design principles of modern interiors.

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