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Top Tips to Improve Your Smile.

The way your teeth look plays a huge role in how you look when you smile, speak and generally open your mouth. If you’re like a lot of people though, you don’t really love the way your teeth look. Perhaps you never really have.

While there are some options out there for many people, not everybody knows what they can do to improve their smile. Some things might be common sense, but everybody needs a reminder sometimes.

Keep reading to learn a few tips you can use to improve your smile. A better smile will also lead to increased confidence and self-esteem, which is something everybody could use from time to time.
Photo credit: Rockstar White.
Floss Often
Everybody knows that they are supposed to be flossing at least once per day. Still, many people slack off when it comes to using the dental floss.

If you want the healthiest possible teeth, you want to be flossing at least once before bed. Ideally, you should be flossing about twice per day, usually after lunch and again before bed. Do this along with brushing regularly and you’ll see your teeth become healthier in relatively short order.

Eat Right
Eating healthy, nutritious food is something you already know you should do. Perhaps you even strive toward that goal every single day and get pretty close most of the time. That doesn’t mean you’re eating all of the right foods for your teeth.

Apples, for example, are known to help clean the teeth. This makes them an ideal afternoon snack when you may not be able to brush until a few hours later. Protein-rich foods like chicken are also excellent for your teeth. When considering your meals, don’t forget about your dental health. There’s more to it than just brushing and flossing after everything you eat.

Consider Cosmetic Work
There are a lot of people who get cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn, and if it’s something you’re considering, there’s no shortage of qualified dentists in your area. What you choose to get done doesn’t have to completely break the bank either.

From a simple whitening treatment, to partial veneers and more, there are lots of options your dentist can provide to you these days. Don’t be afraid to seek consultations for cosmetic dentistry to improve your appearance and how you feel about your teeth.


Pucker Up! | ColourPop Swatches!

So we all went Colourpop crazy on Black Friday after the cosmetics company announced that they're offering free international shipping for a limited time. My Facebook feed was literally swamped with shout-outs from beauty blogger friends and fellow makeup enthusiasts, all ecstatic about the free shipping news.

Things got even crazier on Cyber Monday, when Colourpop announced a 20% discount on everything on their site - as in everything, no exclusions whatsoever. One huge sale event after another - how awesome is that? I was practically grinning from ear to ear as I filled my shopping cart with Ultra Matte Lips and Ultra Matte Satins.

But before I went on a shopping frenzy, I got a little help from my friend who has a massive collection of Colourpop lippies. She loaned me her entire collection so I could swatch and try them on and choose which shades would suit me best. Oh, and she's the same friend who gave me this Ultra Matte Lip.
Let's begin this swatch-fest with the Ultra Satin Lip, a lightweight, bold lipstick with satin finish. If you have qualms about wearing matte lipstick because of the 'drying' feel, then the Ultra Satin Lip is right for you. They're very comfortable to wear, they don't make your lips look parched, and their color payoff is amazing. They're not kiss-proof like their matte counterparts, but they're pretty long-wearing nonetheless.
Ultra Satin Lip.
I reckon there are 30 different shades in Colourpop's Ultra Satin Lip line, and here are the ones that I got to try.
Prim, Tansy, Frick & Frack, Too Lips.
Prim is a dark, blackened red; Tansy is a medium-toned, yellow brown; Frick & Frack is a lovely shade of rosy terracotta; while TooLips is a deep shade of brownish plum.
L-R: Prim, Tansy, Frick & Frack, Too Lips.
The last two shades are my favorites. I love Frick & Frack because it looks quite natural on my lips (like a deep shade of nude),  and TooLips because it's a wearable shade of plum.
Ultra Satin Lip in Frick & Frack on my lips.
They're both pretty versatile and would suit a variety of skintones. Both are also perfect for the season - and you know how much I love plums and mauves during this time of the year.
Ultra Satin Lip in TooLips on my lips.
Now we move on to the mattes, starting with these two shades from the Karrueche x ColourPop collection.
Karrueche x ColourPop.
A collaboration between ColourPop and model/actress Karrueche Tran, this limited edition line features matte eyeshadows, a blush, highlighter, and contour bronzer, lip pencils, and these Ultra Matte lippies.
Rooch and Kae.
Rooch is a deepened russet wine - a very bold and dark burgundy red that can be very intimidating to wear and very tricky to apply. I find this shade a little too loud for my taste; not the kind of lipstick that I can wear on a daily basis. 
Rooch on the left, Kae on the right.
Kae, on the other hand, is a muted dark brown with warm, reddish tones. This shade is a lot more wearable than Rooch, and can suit a variety of skintones. 
More Ultra Matte shades!
Also from the Ultra Matte line are these seven gorgeous shades - all highly-pigmented, long-wearing, and quite easy to apply.
Beeper, Chilly Chili, Tulle, and Teeny Tiny.
Beeper, one of the most popular shades in the Ultra Matte line, is a warm, mid-toned taupe. Chilly Chili, on the other hand, is a muted shade of plum with brown undertones. Tulle is a warm, plum-red shade, while Teeny Tiny is a plum-brown shade with warm undertones.
L-R: Beeper, Chilly Chili, Tulle, Teeny Tiny.
Among these four, I like Beeper the most - even if it has tendency to emphasize the lines on my lips.
Ultra Matte Lip Beeper on my lips.
Finally, we have Stingraye, Are & Be, and More Better.
Stingraye, Are & Be, More Better.
Stingraye is a cool-toned mauve brown, while Are & Be is a rich, mauve plum. More Better, perhaps the 'brightest' shade in the bunch, is a dark-berry red shade with cool undertones.
L-R: Stingraye, Are & Be, More Better.
While all three shades complemented my skin tone nicely, I am partial towards Are & Be because of its rich yet wearable color, and More Better because of its lovely wine color. It's a nice contrast to all the browns and neutrals that I have previously swatched.
Ultra Matte Lip in Are & Be.
Ultra Matte Lip in More Better.
Are you a fan of ColourPop, too? Which shades are your favorites? :)


Develop a Hobby with Online Bingo.

With the weather getting worse during winter and dipping temperatures preventing people from enjoying a stroll outdoors, falling prey to depression is easy. People suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) especially experience difficulty in keeping their depression at bay. According to NHS Choices, taking up new hobbies at this time of year can play an important role in keeping us stimulated and energetic – and preventing feelings of lethargy, anxiety and depression.

Thus, to keep the winter blues away it is important to indulge in a few hobbies. Here is what seems to the Britain’s favorite!
Photo credit: We Heart It.
1. Knitting
An interest that has lasted centuries, knitting is one of the top pastimes in the UK. Boosted by celebrities endorsing their love for it, it is estimated that over 7 million people knit on a regular basis. Not only is it a stress buster, but also is a great option to gift friends and family customised hoodies and sweaters for the chilly winter.

2. Bingo
Bingo seems to be the top contender this winter. While travelling to a bingo hall is tiresome, online bingo sites now offer a host of amazing games with incredible themes which can be played from the comfort of ones home. Indulging in a game of bingo also helps mental health and reduces stress. If you are looking for a good site to play at, visit GameVillage Bingo.

3. Exercise
Not only a good hobby, working out itself has multiple effects that stave off depression. When exerting our muscles or increasing heart rate, the body releases endorphins, which are known as the ‘happy hormone’ that produces the high that runners commonly experience.

4. Gardening 
40% of pensioners say that gardening is the hobby that gives them the highest satisfaction in life. While taking a stroll in the chilly weather may be too difficult, cultivating an indoor garden, or a table top garden is easy. In fact, mini gardens as a decorative item is become a new fad, one that promises to keep you occupied while earning you compliments at your office desk!

So this winter, keep the depression at bay. Take up a new hobby or pick up old ones you abandoned and use this time for self development. An idle mind is a devils workshop, as the old adage goes, is true. Get working on that hobby right now!


Sneak Peek | Laneige Milkyway Fantasy Holiday Collection.

With Christmas barely a month away, more and more cosmetics brands have begun to unveil their holiday collections, most of which have been released in stores just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not to be outdone, Korean beauty brand Laneige has also launched its holiday collection, and this has got to be the brand's prettiest limited edition line thus far.
Laneige Milkyway Fantasy Collection.
Released earlier this month, the Milkyway Fantasy Collection reflects the beauty of the enchanting universe in its sparkling packaging. With dots of twinkling stars set against the background of the night sky, this capsule range mirrors the 'sparkling beauty' for Laneige has been known for.
For that sparkling beauty.
Revel in the fantasy after the jump!


Seoul Searching | Doota Duty Free + Descendants of the Sun Hall.

Last year, during our first ever trip to South Korea, I had the chance to explore Dongdaemun by my lonesome and enjoy its sights and sounds, its food stalls, and the shopping experience. I made a resolve to take the boys along the next time we visit Seoul, and the plan finally materialized last spring - on a Saturday night when the husband got off work early. And by early, I mean 10 pm.
Off to Dongdaemun!
In the Philippines, most shopping malls operate until 9 or 10 pm. In Dongdaemun, the number of shoppers usually increase during these hours, making the area one of the busiest and most crowded at night.
Weaving through the crowd.
My son was amazed at how many people were still up and about, strolling and shopping, when it's already way past his bedtime. Haha!
Still abuzz even when it's almost midnight!
I, on the other hand, was amazed by Doota's new look. Or should I say, enthralled by its new poster boy? :)
Making our way to Doota.
Apparently, Doota Duty Free - the first 'overnight' duty free store in Korea (because it operates until 2 am) - opened the day prior to our visit, and its endorser is no other than the hottest, most popular Hallyu star of 2016 - Song Joong Ki.
When you see it. :)
More of Doota Duty Free (and Song Joong Ki) after the jump!
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