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One FC: Warrior's Way | Brandon Vera's Homecoming.

Most were left intrigued when mixed martial arts superstar Brandon Vera spoke in Tagalog during the press conference held at NBA Cafe last September 3. In the said event, Vera's One FC signing was announced, as well as his debut match which will be held on December 5 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

It is not an uncommon fact that there are some Filipinos who would change their accent the moment they land in the US, even for a short holiday. One then wonders why Brandon Michael Vera, a US citizen, would imprint the alibata - an ancient writing system that now only appears on history books - on his back for all the world to see. He fought for 8 years in another organization and during his fights, he would bear the Philippine flag as he walked down the Octagon, or would have its logo imprinted on his fighting gear.
Tracing his roots.
Photo credit: Brandon Vera.
Brandon was left by his Italian-American mother at age 3. Eventually, he was raised by a Filipina step-mom and a Filipina grandma who taught him and his siblings to eat with his hands (kamayan). He is an expert at it and that skill became evident when Mark Zambrano of GMA-7 had a one-on-one interview with him at Kamayan restaurant last October.

Who among us even bothers to eat without utensils? Is it not that we have this ardent desire to depart from what our culture has inculcated on us? Then here comes Brandon with all the privileges of an American citizen, born and raised in the land of milk and honey, and he attempts to have a dual citizenship. Isn't it ironic?
Living the country life.
Photo credit: Brandon Vera.
Perhaps because he was abandoned by his mother at such a young age, perhaps it is his need to put down his roots to what he wants to call home, perhaps he just wants to become closer to his Filipino fans. Whatever it is, let us welcome him home, as he has done so much more than most Filipinos who were born and raised here in terms of embracing culture and heritage and being immensely proud of his roots.

Welcome home Brandon! See you on Dec. 5!


Inspiring success through world-class education.

In another game-changing move, Globe myBusiness launches its world-class education solutions portfolio that enables educators and students alike easy access to the latest technologies, tools, and content.  Included in this portfolio are the following:

Brightspace, an integrated learning program from Desire2Learn
Brightspace enables teachers to deliver quality instructions and create learning experiences tailor-fit to students’ individual needs, and track progress.

Educube, a school management system from Globals, Inc.
This offers easier and better control on various processes (e.g. student admission, fee billing, curriculum setting, timetabling, academic achievements, etc.) in the education institution.

eBooks from Flipside Publishing
This provides schools with relevant and updated content, and aid local publishers and independent authors meet international standards in eBook production and retailing.

These ground-breaking offers are part of Globe myBusiness' thrust of enabling success among small and medium businesses (SMB), particularly in the education sector.

Education businesses such as schools and content publishers can benefit from these technology-based offers as the products ensure cost efficiency as well as more effective and streamlined processes aligned with global standards. These include Integrated Learning Programs which enable teachers to deliver quality instructions and create learning experiences tailor-fit to students’ individual needs and objectives, and track progress and improve learning, School Management Systems which offer easier and better control on various processes (e.g. student admission, fee billing, curriculum setting, timetabling, academic achievements, etc.) in the education institution, and eBook Solutions which provide schools with relevant and updated content, and aid local publishers and independent authors meet international standards in eBook production and retailing.
Globe Education Solution Launch.
In photo showcasing another innovation from the trusted business advisor are (from left) Globe Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for International and Business Markets Gil Genio (leftmost), Globe Senior Vice President for myBusiness Martha Sazon (center), Globals CEO & President Suhas Gopinath  (Sazon’s right), Desire2Learn President & CEO John Baker  (Sazon’s left), Flipside Publishing, Inc. President & CEO Anthony de Luna and General Manager James Pacaba, with other Globe myBusiness executives and representatives.

For more information on Globe Education Solutions, send an email to


How To Choose the Right Pool Fencing in Brisbane.

In 2010, the Queensland Government introduced pool safety regulations which dictate the requirements necessary in order to ensure that your pool is safe. Pool fencing is one of those requirements that help keep your pool in compliance. But not just any type of pool fencing will suffice. Depending on a variety of factors, you’ll need to ensure that your pool fencing meets the regulatory laws, while also ensuring that the fence fits into your home’s decor and ambiance. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right pool fencing for your Brisbane pool.
Vinyl pool fencing.
1. Research Materials.
The materials from which your fence will be made will dictate what your home looks like for decades. What fence is ideal for you? You’ll have to factor in both economics as well as appearance for this. Most pool fencings are made from aluminum, wooden paling or good neighbour. Envision each of these styles in your home, and in your neighborhood. Which one fits best? That should be the material you focus on.

2. Work With a Design Expert.
Your design expert will help you to envision each of these fences in your home. In fact, he or she may be able to bring samples, so that you can truly picture what your pool fencing will look like. But design experts also offer other advantages. These designers have close ties to manufacturers and installers, which in turn can help save you a considerable amount of money on your total project.

3. Get Feedback From Those Who Know the Law. 
While your designer may claim he or she has an expertise in the laws regulating pool fencing, don’t take the chance that they’re wrong. Work directly with experts in the laws, so that you can rest easy knowing your pool fencing meets all the laws. Best yet, find a company that has designers and law experts in-house.

Your safe pool fencing in Brisbane has as much to do about the look, as it has to do with functionality. It can be a challenge to find a fence that matches your vision, but also meets compliancy. That’s why so many pool owners in Brisbane turn to The Big Tick.

The Big Tick not only has a specialized expertise in the laws governing your pool, but they’re experts in fencing, installation, maintenance, repair work and more. Learn more by visiting

Wordless Wednesday #110 | Maggie and Me!


Spotlight | Riri Hearts MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion Eyeshadow Palette.

I finally got my hands on the Riri Hearts MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion Eyeshadow Palette, which is part of the Riri Hearts MAC Holiday 2013 Collection. This is so last year (literally and figuratively), I know. But you know what they say, better late than never! :)
Riri Hearts MAC, finally!
2X Dare.
Made with the Veluxe Pearlfusion eyeshadow formula which can be used wet or dry, this palette features silvery grays and muted browns that are noticeably shimmery and frosty. The packaging is simple yet exudes an aura of elegance - white palette, rose gold detailing, and a clear lid with Riri's logo and signature.
Simple yet sleek.
The topmost shade is a bright, frosty white with metallic finish.
The second shade is a muted, golden bronze with a metallic, glittery finish. It's too glittery that it tends to get all chunky and patchy when applied.
The third shade is a cool-toned, grayish taupe with a bit of bronze and silver sparkles.
The fourth shade is muted brown with a bit of sparkle to it. I love how this particular shade changes finish depending on how it is applied - semi-opaque when worn dry, and completely opaque when worn damp.
And finally, the bottom shade which is a cool-toned brown with plum undertones and a teeny, tiny bit of pearly shimmer.
A closer look at the shades.
Here's how the shades look like when swatched.
I'm a fan of eyeshadows with shimmery and metallic finish, so this palette is right up my alley. Save for the second shade which has a bit of fall-out and has a rather chunky texture, I'm super happy with this palette and thankful to my friend who sent this to me as a gift. :)

This palette retailed for $44 (around Php 2000) when it hit the market last year, I believe the price is still the same, though I can seem to find this item the last time I checked the MAC website. 

Have you tried this palette before? What's your favorite product from MAC? :)

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