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Seoul Searching | Seoullo 7017.

My childhood friend Melissa came to Korea for a quick vacation. We hardly saw each other back home in the Philippines, so we made arrangements for us to meet while both of us are here in Seoul.

We met-up last Friday, a few hours after her arrival, to enjoy the sights and sounds at the Seoul Rose Festival in Jungnang District (will blog about this later); then we met-up again yesterday, the day before she flew back to the Philippines. We went on a gastronomic adventure at Gwangjang Market, something I've always wanted to do but could not because Yue isn't too fond of local Korean delicacies. Afterwards, in true ahjumma fashion, we hung-out at nearby Cheonggyecheon Stream, sipping on fruit smoothies while catching up on each others' lives. Finally, we decided on a whim to feed our curiosities and visit Seoullo 7017.
Hello, Seoullo!
This structure was once known as the Seoul Station overpass, where cars once sped along. The overpass was built in 1970 as a response to the growing traffic congestion in Seoul, and for years, it connected the eastern and western halves of the city. However, in 2006, the structure failed the annual safety inspection and was later on closed to traffic due to safety issues.

While other aged overpasses in Seoul have been demolished or have been considered for demolition. the Seoul Station overpass underwent major transformation and was then reborn as 'Seoullo 7017'.
Locals and foreigners walking along 'Seoul Street'.
The view from above. Hello, Seoul Station!
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FamilyTime | Comprehensive App for Monitoring your Child's Digital Citizenship.

Considering the fact that our lives have become completely influenced by technology, digital media, and smart devices, we need to upgrade our tech knowledge to provide a positive digital citizenship to our kids. As a parent, I was awed the first time I heard of the word “smart parenting". A digital app assisting me in monitoring what my child does online and reducing half of my parenting concerns seemed like a far-fledged idea until I got my hands on the FamilyTime app and used it myself. Yes! Keeping track of what your child does on the web, what apps he has installed on his phone and even where he goes with his friends is now possible; thanks to the FamilyTime app.

Here is my brief FamilyTime review. I hope it gives you an idea about the effectiveness of smart parenting.
A familiar sight, Moms and Dads?
What is FamilyTime App?
FamilyTime is a parental control app which provides the smart solution to parents in this digital realm. It enables parents to stay updated about their child’s activities but with their consent. You don’t have to spy on your kids or feel guilty while accessing their info. Sit down with your child on a coffee table and discuss the importance of parental apps with them.

How do You Get Started?
No need to go through any complex process to track your child’s digital conduct. Simply, install, register and activate your free FamilyTime parental account. After that, download the app on your kid’s device, be it an Android device or an iOS, FamilyTime is compatible with both. Once you get started, you can customize children’s profile, view reports and can even lock their device anytime you want. You can manage your children’s profile separately using FamilyTime dashboard which means you only need one account to monitor multiple devices.

FamilyTime provides separate dashboards for parents and children. Your child gets the easier version of the app and can effortlessly send you the Pick-me-up or SOS alerts whenever they need you. Want to give it a try for free? You can get the app now from the app store on your phone.

FamilyTime Features to Help Parents
Here, I have highlighted all the features I love using, as an aunt with teenage nieces.

Location Tracking: Know about your child’s whereabouts with the help of location history. Monitor their current location. Geofence specific locations and stay informed every time your child enters or leaves that place. Receive panic alerts from your child, in the case of any emergency.

Web Monitoring: View their browsing history. See bookmarks and favorites on kid’s mobile phone. Check how frequently they have visited a particular site.

Phone Monitoring: Check contact book View call logs and track SMS. View installed apps and block inappropriate ones. Limit screen time.

There is a lot more that parents can do with this app. To know exactly what you can do, give FamilyTime app a free try.


Seoul Searching | Teseum Teddy Bear Theme Park.

One of my favorite Korean dramas of all time is Princess Hours, which first aired in 2006 and starred my favorite Korean actress, Yoon Eun Hye. I loved the drama so much that I've even dreamed of flying to Jeju Island so that I can visit the teddy bear museum which was featured in the drama. However, a trip to the island is not possible at this time - budget-wise and schedule-wise.

But as luck would have it, I need not fly all the way to Jeju just to see the teddy bears. Apparently, there's a teddy bear museum here in Seoul, and it's just a few subway stations away from where we live! I was over the moon, all the more after receiving an invitation from the museum to come and visit!
Sleuth = group of bears.
And so yesterday, Yue and I went to nearby Jongno to visit the Teseum Teddy Bear Theme Park. Located near Exit 6 of Dongmyo Station, this sleuth (aka group of bears) is the first thing you'll see when you emerge from the subway station.
Off to the bear cave!
This cave-like structure is the entrance to the museum, and as you descend the stairs you'll be greeted by rows upon rows of cute and colorful bear statues.

To the bear cave, we go!
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Femilift | A Rediscovery of Feminine Power.

Mother's Day is this Sunday (May 14), and I do hope most of you have already made 'celebration plans' with your moms and/or wives. For those who still have nothing up on their sleeves for the occasion, how about a weekend getaway at the nearest beach resort? Or Sunday brunch with the family with your mom/wife not doing any kitchen work? Better yet, why not let your mom or your wife take the day off altogether and let her enjoy some much needed pampering at SvelT'i?

You may not know it because she refuses to talk about it, but the beacon of your household might actually be needing treatments that go beyond facials and are more intimate than liposuctions.
Photo credit: SvelT'i.
And by that I'm talking about stress urinary incontinence. It is a medical condition that mothers may experience but choose not to discuss or even consult with a doctor, for fear of embarrassment or shame. It consists of a series of temporary, fast, but very palpable urinary leaks that are triggered by ordinary things like laughter, sneezing or coughing. The lady may be in the middle of a conversation with friends or having a laughing interaction with teachers at a PTA meeting, then suddenly, she gets an involuntary spasm in their muscle down under, followed by a familiar wetness that comes with a pee. It is a very awkward and uncomfortable moment.

Stress urinary incontinence happens when the vaginal muscle becomes lax and is unable to prevent those sporadic involuntary leaks. Several factors that cause this laxity in mothers could be natural ageing, childbirth, or a very active sexual life. One or all of these factors can strain the orifice’s tightness and loosen it up.

Femilift is the cutting-edge treatment that can heal mothers of this medical condition, and restore their confidence as an attractive woman of poise and power. Dr. Lalaine Salazar, Medical Director of the SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre, explains: “Femilift applies concentrated thermal healing and micro-abalation to the vagina’s inner layers. . A laser probe is used and releases a laser beam deep enough into the vagina’s submucosa level where new collagen is formed. This stimulates the regeneration of collagen which tightens the tissue. At the same time, it contracts the vagina’s elastin fibers.”

Results and contra-indicators
Dr. Salazar continues, “The restored female genital tissue strengthens the vaginal wall and reduces or eliminates stress urinary incontinence. It also restores vaginal laxity and enhances lubrication and the sensitivity of vaginal tissue.”

The SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre also conducts medical screening for each patient before administering or approving the treatment. Procedure cannot continue if any of the contra-indications are found like active bacterial infection, immune system deficiency diseases, pregnancy, malignancy, vaginal bleeding, photosensitivity to laser, pelvic organ prolapse, pacemakers in the body, uncontrolled diabetes, and menstruation.

Moms can experience the renewed sensitivity and tightness of their vaginal muscle after three short sessions. The treatment takes place in a quick 30 minutes and requires no downtime; the patient can go back to work immediately. It is non-invasive, and very safe, using separate individual probes for each patient.

The one post-treatment requirement would be no sexual activity for three days after undergoing the Femilift procedure. It’s a little sacrifice considering the benefits the patient will gain. Stress urinary incontinence can diminish if not disappear after a session,” says Dr. Salazar.

She pauses then adds with a smile, “The removal of the vaginal laxity could also rekindle the exciting sexual intimacy with their partner so the results are more than worth the wait.” That rekindling of passion in the bedroom, along with the elimination of the urinary stress incontinence, may be the best Mother’s Day’s present yet!

To know more about SvelT’i’s treatments, please inquire at (02)332-7546 / 09188-SVELTI (783584) or visit the clinic at 5F South Insula Condominium #61 Timog Avenue, Quezon City from Mondays to Fridays from 9am-6pm and Saturdays from 8am-1pm.

You may also visit SvelT’I FB page at and IG account @SVELTI_PH.


Sneak Peek | The Face Shop x The Simpsons Collection.

Spring may be far from over, but The Face Shop has already launched their summer collection for 2017. And surprise, surprise! It's another collaboration collection, this time with America's most famous family (not The Kardashians, lol), The Simpsons!
The Face Shop x The Simpsons Collection.
Like most of the 80's babies (I believe we are called Generation Y), I grew up watching The Simpsons together with my siblings. I was so into this animated series, so much that I even begged my parents for a skateboard because I wanted to be as cool as Bart. Haha!

¡Ay, caramba!
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