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Fun Things To Do in Los Angeles.

The perpetually congested highways of the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, combined with the most extremely diverse of all neighbourhoods and to be found anywhere in the US are filled to the brim with an array of fun things to do. Here is your definitive guide and a key to the best of the local hot spots and vacation rentals in Los Angeles. Since Los Angeles is large and spread out, these places have been carefully chosen keeping the size of the massive area in mind.
To the City of Angels we go!
Runyon Canyon Park
This park is on the must visit list of almost every person visiting LA, simply because there is no entry fee and it provides breathtaking views of the city. A complimentary yoga session, run by the park is extremely popular with visitors. Keep one thing in mind that parking is impossible to get at most times so take an Uber.

Hollywood Bowl
This is undoubtedly the best outdoor concert venue in the world, and being a part of a show there is well worth the effort and the cost.The Bowl is located in Hollywood CA, and is set against the background of the famous Hollywood Hills. Apart from being home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra, the Bowl stages a large number of musical extravaganzas, all through the year.

This premier restaurant is the best spot for enjoying the New American cuisine in a rustic atmosphere. This extremely popular bistro serves exceptional salads and pizzas, apart from other variety of dishes and a wine list to die for. The prices are a little on the higher side, but worth every penny. Be prepared to wait for a long time in case you have not made advance reservations.

Hollywood, baby!
Hollywood Signs
Though no one is permitted to access the actual site of these famous signs, one can easily look around for a vantage point.The miles and miles of hiking trails in the hills surrounding the area offer many photography options, especially from the Griffith Observatory. For those interested, there are guided tours available which take you to spots very close to the sign.

Fresh veggies, anyone?
The Original Farmers Market
This wonderful outdoor market has been around since the 30’s, where a large number of vendors display their goods, ranging from restaurants, bars, butchery and gift shops. The whole area has a lively atmosphere, with an unimaginable variety of food on offer in a charming setting. A perfect place to visit to experience the quintessential side of the history of Los Angeles. The market is closed by 7 pm, so it is advisable to check before planning a visit.

Staples Center
The Staples Center is a multipurpose arena set aside for sports in downtown Los Angeles. This massive stadium is home to the pro basketball and hockey teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Kings, apart from a number of concerts and other events.The Center is situated near the heart of the city and the surrounding area is full of restaurants, bars and popular night spots.
LA at night.
This is the one and only spot in the city from where can relish drinks and cocktails from a rooftop providing unbeatable views of downtown Los Angeles. The restaurant is accessed through a series of elevators which end at the 15th floor, where options for both indoor and outdoor seating are available. 

ArcLight Hollywood
The ArcLight Hollywood is the home of the Cinerama Dome and is definitely worth to go and watch a movie there for a cool experience. The Dome is actually located inside a restaurant that serves reasonably priced beer, wine and coffee and other seasonal drinks, based at times on the movie which is running.
On the bucket list!
Universal Studios
A tour to this world famous movie studio and theme park offers an unending number of attractions ranging from rides, tours, restaurants and many more which include a behind the scene tour to get a first hand experience of the movie making and special effects techniques. The Universal Studio City Walk area is located between the theme park and the parking lot and offers visitors sufficient opportunities to relax, shop and enjoy a movie or two. The studio is one of the oldest running studios in the country, and has Woody Woodpecker, the famous cartoon character, as its mascot.

Rose Bowl Stadium
Located in Arroyo Seco, which itself sits on a dry river bed, the Rose Bowl Stadium and its environs are in a different league all together. It houses more than 3000 vendors, a massive flea market, an aquatic center and a children's museum. Football games, musical concerts and a plethora of events are conducted here regularly. It is advisable to get to the stadium on event days very very early because of the crowds and the tight security.
The Queen Mary.
The Queen Mary
At one time the most luxurious and advanced sea liner ever commissioned, a tour of the Queen Mary is complete with action and adventure. A look from close quarters will reveal the groundbreaking construction and the labor involved into making this ocean going ship. The many restaurants and bars surrounding the ship makes it fun and enjoyable to spend some time here.The entry is a bit costly, but the architecture buffs will marvel at the sleek design as they enjoy the superb views of Long Beach from the deck of the ship.


Pucker Up! | Guerlain KissKiss Matte Lipstick.

Last October, Guerlain had a Facebook contest with the recently launched KissKiss Matte Lipsticks at stake. I joined for the fun of it, not expecting to win in the slightest bit. A few days after the contest ended, I received a text message from Guerlain Philippines saying that I won the contest. I was like, "Wha-aaat?! I almost even forgot that I joined this thing!"

Turns out, my name has already been announced on their Facebook page while I, the lucky winner, was still clueless. Well you know what they say, good things come when you least expect them!

The much-coveted prize, worth over Php 8000, came in the mail last week.
My prize from Guerlain Philippines!
The parcel contained four KissKiss Matte Lipsticks packed inside a small black pouch, a paper bag, and a congratulatory note from Guerlain Philippines.
Thank you, Guerlain Philippines!
Launched last September as part of Guerlain's Fall 2017 collection, the KissKiss Matte Lipstick is dubbed as the matte version of the brand's iconic lipstick, KissKiss.
Totally chic!
The lipsticks come in a totally chic, eye-candy packaging - a weighty, metal case in frosted gold, with elegant and graceful curves that look like three sleek cubes stacked on top of each other. It's a complete work of art from the packaging alone.
The Guerlain logo.
The Guerlain logo is engraved on the top part of the case, while the bottom cube bears the word 'Guerlain'. The shade name and number are indicated on the bottom of the lipstick case, as well as on the top flap of the box that comes with every KissKiss Matte Lipstick.
Shade name and number.
Shade name and number on the box.
Even the bullets have the 'KissKiss' logo on it, making these lipsticks even more appealing.
KissKiss logo on the bullet.
Guerlain and gold - a total beauty.
Now as for the lipstick itself, Guerlain describes this product as 'a hydrating and plumping lipstick, with the intensity of a lipstick and comfort of a balm'. And that's exactly what the KissKiss Matte Lipstick is.
From L-R: Caliente Beige, Hot Coral, Wild Plum, Spicy Burgundy.
With its soft and creamy texture and vibrant matte finish, the KissKiss Matte Lipstick glides on the lips beautifully without tugging or pulling against the lips. Its highly-pigmented, full-coverage formula gives your lips a gorgeous pop of color even with just one swipe, though I tend to swipe my lips two or three times more with the lighter shades.
Swatches from L-R: Caliente Beige, Hot Coral, Wild Plum, Spicy Burgundy.
Made with spice extracts, hyaluronic acid, and precious oils, the KissKiss Matte Lipstick also gives a slight (albeit temporary) plumpness to lips, while keeping it smooth and nourished over time.
Swatches in natural light - Caliente Beige, Hot Coral, Wild Plum, Spicy Burgundy.
Staying power is excellent, with the darkest shades lasting for up to eight hours with a bit of eating and drinking. There are nine shades in the KissKiss Matte line, and the ones that I have are Caliente Beige, Hot Coral, Wild Plum, and Spicy Burgundy.
Caliente Beige.
Caliente Beige is a lovely nude beige, perfect for that MLBB look.
Hot Coral.
Hot Coral is a bright, coral pink, the kind of lipstick that reminds you of cherry blossoms in the spring.
Wild Plum.
Wild Plum is a gorgeous, versatile shade of pinkish mauve, and without a doubt, my most favorite among the bunch.
Spicy Burgundy.
Spicy Burgundy, on the other hand, is a deep crimson red that's perfect for partying all night long during this season of merry-making.
Products Used:
FACE: Beyond Alice in Blooming Skin Tone Sun Base,
Benefit Erase Paste in Medium.
Missha x Line Friends Magic Cushion #23.
EYES: Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,
Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner,
Clio Salon de Cara Backcomb Cara.
CHEEKS: SkinFood Sugar Cookie Blusher in Bebe Pink.
LIPS: Guerlain KissKiss Matte Lipstick in Wild Plum.

I must say, I am totally smitten by these KissKiss Matte Lipsticks that I would love to own more - if not all - of the shades in the collection. Each KissKiss Matte Lipstick retails for $37 or Php 2084. A bit pricey, yes, though not surprising since Guerlain is a luxury brand.

That being said, I'd like to thank Guerlain Philippines once again for these gorgeous lipsticks! These babies are now the star(s) of my lipstick collection! :)


Easy Ways to Reduce Your Belly Fat in a Week.

Maybe you ate too much over the weekend and now you can’t fit into your little black dress. Here are a few tips to help you reduce that belly fat just a little bit.
It's almost that time of the year again. 
1. Be Realistic
You aren’t going to lose fifty pounds in one week. That would be damaging to your health and would most likely involve major surgery. You need to create a plan, and then stick to it. A good goal is to lose one or two pounds in a week. Also realize that when you first begin to lose weight, it will be from every area of your body and not just your stomach, though that will be the most noticeable.

2. Stick to a Strict Calorie Intake
Those numbers on the nutrition facts of your food are important. Try a calorie calculator to find out how much you need to eat in a day in order to start losing weight. Then stick to that amount. There are many apps online that will help you keep track of what you’re eating. Most of them will even take into account how many calories you burn while exercising.

Exercise more and you get to eat more. The whole idea is to burn more calories than you consume. One pound of fat is roughly 3500 calories. So if you reduce your calorie intake by 500 for a week, you will have lost one pound. Keep this math in mind as you move forward on your weight loss journey.

3. Drink More Water, Eat Less Sodium
It isn’t the water that is causing you to be bloated, it’s the salt. You retain water when your sodium levels are too high. Avoid salty foods such as chips, crackers, processed meat, fast food, you know everything that you love but know is horrible for you. Replace those snacks with something healthy like an apple or celery. Peanut butter is a great replacement food and will help stifle your appetite while burning away fat.

4. Avoid Extreme Diets
If you’re trying a diet that has you only eat toast and one egg, run away. Sure, you will lose weight for the first few days, but as soon as you start eating again, you will gain more than what you started with. This is because your body goes into starvation mode. That means your body will store all the food it gets because it doesn’t think it will be fed again.

Instead of this, eat more vegetables and unprocessed foods. You can eat more portions with much fewer calories than a fast food meal.

We all want to look great for that first meet up. But that doesn’t mean you should starve yourself or become unhealthy. Gaining weight took time, losing it will too. Keep your head up high and your goals in sight. You will get there with strength and tenacity. Find friends to keep you motivated. Read testimonials online. Watch inspirational movies. You can do this!


Finding a Pet Sitter.

We love our pets just as much as they love us, but we can’t be with them every minute of our lives. Whether you’re out of town or at the office all day, there comes a time when you need a pet sitter. It might seem daunting to find the appropriate person to watch your animal, but it doesn’t have to be.
Need a pet sitter for your beloved pooch?
Decide what qualities you want your sitter to have.
Nobody knows your pooch better than you do, so be transparent with their needs. Are you going to need somebody who can administer medication? Do you want somebody who has experience taking care of puppies? Not everyone will mesh well with your animal, and that’s totally fine. Animals behave different with each person, so you need somebody who understands your pet’s personality.

Meet with the sitter before agreeing to let them watch your pet.
Just as you would with a babysitter, see how they interact with your dog or cat. If you have an animal who is shy, make sure they aren’t playing too rough, or if your animal is needy, observe how the sitter gives him attention.
Different pets have different needs.
Don’t try to convince the sitter to watch your pet.
Remember that comfort goes both ways. If you find a sitter you like but they aren’t sure if it’s the right fit for them, then it isn’t the right fit for you. The sitter has to remain calm under pressure and comfortable either being in your home or having your pet at theirs. Pushing them to watch your pet will not be the ideal situation for anyone.

Compare prices.
Independent pet sitters can set their own rates, so research what’s standard in your area. Some of the cheaper packages may exclude certain services that pricier ones include, like grooming, and sometimes there’s a difference in the length of time they take your pet on a walk.
Having fun? :)
These handy tips should help you find the sitter that will best suit your and your pet’s needs.

Written by Greer Grenley, community member.
Rover is the nation's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.


Seoul Searching | Garosu-gil, Sinsa-dong + SkinFood Concept Store.

Seoul boasts of a plethora of 'garosu-gils' or 'tree-lined streets', which make perfect backdrops for Instagram photos. There is, however, one Garosu-gil that has become increasingly popular over the years, with its splendid scenery and trendy atmosphere. I'm talking about the Garosu-gil Road in Sinsa-dong, located south of the Han River in the upscale Gangnam District.
Garosu-gil, Sinsadong in spring!
A beautiful promenade in the heart of Seoul, Garosu-gil runs from Sinsa Station to Hyeondae High School. The whole stretch is less than a kilometer and is adorned with lovely gingko trees, making it a popular shopping destination in the spring and fall.
Lovely gingko trees in Garosu-gil.
And with my Facebook feed flooded with photos of Garosu-gil, inviting people to come and visit this picturesque district, my curiosity was naturally piqued. I made it a point to include this place in my itinerary last spring mainly for two reasons: 1) I wanted to stay away from the touristy crowd in other shopping districts (think Myeongdong), 2) and I wanted to see and experience the Skinfood Concept Store.
The marker near Sinsa Station.
More of our trip to Garosu-gil after the jump!