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Hospitals in Germany | What You Need to Know About the Treatment.

Foreign citizens often choose treatment in German hospitals due to the high efficiency of health programs and perfectly organized system of relationship between staff management and patients. People from all countries of the world come to Germany, and their number tends to increase.
Heidelberg University Hospital.
Why Germany? 
There are other countries with highly developed medical industry, in which hospitals take care of patients with various diseases, including rare and complex forms of pathologies. The reason for the growing interest in German hospitals is simple. They offer the best care for patients of all ages, while the cost of treatment and rehabilitation is much lower than in the US or Japan. The German healthcare system allows foreign citizens to be treated in the public, charity and private hospitals where they receive the same range of services as the indigenous people of Germany.

The quality of service in German hospitals
The country annually invests 300 billion euros in the development of medicine by encouraging the implementation of scientific research in applied fields and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, German hospitals use advanced equipment and the very latest treatments for  complex diseases. The reputable German hospitals more often deal with the clinical cases, which either could not be treated by doctors in their home country at all or the treatment of which was refused due to the lack of practical experience and high-tech equipment.
Munich University Hospital.
The most important advantage of German medicine is equal attention to the health of patients of all ages, including those of very old age. If there is even the slightest opportunity to alleviate the physical condition, relieve pain, slow down the development of the pathological process, the patient will receive his treatment. Other benefits:
  • comfortable single, double and triple rooms with shower; 
  • fast development of the diagnostics and treatment regime; 
  • detailed consulting  of the patient on the upcoming procedures (surgery)
  • qualified care; 
  • continuous monitoring of the health status; transparent pricing system (no surcharges in excess of the invoice amount). 
Should there remain any extra funds upon the treatment completion, they will be returned to the patient.

Rules for visiting a hospital in Germany
Foreign citizens have the right to independently choose a medical institution. Each university hospital has its own achievements, a contribution to the world science. The rating list of multidisciplinary centers that host foreign nationals for the provision of surgical and conservative care includes:
  • University Hospital Heidelberg. It uses the unique developments for the treatment of cancer, pathologies of the peripheral nervous system, mental disorders.
  • Charite University Hospital Berlin. The hospital offers its special achievements in the treatment of complex pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, hematological diseases, viral hepatitis, breast cancer, aortic aneurysm.
  • University Hospital Frankfurt am Main. It is the best maximum care medical facility.
  • University Hospital Freiburg. It performs the most difficult transplant surgery, treats all cancers, including effective care in the advanced stages of cancer.
Charite University Hospital, Berlin.
Other Germany hospitals are also famous for their achievements in various applied fields of medicine. Many hospitals have in their staff world's leading professors who perform unique operations, thanks to which patients return to normal life and forget about ailments. If you want to get to the hospital for treatment (consultation, rehabilitation, diagnostics), it is necessary to prepare a package of documents indicated on the official website of the institution. After studying them, you will receive a response letter with a decision on the existing availability of medical services. In the event of a positive verdict, an invoice will be sent deciphered by position and the final amount. Most hospitals operate on a 100% prepayment basis.
Johann Wolfgang van Goethe Hospital, Frankfurt.
The most difficult thing for the patients and their relatives is to draw up an action plan in an unfamiliar country, especially with poor knowledge of German and English, and the lack of information about the German health care system. Using the booking health gmbh service, you will get rid of any organizational and domestic problems. Our service will provide you with an interpreter, transport, hotel room, and orient you in any unforeseen situation.

The cost of treatment in Germany
Treatment for German citizens is covered by insurance. Voluntary insurance is allowed to citizens with a high level of income (more than 50 thousand euros per year), which is about 8% among all insurances. Foreign nationals who arrived in a planned manner from other countries pay the same amount of money for the treatment in German hospitals as the residents of the country, but do not receive compensation.
Munich University Hospital.
All tourists who have obtained insurance in the EU countries upon the occurrence of an insured event, as well as foreign citizens working on a work visa in Germany can receive medical care under the contract. If you do not receive income in this country and contact the clinic for a specific purpose (surgery, therapy or diagnostics), you will have to pay the full amount indicated in the invoice. The university centers with good reputation charge a bigger cost than charity and small private hospitals.

The cost in the invoice depends on the following aspects:
  • Number of services; 
  • Complexity of the disease;
  • Status of the institution and doctors; 
  • A set of additional services (translator, enhanced-comfort room, taxi, etc.). 
To understand the rather complicated process of organizing treatment in Germany, please read the information on the booking health website. If you need additional information, please call the telephone numbers listed on the website.


Romance for Senior Citizens | A Guide to Using Online Dating Sites.

The online dating thing has gone through various phases. First, there was a lot of societal stigma attached to it as people looked at it as something for promiscuous individuals. It has since moved from that stage and now enjoys greater acceptance though a lot of folks still don’t believe you can find true love via a website.

There are many testimonials to the contrary. In fact, one of the more popular dating sites, eHarmony claims that unions born from contacts made on its site accounts for about 550 weddings on a daily basis in the U.S.

A Stanford Sociologist, Michael Rosenfeld, who has spent years studying online dating also reports in an interview with Washington Post that the results gotten from these dating sites have been really encouraging.

Having established that there are immense merits that can be derived from online dating sites, we now want to look at two key areas that senior citizens need to be aware of when going on these sites. The first area we will look at has to do with the best way to achieve success on these sites while the second area we will look at is how to use these sites safely.
Yoo Dong Geun and Chang Mi Hee in Marry Me Now (2018).
How to Get Positive Results
Anyone who signs up to a dating site clearly has a goal in mind. Whatever this goal is, there are a few things you can do to make it easier for you to achieve said goal. Though we do not know what each person’s goal is, we at least know it has to do with finding and building new relationships so we will go ahead to look at general things you can do to get positive results.

Create a Killer Profile 
Your profile is what tells potential matches who you are and what you look like. While preparing your profile, one of the most important things to focus on is the picture you choose. Experts advice that you have some extra set of eyes looking over your picture choices. Let your friends choose the picture they think is best. You may just discover that it is not the one you thought was great.

Next, provide important information about yourself. While you cannot tell anyone everything about you even if you wanted to, there are certain things that are important, things that will affect how you relate with others.

For example, your interests, beliefs, sexual orientation etc. Make sure you include the very important details so that only those who share those interests will be matched to you.

Know What You Want 
Determining exactly what you want to get out of your time on these sites is critical. Are you looking for a fling or a long term relationship? When you know exactly what are you looking for it will be easier to search for it or identify it when you see it.

Things you should be specific about should include physical attributes, the location of possible matches, lifestyle, interests and other important points. State these clearly and ensure your matches meet them.

You could also choose to experiment with certain specifications like physical attribute, especially if you are not absolutely sure of what you want in that regard.
How to Avoid Dangers of Online Dating
When you are done setting up your profile and stating the kind of person you are looking to meet, you then need to know how to go about connecting with the matches that you get. There are clear and present dangers associated with online dating and the only way to avoid these dangers is to be aware of them and then guard against them.

In an article in Forbes, these dangers were discussed in some detail. You can find the article here:

To ensure you stay safe while using these sites, take note of the following:

Do Not Believe Everything You Read on the Profiles
When reading a profile, always remember that a large percentage of people do not tell the whole truth on their profiles. Some actually go as far as telling outright lies. Do not fall for profiles, simply regard them as a first step taken and that each claim has to be verified.

Avoid Giving Out Your Address Too Early
Do not be in a hurry to give out your home address. This is very unsafe. You should also not use your house phone for your initial calls since your home address can be gotten from this. You should only bring someone home when you are as sure as you can about them.

Have Your Initial Meeting in a Controlled Environment
When you do decide to meet, do not meet at any of your homes and certainly not in any other secluded place. Have your meeting in an open place where you have lots of other people.
Romance in the later years.
Carry Out Background Checks If You Can
While not everyone may be able to do this, it is something that can come in very handy so if you have access to doing a background check or can pay someone to do it for you, please do so.

Practice Safe Sex
After having related for some time you may feel you are ready to take it a step further. Great! You should however protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections by at least insisting on the use of protection.

Practically everything we have looked at above is affected by the quality of the dating site you choose to use. Your safety is better guaranteed by a reputable and well managed site. For suggestions on some dating sites that are great for senior citizens, check here.

In conclusion, we have agreed that dating sites can be effective if you choose the right one. We’ve also acknowledged that there are certain dangers associated with the use of these sites and have gone ahead to provide guidelines that can make them safer to use. With all the information you have received in this article, you have no reason as a senior to sit back and let life pass you by. You can still find love and romance in your old age. Take that bold step today and enjoy the rest of your life.


Does Sports Massage Improve Performance?

When sports massage is done the right way, it will definitely improve your performance. It will speed up your muscle repair, as well as improve your physical repair which will help you recover from any injury even faster. It should actually be a routine for each and every athlete. Other individuals who don’t participate in sports should also consider having some sports massage once in a while as they can greatly benefit from it, too.
Photo credit: Kho Health.
What is sports massage? 
It is a type of massage that is designed for athletes and other active individuals. The aim of sports massage is to prevent injuries as well as relieve muscle soreness, which in turn relieves pain that an athlete might be having. If sports massage is done right, it can in the long run help an athlete achieve top performance as well as keep his body functioning exceptionally. As I have already told you, sports massage is not for the athletes alone - anyone can enjoy the benefits of this type of massage.

The benefits of having these massages are not just physical, it also has emotional and mental benefits. It will decrease your risk of getting injured and it will also improve the blood circulation, which will in turn reduce stress and improve your quality of life. Having a massage after a tiring workout will help you relieve your mental tension as well as make you relax. A massage done by professional like My Home Therapy will reduce fatigue and it will restore injured tissues, which will allow you to work even harder and more efficiently.
Photo credit: Johnson Memorial Health.
A lot of athletes are taking full advantage of professional massage to ward off their muscle fatigue after extensive exercises. It will also decrease the swelling and muscle tension which comes as a result of exercises, and it has been known to play a great role in post training recovery. It can actually be used in rehabs to help people improve their performance and help them relieve stress. It can be usually performed by massage therapists in their massage their massage centers or it can even be performed in healthcare facilities. It has a lot of benefits to both athletes and anyone who decides to enjoy its benefits.

Some studies about the massage have been conducted, and in one study, those who received sports massage for 30 minutes each exhibited improved performance in a cycling test. Other studies have revealed that sports massage has a great impact in mood relaxation.

What are the benefits?
It brings some fresh and oxygenated blood to your muscles. The massage is actually performed according to your need. What I mean by this is that there is no template that is followed in order to do this massage, the services are usually tailored according to your need. For example there are techniques that are employed to treat a person with strains and pulled muscles while there are techniques that are employed to help a person have a relaxed mood. Sports massage usually involves stroking and these movements stimulates lymph flow in your body as well as remove the metabolic waste plus increase the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout your body. This helps any athlete recover faster from injuries sustained during training and it keeps the performance on peak. Some of the benefits of sports massage include:
Karate is life.
Prevents injuries
Most of the strokes that are used in are actually similar to the strokes used in therapeutic massage, the only great difference is the objective of each massage. The aim of this is to improve your muscle function as well as improve your performance while therapeutic massage aims at stress relief and improving the well-being of a person. This means that during a massage session, the therapist will focus on the overused and stressed muscles. Your muscles will be left feeling relaxed which will prevent you from getting injured from time to time.

Reduces pain
Soft tissue and sports massage have been used alongside physiotherapy and this helps reduce pain caused by injuries. Several research and studies have demonstrated positive impact of this type of massage in reducing pain in lower back as well as shoulder pain. You can be sure of reduced pain if you receive this from a professional.

Assists in recovery
It will not only help you prevent future injuries; it will also help you deal with the injuries if you have already sustained them. Moreover, it will reduce soreness on your muscles by increasing the circulation of blood to the massaged area which in turn flush out the toxins that build up when you exercise. This will leave you improve the recovery and from there you can be sure to optimize your training in order to produce the best performance.

Releases muscle tension
When your body is undergoing through a lot of stress, your muscles tend to create tension and trigger points. If you enjoy a good sports massage session, your tissue pliability will be optimized which will in turn improve mobility especially to those with limited mobility and it can also prevent injuries.

Supports good posture
If you work on an office, then you understand how we spend longer hours on our desks in the same posture. The posture on our desks can sometimes cause your muscle to shorten and pull the joints into positions. This with time increases the risk of repetitive strain injuries. To avoid getting into that, it is very important to have a sports massage session once in a while. It will help release the “shortened” muscle and it will counteract the negative impacts of being on your desk all day.

Improves the quality of sleep
It has many benefits that contributes to the well-being of a person like improving mood, lowering blood pressure, reducing heart rate, and lowering anxiety among other benefits. In addition to those benefits, a research that was published on international journal of neuroscience revealed that sports massage improves the quality of your sleep.


9 Parks You Can Visit in Metro Manila.

Do you also think parks are better date places than malls? For one, there’s something about walking with your special someone outdoors and enjoying the view. When you get hungry, for sure there are food stalls around the area that serve unconventional snacks – making your date even cuter. It may not be air-conditioned, but you have the sun, trees, and the climate doesn’t really matter when you like who you’re with, right? Continue reading for a list of parks near your house and around Metro Manila.

There’s this article that says visiting parks make you a better person. Well, even studies claim outdoors make you healthier and happier. You’ll never run out of things to do and enjoy when you’re outside unlike when you choose to spend your weekend just using social media. Good thing, there are many parks in Metro Manila that don’t require you to drive for long hours. Here are some suggestions for you and your family or friends:
Where to go this weekend?
Greenbelt Park
Here’s where to spend quality time once you’re done with errands and shopping. You can certainly relax here and avoid the polluted streets of Manila. There are fans outside to keep you cool as you walk under the sun. Bands play here at night, so you may want to stay to catch some of your favorites.

Feeling nostalgic and missing the old times when days seem to be slow? Head to Intramuros and enjoy the vibe. Funny how as a child, you used to think you can only visit this place in your field trips, right? Intramuros will always be one of the best choices for couples who want an unconventional date place.
Casa Manila in Intramuros.
Photo credit: Jorge Lascar.
La Mesa Eco Park
Everyone who lives in Quezon City has been here for sure. This park has been improved and renovated after being neglected, thanks to Bantay Kalikasan and the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewage System or MWSS. Some activities you can enjoy include hiking, rapelling, fishing, ziplining, and mountain-biking.

Rizal Park
Still, Rizal Park also known as Luneta, is top-of-mind when people talk about parks. This iconic central park features paved walks, gardens, open lawns, and pantheon of Filipino heroes. Good for a Sunday Instagram post, right? You can also find a dancing musical fountain, open-air auditorium, and chess plaza.

Quezon Memorial Circle
Who’s up for a memorial shrine, museum, recreation spaces, and gardens? Quezon Memorial Circle has all of these. You’ll find it inside a large, ellipse-shaped traffic circle. Locals call it ‘Circle’ and it is being renovated and beautified to attract more local and foreign tourists.

Photo credit: Valenzuela City People's Park.
Valenzuela City People’s Park
Quite a drive for some, but surely worth it. Some people even celebrate their birthday in this park. It’s clean, IG-worthy, and kid-friendly – what more can you ask for? Your little ones would surely enjoy the playground while you grown-ups have fun giggling, sharing stories in your seats.

Marikina Chinese Temple Park
Marikenos come here early in the morning to exercise. You may also bring your bike along Marikina Riverpark. The Chinese temple or simply gazebo with two dragon statues can give you some shade when the sun starts to go too hot.

Arroceros Forest Park
This one is located in Antonio Villegas St. in the central district of Ermita, Manila. Developed in 1993, this park consists of secondary growth forest with 61 tree varieties that serve as habitat for different bird species. It may be small in size, but visitors don’t seem to mind.
Photo credit: Philippine Primer.
Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Center
Back to Diliman, Quezon City. Among the facilities and attractions you can find here are wildlife and research center, biodiversity museum, lagoon area, and public art. Interestingly, the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center hosts around 3,000 species of trees.

Now that you have this list, the next thing to do is ask who among your friends wants to come with you this coming weekend. However, it also isn’t a problem if you’d have to go by yourself. After all, one of the great things about parks is that you can enjoy it alone! Take the time you need to reflect, just relax, and take a step back from your fast, everyday life. Remember to bring water so you can walk to wherever, as far and as long you want.


How to Enjoy Sports Activities Under the Sun.

Summer has come around again this year, and it is only getting hotter every day. There are many activities one can do during the summer season, and sports is one of them. But because of how hot it can get during this season, it is important to know how to be prepared under the heat of the sun. Here are some things to take note of during the summer and tips on how to enjoy sports activities under the sun.
Photo credit:
Prepare Your Skin for the Summer
A healthy body is important for athletes and sports enthusiasts as this means that they can perform their tasks to the utmost of their ability during sports activities. During the summer, however, one should take into account the amount of time they are outside underneath the heat of the sun. Too much sun exposure can be harmful to skin, which is why it is important that one prepares their skin during prolonged periods under the sun.

The sunlight that reaches the earth has ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, which are the main causes of skin damage. UVA and UVB rays affect the skin’s sensitivity to sun exposure in different ways. UVA rays are more dominant than UVB rays and can cause long-term damage to the skin since it penetrates deep into the skin’s layers. UVB rays are more intense during the summer season, most especially during the middle of the day, and can cause skin cancer.

It is important to prepare the skin before venturing outdoors. Protect your skin from the rays of the sun by making sure to apply sunscreen on any exposed skin, including the limbs, the face, and even the ears. Use a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen that is SPF 50 or higher, and reapply every two hours especially for extended outdoor activity. One should also try to go under the shade as much as possible. Cover up where you can with wide-brimmed hats or visors, and wear comfortable clothing that is lightweight like cotton, hemp, or linen and are light colored.
Kim Woo Bin for Merrell (2016).
Wear Protective Clothing
There are many sports clothing companies that have already thought of the athletes and sporty people that love to stay outdoors. Clothes that have UPF, or ultraviolet protection factor, on the label should be the prime choice for outdoor athletes. The higher the UPF rating, the fewer UV rays reach the skin. Clothes with a UPF of 50, for example, allows just 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation to reach the skin. Light-weave UPF clothing can protect the body without impeding on the workout or activity.

Protective clothing extends not only toward protection from the sun but protection from overworked muscles as well. Athletes that train under the intense heat of the sun are at risk of both burning their skin and burning the muscles used. Ensure that you are protected from muscle overuse by using KT tape. KT tapes are made of 100 percent cotton fibers with specialized elastic cores that help reduce the pressure, discomfort, and pain from using the muscles during training. This tape alleviates the swelling and muscle inflammation from lymphatic fluid buildup in the muscles while also supporting it by improving the muscles’ ability to contract.
Han Ji Min for Dazed (March 2019).
Protect the Eyes with Sunglasses
The eyes are the next part of the body that need to be protected during the summer season as they are also vulnerable to ultraviolet rays from the sun even when the effects aren’t felt right away. Short-term effects of overexposure to UV rays include excessive blinking, swelling, or difficulty looking at strong sunlight. Overexposure can also cause sunburn of the cornea known as photokeratitis, also known as snow blindness or welders’ flash burns.

Photokeratitis, or ultraviolet keratitis, is a painful eye condition caused by exposure of insufficiently protected eyes to the ultraviolet rays from either natural or artificial sources. This is why it is important to protect the eyes during scorching hot weather during the summer season. Sunglasses protect the eyes from 5 to 10 percent of visible light that absorbs almost all UV rays. These glasses should have large lenses and should always be worn.

Be Cautious of Some Medications
There are a few medications that you should be aware of that make you more sensitive under the sun, so make sure to be extra vigilant when outdoors when these are being taken. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen are a few to take note of.
Missha All-around Safe Block.
Don’t Forget to Take a Break
Prolonged exposure under the sun is how one gets sunburned, so make sure to take a break every hour or so. Since sports require that you train your body for hours on end, make sure that every training session outdoors is timed accordingly. Since sunscreen needs to be reapplied, taking a break will help remind you on when to dab on a new protective layer of SPF lotion onto the skin.

Although there are many things to consider when it comes to sun protection, it is imperative that one is reminded of the good things that the sun can offer. Sunlight is known to be a great mood enhancer—no wonder why others tend to say “Go out in the sun” when they see another feeling blue. The sun is also a great source of vitamin D, which is a vitamin that helps maintain bone strength. Lastly, don’t forget the important thing of all during the summer, and that is to enjoy and make great memories!