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Spotlight | Althea A'bloom.

I love sheet masks. And I love them a lot.
Aside from being my favorite step in my Sunday skincare routine (sometimes I add them to my mid-week skincare routine whenever I feel like it), sheet masks are probably THE skincare product that I will never run out of and can never live without. I buy them in bulk whenever I'm in Korea, hoard them whenever they go on sale here in the Philippines, and they have a lingering presence in my Althea shopping cart - almost all of my previous orders from Althea had a sheet mask or two included.

So imagine my excitement when Althea announced that they'll be a launching a new in-house brand, with sheet masks as one of its introductory products. That excitement turned to amazement when Althea's freshest product drops finally arrived in the mail.
Fresh drops from Althea! :)
I call this the 'Althea A'bloom Box' - an assortment of products from the A'bloom brand, the new beauty brainchild from. 'Fun and funky' is the signature of A'bloom, and I can see that from the get-go. I mean, just look at the packaging - the cute prints and vibrant colors are guaranteed to grab your attention. 
This box screams of cuteness.
Now let's take a closer look at these A'bloom products, starting with the ones that piqued my curiosity the most - the sheet masks. There are four fruit-based variants in A'bloom's sheet mask line:
A'bloom Sheet Masks, Php 20 each.
Ac-Me-Peach - An anti-blemish sheet mask that purifies and soothes irritated and sensitive skin. It's infused with peach extracts and tea tree oil to combat acne, regulate oil, and clarify skin.

Water-Me-Long - A moisturizing sheet mask made with watermelon extracts and lavender that help retain moisture and keep the skin hydrated and supple.

Sparkle-Me-Bright - A brightening sheet mask that brings dull skin back to life. Enriched with green tea extracts plus a double dose of vitamin C from lemon and lime, this sheet mask banishes dark spots and brings out the natural radiance of your skin.

Avo-Cuddle-Me - A nourishing sheet mask that helps keep wrinkles at bay while protecting the skin from free radicals and other harmful elements from the environment. Made with avocado extracts and hibiscus, this sheet mask is rich in antioxidants and helps improve the skin's elasticity.
My favorite variant among the four A'bloom Sheet Masks.
First off, I love the quirky names of these sheet masks. They're puns of the ingredients that they're made of, and that sounds fun and witty to me. Second, I love how budget-friendly the A'bloom Sheet Masks are. Priced at Php 20 each (that's less than half a dollar), they're probably the most affordable sheet mask in the market today. And finally, I love how juicy these sheet masks are. They're soaked in essence, which allows you to wear the sheet masks for at least half an hour. 
Sunday is sheet mask day!
Among the four variants, the Avo-Cuddle-Me would have to be my favorite. Mildly scented, non-irritating, and very moisturizing, the avocado sheet mask made my skin soft and supple without the sticky feel. My only gripe is that the sheet mask seems a tad too big for my face. That, or maybe I have stretched it out too much in the process of unfolding the sheet mask and sticking it to my face. 

Next up, we have the BHA Blackhead Blaster. It's a slick stick that helps remove whiteheads and blackheads easily and pain-free. 
BHA Blackhead Blaster, Php 200.
Formulated with natural BHA (beta hydroxy acid) from extracts of white willow bark, this product cleanses deep into your pores to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum. The BHA Blackhead Blaster also contains a mixture of apricot seed powder, charcoal, and tea tree oil which tightens pores, clears the skin, and inhibits the growth of blackheads and whiteheads. 
Bye, blackheads!
I don't have blackheads and my whiteheads are nearly invisible, so I asked my sister to try this product instead. She loved it right away! Aside from the ease of use (you simply glide the stick onto targeted areas, massage it for about a minute or two, the rinse it off with lukewarm water), you also get instant results. My sister easily rubbed all the blackheads off her nose, leaving her with nothing but soft and clear skin afterwards. I saw her blackheads 'coming out' and I was grossly impressed, lol.

Finally, we have the A'bloom Meringue Puffs. These beauty sponges are the first-ever beauty tools made by Althea, and they come in two different sizes - Giant and Baby. The Giant Meringue Puff is sold individually, while the Baby Meringue Puffs come in a set of three.
Giant Meringue Puff, Php 100 each.
Baby Meringue Puff, Php 140 per set of three.
Soft and bouncy, these Meringue Puffs are made with non-toxic, latex-free materials. These puffs are free from harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chrome, and antimony, and are safe to use on sensitive skin. Both puffs can be used wet or dry. When used wet, the puff expands to almost twice its size and gives your (base) makeup a glossy finish. If you want a regular, matte finish, you can simply use the puff as is. 
Giant Meringue Puff vs. Baby Meringue Puff.
Personally, I like the Baby Meringue Puff more than its big (bigger) sister. I feel like they're softer, fluffier, and they're easier to clean. I use the baby puff to apply cheek tint on my face, and to blend concealer under my eyes and around my eyebrows. I would have preferred a pointier tip for these meringue puffs, but I love them nonetheless. 

As of this writing, the A'bloom Sheet Masks are still out of stock at the Althea website. The response to these sheet masks was so overwhelming that the website almost crashed when offered a 10+10 introductory sale. Well, who wouldn't go crazy when you can get 20 sheet masks for Php 180 (that's less than $4 when converted)?! I know I would!


How Instagram Can Help Wannabe Singer/Songwriters.

Making a name for yourself as a musician is a real challenge; it’s a saturated industry which requires people to really stand out in order to make it into the mainstream. With so many people trying to find their big break, you need to use everything at your disposal to catch people’s attention. Social media, especially Instagram, can be a fantastic platform to help you share your music, but you need to approach it in a certain way in order to get the results you want.
Jang Geun Seuk as an aspiring musician in Marry Me, Mary (2010).
Your Instagram profile is your opportunity to tell people your story. Singer/songwriters are artists and creatives who take inspiration from their lives in order to create their music. Producing songs that people can relate to is a sure-fire way of becoming popular, therefore reinforcing your approachable image with a personal profile that is available for the public to view can only contribute towards this. Letting people know your back story helps you to build up a relationship with potential fans, which in turn leads to a more loyal following. You need to choose the theme of your profile carefully as it needs to give off a professional image too, and try to be as consistent as possible with top-quality photos.

Instagram has a number of features designed to help you boost engagement as well as increase your follower count, so it is important to make the most of these. Firstly, use hashtags in your captions to highlight what your post is about, especially focusing on the kinds of things people are most likely to search for, for example #newmusic as this will bring up your post in searches for that hashtag. The more engagement your posts get the more likely they are to appear on people’s feeds and searches too, so try to do posts that spark feedback.
Yoo Yong Min in Her Private Life (2019) - barista by day, musician at night.
Other methods you could use are holding competitions where you give away tickets to your concerts to someone randomly picked from those who have ‘liked’ your post, or getting an auto like on instagram from Timing is also important when it comes to when you post; try to make sure you schedule posts at times when more people are likely to be online otherwise it could end up being buried. And finally, post regularly so that you have a constant presence on social media, as this will help your name to become familiar to people.

Your main aim on Instagram is to have as many followers as possible and one of the best ways to get your name out there is to have a presence in places where your target market is likely to be found. For example, you could contribute towards online forums that discuss new music. 'Cross promoting' aka sharing the posts of other artists will often result in them returning the favour, so you will soon start to be recognised as a reputable singer/songwriter in the same circles.

Instagram is a brilliant marketing tool for business including for those who are trying to promote their own talent to create a career. For more tips on how to succeed in different industries, take a look at


Tips to Become a Successful Stock Broker.

A lot of people are attracted to the perks and benefits that revolve around the stock market. These perks may be one of the reasons why some people would venture on to becoming a stock broker. But these people are usually the business management and finance graduates; the ones who pretty much studied and immersed themselves with the know-hows of the industry so they can be able to keep track of certain market trends that affect the charts and investments.

If you are thinking of starting a career to become one of the successful stock brokers in the Philippines, you should make sure to at least familiarize yourself with some of the important factors that will be essential and highly beneficial once you’ve started your financial journey.
Ryu Joon Yeol as a stock broker in the 2019 film 'Money'.
Familiarize Yourself with All the Jargons
Before diving into the game, you should definitely do the most basic step – which is reading and memorizing all the stock jargons. You should acquaint yourself with the terms so you have a general idea of what you are getting yourself into. It is crucial for you to teach yourself first before wading into any type of investment contracts and having substantial knowledge of the basics will help you become a good communicator and translator for your possible clients.

Choose a Brokerage Firm
Choosing your brokerage firm is necessary since you cannot trade without it. The brokerage firm will serve as a bridge, a mediator if you will, between the traders and the corporations. Before anything else, you should be diligently researching about each respectable firm that has complete credentials and has proven their legitimacy. Take the time to really understand the vision of that brokerage firm you will be choosing and if it aligns with your goals and also reflects your ideals. It’s a vital step that you should not overlook considering you are investing hard-earned money.
Know the numbers.
You can fill out a new account application online once you’ve manage to select the best brokerage firm for you. The broker will then dutifully collect necessary information from you such as your current employment status, licenses, assets, financial status and goals. In addition, you will have to undergo the Certification Seminar for Securities Representatives which is provided by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), when applying for a registration.

Get Certified
Like any other finance student, you will have to immerse yourself with comprehensive learning material first so that you can hone your skills. Do note that when undergoing the certification program, you should have mastery on every subject related to the stock market such as: valuation techniques and analysis, financial market theories, investment strategies, investment portfolio management, market dynamics, ethics and regulations. There are various review centres for you to enroll in which offers beginner and advanced courses that will aid in your preparation for the licensure exams. Becoming a stock broker here in the Philippines is indeed a commitment and requires outmost dedication to learn and improve oneself especially when the market involved is ever changing.


10 Modern and Stylish Pieces of Furniture for your Master Bedroom.

Choosing new bedroom furniture can be both exciting and scary. The excitement comes from the new things and the new look the room will have after the additions. It can be quite scary as well since furniture is expensive and you fear buying something less than satisfactory. Thankfully, there are great stores that offers bedroom furniture in a single place, making the choice for your needs is much easier.

Here are just 10 of our top picks for modern and stylish pieces of furniture for your master bedroom.

Master’s Bedroom 
Felix 4-Piece Queen Bed Package
This Bed Package boasts a sleek queen with rounded edges and a clean finish propped up on angular wire legs. It is paired with a two-drawer bedside table blending perfectly with the design of the queen bed since they share the same wire legs. A 5-drawer tallboy is also included and the rounded edges and small dot handles tying the package together.

Halo Bed Frame with Storage - Light Grey
This bed frame fuses button stud detailing, -in discrete storage plus soft fabric upholstery-built options to provide a relaxed and contemporary bed setting designed for up-to-the-minute lifestyles.

Trentham Fabric Bed Frame 
This daring and bold Trentham Fabric Bed Frame boasts a luxurious statement design. The winged bedhead, upholstered frame and tufted button detailing delivers a rich design to boost the look and make your home lush. You’ll be sleeping like the king or queen with a premium bed setting worthy of your castle.

Mattresses & Ensembles 
Sealy Posturepedic Performance Navona Medium Mattress - King 
This Australian made mattress boasts a system of comfort and support layers, the Sealy Posturepedic Performance Fiori Cushion Firm Mattress offers a supported sleeping environment to make your rest extra restful. Rest & Respond Technology, SRxII Titanium Coils and supportive foam layers effectively relieve pressure points to promote a healthy sleeping posture.
Osborne Teal Super King Quilt Cover Set 
This modern cover set offers a twist through the intricate placement of geometrical shapes, woven on jacquard, trimmed with a navy cord piping. A prominent palette of teal, blues, navy and grey is relaxed within the woven geometrical pattern. The woven jacquard creates textural qualities that are both comfortable and aesthetic that’s perfect for anyone needing a good night’s sleep.

Rosemore Quilt Cover Set 
Imagine bouquets of cerise and pale pink roses with lily of the valley flowers set against an elegant grey background in the pattern – that’s the Rosemore Quilt Cover Set. The underside of this set is adorned with a geometric pattern in pale pink and white for additional beauty and versatility.

General Bedroom Furniture 
Javier Bedroom Collection 
Make your bedroom interior extra posh with the handle-less Javier Bedside Table. Providing ample storage for any and all bedside essentials, this bedside table is available in an open 1-drawer or 2-drawer option for both a small and large size that adds both intriguing and contemporary storage addition to your bedroom.

Marseille Bench
This Marseille Bench evokes a charming French Provincial feel that can instantly add old-fashioned elegance to any bedroom. Designed to be placed at the bed’s end, this bench is not only a decorative furniture piece but also serves a practical purpose as well.

Monaco 3 Drawer Mirrored Bedside Table
The Monaco bedside table induces the decadent luxury of Monaco through its glam mirrored finish. 3 drawers are fused into the frame to guarantee a practical as well as beautiful design.

L'etoile 6-Drawer Dresser
Classy in shape and style, the L’etoile 6-Drawer Dressing Table utilises French provincial design to provide storage to your bedroom. The L’etoile features six drawers and three smaller compartments, all decorated with ornate handles and finished in a washed grey stain to get that period-correct finish.

End Note
You don’t want quality furniture that can fall apart within a few months – even weeks of use. This doesn’t mean you need to have the absolute top brand, either. Your budget should also factor in deciding the level of quality you can afford while keeping in mind the intended use of the furniture. Take a look at the bedroom furniture at Domayne for good-quality bed frames, mattress, covers, and cabinets. Best of luck on your new bedroom haven!


For Homecare Products, #VotePC2019.

It was way back in 2004 when I first became acquainted with the brand 'Personal Collection'. One of my colleagues from my previous job was a registered dealer, and she would often bring brochures and product samples, and encourage us to try their products. I remember how she would wheedle us into buying the toilet bowl cleanser, but I was more interested in lipsticks and body lotions back then.

Recently, I have been reintroduced to Personal Collection and surprise, surprise! The toilet bowl cleanser that my colleague used to promote and sell aggressively is still in existence! Turns out, this was Personal's Collection pioneer product, and is still one of the brand's bestsellers. Talk about steadfast and being able to stand the test of time!
Homecare products from Personal Collection.
Tuff TBC is a toilet bowl cleanser formulated for maximum cleansing and disinfecting. Its Killer Virex Formula guarantees 99.99% percent protection from disease-causing germs and bacteria.
A versatile product, Tuff TBC can also be used in other areas of the bathroom such as the walls, the floor, the shower area, and the sink. It comes in a sleek and innovative bottle, and is available in Lemon and Classic Fresh scents.
Tuff TBC (1 liter), Php 285.
More than 15 years in the business, Personal Collection now has a wider and more impressive range of homecare products. These include laundry detergents, fabric softeners, dishwashing liquids, and insect repellents.
Sof & Mmmmm Concentrated Fabric Conditioner (1 liter), Php 285.
Tuff PLD (800 grams), Php 179.
Tuff PLD is a powder laundry detergent which removes tough stains, restores dingy whites, and protects colors from fading over time. It now comes in the same floral scent as the Sof & Mmmmm Eternity Fabric Conditioner, which makes your clothes smell fresh and fragrant. One other thing that I like about Tuff PLD is how gentle it is on the skin. I used it to handwash my underwear (because I'm old school like that) and thankfully, my hands did not feel itchy afterwards. Now that's tough and gentle at the same time.
Sof & Mmmmm Fabric Conditioner.
On the other hand, the Sof & Mmmmm Fabric Conditioner not only softens fabrics it also protects it from stretching and fading. It reduces wrinkles on clothes, which makes them easier to fold. You can even skip ironing for cotton tees and polyester fabrics. 

Infused with Perfumed Micro Crystals, this fabric conditioner has a long-lasting, luxurious floral fragrance. The scent may seem overpowering at first, but the strong smell becomes gentle when mixed with water and used on clothes. Our clothes smell exceptionally fresh and wonderful after soaking them in Sof & Mmmmm Fabric Conditioner and drying them out in the sun.
Tuff DWL (270 mL0, Php 99.
Now for the kitchen, Personal Collection has the Tuff DWL, the country's 'most powerful direct selling dishwashing liquid brand'.  With its Germex Formula, this product kills 99.9% of germs, takes away the remaining soap from your dishes, and leaves it with a subtle scent of lime. It's quite concentrated, so a small drop goes a long way. It easily cuts through grease, and makes your dishes squeaky clean. Tuff DWL is very economical, which is a come-on for us budget-conscious moms. 
Target Multi-insect Killer (600 mL), Php 329.
Insect issues? Personal Collection also has a solution for that and it's called Target - an aerosol spray that effectively kills both crawling and flying insects. This CFC-free (chlorofluorocarbon) multi-insect killer eliminates insects fast and leaves no offensive, chemical-laden odor in the air, making it the better alternative for asthmatics like me.

So overall, what makes Personal Collection a great choice for homecare products? To put it simply, they're cost-effective, and they get the job done. They're the same traits that make a great leader, aside from being honest, trustworthy, and diligent.

And when you vote tomorrow (because it's Mid-term Elections here in the Philippines), I hope you vote wisely and vote for those who put the people's interests above everything else. You can never, ever go wrong with someone who puts service above self.

To know more about Personal Collection, visit their official pages: