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Foodie Goodie | Seoul Kitchen.

I've been wanting to visit Seoul Kitchen for the longest time, ever since I saw photos of their food on my friend's Instagram feed. My friend raved about them, which made me want to try their food even more. I promised myself (and Yue) that we will dine at Seoul Kitchen if and when we visit Los Banos, and that chance finally came yesterday, on the day Yue took the UPRHS Entrance Exam.

Located within the vicinity of the UP Los Banos campus, Seoul Kitchen is a charming and casual neighborhood restaurant that serves classic Korean food. Seoul Kitchen reminded me of the mom-and-pop diners (they call it 'sikdang' in Korea) in our neighborhood in Seongsu-dong, and this place gave me so much Korean feels from the get-go. I mean, just look at the facade of this lovely little restaurant - roof tiles, silhouette of the N Tower, and a sutgarak (long-handled shallow spoon) on the restaurant's logo.
Seoul Kitchen in Los Banos, Laguna.
The place was packed with patrons when we arrived - students, couples, even families with little kids were there at Seoul Kitchen. I actually loved the busy atmosphere, because to me, that equates to good food at a good price. One of their staff ushered us in, and we were lucky to chance upon an empty table that's spacious enough to seat our group of five.
Seoul Kitchen is abuzz during lunch and dinner hours.
Lining up to place our order. :)
Seoul Kitchen observes a 'Pay As You Order' policy, and you have to go to the counter to place your order. I was kinda expecting that it will take awhile for our food to be served, but much to my surprise, the waiting time took no more than minutes (or maybe even less).
Seoul Kitchen is jjang! :)
The kids had Oriental Chicken Pasta, a soy-garlic based pasta with chicken cubes, mushrooms, and nuts. The taste reminded me of Yellow Cab's Charlie Chan, and Yue absolutely loved it.
Oriental Chicken Pasta, Php 150.
I, on the other hand, had Soy Chicken Bibimbap. This dish is one of  Seoul Kitchen's bestsellers, and I love that they used kongnamul (soybean sprouts), and not mungbean sprouts. If you want spice in your bibimbap, you can order the regular Bibimbap at the same price.
Soy Chicken Bibimbap, Php 160. Gimbap, Php 110.
We also ordered Jjampong, a seafood ramyun with mussels, squid, and a medley of vegetables simmered with Seoul Kitchen's special seasoning. This dish is rated with two chilis on the spice meter, but my friend who ordered this (and can handle spicy food well) said that the spiciness was quite tolerable. 
Jjampong, Php 145.
Of course, I had to have their Tuna Kimbap - rice wrapped and rolled in seaweed, with tuna and mayonnaise. I had been dreaming about mayak kimbap (aka the famous rice rolls sold at Gwangjang Market) for God knows how long, and having a taste of Seoul Kitchen's gimbap sort of eased my (Seoul) homesickness.
Tuna Kimbap, Php 125. 
Seoul Kitchen also has coffee, tea, and an array of desserts on their menu. I would have loved to cap our meal with a bowl of bingsu (shaved ice dessert), but my stomach refused to take any more food. Haha! Aya, Yue's friend, did try the Mochalatta, a frappuccino blended with chocolate and coffee and served with a generous portion of whipped cream. The frappe was gone before she can even put down her spoon. :)
Mochalatta (Pint), Php 150.
If you're into Korean food or fusion cuisine, I suggest you try and visit Seoul Kitchen. Not only is the food good and authentic (the restaurant is co-owned and managed by a Korean national), the prices are quite affordable, too. Plus points for the cozy, Korean ambiance, and the friendly and approachable waitstaff. 
Al fresco dining, anyone?
Daume ddo bayo, Seoul Kitchen! See you again!
Seoul Kitchen
9005 Pearl corner FO Santos st., Umali Subd., Los Baños, Laguna 
0930 662 0977


Spotlight | Missha The Original Tension Pact.

Just realized that I haven't done any product reviews or beauty-related posts in awhile, and so today, let me share with you my thoughts on the Missha The Original Tension Pact which I have been using for over a month now. I received this as gift from a friend who went on vacation to Korea last winter and completely forgot about it afterwards, lol. Thank goodness this product still has half a year before its expiration date!
Missha The Original Tension Pact (Intense Moisture).
Missha's The Original Tension Pact has four variants - Perfect Cover which comes in a beige pact, Natural Cover which comes in a beige pact, Tone Glow Up which comes in a blue pact, and Intense Moisture which comes in a lavender pact. The latter, as seen on the photo above, is the one that I'm using. All variants come in three shades, and as always, my Missha shade is #23. Good thing my friend got my shade right! :)
Unboxing the Missha The Original Tension Pact (Intense Moisture).
Care notes on the protective seal.
Unlike the cushions that I have tried before, Missha's The Original Tension Pact comes with a densely woven net on top which acts as a filter that prevents you from 'picking up' too much product for a 'more even' application. The puff that comes with it is a bit different, too. It's slightly denser and a tad 'puffier' than the usual blue puff. Surprisingly, you only need a few pats on the tension pact to cover your entire face.
The 'tension net'.
Slightly denser, beige puff.
As for the formula, the Intense Moisture Variant is creamy yet lightweight, and gives light to medium coverage. Not only does this pact conceal fine lines and cover minimal flaws (redness, uneven skin tone), it's also super moisturizing and gives your skin a radiant, dewy glow.
Swatched under natural light.
This product also offers sun protection at SPF37 PA++. A bit lower than my usual SPF50, but that's okay since we're experiencing colder weather these days.
Left without cushion, right with cushion.
Its lasting power is pretty decent, too. It stays put for at least 5 to 6 hours before it starts to settle on the fine lines around my eyes. Nothing a quick touch-up could handle.
Bare face.
Wearing the Missha The Original Tension Pact (Intense Moisture).
Overall, I really enjoy using this cushion and I'm considering to repurchase in the near future. I love how it hydrates my skin especially during this time of the year when the air is cold and can be very drying on the skin. Plus points because it brightens my skin and gives it a nice glow
Products used:
FACE: Clio Kill Protection Matte Sun Base,
Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer in 03 Honey,
Missha The Original Tension Pact Intense Moisture #23.
EYES: The Face Shop Style My Eyebrow Pencil #1 Grey Brown,
Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner,
Innisfree Super Volume Cara in Black.
CHEEKS: Missha Cotton Blush in Vintage Robe.
LIPS: Vice Cosmetics x BT21 Phenomenal Velvet Single in Mang.
 The Missha The Original Tension Pact retails for 15800 won (around Php 680 or $13). It doesn't come with a refill, but you can purchase them separately at 9800 won each (around Php 400 or $8).


Spotlight | Human Heart Nature Natural Shampoo Bar.

After months of research and development, plus a few more weeks of waiting and eager anticipation, my favorite local beauty brand has finally launched its very own shampoo bar! Yay!

Human Heart Nature introduced its all-new Natural Shampoo Bar a few weeks back, and us fans of eco-friendly, waste-free (beauty and skincare) products couldn't be more excited to try out the latest addition to HN's product line.
Human Heart Nature now has a (Natural) Shampoo Bar! 
Human Heart Nature's Natural Shampoo Bar boasts of some of the most moisturizing ingredients that's guaranteed to hydrate and soften your hair and keep it feeling light and silky all day. For starters, there's avocado oil. With its rich mineral and fat content, avocado oil not only moisturizes the hair, it also strengthens it and prevents breakage.
Product description and ingredients list.
Then there's cocoa butter, which is high in fatty acids that form a protective barrier over each strand of hair to hold in moisture. It also adds strength and volume to fine hair and brings back life to chemically-treated hair.

This shampoo bar also contains coconut surfactants which gives a nice and foamy lather without being harsh on the scalp and hair.
Shampoo with a heart. :)
That being said, I love how sudsy this shampoo bar is!
I was skeptical at first, unsure if this product can form a decent lather. But the Human Heart Nature Natural Shampoo Bar totally exceeded my expectations. Not only does this shampoo bar lather nicely and make my hair soft and smooth, it smells wonderful, too! The zesty citrus creates a good contrast with the sweet vanilla; the scent is lovely and lasts on your hair for pretty much the entire day.
Also a fan of Human Heart Nature's Natural Shampoo Bar.
Now just like any other shampoo bar, this product has a tendency to melt faster when exposed to too much moisture when not in use. To make this shampoo bar last longer, cradle it in a separate soap dish that gives proper drainage, and keep it far from where the shower spray hits when not in use.
Human Heart Nature Soap Dish by Marsse, Php 150.
The Human Heart Nature Natural Shampoo Bar (70 g) retails for Php 199 and can be bought at Human Heart Nature stores, through Human Heart Nature dealers, or online at the Human Heart Nature website and BeautyMNL.

Don't forget to use my code 'CZJAI' when you shop at BeautyMNL! You get Php 100 off on your first purchase worth Php 1000 and up.


Popular Animal Wall Decals.

Today I’m gonna instroduce some wonderful stickers which are welcomed by children. We all know that children love the animals - they love the zoo animals, they love jungle animals, they love marine animals... It seems each animal has their own “fan”. That’s why animal wall decals are popular in the world, and it is the number one welcomed gift for children. If you are still confused which animal wall decals are right for you and your kids, read on.

Zoo Animals Wall Decals
Zoo animals wall decals are a great choice, especially when you're giving it as a gift to a child. These include popular zoo animals, such as lions, elephants, monkeys, giraffse, zebras, and birds.
Baby Elephant wall decal.
Cartoon style wall decals are the best way for children to recognize each animal, and the cute, cartoon images can make the child feel closer to these animals. These adorable animal decals can be put on the walls of the playroom, or on the child's bedroom walls.

Jungle Animal Wall Decals
Jungle animals wall decals have a bigger selection, such as monkeys, owls, giraffes, and foxes. Compared to the zoo animals wall decal, the jungle animal wall decals also have different styles of tree wall art, various mushrooms, and colorful butterflies.
Tree wall art.
If the zoo animal wall decals are a favorite among little boys, the jungle animals wall decals are a hit among little girls. The vibrant colors can make every child feel like they are in the jungle, playing with the animals.

Marine Animal Wall Decals
The deep sea is a mysterious world which children yearn to unravel and explore. Patterns showcasing marine animals will make the kids feel like they are having an adventure underwater. These patterns include animals such as penguins, dolphins, and whales.
Penguin wall decals.
The penguin wall decals include the nursery penguin decals, the penguin silhouette wall decals, and the funny penguin decals. The dolphin wall decals include the nursery dolphin wall decals and the dolphin silhouette wall decals. Meanwhile, the whale decals have nursery style wall decals and the cartoon wall stickers.

Dinosaur Wall Decals
If you need to choose one animal that all the little boys are crazy for, then it has to be the dinosaur.
Dinosaur wall decals.
Dinosaur wall decals are immensely popular, such as the dinosaur silhouette wall decals which are well-loved by kids ages 5 to 12 years old, and the nursery dinosaur wall decals, which are a hit among toddlers and younger kids. Whether it's a tyrannosaurus, a pterosaur, a tanystropheus, or the Ceratops, they are all awesome, and will be greatly appreciated by every child.


My First 'Official' BeautyMNL Haul!

Just recently, I had the honor of being named as one of BeautyMNL's brand ambassadors. (Yay!) I was super psyched upon hearing the news, not only because BeautyMNL happens to be one of the leading homegrown e-commerce platforms in the Philippines, but also because I've been a silent reader of Bloom, BeautyMNL's online magazine, for the longest time.

To celebrate this 'milestone', BeautyMNL awarded me with shopping credits, which I then used to  pay for my latest purchase at the the BeautyMNL app. Although this was not my first time to shop at BeautyMNL, I consider this my first 'official' haul since becoming an ambassador for the brand. And with that, here's a sneak peek of my first 'official' BeautyMNL haul. :)
My first 'official' BeautyMNL haul.
W. Dressroom Dress & Living Clear Perfume No. 97 (April Cotton).
A fragrance brand from South Korea, W. Dressroom was created by designer Choi Bum Suk who believes that your scent 'is the most powerful way to symbolize who you are'. The brand was made popular by Korean celebrities and idol stars who personally use and endorse W. Dressroom products. Case in point, BTS' Jungkook who wears this particular scent.
W. Dressroom Dress & Living Clear Perfume No. 97 (April Cotton), Php 595.
W. Dressroom describes April Cotton as a 'gender-neutral, clean, and crisp scent reminiscent of fresh, silky-soft linens'. True enough, April Cotton did remind me of our cozy little neighborhood in Seongsu-dong, and how the entire block reeks of that soft, powdery scent on weekends when most of the ahjummas do their laundry. I nearly cried out of homesickness when I first took a whiff of this perfume.

Biore Cleansing Oil.
A favorite among beauty/skincare enthusiasts, Biore Cleansing Oil effectively dissolves and removes stubborn makeup, including waterproof mascara, while lifting away dirt and impurities.
Unlike other cleansing oils, this one doesn't leave a greasy film on the face and maintains the skin's natural moisture balance. The Biore Cleansing Oil is great for everyday use, especially if you use makeup on a daily basis, and the perfect first step in your double-cleansing routine.
Biore Cleansing Oil, Php 349.
COSRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser.
Speaking of double cleansing, you all know I swear by the COSRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser. This has been my morning cleanser for more than two years now, and I've emptied more or less half a dozen tubes of this product since then. It's still my HG cleanser to date. :)
COSRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, Php 540.
You can read my full review of the COSRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser here.

Innisfree My Real Squeeze Sheet Mask (Fig & Lime).
Skincare shopping ain't complete without adding a sheet mask or two to my cart! These Innisfree My Real Squeeze sheet masks were on sale at Php 55 each and I got the Fig and the Lime variants. The former is a moisturizing essence-type mask that leaves your complexion smooth and radiant, while the latter is a refreshing water-type mask that brightens the skin and makes your complexion glow.
Innisfree My Real Squeeze Sheet Masks, Php 55 each.
Puritan's Pride L- Carnitine 500 mg (60 caplets).
I bought this bottle of L-Carnitine caplets mostly out of curiosity (Does this work? Will I sweat buckets? Will I lose weight?), aside from the fact that this was on sale at almost half the original price (Php 729). This product claims to be one of the best weight loss supplements as it enhances the body's fat-burning functions and supports heart health and cardiovascular wellness. This bottle will definitely come in handy with all that feasting and partying that we'll be doing during the holidays. Will keep you posted if this product works. ;)
Puritan's Pride L-Carnitine 500 mg (60 caplets), Php 377.
What beauty/skincare products have you bought lately? Did you hoard stuff during the 11.11 sale?
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Use my discount code 'CZJAI' when you shop at BeautyMNL!