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Perk Up Coffee & Tea: A success story amid a pandemic.

Running a business in the middle of a pandemic isn’t for the faint-hearted. With the restrictions and restless consumers, entrepreneurs have to be quick on their feet to survive much less make a profit. This didn’t stop 24-year-old Pam Jacobe from establishing her ready-to-drink brand Perk Up Coffee & Tea

 A business administration graduate of Mapúa University, Jacobe always dreamed of having a coffee farm and shop. She studied it in-depth and started selling coffee grounds and beans in 2019.

Months before the pandemic, she rebranded and changed her products to bottled coffee and tea lattes after noticing a gap in the market. “I saw an opportunity and joined the #CafeAtHome movement which encourages people to bring home the cafe experience. Friends and former colleagues supported my business, and it started to gain traction,” Jacobe recalled.

Pamela Maris M. Jacobe, founder and owner of Perk Up Coffee & Tea.

To connect with customers, she relied on social media advertising and word-of-mouth marketing. “The pandemic made people more supportive of micro-, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), specifically small online businesses. I grabbed that opportunity and dedicated my time on digital marketing strategies,” the youthful entrepreneur explained.

But the real catalysts of Perk Up Coffee and Tea’s success were its compelling advocacies and quality products. Aside from helping customers recreate a coffee shop experience at home, it imparts a strong sense of community with the causes it advocates.

Jacobe explained that Perk Up’s main advocacy is being environment-friendly, so all drinks are served in reusable glass bottles and eco-bags. “I want to make sure that my brand is doing its part to lessen plastic wastes. Imagine the hundreds of drinks I sell in one month. If I use plastic bottles, that’s already 100 plastic bottles gone to waste.”

1 liter bottle of French Vanilla latte.

From L-R: Strawberries and Cream, Spanish Vanilla Latte,
Cold Brew Concentrate.

She naturally advocates the exquisite taste and variety of Philippine coffee, and uses locally-sourced teas. One of which is the Kalinga Robusta dark roast beans which she uses because its low acidity, and nutty and earthy notes. It’s best tasted in her best-selling caffeinated Cold Brew Concentrate and French Vanilla Latte. While her Strawberries & Cream and Hazelnut Chocolate are caffeine-free hits.

While business has been brisk, there were times when she was met with people’s doubts. Instead of being discouraged, Pam used these obstacles to refocus on her purpose and goal.

She gives credit to her college education for preparing her for the challenging road ahead. “I will always be grateful for the holistic education that I received from Mapúa. They trained us not just to be employees, but to be leaders and trailblazers in whatever industry we chose. Mapúa taught me to be diligent, strive for excellence, and never settle for ‘half-baked’ results,” she explained.

Jacobe was trained to pursue continuous learning and improvement. It’s no wonder that she is doing research and development on non-dairy options and new flavors to expand her product line. She also encourages other aspiring entrepreneurs to take the big leap.

“Don’t be afraid to start from nothing. Enjoy the fact that you’re literally starting from the bottom and have nothing to lose if you try. Your dreams are planted in your heart for a reason. You owe it to yourself to give it a try.”


The Importance of Security Check-ups.

Lots of things are conducted on the Internet through the rising-in-popularity technologies. All those pieces of software, applications, systems, and websites are very helpful, but it is essential to ensure full protection. Android pentesting is one of the methods aimed at ensuring the safety of the applications based on this OS. Special security checks can also be applied to detect possible weaknesses in the software used by the company. Learn more about security checks and where to order them.

Bae Suzy in Start-Up (2020).

What a Security Check Can Be Ordered for?

It can be ordered virtually for everything. For example, customers may want to opt for a smart contract security audit if the security of a blockchain is required. Generally, when it comes to the use of networks, software, applications, and various IT systems, specialists can conduct a relevant type of testing or audit to detect any vulnerability. It may be difficult to determine where the threat may come from. Therefore, it may be wise to contact a reliable company and ask for their recommendation on what should be checked.

What Will Be the Results of Security Check?

After analyzing a certain object in terms of weaknesses, specialists will conclude on how vulnerable it is. Relevant recommendations on the elimination of possible problems will then be issued. Generally, the main purpose of cybersecurity services is to ensure the safety of a certain transaction, piece of software, or the system in general.

Kim Taehyung. 

How to Find the Right Company?
There is a range of companies that provide cybersecurity services. The following are the factors to take into account when picking the right one:
  •  The availability of the specific services;
  •  The price;
  •  The reputation;
  •  The speed of order execution;
  •  Good support.


Professional cybersecurity services are increasing in their popularity. Today, it is essential to be well-protected against hackers. Problems due to attacks may cost much more than a check of possible vulnerabilities.


QURE is here: A teleconsultation and wellness website made by Filipinos for Filipinos.

A teleconsult website that promises to make medical consultations easy and convenient for many Filipinos was finally launched today, October 20., an all-Filipino-made website, provides a platform for online video consultations, connects doctors and patients for easy scheduling of appointments, and makes available a directory of pharmacies and other health and wellness providers. offers a free platform for doctors who want to expand their services via teleconsult amid increasing demand for virtual consultation.

Earlier today at the Qure Press Launch.

“We created this platform with the Filipino patient in mind. It’s a simple website and it does not complicate the teleconsultation process. Even those not comfortable with technology will find these consultations easy to do. This is our new normal and QURE is here to help you navigate the future of healthcare,” said Gary Libby, QURE Chief Technology Officer.

A trip to the hospital may also be burdensome these days, as the COVID pandemic persists. QURE will help Filipinos find their way through this public health crisis while keeping their health in check.

“This will definitely benefit doctors and patients. No more overbooking for doctors, and no more long lines for patients waiting for their turn at clinics. Whether via teleconsult or face-to-face check-ups, the scheduling system of QURE helps both patients and doctors,” Libby added.

Andrea Trinidad, Chief Executive Officer of QURE, said the idea of the teleconsult platform started last year when the lockdowns extended and it became difficult for patients to see their doctors. Trinidad, who has a life-long disorder called hemophilia and is the president Hemophilia Advocates-Philippines, said the pandemic really affected patients.

“When I was approached by my friends last year and they shared with me their idea of a telemedicine platform, I told them it was brilliant. We envision QURE to be an e-mall of health services where you can book consults, buy medicines, book laboratory appointments and even book a consult with the veterinarian for your fur babies,” she added.

QURE is here!

More to know about QURE:
1. The platform is data-safe, both for patients and doctors.
Registering is FREE for patients and doctors. Consultation fees range from P500 to P1,500, depending on doctor’s specialization. But for its introductory price, QURE is offering a 50 percent discount for consultations.

2. Registered users can look for doctors for their tele-consult.
Specialists have expertise on: Cardiology; General Surgery; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Integrative General Medicine; Internal Medicine, Dermatology; Otolaryngology (ENT); ENT Specialist Head & Neck Surgery; Psychiatry-Adult; Physical Medicine/Rehab; Pediatrics; Allergy & Asthma, Immunologist; Urology; Sleep Medicine/Insomnia; Ophthalmology; Family & Occupational Medicine; Cardiology; Pediatrics-Pulmonology; Family Medicine; Lifestyle Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery and Hematology/Oncology.

Also in QURE’s pool of experts: Nutritionist Dietician; General Dentistry/Orthodontics; Dentistry/Prosthetic and Esthetic.

3. The website lets you know who is online.
Is the doctor in? No need to guess or call the doctor’s secretary. Through the QURE website, you can easily see if the doctor is available to take consultations. 

Dr. Dex Macalintal is in!

4. Find doctors in your area or teleconsult with a specialist anywhere in the Philippines
QURE has a growing number of specialists from all over the country. The drop-down menu on the website shows that many doctors have already signed up. Many more are joining QURE in the following weeks.

5. It’s a growing health and wellness community.
In the coming months, expect more health and wellness features. You will also soon see reviews of doctors done by patients themselves.

For more information about QURE, you may contact us at or 0991.398.8781. To check our pool of specialists, visit]


It’s all treats, no tricks in McDonald’s month-long Monsters and Mysteries Halloween celebration!

Ghostly Greetings from McDonald’s! 
It’s the spookiest time of the year again, and McDonald’s is here to celebrate Halloween, all month long! Starting October 8 until October 28, get a FREE surprise treat with every purchase of a McDonald’s Happy Meal via Dine-in, Drive-Thru, Take-out, or Delivery. Every Happy Meal can elicit nervous giggles or fits of laughter!

A surprise treat comes with every McDonald's Happy Meal!

If the little ones have a knack for thrilling mysteries, the Mystery Monster Boxes will surely pique their curiosity. Experience the excitement of the Mystery Monster Box in person when you stop in for a spell and drop by on your brooms via Dine-in and Ride-Thru!

Monsters & Mysteries at every McDonald's store!

The Halloween surprises won’t end there — a spooktacular Halloween is incomplete without trick-or-treating. McDonald’s is here to help kids get into the Halloween spirit while staying safe through the Monsters and Mysteries Ride-Thru! Let the kids have a fang-tastic celebration by giving them a chance to go trick-or-treating safely.

Drive-Thru at McDonald’s from October 29-31 to get an exciting Halloween item from the Mystery Monster Box for a minimum purchase of Php 250. To remember the ghoul old times, feel free to capture and immortalize the special family moment by taking a picture with the Monsters and Mysteries Photo Frame.

All dressed up for Halloween!

Want to feel the Halloween hype even more? Enjoy the Halloween decorations in select branches that will be “dressing-up” their Drive-Thru lanes!

No tricks—only treats await this Halloween season at McDonald’s! Delve into the unknown and claim surprise treats to fully experience the spooktacular Halloween spirit.

For more information and updates on this offering, visit McDonald’s Philippines Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.


Cards, Tiles, Words | Fun Games at Solitaire.Org.

It's been a little over a month since the academic year started, and just like last year, we're still in online distance learning mode. And now that my son's school works and projects keep pouring in, day after day after day, this household has become a tad busier, noisier, and well, crazier than the usual. 

Surprisingly, amidst the busy-ness of guiding Yue with his projects and school activities, doing household chores, and beating writing deadlines, I still find the time to watch Korean dramas and play online games. Not exactly the hardcore games like Valorant, Sekiro, or Devil May Cry, but more like casual games to help me unwind, de-stress, or just keep my mind off of things. I've recently discovered, and this website has become my go-to whenever I need to take a quick break from writing, ease my anxiety, or simply chill out after a long and busy day., simply put, is a cornucopia of free online games. The site has an extensive collection of card games - from the classic Klondike solitaire to more challenging ones like Russian solitaire, Spider solitaire, and Taj Mahal. I really don't get the hang of the other versions of solitaire, so I usually stick with the classic Klondike whenever I feel like playing cards. 

Klondike solitaire - classic never goes out of style.

Aside from card games, also has an interesting collection of mahjong tile games, including Cooking Mahjong where you 'cook' dishes by matching recipe ingredients. I'm a greenhorn when it comes to mahjong, but this game has really got me hooked!

Cooking Mahjong.

But wait, the fun doesn't end with just card games and tile games! also has a selection of hidden objects games to stimulate your brain, improve your visual perception, and boost your awareness to details. I easily breezed through all ten levels of the Garden Secrets Hidden Objects, but Hidden Kitchen drove me to my wits' end because the objects were way too small, haha! I had to ask Yue for help in finding some of the hidden items, and eventually we both gave up after the fourth stage, lol.

Garden Secrets Hidden Objects.

Hidden Kitchen.

Of all the games in this website, it's with the word games that I had the most fun. The geek in me loves stuff like these, and I totally enjoy the Daily Word Search and Letter Scramble every single time. 

Daily Word Search.

Daily Word Search, as the name implies, is a puzzle where you search for words. There's a new puzzle everyday, and you can choose between 12x12, 14x14, or 16x16 puzzle sizes.

Letter Scramble.

Letter Scramble, on the other hand, is a Scrabble-styled game where you spell as many words as you can before the time runs out. If I were to pick my most favorite game in the website, this is it because I'm a Scrabble nerd ever since I learned how to spell and write. Even my son loves this game because he's a Scrabble champion himself, haha!

Another thing to love about this website is that you don't have to download or sign-up for anything to play. All the games are browser-based so you simply visit the website, choose from their wide variety of games, and play. The site is ad-free too, so you don't have to worry about annoying pop-ups that might appear in the middle of your game. 

If you're into card games, tile games, or word games, then you'll definitely have a blast with the games at I bet your kids will love this website, too!