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Pru Life UK taps Ben&Ben as an ally to help Filipino families get the most out of life.

Leading life insurer Pru Life UK officially introduced Ben&Ben as its new brand ambassador to help more Filipino families get the most out of life at a fun-filled family day event held at The Island in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

At the launch, the company talked about how the band perfectly aligns with the company's progressive and inclusive approach in defining a family. Testament to this is the insurer’s recently announced product called PRUHealth FamLove, a first-of-its-kind yearly renewable life insurance and critical illness plan that protects up to four family members under one policy. Under this plan, family members also include same-sex or common-law partners, parents, and adoptive children.

“Like many Filipino families, Ben&Ben is diverse, inclusive, and warmhearted. They resonate with the strong family ties that Filipinos are known for representing both the traditional and modern Filipino families. We are delighted to welcome Ben&Ben into our Pru Life UK family as our new brand ambassador and ally in helping more Filipino families get the most of life,” said Pru Life UK General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer Gilbert Simpao.

The top-rating Original Pilipino Music band who serenaded the crowd with its top hits such as Paninindigan Kita, Kathang Isip and Pagtingin, is a perfect example of both traditional and progressive Filipino families who are doing great things together, recognizing their differences, and celebrating diversity and inclusivity.

The event is Ben&Ben’s first public performance as Pru Life UK’s ally to help Filipino families of different types and sizes get the most out of their lives through PRUHealth FamLove, and its unique and game changing features. The product is designed for customers to share their critical illness protection coverage with different types of family members, including single parents, cohabiting partners, LGBTQ+ partners, and adoptive family members.

The product is also the first in the country as it provides coverage should any major organs require surgery, without the need to remember the long list of critical illnesses. This is a new generation of solutions designed to provide customers with simple, flexible and future-proof protection benefits against unknown diseases. It also provides long-term coverage until age 85.

Strengthening Filipino families through financial wellness is one of our biggest advocacies at Pru Life UK. We want every Filipino household to have peace of mind by bringing protection closer to everyone. PRUHealth Famlove, with its shareability feature, is a step forward in achieving that as it gives families an affordable and accessible life protection option,” Pru Life UK Senior Vice President and Chief Customer & Marketing Officer Allan Tumbaga said.

In celebration of family diversity and championing individuality, Pru Life UK launched Famvatar, a unique digital experience that lets anyone create a personalized group avatar starring one’s family. Users can then use their unique, fun-filled chat stickers in group chats and more.

To make a Famvatar and know more about Pru Life UK’s PRUHealth FamLove, please visit

8.02.2022 | How to Get PSA Certificates Online.

Don't you just love how everything is becoming digital these days? Gone are the days when we have to go to physical stores if we need to buy something, fall in line at Bayad Centers to pay bills, or call hotline numbers to order food. Now, we can do all these through our computers or smartphones, right in the comforts of our homes. 

Recently, my husband needed copies of our marriage certificate and Yue's birth certificate for work purposes. These documents need to be on my end by the first week of August, in time for my cousin-in-law's flight back to Korea. (He will be bringing the documents for my husband.) Because time was of the essence, requesting via the SM Business Center was not an option as it will take 2-3 weeks for the documents to be processed. Going to the nearest PSA office was also not an option for me, as I still find it difficult to go to crowded places (blame my COVID anxiety).

Thankfully, I discovered the PSA Helpline, a PSA-authorized website where you can request for public documents (i.e. birth certificate, marriage certificate) online and have them delivered to your doorstep. The best part? They deliver nationwide, in as fast as 3-4 working days! And true enough, I received the documents today, just 4 working days after requesting and paying for them online.

Ordering PSA documents has never been easier!

Here's what I did:
1. Go to the PSA Helpline website and click "Order Now".

2. Choose the Certificate Type. (I chose Birth, as seen on the photo.)

3. Indicate whether you're requesting a birth certificate "For Yourself" or "For Someone Else". (In my case, it's the latter.) Another set of options will appear, where you can choose for whose birth certificate you are requesting. (I chose My Son, of course.)

4. The next step will be some sort of a guide, which lists down all the information that you need to provide. 

5. Fill out the details, including the type of the government-issued ID that you need to present upon delivery. Take note that this will be a "recipient-only" delivery, and will not be released to anybody else.

6. After you have completed all the details and confirmed the delivery address and contact information, you will then be routed to the payment page. Payments can be done online, over-the-counter, or through BancNet ATMs. Each document costs Php 365, which includes the processing fee and the delivery charge.

You're pretty much done once you have paid for your order, and the next step is to wait for the delivery. PSAHelpline will constantly update you with the status of your order through email and text message. You can also use the "Check Status" tab on the website with your given reference number.

I placed my order last Thursday, July 27 and received my order today (Tuesday), August 2. That's 4 working days, and just in time (ahead of time, actually) for my cousin-in-law's flight on Friday. Delivery usually takes 3-4 working days for Metro Manila, and 3-8 working days for areas outside of Metro Manila.

Delivered to Laguna by 2Go Express.

Thank you PSA Helpline for the hassle-free transaction, and to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for introducing this service!


Swak sa Budget, Swak for Kids! Try these affordable and nutritious recipes!

The current increases in food prices contribute to the problem in accessing sufficient nutrition and healthy food choices in Filipino households. With higher prices across different commodities, homemakers now face a greater challenge in budgeting while they strive to prepare nutritious and delicious dishes to help safeguard the health of the family, especially the kids.

We, at Ajinomoto, understand the struggles that parents face nowadays. In our own way, we hope to extend help by sharing thoughtful recipes that take into consideration the health and budget of the family,” shares Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC Group) General Manager Corporate Planning and Public Relations Roann Co. “We aim to provide solution and equip homemakers with knowledge on preparing affordable, delicious and well-balanced meals for their kids and loved ones.”

The following delicious and nutritious recipes are not only easy to prepare but also sure to fit the budget, including AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning 11g and Aji-Ginisa® 8g which remain to be the most affordable seasonings in the market at Php 3.00 SRP.

Tokwa Bites Meal
Tofu is rich in protein and calcium. Not only it is affordable alternative but also a healthy version of meat balls. Prepare a soft and crunchy Tokwa Bites meal for lunch in 3 easy steps: mix, fry, and serve. You only need half pack (11g) A JI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning to bring out its flavors. Try the recipe here at home!

Potato Egg Sandwich
You can make a healthy Potato Egg sandwich for breakfast or merienda which requires little time and ingredients. Potatoes and bread are rich in carbohydrates for energy while tomatoes are rich in vitamin C which for immunity. Season with half pack (11g) AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning for savory deliciousness. Learn the full recipe here.

Sauteed Corned Beef with Potatoes and Veggies
Sauté, season, and serve – this easy-to-remember recipe. Beef is rich in protein while Baguia beans and sitsaro are rich in fiber beneficial for proper digestion. Season with one pack (8g) AJI-GINISA® Flavor Seasoning Mix and you’re good to go! Serve a nutritious meal today with our cooking guide here.

Chicken Lomi Meal
New way to cook lomi by adding common Malunggay vegetable which is packed with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B and C, Iron, and Calcium. Season with one pack (8g) AJI-GINISA® Flavor Seasoning Mix to complete its flavor! See full recipe here.

APC Group’s brand promise of Eat Well, Live Well provides Filipinos with ways to serve nutritious meals. "We believe that eating well and living well does not have to be expensive. We hope that through our affordable products and health initiatives at Ajinomoto, we get to help parents in bringing about a well-balanced diet at home amid these challenging times," said Co.

For more delicious, nutritious and affordable recipes, visit


P&G and Whisper Philippines donate period pads to support over 25,000 girls.

More than 25,000 girls in underserved communities across the Philippines will get access to period pads and menstrual hygiene management information and educational materials through a donation by P&G Philippines and Whisper in partnership with World Vision Philippines.

This is part of Whisper Philippines’ #ShareTheConfidence campaign, in partnership with World Vision Philippines and Shopee Philippines, to advance menstrual hygiene education and improve access to period products to girls in underserved communities. Earlier in June, Whisper pledged to match every Whisper pack sold on Shopee and is now fulfilling the said commitment. P&G Philippines will donate Whisper packs to World Visions’ girls’ communities in Laurel, Batangas, Rosario, Batangas, Baseco, Manila, Malabon, Quezon City, Misamis Occidental, and Zamboanga del Norte.

Reports from the organization Save the Children Philippines noted that the pandemic has exacerbated the challenges in managing menstruation, due to an increased absence of adequate resources and support. Furthermore, according to the results of a 2019 study from the World Bank, 8% of girls in the Philippines reported missing school because of menstruation. Through the donation, P&G hopes to increase access to period products and fight some of the challenges surrounding menstruation, allowing young girls to always be at their best.

Whisper’s purpose is to unleash women and girls’ confidence so they can be whoever they want to be, and our brand’s responsibility is to help create a world where everyone is empowered to manage her menstruation safely, hygienically, and with dignity,” shares Charm Banzuelo, P&G’s Communications Leader for Corporate, Baby & Feminine Care. “For us, this starts with engaging families and schools where young girls are able to first learn about menstrual health. We want to help give adequate access to products and right information that they will carry with them as they grow up,” she states.

Partnering with World Vision Philippines also enables P&G and Whisper to reach communities that need assistance the most. Working with some of the most vulnerable communities in the country, World Vision allows the company to benefit those in underserved areas, who have less education and awareness surrounding menstrual hygiene.

“We’re thankful to work alongside companies like P&G and Whisper who truly advocate for female empowerment,” says World Vision Philippines Director Jun Godornes. “At World Vision, we celebrate our girls’ strength and determination. We hope that when these small actions with P&G are pooled together, we can create waves to transform lives one girl at a time,” he ends.


Skin Savior: Cetaphil Ultra Protect is a Cleanser That Both Intensely Hydrates and Protects Skin.

How you take care of your skin matters more than you think. Nowadays, cleanliness is the name of the game, but in the rush of cleansing your body, you could be stripping your skin of natural’s moisture.

Using harsh bar soap and frequent washing leads to dry skin, which can further lead to skin irritation, roughness, and dryness. However, there is now a better solution when it comes to hygiene. Introducing the new Cetaphil Ultra Protect, an antimicrobial cleansing bar that is the right choice to care for your skin. There are no compromises: the product combines the benefits of 99.9% germ protection and moisturization. It is designed for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

The newest innovation of Cetaphil has 3D Derma-Mimic Technology that cleanses your skin at an antimicrobial level because of its dermatological tried-and-tested formulation that repairs and strengthens the skin barrier against water loss. Your skin is now instantly protected and hydrated.

To celebrate the release of the newest product in Cetaphil’s science-backed roster, the #BeUltraProtected campaign celebrates the equal importance of hygiene and care with four workouts in partnership with elite boutique studios in the Metro.

The goal is to show how Cetaphil Ultra Protect can allow you to work out, sweat, and afterward reward your skin with a deep cleanse that is gentle yet effective in cleaning and nourishing the body.

The new Cetaphil Ultra Antimicrobial Cleansing Bar is now available at the official Cetaphil Philippines stores in Lazada and Shopee. You can also find Cetaphil products at Mercury Drug, Watsons’ stores, and supermarkets nationwide.

To learn more about the new Cetaphil Ultra Protect and the brand’s gentle line of products for sensitive skin, follow Cetaphil Philippines on Facebook and Instagram, or visit