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iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR IN SEOUL (Korea Version)


Sneak Peek | Etude House Blossom Picnic Collection.

You know it's almost cherry blossom season when beauty brands launch their spring collections, and Etude House is one of the first in the K-beauty world to release their offering for this season. Etude House's newest collection is inspired by cherry blossoms, which isn't exactly surprising since these lovely pink blooms are the symbolic flower for spring.
Etude House Blossom Picnic Collection.
But if you're a die-hard cherry blossom fan (case in point, me), prepare yourselves for the cuteness because the Blossom Picnic Collection is as pretty as can be.

View the complete collection after the jump!


Spotlight | Missha Cotton Blush.

I've been extremely busy lately with freelance projects, writing gigs, and my son's school activities, and with his final exams coming up, expect me to be swamped with even more work in the next few days. I know my plate is already full and I kinda have a deadline to beat today, but I wanted to squeeze in this quick review of the blusher that I've been using (and loving) as of late.
Missha Cotton Blush.
This is the Missha Cotton Blush, which I purchased from Althea and was one of the many items included in my birthday/year-end haul. I was initially attracted to its shade range (the complete Missha Cotton Blush line consists of ten shades which will suit a variety of skin tones and undertones) and its affordable price (dirt cheap, considering that it's from Missha).
Hangul text at the bottom of the pan.
A powder blush with soft, velvety texture, the Missha Cotton Blush gives your cheeks a lovely, natural flush of color. It's formulated with 'silky elastic powder' that controls sebum and allows for easy, non-cakey application.
Missha Cotton Blush in Vintage Robe.
Its packaging is sleek and simple, and the clear compact is small enough to fit your jeans pocket. Although the size of the Missha Cotton Blush is relatively smaller compared to other blushers, you have to take into consideration that each pan costs only Php 230. Also, for its price point, you're getting your money's worth - maybe even more - in terms of color payoff and quality.
Missha Cotton Blush Vintage Robe - swatched once on the right, twice on the left.
Missha Cotton Blush in Vintage Robe - swatched once on the right, twice on the left.
Missha Cotton Blush in Vintage Robe - swatched once on the right, twice on the left.
The shade that I got is Vintage Robe, a dusty rose with a hint of reddish brown. I love how nicely pigmented this shade is, and how I get a healthy-looking flush with just a swipe or two on my cheeks. It glides on smoothly with the right brush, has buildable coverage, and leaves the cheeks with a soft matte finish. This shade is quite long-wearing, too. Despite the sweltering heat, the color stayed put on my cheeks throughout the day with no touch-ups at all.
Missha Cotton Blush in Vintage Robe on my cheeks.
Needless to say, I am impressed by the over-all quality of the Missha Cotton Blush, and I'm planning to buy a few more shades the next time I go on a shopping spree in Korea or at the Althea website, whichever comes first (lol)

New to Althea? Here's a discount voucher that you can use to get 20% off on your first order. :)


The Complete Guide on Fishing Gear and Tackle Reviews.

Most people think fishing is passive. But that can’t be further from the truth. What is dull for many people is actually exciting for fishing enthusiasts. Just being outdoors makes most of the experience fun. You go out and enjoy the view of a beautiful river, lake, or the ocean. This can be very relaxing to most people. When fishing, you get to clear your mind of all obligations and all your worries. It’s just you and nature. Over the years, people develop skills that help them become better. You’ll get to know where the fish are hiding, and what kind of bait to use.

A thing that reels in people is the anticipation. No one ever knows when the next catch is going to be. It could be in the next minute. Or, the entire day can pass by without any action. Many people think that soccer is interesting because of never knowing when the next goal is going to happen. It can be at any time. You’re always on the edge of your seat, thinking and preparing. A big one might come out of nowhere, and you must be ready for battle. This is the same with fishing.
Fancy fishing?
All you need to know about fishing rods 
You can’t go into the wild waters without a rod. This is the most basic equipment piece that’s shaped like a long stick. The better the rod, the better the placing of the bait. With a good quality one, you will be able to cast wherever you want. Of course, some factors come into play when choosing the best one. The qualities that make a great rod stand out are the length, material, power, and action. For example, if someone wants to catch big fish, that means that there will be a lot of close combat scenarios. For this, the best option is to use a strong short rod. They’re also good for kayak anglers who want to save a little more space.

On the other hand, longer rods are used for casting great distances. Bass anglers love to use them because they cover water quickly. As for the materials, the rods can be made of graphite, fiberglass or both. This makes some of them indestructible and able to withstand hundreds of pounds of force. Of course, this influences their flexibility as well. You can check out more info in sites like the Top Gear Reviews at ProFishingGearReviews.
When I think of fishing, I think of Running Man. :)
All you need to know about tackle boxes and bags
Tackle boxes are a necessity. They help to keep all the parts that make up the puzzle of fishing. These types of boxes help to keep the contents dry. And, to inhibit rust from coming up on all the hooks, lures and accessories. When searching for the best one, it’s advisable to look for ones that have a five year or more guarantee.

Most of them have divided spaces. This will help you to organize everything as you’d like. This means separating the baits from the lures and the hooks. They usually have thick walls that help in keeping the contents safe. The most important thing to look out for is water resistance. Since you’ll be carrying this item with you on a boat, it shouldn’t allow water to get in and damage the rest of your equipment. Some people keep their personal things in these boxes as well. Nothing can ruin a great day of fishing like a water damaged phone. That’s why waterproof tackles are recommended.

Success! :)
All you need to know about baits and lures
To catch a fish, you need bait. They don’t come just swimming to the hook. They see a reward on it, and this makes them come to get it. Lures come in different shapes and sizes, depending on what you want to catch. However, there are six main types of bait. These are worms, leeches, insects, clams, minnows, and dough balls.

When people think fishing, they always associate the bait with worms. Well, there is a good reason for that. Worms are the easiest to find, and they are the least expensive of all baits. They come in abundance and with a little digging at night, you can see loads of them in your backyard. And, most notably, by using them as bait, you can catch a wide variety of different fish. Here is a great tip in case you don’t know it. Put only a small piece of the worm on the hook. In this way, the chances of a fish getting stuck are significantly higher. That’s because if the worm were longer, the fish would nibble on the sides and leave the part that’s attached on the hook.

On the other hand, leeches are harder to come across. They are usually bought in shops, and you keep them refrigerated. Many fishermen like using them because the leeches move in the water. This attracts loads of fish because the bait is moving and struggling. Minnows fall in this category as well. They are small fish that can be caught with nets or bought in a store. Just be careful not to hit their spinal cord when you put them on the hook. This will paralyze them and make them unable to move in the water. Also, in some waters, it’s forbidden to catch minnows. So, be careful about that too. Read more about baits here.

To sum up
Finally, putting this all together should be done for only one thing – to catch a fish. When you get something pulling on the line, prepare yourself for a fight. That’s the most exciting part of the sport. The fish will pull, and try to escape with all its power. Sometimes, the line will break. Other times, it will shake off the hook. But, if you’ve got the skill mastered, then you might have a dinner that’s nothing like on the supermarket. Fresh, delicious fish are the thing every fisherman is looking forward to.


How to Choose the Best Prom Dress.

Shopping for your prom dress is one of the most exciting part in preparing for your prom. It can also be very taxing, especially if you are presented with countless styles and a variety of options. So how can we make this task easier? Simple. You have to know your body shape.

Photo credit: Beauty Bridge.
The Pyramid
For instance, if you have a rather narrow bust and wide hips (pyramid silhouette),  you can opt for a dress with thin straps adjusted at the top, with a bit more width at the hips. If you are the exact opposite (reversed pyramid silhouette),  you can go for a prom dress that's slightly loose and has short sleeves. Better if the dress is long enough to brush against your knees.
Fine Strapless Fuchsia Dress.
The Rectangle
If you have broad shoulders, but your waist and your hips are practically undefined (rectangular silhouette) and you gag on Empire style dresses, that's okay, because this look will definitely flatter you! Go for a scoop or round neckline and do not be afraid to experiment with a pleated dress.
Short Sleeve Yellow Dress.
The Hourglass
If, on the other hand, you have broad shoulders and hips with a slim waist (hourglass silhouette), a V-neck dress would be perfect for you. Opt for a dress flared at the bottom and falls below the knee.
Pink V Neck Dress.
The Curvy
Finally, to put your curves (round silhouette) in value, go with an ample and vaporous dress, which twirls up to your knees, and defines your size.
For the curvy girl.
Consider your complexion
When the time of the ball arrives, you'll have all that fresh complexion of happiness. It is so easy to get lost among all the beautiful colors of dresses that come before our eyes as we shop. Trust your complexion to see more clearly.

If you have clear skin, red is your best friend, while pastel colors are your enemies. If, on the contrary, you have dark complexion, pink, green, yellow, white, and gold will enhance you. Your skin tone pulls a bit on the olive?  A blue or black dress is your best bet. Finally, if you have pink skin or have freckles, coral and beige or turquoise (if you're more fly) will make you shine brightly at your ball.

Don't forget the fabric
More often than not, you have certain prom dresses fabric that you love. It does not mean that the fabric loves us back, lol. Just as the cut of dress should suit you, you should also pay particular attention to the fabric which will complement your silhouette.

Thus, if you are slender and you have endless legs, fine cotton and silk are excellent choices. If, on the other hand, you are rather small, opt for a dress cut in a light and vaporous fabric that's neither too thick or rough. These fabrics are also good for those with more curves.

Finally, know that lace is better for those who have broad shoulders, but few hips, and that princess dresses with a skirt in tulle or crinoline will flatter those with well-defined hips.


6 Reasons Why Snacking on Peanuts Can Be Beneficial to Your Health

Peanuts have been declared a superfood for good reason. They’re full of vitamins and minerals contained in a tidy little package that’s easy to pop when you’re feeling the urge for a quick snack between meals. But did you know that snacking on them also comes with some added benefits? Below are some of the major benefits of regularly consuming peanuts and peanut-derived products:
Peanuts are good for you!
Peanuts Can Help You Lose Weight 
They’re chock-full of fiber and protein, which keeps you feeling full and sated for longer. As such, they’re an excellent way to manage the hunger pangs that have you reaching for chips or sweets. They also increase your metabolic rate as well as help stabilize your blood sugar. If snacking on peanuts whole doesn’t happen to be your thing, you can get all the benefits without any of the chewing by drinking a glass of milked peanuts or getting them from another source, such as peanut flour or peanut butter.

Peanuts Are a Great Source of Biotin
Biotin is a water soluble vitamin which can help convert certain nutrients you absorb through food into energy. It also helps keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy and strong. Research also suggests that getting enough biotin is vital for pregnant women, in order to reduce the risk of congenital birth defects in the fetus.
Peanut-derived products are heart-healthy, too.
Peanuts Are a Heart-Healthy Food
Peanuts are rich in monounsaturated fats, which have been known to lower your risk towards cardiovascular ailments. These monounsaturated fats help clear the arteries and keep your blood flowing strong and healthy. In a study conducted in 2017, it was found that regular consumption of peanuts led to a 15% reduction in the risk for coronary heart disease in a sample size of 200,000 participants.

Peanuts Are Rich in Antioxidants
Antioxidants are molecules that combat free radicals, which cause cellular damage. Excessive free radicals have been linked to cancer, which means that getting your antioxidants in is essential to reducing your risk towards certain cancers. Peanuts contain many of the same powerful antioxidants present in red wine, notably resveratrol. You don’t have to pop peanuts on the daily to boost your resveratrol intake, either—you can drink peanuts in the form of all-natural milked nuts, just as you would with wine.
Peanut Bars, anyone?
Photo credit: Betty Crocker.
Peanuts Are Nutrient-Rich Powerhouses
Niacin, folate, thiamin, and riboflavin are only a few of the nutrients you can get from a serving of peanuts. They’re also rich in vitamins B6 and E, pantothenic acid and choline, as well as essential minerals such as magnesium and potassium, among others. Niacin and vitamin E in particular are nutrients that help protect you from Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline due to advanced age.

Peanuts Can Lower Your Risk of Developing Gallstones
Gallstones are small, hard, crystalline masses that form in the gallbladder or bile ducts as abnormalities. Certain individuals are at a higher risk for it: women, those who are obese or overweight, people aged 40 and up. An unhealthy diet composed mainly of refined carbohydrates and calories can also increase your risk of developing gallstones. Consuming at least one serving of peanuts per day can lower your risk of them forming by up to 25%.

So the next time you have an urge to snack on chips or other types of junk food, you might want to consider eating a handful of peanuts instead. Aside from being a tasty treat that can stave off those hunger pangs, the health benefits that they bring are a much appreciated bonus that no one can deny.


Seoul Searching | Seodaemun Prison History Museum.

Today couldn't have been a more perfect time to write about Seodaemun Prison History Museum, and what we saw and experienced during our visit. Because on this day, exactly one hundred years ago, the March 1st Movement (Samiljeol) took place.

One of the earliest public demonstrations of Korean resistance during the Japanese occupation, Samiljeol was initiated by thirty-three core activists who came together at the Taehwa-gwan Restaurant in Seoul and announced the Korean Declaration of Independence.

They then took it to the streets where they were joined by many others, marching and shouting "Manse!" which means "long live Korea". As more and more people joined the procession, the Japanese officials panicked and asked the military forces to intervene. Many of the Korean protesters were arrested, but many more were killed. Apprehended activists were brought to Seodaemun Prison, where they were locked up, tortured, or worse - executed.
The entrance to Seodaemun Prison History Museum.
Ticket prices: 1500 Korean won for adults, 500 Korean won for kids.
Forcibly built during the Japanese occupation, construction of the prison began in 1907 and was completed the year after. The prison was opened on October 21, 1908, under the name of Gyeongsong Gamok. This name eventually went through a few more changes until 1923, when it finally became the name that we know today - Seodaemun Prison.
The Administration Building, used mainly for interrogations.
This now serves as the exhibition hall of Seodaemun Prison History Museum.
Uncovering the horrors of Seodaemun Prison... more secrets revealed after the jump!


Basic Tips in Hiring an Electrician.

When you hire an electrician to do electrical repairs at your workplace or home, you wish to make certain that the professional is able to do the job proficiently. However, there are many "professionals" who promote themselves as being skilled enough in carrying out any electric work. Speaking to someone over the phone won’t help you assess his credibility.

So how do you figure out whether the person you’re considering is a good fit for the job? Here are some tips to consider when hiring an electrician:
Is your electrician authorized and qualified?
Insurance and licenses 
It’s necessary to ascertain that the electrical professionals working in your house or workplace are insured as well as licensed. They should willingly provide details in these respects. In case an electrician works for a company, it’s possible to get these details through the company. For independent contractors, these details are more important.

Never run the risk of your skilled friend undertaking an electric work in your home. It’s better to turn to a legitimate contractor for the job. If the person in consideration possesses license and carry insurance, you can be sure of his legitimacy.

You’ll come across numerous professionals like electrician Sydney dedicated to electrical chores. So how do you filter unskilled persons from your list? The simple answer is experience. Never consider an inexperienced electrician. While such a person may be able to fix minor problems, he’ll only punctuate a major electrical problem. Since electrical chores include a lot of risks, you should always depend on a professional who carries years of experience in fixing a range of electrical issues.

Quotes and estimates
Never allow an electrician to work at your place without getting an agreed quote. Obtaining quotes from electricians offer two benefits. Firstly, you get to compare quotes from multiple professionals before committing to one. Secondly, a proficient electrician is the one who is able to give you a comprehensive estimate of the work in a detailed manner.

As well as giving an estimate of the total cost of the electric work, an effective electrician will provide a projected timeline for the completion of the work. Although some adjustments may be necessary while the work is being carried out, having an indication on how long the given project will take is very important.

Obtaining references from others is one of the easiest ways to find out how good the electrician is. Without warnings or recommendations, you just can’t figure out whether others were impressed and satisfied with his work. A good electrician should provide a decent number of references and testimonies with good success rate.

Listening and recommendations
The best professionals will always pay attention to your needs as well as expectations when doing their job. Also, they’ll provide information regarding the work required as per their professional opinion. In addition to this, they’ll explain using terms and language that you can easily understand and comprehend.

Bottom line
Choosing the right electrician for the job can be a daunting and time-consuming chore. However, it’s easy to do away with this chore by acting smartly. Just check the above tips when hiring an electrician. With these handy tips, picking the right professional becomes easy.


My Althea Lunar New Year Haul!

"I konmari-d my vanity dresser over the weekend," I told my sister, who came over yesterday to visit the kids.

"Oh, you watched the show?" she asked.

With a head shake and a finger wag, I replied, "No, but konmari is all over my Facebook news feed and I just did what everyone else seems to be doing. I needed space for all these beauty products that I'm getting."

"I stopped watching after the first episode."

"You didn't like the series?"

"I liked it. So much, that I ended up throwing half of my husband's stuff after episode one," she answered, before bursting into a fit of laughter.

My sister and I live apart so we don't see each other very often. But when we do, we talk about everything under the sun - from our married lives to our travel plans, to serious 'adulting' issues like life insurance and property investments, and of course, kikay stuff like upcoming makeup launches and the skincare products that I'm buying from Althea. Case in point, my latest beauty haul.
Ringing in the Lunar New Year with this haul from Althea!
Halfway through January, my Althea family sent me another surprise gift - $50 worth of Rewards Points credited to my Althea account. And with that, I was able to purchase all these without having to spend a dime. Awesomesauce, right? :)

Now here's a quick run-through of what's inside my Althea Lunar New Year box:
Laneige Essential Power Skin Refiner Moisture, Php 1100.
Laneige Essential Power Skin Refiner Moisture (Php 1100).
I received a complimentary travel-sized bottle of this toner when we visited the Laneige Flagship Store in Ewha last spring. Unlike most toners, the Laneige Essential Power Skin Refiner has a thicker, more viscous formula that deeply moisturizes the skin from the get-go.

The cold months usually wreak havoc on my skin, and this toner was quite the wonder worker. It kept my skin from looking dull and feeling dry, and you get soft and smooth skin in an instant. I just couldn't get enough of that 'chok chok' (dewy, bouncy, hydrated) effect from this toner so I decided to go full-size! 
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, Php 1090.
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, Php 1090.
To complement the Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion that I've previously bought, I got the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum which now comes in a new packaging. Not sure if they also changed the formulation, but I hope they did not because the OG formula is already hydrating and nourishing as is.
Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Serum, Php 400.
Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Serum, Php 400.
I've been using the same brand of hair serum for more than five years now, and giving the Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Serum a try is like breaking out of my comfort zone. I've read tons of positive feedback about this product, and I just had to satisfy my curiosity as to why they love this hair serum. I just hope the curious cat in me won't have regrets later on. 
Missha Superfood Apricot Lip Scrub, Php 240.
Missha Superfood Apricot Lip Scrub, Php 240.
Because we can't get enough of lip treatment products! Also, I was very much drawn to the packaging. Supreme vibes, yes?
Tony Moly New Pureness 100 Mask Sheet, Php 40.
Tony Moly Pureness 100 Mask Sheet, Php 40.
One thing I love about Tony Moly sheet masks is how they fit nicely on my face. I've tried the Snail variant of this sheet mask before and it was so damn good. Very moisturizing, and your skin looks glowing the morning after. Unfortunately, the Snail sheet mask wasn't in stock when I placed my order so I settled for the Hyaluronic one instead. I hope this variant will be just as impressive.

I have another beauty haul arriving in a few weeks. Should I take my sister's lead and konmari my husband's stuff as well? :)


Pucker Up! | Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense.

If you're an avid fan of Korean dramas, then you probably know what 'PPL' or 'product placement' is. It's a marketing technique which strategically features brand logos in a particular scene, or shows the characters in the drama using the product. Sometimes subtle, but oftentimes not, PPL has become a norm in Korean dramas; the more popular the drama is, the more PPLs are inserted in it.

I fell for these PPLs several times in the past, and thanks to these Korean dramas, I've bought all sort of stuff - lipsticks, cushions, sheet masks, perfume, plush dolls... Heck, I would even have pizza or fried chicken delivered to our flat (in Seoul) because my favorite Hallyu stars were endorsing them, lol!

The latest PPLs that I fell prey to were the ones shown in Memories of the Alhambra. You see, I've come across these Creamy Tint Color Balms countless of times in Myeongdong and Sinsadong, but never really paid much attention to them. I did swatch a few shades, but purchase them I did not. Then came Memories of the Alhambra with scenes of Park Shin Hye gliding them color balms on her lips, and I was like, "Freeeaaaak! Why did I not buy those while I was in Seoul???" 
Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense, Php 390 each on Althea.
Thankfully, these lippies are sold in Althea, and I bought two out of the seven shades that were listed on their site. That's just a fraction of the entire Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense line, which has a whopping selection of 27 shades!
Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense.
A crayon-type lip product, the Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense has the vivid color of lipstick and the creamy texture of a lip balm. It's formulated with jojoba extract to moisturize and smoothen the lips, and green tea seed oil to protect the lips from external pollutants and free radical damage. It also contains a special powder ingredient which provides this product with a soft, smooth, glide-on texture.
Twist-up lip crayon.
The shades that I got were #21 Red Soul and #22 Dandy Coral. The former is a muted brown-red shade, while the latter is a coral-based peach.
Shade reference on the top flap of the box.
Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense #21 Red Soul.
Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense #22 Dandy Coral.
Both shades are nicely pigmented, have a smooth, velvety texture, and a true matte finish. Although these Creamy Tint Color Balms do not have that slick, buttery feel when you glide them on the lips, they're very easy to apply, and you only need to swipe them once or twice for the color to pop.
Crayon-type lip product.
Twist the bottom part to expose the tip of the product.
They're non-drying, and your lips won't feel parched even after hours of wear. They don't accentuate fine lines either, despite settling down to a flat matte finish. Do note, however, that I have a regimen which keeps my lips from looking or feeling dry. If you have dry, flaky lips, I suggest you exfoliate and moisturize properly before and after using matte lip products.
#22 Dandy Coral on top, #21 Red Soul on the bottom.
Swatched: #21 Red Soul on the left, #22 Dandy Coral on the right.
For a 'lip balm', these products are surprisingly long-wearing. The colors stay put for hours (especially if you wear them full lip), and can survive a light, non-greasy meal.
Wearing shade #22 Dandy Coral.
Wearing shade #21 Red Soul.
Most of my PPL buys have never failed me, and I'm so glad that the Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense exceeded my expectations. I have a feeling I'll be buying more of these in the (very) near future because why not? They give value for money, plus I have a few more Althea Rewards Points to spare, anyways. :)

Have you been influenced by Korean dramas (or any other TV show, for that matter) in buying something? Share your PPL story in the comments! :)


10 Instagram and Facebook Advertising Courses to Upgrade your Digital Skills.

When starting out on your journey to learn online marketing, it is easy to get disorientated with too much information and courses that are available in the market. Before you blink, many more have been added and you can’t seem to know where to get the most useful information about social media advertising so you might tend to just refrain from learning anything. The Top 10 Advertising Courses for you to be a guru in Facebook and Instagram are listed below.
It's all about Facebook and Instagram these days...
 1. What is Social? 
 It is a beginner MOOC – Massive Open Online Course made as part of 6 specialization courses by Northwestern University and offered on Coursera. You will learn all about trends on social media like Facebook, Instagram, how to state target audiences and how to analyze data. You get to test the water with the first course which is free and if you want to proceed down that path, you have to pay for the full courses. Read more here.

2. Facebook Ads: Facebook / Instagram Advertising Course 
A course on Udemy that was created by Davis Jones, Eazl Publishing and Ludell Jones. You learn all the skills you need to launch and configure advanced features for Facebook Ads. You all learn how to target Facebook users and create similar audiences with data i.e. Email list, MailChimp. It does not matter if you are a digital marketing professional or a corporate business that wants to use Facebook to manage Business ads or you are a small business owner/ entrepreneur trying to leverage Instagram or Facebook in a much better way. Once you complete 100% of the course you will a personalized Facebook for Business 2019 Certificate issued by Eazl.

 3. Facebook Blueprint 
Free resources for beginner and advanced users to learn how to successfully run ad campaigns on your Facebook business page. It was made by Blueprint eLearning and offered by Facebook. The topics covered include terminology of Facebook and its meaning, best posting strategies for Facebook and Instagram, how to optimize your Facebook and Instagram ads, how to make a high-quality business page on Facebook and improve the experience of your followers.

4. Social Media Quickstarter 
A class offered and created by Constant Contact for beginners to learn how to build a professional presence on any platform for social media. If you aren’t too sure on the right one for you or your business, you can start small with this program and you just might find the perfect social media fit. You can start any of the courses reviewed by to advance your level of digital skills and learn the ropes quickly even if you have never made ads before.

5. Introduction to Social Media Advertising 
This course is created by Buffer in conjunction with other courses offered on Skillshare at a flat monthly fee. The best part is that there is a free 2 months trial period to get access to over fifteen thousand courses before paying. This preparatory class is essential for small business, brands, marketers, freelancers, and anyone eyeing the potential of paid advertising on social media. In the end, you will be able to run your first ad campaign, bond with customers, transform clicks and views into action, and cultivate ways for the lasting success of your business.
Get social.
6. The Complete Facebook Marketing Masterclass 
The course was created by Diego Davila, who will teach you techniques and tips to take over Facebook & Instagram this 11-hour course. Training will cover how to thousands potential customers in a targeted way, how to successfully use retargeting and Pixel on Facebook and ways to earn money by marketing the right products to the right clients. As a bonus, you will also acquire strategies for advertising with Facebook videos, make powerful ads on Instagram and means to grow your followers and likes.

7. Instagram Marketing: A Step-By-Step to 10,000 Real Followers
This is a bestseller course created by Benjamin Wilson and it is majorly about marketing on Instagram. You learn how to succeed in reaching your target market/audience and get thousands of active followers on your personal or business Instagram account. Over thirteen thousand students have joined, and in four hours of committed coaching and training, you are on your way to becoming an expert on Instagram. Even if you are a rookie about advertising on social media, this course promises to make you into a guru that can start a business on Instagram or offer the services to clients.

8. The Complete Facebook Ads & Marketing Course 2018
The course is created by a Facebook guru, Suppoman and available on Udemy. Over 76 000+ students and online marketers have joined and gained skills in advertising and marketing on Facebook. You will learn how to use ads functions to promote your Facebook posts and page effectively, how 80/20 principle can be applied to the ads and strategies to make money with ads and likes on a page to make it viral. With real-life proof of strategies which works for him, you will get better at how to discover and draw the right audience to the appropriate product. You get lifetime access on TV or mobile as well as a certificate of completion when you finish the course.

9. Viral Marketing Course
Viral Marketing is the most popular buzzword likely to exist on Social Media. This course was made by the University of Pennsylvania to help people sell their ideas effectively on different social media platforms. You will be trained by Professor Jonah Berger, a knowledgeable person in the domain that will show you methods to make viral content and sticky messages while ensuring you know how to make campaigns to be shareable on social media.

10. Comprehensive Social Media Training Bootcamp
A course offered on CreativeLive to teach you the strategy and how to you can excel with it like other social media experts. Secrets, tricks and tips are shared by nine gurus from various domains of social media i.e. Instagram advertising, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn etc. The 13 classes run for a period of 5 days. However, you can choose to download the lessons and learn at your own pace.

After going through the high volume of resources available in the market, the list above was made with only the essential courses that you need to become a proficient marketer on social media especially Instagram and Facebook.


Spotlight | Peripera Inklasting Lavender Cushion.

It was around this time last year when I received the Peripera Inklasting Lavender Cushion as a gift from a friend who traveled to Korea. I helped her plan the entire trip - from visa application to creating a detailed itinerary for her four-day stay - and as a way of expressing her gratitude, she came home with a bagful of makeup for me, with this cushion included.

The Peripera Inklasting Lavender Cushion is a cushion compact that claims to have a 'buildable, non-cakey coverage with a dewy glow'. Formulated with light-reflecting pigments, this cushion brightens the complexion and makes the skin radiant. It's infused with lavender, violet, and blueberry to replenish the skin's moisture and make the skin glow from the inside out. I reckon it's this combination of purple ingredients that gives this product a mild, powdery scent.
Peripera Inklasting Lavender Cushion, 12000 Korean won.
Product details at the back of the box, text mostly in Hangul.
The Peripera Inklasting Lavender Cushion comes in a typical cushion case with a standard puff applicator. I've noticed that this purple dotted puff is a tad thicker than the usual puff applicator. It's more absorbent than other puffs that I have tried, and picks up a generous amount of cushion in one go.
How the cushion case looks like from inside.
However, that can be an issue if you're more accustomed to rubycell puffs which pick up a moderate amount of product and gives the skin a seamless, airbrushed finish. 
The purple dotted sponge.
How the cushion looks like. 
As for the shade range, this cushion gives you three options - #1 Ivory, #2 Beige, and #3 Sand. I was given the middle shade, which Peripera describes as a 'subtly radiant, natural beige'. Turns out, this shade is a bit lighter than my usual (I'm a 23 in Missha, Innisfree, and Laneige) but I was able to make it work on my skin with some good ol' setting powder
Peripera Inklasting Lavender Cushion in #2 Beige.
Peripera Inklasting Lavender Cushion #2 Beige when swatched.
Truth be told, I had qualms about using this cushion. I've read reviews about the Peripera Inklasting Cushions (not just this variant, but also the Pink and the Mint cushions) and most of them weren't very favorable, to say the least. Common issues were the shades being way too light, the cushion not setting well on the skin, minimal wear time, and caking after a few hours. Apparently, these are not entirely false as I have experienced some of them myself with the Lavender Cushion.
Left, without cushion. Right, with cushion.
Left, without cushion. Right, with cushion.
I thought it would be a waste to just give up on this cushion, so I tried to figure out a way to make it work on my skin. I experimented with it for an entire week, mixing and matching it with different primers and setting powders to find a combination that will make the Peripera Inklasting Lavender Cushion 'more wearable' in this tropical weather.
Bare skin.
  • Worn on its own, no primer, no setting powder - dewy finish, cakey after 3 hours, oily T-zone after 3 hours
  • Worn with setting powder, no primer - satin finish, cakey in less than 3 hours, product feels heavy on the skin as well
  • Worn with primer, no setting powder - dewy finish, cakey after 4 hours, oily T-zone after 4 hours
  • Worn with an illuminating makeup base and setting powder - very radiant finish, cakey in less than 4 hours, cushion looks like it's sliding off my skin
  • Worn with a cushion primer and setting powder - dewy finish, minimal caking after 4 hours or so, oily T-zone after 4 hours or so
  • Worn with a blur/mattifying primer and setting powder - satin finish, a bit of creasing around the corners of my eyes after 5 or 6 hours, a bit of shine on my forehead by midday.
Wearing the Peripera Inklasting Lavender Cushion in #2 Beige.
Yes folks, there is hope for the Inklasting Cushion which others have branded as 'the worst cushion ever'. With a mattifying primer and the right setting powder, you can make this cushion work for your skin tone and minimize the creasing or caking. 

You also need to be wary when applying the cushion because the more layers you apply, the lighter it looks on your face. Take note that this cushion has medium coverage from the get-go, and can even out your skin and cover minor blemishes with just a layer or two.
Products used:
FACE: Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer,
Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer in Honey,
Peripera Inklasting Lavender Cushion in #2 Beige.
EYES: Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,
Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner,
Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara,
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyeliner in 03 Walnut Brown.
CHEEKS: Peripera Pure Blushed Velvet Cheek in #8 Appealing Dry Coral.
LIPS: Peripera Ink Airy Velvet in Elf Light Rose.
Looks like it's not the end of the road yet for the Peripera Inklasting Lavender Cushion and I. Sure, it's not holy grail material, but it's not so bad either.