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iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR IN SEOUL (Korea Version)


3 Things to Have in Mind in Choosing the Right Bedding for Animal Husbandry.

When choosing bedding for your stalls or transport for horses, cattle or swine, chose one that accommodates your needs and the needs of the animals.

There are several different types of bedding on the market, ranging from the cheapest bedding, made from fir or pine wood with added resin, to the high quality bedding made from beech. You can buy high quality beech bedding at To choose the right bedding for your animals, there are several criteria to consider:
Horse Doctor, 2012.
1. The economics of animal bedding
When you choose a bedding, efficiency in the form of absorbency is a thing to have in mind. Bedding made from beech has the highest absorbency of all wood types, and is almost twice as absorbent as fir or pine. That means lower quantities are needed, saving money on sheer volume.

2. The safety of the bedding
When dealing with larger animals, safety comes first. The beech bedding from Dansk Træmel is thoroughly analyzed and checked for germs, yeast and moulds, keeping you and your animals safe. Furthermore, the beech bedding has been declared salmonella free. The bedding is heat treated, which makes is almost sterile.

3. The environmental implications of animal bedding
When choosing bedding for your animals, you can make a difference for the environment. Bedding from Dansk Træmel is made from FSC- and PEFC-certified wood, reducing the environmental implications for the forests and woods of the world, when cutting down trees.
Wood for bedding.


CB's Finest | The Kickstarter Blend from Caffeine Brothers Co.

Caffeine Brothers Co., an up-and-coming startup specialty coffee retail and distributorship based in Manila, Philippines, announced today the finest launch in the Philippine Coffee Industry history with the release of CB's Finest - the kickstarter. The first addition to the voluminous blends to be released shall be available for everyone to enjoy and within everyone's reach through their online store at

Amidst several coffee company which claims to have the perfect coffee, Caffeine Brothers Co. thrives through technology paired with deep love for a good cup of coffee. Now, enthusiasts and caffeine buffs can enjoy various types of coffee beans and Caffeine Brothers' signature blend sourced from local growers only in the Philippines straight from the web to their doorstep.
A new player in retail and distribution launches online store for Philippine specialty coffee.
"Most us do not actually know but for a time in our past, the Philippines was hailed as a top coffee producing nation. We were once a coffee country!" said Robin, co-founder of Caffeine Brothers Co.

"This time is the perfect opportunity for Caffeine Brothers to grow. Our sole mission for this venture is to share our passion for coffee, be one of the pioneers in the purely online arena, and pro-caffeinate the country with our home-grown beans." he added.
Great coffee choices from Caffeine Brothers Co.
First timers and coffee addicts have already tried and Raisha from Makati reviewed, "Waaaaaay better than my usual cup of coffee. CB’s Finest a must try. Perfectly balanced acidity, sweetness, and bitterness in one sip with a smooth flavor and no off-taste. Great blends of beans that aroma of a classic coffee scent will surely make your day. Smooth, delicate matte black re-sealable stand-up pouch keeping it from moisture and preserving the freshness of the beans.  Fast delivery."

Meanwhile, Marriane of San Pedro, Laguna also said, "Very fast and convenient transaction. I am working on a night shift and had no problem with the delivery. The package even arrived earlier than expected! They provide quality from delivery up to the coffee experience itself. The coffee aroma is so good na maaamoy mo na sa packaging palang. It definitely didn’t disappoint when we tried their coffee. I would recommend you try their CB’s Finest blend."

Finally, Kerwin, co-founder of Caffeine Brothers Co. said, "We may have yet to grow in the business, but our dream of the resurgence of Philippine coffee's former prominence is what keeps us up every morning."

If you find value in what Caffeine Brothers do, check out their website at where you'll find tons of tips and information on how to enjoy your cup of coffee. You can also reach them via Facebook or Instagram @caffeinebrothersco.


Seoul Searching | Royal Tombs of Joseon Dynasty (Seolleung and Jeongneung).

Like most travelers, one of my travel goals is to visit as many UNESCO World Heritage sites as possible. I've been to two locations here in the Philippines - the Baroque Churches and Vigan City, and two in South Korea - Changdeokgung Palace and Jongmyo Shrine.

On our last Seoul Searching trip, I was able to tick another one off my list after having visited the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty.
The Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty
- another UNESCO World Heritage Site off the bucket list!
A collection of 40 tombs scattered over 18 locations across South Korea, the Royal Tombs are magnificent and perfectly preserved graves entombed with kings and queens, as well as monarchs that were posthumously granted the title of king or queen, of the Joseon Dynasty. These tombs were built over five centuries ago - from 1408 to 1966 - and were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009.

More of the Royal Tombs after the jump!


Furnishing Your First Home | When To Buy Budget & When To Splash Out

It can be daunting and even overwhelming when buying your first home and one of the things you'll need to consider is how to furnish the place and, more importantly, where to spend big and where you can make some savings.

White Goods
These are important aspects of a working household, and although you can look for cheap or even second hand options you need to consider that (all going well) you will have these items for many years to come. Hence, it's a good idea to invest for the long-term. Buying the cheap option will just increase the chances of breakdown and repairs and even be more costly to some as the energy efficiency rating of inexpensive units can be considerably less.
We finally got a 4K Smart TV, only because our decade-old CRT TV
 has conked out beyond repair, haha.
This is one that we would advise to take a pragmatic approach of spending well but not too much as there are purchases that can be very costly and not good value. What we mean by this is two-fold - don't buy emerging technologies that are ultra-expensive; recent examples that come to mind are 3D and/or curved-screen TVs. These were tipped to be the next best thing and came to nothing. What is good advice is to buy good sets but not the newest models as stores often discount the end of the line on outgoing models.

Living Room
Living room furniture is a tricky one. You could spend a lot on this and get some great, long-lasting pieces. But there are some great ways to get a good deal on these items. One way that this can be achieved is to look at furniture auctions, where some really high-quality goods can be sold on the cheap on the right day.
Ho Rang's dream sofa in Because This is My First Life (2017).
Bedroom furniture is one area you really don't want to skimp on. The reason being is that a comfortable and healthy sleep is key to your well-being. Check out the best and worst mattresses on the market and see what suits you.

A bathroom can be an expensive project to undertake and so it's important to gauge whether or not it needs doing straight away or not. If there are no structural or leakage points then it's most likely a job that can wait until you have the cash further down the line as you really don't need it and can probably put up with it for a little while after moving in.
Do Min Joon's bathroom in My Love from the Star (2014).
Fixings & Infrastructure
This is something that you should know about before finalizing the house purchase but if there are structural works needed than it can be a big mistake to not address them immediately as factors such as rot or neglected roofing repairs could become much bigger bills as time goes on. You should factor these costs into your purchase price and, in some cases, can even get money on the mortgage for this type of work to be completed.


15 Bathroom Essentials for Your First Home.

Moving into your first home? While you’re too caught up choosing the perfect couch, coffee table, or curtain, it can be so easy to forget the small details that complete your home and make it comfortable to live in. This applies particularly to the essentials found in your bathroom.

Considering how often you use the bathroom, stocking it with everything you need, from hygiene products to cleaning products, should be on top of your to-do list after moving to your new place. That said, here is a list of all the bathroom essentials you should have in your new bathroom.
Cheon Song Yi's bathroom in My Love from the Stars (2014).
 1. Toiletries are products or supplies that you use for cleaning or grooming yourself. This includes dental hygiene products, like a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash. Bath products, like soap, shampoo, and shower gel, are also part of the list. Shaving cream, aftershave, cologne, makeup, and deodorant make up your grooming kit.

2. A shower curtain should be necessary if you don’t have glass doors to separate the shower area. It will keep water from getting all over the bathroom while you take a bath. It also gives you more privacy.

3. Get a shower caddy to organize all the bathing products you need. As the name suggests, you can hang it on the showerhead so your soap, shampoo, and bathing supplies are within easy reach while you shower.

4. Avoid bathroom accidents with a nonslip bath mat. Water makes bathroom floors, especially those made of natural and ceramic tiles, slippery; add soap or shampoo suds, and you may have a disaster waiting to happen. A nonslip bath mat keeps you safe and steady on your feet.

5. A toothbrush holder is necessary to keep your toothbrush of the dirty sink. Get a UV light antibacterial toothbrush holder to sterilize your toothbrush every after use.

6. A magnifying mirror will make it easier for you to grooming rituals that require absolute focus and delicacy, like applying makeup, plucking eyebrows, and shaving. You can also take a closer look at your skin, spot growing pimples, and treat them before they grow any bigger.

7. Organizers will keep your sink, countertop, and cabinets clutter-free when you start accumulating stuff. Plus, they will help keep your bathroom organized and make your essentials accessible and easy to find.
Photo credit: Unssplash.
8. Wicker baskets are aesthetically pleasing, but more than that, they are excellent for storing and organizing bath towels, hand towels, toilet paper, laundry, and other bathroom essentials.

9. A trash can should always be in your bathroom and other parts of your home. It will help keep your clean, clutter-free, and safe by keeping you from littering inside your home.

10. A toilet brush is essential to ensure that your toilet is spotlessly clean all the time. Instead of the usual plastic toilet brush, get a zero-waste brush, made from wood, ceramic, and pig bristles. That’s sure to be 100 percent plastic-free and recyclable.

11. Clogs happen all the time, so you need a plunger ready in your bathroom. There are different types of plungers. For the sink clogs, you need a common sink plunger, but for toilet clogs, an accordion plunger or toilet flange plunger will work better.

12. Keep a squeegee around to wipe of excess moisture on your glass shower doors, mirror, and other surfaces. Excess moisture is one of the biggest banes of homeowners. It can cause molding, leave watermarks, and damage appliances, fixtures, and furniture.

13. Keep clogs away using macerating pump for your bathroom. A high-power macerating pump breaks down wastewater and expels great pressure to push waste through the pipes toward the sewage line then to the septic tank. This prevents clogs and ensures smoother drainage.

14. Go green with nontoxic and eco-friendly bathroom cleaners. They can erase the toughest stains without harming your health, damaging your bathroom, and hurting the environment.
Soy candles from Goblin, The Lonely and Great God (2017).
15. Keep the stink under wraps using reed diffusers or scent sticks and safe and fragrant essential oils. With these, your bathroom can smell like relaxing lavender, fresh peppermint, warm sandalwood, or energizing lemon. And you’ll never have to pinch your nose in your bathroom again.

Final Word
Your home isn’t complete without the essentials for your daily routine and everyday tasks around the house. As one of the most frequently used facilities in the home, your bathroom should have a complete stock of the products and tools you need for bathing, grooming, and cleaning. It will make your life so much easier (and less frustrating) if you have all these things prepared.