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LOOK: Eats-So-Easy Katsu from Purefoods!

Torn between preparing a nice meal for the family but not enough time to start from scratch? 
Don’t worry! You can now spend more time with the family and less time in the kitchen with new ready-to-heat Pork Katsu, Chicken Katsu, and Spicy Chicken Nuggets from Purefoods!

How does “tonkatsu meal for the family in just 8 minutes” sound like? Now, you can enjoy the crispness and juiciness of Pork and Chicken Katsu and experience Japanese cuisine right in the convenience of your home! Just pop frozen in the oven for 8 minutes or fry for 2-3 minutes.

Level up the katsu experience resto-style with these Eats-so-Easy ideas!

One, serve katsu with some thinly shredded cabbage and sesame dressing, crushed toasted sesame seeds mixed with the free packet of katsu sauce. and a lemon slice to garnish.

Two, whip up an easy curry sauce with Japanese curry paste, coconut milk, diced potatoes and carrots and drizzle on katsu.

And third, go All American-inspired and serve katsu with BBQ seasoned French fries and ketchup or sour cream-bleu cheese sauce.

For more recipes, you can visit and its social media platforms @HomeFoodiePH 

Purefoods Pork Katsu, Chicken Katsu, and Spicy Chicken Nuggets are available in leading supermarkets nationwide.


LOOK: Ajinomoto launches new kitchen must-have for only ₱8!

It is always a challenge for moms and homecooks to cook perfectly delicious dishes that their family will love. Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) is helping solve that with the new Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning, an affordable, easy to use, and tasty kitchen partner that is sure to hit the bullseye in cooking perfect dishes every time! This new pantry staple is available in a sachet format, which makes it affordable at ₱8 only.

The new Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning is available in affordable ₱8 sachets. 

“The new Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning is made to upgrade ordinary dishes into special meals that families will love. Now that everyone takes almost all of their meals at home, we were encouraged to introduce a new product that can make each dining experience more special but still within the budget,” says Roann Co, APC Marketing and Public Relations General Manager.

It also comes in 250 mL PET bottles.

Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning balances the overall taste of any dish with a flavorful savoriness and an appetizing aroma. As compared to soy sauce, the liquid seasoning gives a mouthwatering and well-rounded profile that blends notes of saltiness, sweetness, and savoriness. It can be enjoyed in many ways, either as a tabletop seasoning for fried dishes or an ingredient when marinating or cooking.

The new liquid seasoning comes in 250 ml PET bottles and 25 ml sachets. The ₱8-sachet provides homecooks a more affordable and easy-to-use option. Each pack has been designed for one-time use to enhance a dish made for family serving. Busy moms and beginners in the kitchen can simply open the sachet and pour the liquid seasoning directly as they cook, no need to stress on estimating quantities.

Gladys Reyes uses Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning!

As the new product aims to help more moms in the kitchen, Ajinomoto welcomes their new celebrity endorser, Gladys Reyes. As a celebrity, entrepreneur, and mother of four children, Gladys is no stranger when it comes to cooking but like any busy mom, she also needs a reliable partner in the kitchen. She uses the product to create a delicious and savory taste when cooking, especially with bangus steak and pancit bihon. Just one sachet is enough to make mealtimes more special.

“Producing quality and thoughtful products such as Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning is part of our Eat Well, Live Well promise. We hope that through our new product, we can empower moms and homecooks to bring deliciousness and happiness on their dining tables,” shares Co.

Here are some easy recipes that you can try with the new Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning:

Bangus Steak.


1. FRY. In a pan, heat oil. Fry bangus until brown on all sides. Set aside.
2. SAUTÉ. In the same pan, sauté onion and garlic. Add fried bangus.
3. SEASON. Add Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning and pepper.
4. SIMMER. Add water and calamansi juice and simmer for 5 minutes. Turn off heat.
5. SERVE. Serve with hot rice and enjoy.
To learn more about this recipe, visit

Pansit Bihon.


1. SAUTÉ. In a pan, heat oil. Sauté onion and garlic until fragrant. Add pork and shrimp. Cook until meat is browned.
2. SIMMER. Add carrots, sayote, bell pepper, cabbage, and chicharo. Toss for 1 minute. Add water and simmer for 3 minutes.
3. SEASON. Pour Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning and pepper. Simmer for another 2 minutes. Scoop vegetable and meat out of the pan leaving the liquids in the pan.
4. BOIL & TOSS. Add Super Q Golden Bihon in the pan. Boil for 5-10 minutes or until the noodles are fully cooked then toss the vegetables and meat mixture with the noodles.
5. SERVE. Serve and enjoy.
To learn more about this recipe, visit

To know more about Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning and learn more recipes, visit


Get Your Game On with Plays.Org

We're now entering the third week of my son's school break, and as expected, he's spending most of his time playing video games. I really don't mind if he plays video games for hours, after all, he's now on vacation and he deserves this break after finishing seventh grade with flying colors. Besides, with the pandemic and all, and the strict quarantine guidelines here in the Philippines, kids can't go anywhere and are required to stay at home all the time. Playing video games is their way of coping with the pandemic, and connecting with friends (think Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox) whom they haven't seen face to face for a long while.

Aside from the usual games on Playstation, Yue also plays games on his smartphone and on his desktop. (Yes, video games everywhere, on all platforms, haha!) Just recently, he discovered - a treasure trove of fun and free browser-based online games. The site immediately caught his eye not only because of the graphics, but also because of the plethora of games to choose from.

Well someone's having fun on! (Excuse the faded keyboard letters, lol) currently has over 150 games in their catalog, with one or two new games being added everyday. You can see some of the more popular game titles on the site's homepage, and you can check out the different game categories when you scroll down towards the site's footer. The site has pretty much everything - from classic arcade games to simulation games, puzzles and pattern games, even logic and word search games that can help sharpen the brain and improve your memory. What's even great about this site is that you don't have to download or sign-up anything. You simply play the games on your browser. There are no annoying ads or pops-up, too, which can be very annoying and bothersome when you're in the middle of a game.

Archery Stickman.

Some of the games that Yue found really fun and interesting are Super Knight Adventure and the Archery Stickman Game. The latter, as the name implies, is a basic game with stickman figures. You simply need to shoot the other stickman with arrows before he shoots you.

Super Knight Adventure.

Meanwhile, Super Knight Adventure is a beat-em-up game where you battle against zombies and collect coins and gems while you're at it. The objective of the game is to defeat the zombie and obtain the key to the treasure chest. You move on to the next level once you open the treasure chest. Yue enjoyed this game so much that he was able to finish all ten levels in fifteen minutes (maybe less)

I played some of the games myself, and the geek that I am naturally gravitated towards the word games and the puzzle games. I love the Waffle Word Finder Game because it is reminiscent of my all-time favorite word game Boggle. 

Waffle Word Finder.

Find the Hidden Pug, on the other hand, is a cute and simple game inspired by Where's Waldo, where you need to find the pug hidden in a sea of dogs. There's a time limit, of course, so you have to find the pug as fast as you can.

Find the Hidden Pug.

I had a lot of fun browsing through the collection of games, and my son seems to have made it a goal to try each and every one of them, haha! Yue's playing time can go on for hours, but as long as he's done with his household chores (he's now in charge of watering the plants and vacuuming the house), and he doesn't skip meals or lose sleep over video games, then I'm cool with it. Being cooped up at home for more than a year now can definitely take toll on our kids, and these video games can help them get through the isolation and madness of this COVID-19 pandemic. 


Maximizing Some Free Space of Your Home with Some Patio Furniture.

Do you adore investing your time, effort, and energy with your loved ones? Do you also miss the outside world when you encountered the lockdown and quarantine when the COVID-19 pandemic started? Considering all these challenges that we recently encountered, one of the most important things that we may have realized is investing some energy with your family, companions, and different family members at home.

These are only probably the most widely recognized things that individuals do in their regular day-to-day existence. When they wake up in the morning, they prefer a hot cup of coffee or tea and spend some time reading the newspaper or browsing their phones.

Some people prefer finishing their cup on the deck or patio to catch some morning breeze before doing the errands and going to work. Early mornings offer a different type of relaxation especially when you go outside and stay there for a bit to enjoy the view and winds that touches your skin.

As seen on My First Love (2019).

Various Activities To Do In Your Patio
The activities and errands that you love doing like browsing the internet, reading, watching, playing sports or board games can be enjoyed at home. You do not need to spend some time travelling to your favorite spot in order to have some quality time with yourself. This will help you save up some money and petrol along the way.

The porch converted into a lounge area is one of the best ways to spend your time and enjoy the relaxation that it brings. You can also create a patio and veranda to maximize the spaces and land area of your home. This website shows a thorough discussion about the difference between a patio, porch, deck, and veranda. Not to mention the different types of materials that you can use to build them.

It might feel diverse for a few individuals, however, others incline toward this home set up of creating a patio due to the peace of mind and comfort that it brings. You can also make it a space for get-togethers, family celebrations, and a lot more.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016).

Quite possibly, one of your family members enjoys cooking. They may experiment with different cuisines that you can also try. Having a cooking area that is suitable for preparing meals and cooking meat is one of the most important things to have in a household. It is necessary to create this space to produce quality meals and enjoy them with your housemates.

Something that you can enjoy on a patio is to barbecue your favorite meats like steaks, hotdogs, and other seafood. This is likewise an extraordinary spot for you to set up your grill for social events and gatherings. A few houses are not permitted to barbecue inside their place particularly if it will produce a pungent odor. This is one of the main reasons why people choose to build their grilling station outdoors and enjoy it. Adding some pieces of furniture can make it more cozy and perfect for gatherings. 

Furthermore, you can also use the space for movie viewing if you have a projector and a white cloth that you can hang on one side. This is an alternative way to spend your free time with your loved ones. You can also add a bonfire to provide some warmth when you are staying on your patio.

Some individuals love to read in a quiet space away from noise and distractions. Thus, having a patio area is a great advantage for you. You no longer need to leave the house to look for a spot that is conducive for reading novels and studying.

Jung Yu Mi and Lee Jin Wook in I Need Romance (2012).

Enjoying the Outdoors
In the event that you are not a fanatic of going out or spending some time in a cafe, bar, or resto, you can now have your spot for the things that you want to do whenever you are going out. Preparing meals on a patio and grilling meats can be a substitute for eating in a restaurant. You can also enjoy drinking coffee or beer with friends without going anywhere. This will surely save you money when you try this approach.

Moreover, some homeowners prefer wooden patio furniture set because of the design and a more al fresco look. On the other hand, if you prefer a more metal or modern look, you can now check the internet and various online shops that also offer this particular design for your home needs.

Having a porch or space where you can enjoy the calmness, harmony, gentle breeze, and gather around for social affairs is presently viewed as one of the advantages of having a spacious floor area at home.

Thus, you must always value your home and evaluate your furniture once in a while to determine whether your need one or just stick with your old setup.

The Minions Take Over McDonald's with the new Banana Caramel Shake and Garlic Cheddar McFlavor Fries!

Another round of a mischievous and quirky invasion is coming as McDonald’s introduces its all-new Minions-approved limited-edition Banana Caramel Shake and Garlic Cheddar McFlavor Fries!

Unleash your yellow cravings with these new offers from McDonald's!

Starting today, your McDonald’s dining experience will fuel up mischievously because its world-famous fries are getting a Minions-approved spin! The new Garlic Cheddar McFlavor Fries gives a quirky twist to a taste we love by featuring a balanced blend of creamy cheese relish and garlic aioli dressing. The tender insides and the crispy outsides of the fries will be served with a generous amount of a savory and cheesy taste that will melt in your mouth, leaving you wanting more.

And what better way to make your day brighter and better than to indulge yourself with a Banana Caramel Shake, a cool and refreshingly delicious drink made from your favorite McDonald’s creamy soft serve, combined with milk and topped with decadent Banana Caramel syrup.

To make the best out of your Minion Invasion experience, pair the thick, creamy, and luscious Banana Caramel Shake with your tasty and flavorful Garlic Cheddar McFlavor Fries. Minions Combo starts at PHP 145.

What are you waiting for? Bring out the kid in you, and prepare for more mayhem to come with these new Minions-approved menu items! It’s available for a limited time only, so don't miss out on the first taste! Order the new Garlic Cheddar McFlavor Fries and Banana Caramel Shake now—available in all McDonald’s stores nationwide via Dine-In, Take Out, Drive-Thru, Pick-up, McDelivery, and via GrabFood and foodpanda.

For more information, follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook to stay up to date on all McDo announcements.


How to Keep a Garden in the City.

It's been more than a year since I moved out of our ancestral home and started living in the city. And while I do love and enjoy the convenience of living in a place where everything is easily accessible - supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, even my son's school - there are a few things about our ancestral home that I miss from time to time. 

For starters, there's my niece and nephew, who lived next door to our old place. I miss their noise and laughter, and being able to see them, play with them, and shower them with hugs and kisses everyday. I miss my grandmother, who also lived in another house next door to mine. I miss going through her fridge and pantry, hanging out in her bedroom, and talking to her about random stuff. Most of all, I miss our sprawling garden, which was one of the best, and my most favorite feature of our ancestral home. Our garden had all sorts of plants - ornamentals, shrubs, climbers, creepers, trees even. My grandmother was the 'plauntie' of all 'plaunties', and she tended to her plants lovingly despite her chronic back pain. 

Sunshine and laughter - my mother and my grandmother in the garden.

When we moved to our new place here in the city, it never really dawned on me to start keeping a garden, let alone grow a plant indoors. But then COVID-19 happened, and this whole gardening craze started because people were confined to their homes and turned to all sorts of recreational activities to cope with the pandemic. I was one of them.

I started with a small Adolphi plant that I got as a gift from my sister-in-law, and the next thing I knew, our tiny apartment became some sort of urban jungle. My boys are not complaining, though, and they find it really funny whenever I'd come home with a new plant, new pots, or gardening tools on the rare occasions that I would leave the house to run errands or do the groceries.

The succulent that started it all.

If you're thinking of starting your own urban garden, here are some tips:

Size Up Your Space
Whether you have a tiny hallway, a small patio, a bit of a balcony, or an entire rooftop, you need to measure how much space you've got to give you an idea of how large your garden can be. For instance, majority of the houses for sale in Toronto have yards that are perfect for container gardening. Another option is vertical gardening which work well for apartment dwellers or people living in small spaces.

Pothos varieties.

Pot 'em If You Can't Plant 'em
Potted plants are the best option if you don't have gardening beds. In choosing the perfect pots, consider the following - what plants will you grow, how many pots do you need, will you grow multiple plants or different plants in one pot. Self-watering containers are a good option if you're a gardening newbie or a busybody that can't stick to a regular watering schedule. If you have limited space, you might want to consider using hanging pots or windowsill pots as well. 

Choose Your Plants Wisely
When choosing or shopping for plants, you always need to keep in mind how much space you have at home. Don't overcrowd your plants, and don't dream of growing plants that are too big for modest spaces. Choose plants that grow up rather than spread out. If you're leaning towards vegetables and herbs, only plant those that you will actually eat. Some urban gardeners grow plants that go together with their favorite dishes - like tomato and basil for their pasta, and rosemary and thyme for sauces, soups, and stews. 
Aglaonema varieties.

Follow the Sun
Make the most out of your gardening space by choosing plants that can thrive in different locations. Flowering plants love the sun, and will grow well in a patio that basks in sunlight or a bright windowsill. Plants with bright or variegated foliage are most suitable near bright windows, but out of direct sunlight. Snake plants, ZZ plants, and peace lilies are great for growing indoors, as they are known for their resilience and ability to proliferate even in dim corners.

Have Fun
Gardening is an activity that's good for the mind and body. It's a great stress-reliever especially during these times, and it's a fun and relaxing way to get in touch with nature, get some sunshine, and even work up some sweat. It's also a wonderful learning experience, especially for the first-time gardeners. Mistakes are inevitable, and you might end up killing a plant or two along the way, but you can always try growing them again. 


5 Things to Consider in Buying Your First Home.

Owning a home is one of the biggest, if not the greatest, achievement in your adult life. For our family, it's one of our ultimate goals - something that my husband and I have been working on for the past few years. It's also one of the many reasons why my husband has been working himself to the bone in a foreign country, and why I try to get as much side hustles as I can, even in the midst of a pandemic. 

Planning for your dream home is an exciting and exhilarating process, especially for first-time homeowners. For the most part, it can also be challenging, tiring, and very stressful. There were a lot of things that my husband and I considered as we started planning for our new home, and here are some of them:

Saving and planning, and saving some more.

Truth be told, our budget was initially, our biggest concern. Well, it was more of a constraint, actually. Sure, we have some money saved up, but not enough to pay in cash upfront for a ready-to-move property. 

My husband and I thought long and hard about how we can stretch our budget, computing all the the fees that we need to pay should we choose to buy a house that's ready for occupancy. We considered getting a loan either through bank financing or through Pag-IBIG Fund's Housing Loan, and did our research regarding mortgages, amortizations, and the like. With the help of a mortgage calculator, we were able assess our capacity to pay for the home loan deposit, and to project our monthly mortgage payment with different loan scenarios.

Our neighborhood in Seoul has everything - from supermarkets to karate dojos.

When it comes to buying a home, the location is our topmost priority. As someone who has enjoyed the convenience of living in the city and in the suburbs, I want our new home to be safe, secured, and accessible, if not smack dab in the middle of everything - hospitals, supermarkets, malls, the police station, and of course, my son's school. Living on the outskirts of the city might be cheaper, but considering the travel expenses, or how much time it will take to get to my son's school or the hospital in case of an emergency, I'd prefer to spend a bit more for a home within the city proper that's accessible to almost everything.

Are we ready to take the plunge?

Land Developer
There's probably a hundred or so real estate developers in the country today, and quite a handful of them stand out because of their excellent track record and their ability deliver high-quality projects. With so many land developer brands to choose from, and with so many real estate properties sprouting up, it is important to look into their reputation and credibility, the quality of their work, and their ability to meet construction deadlines. We sure don't want to invest our hard-earned money in a house that's haphazardly done!

This was my "dream home" back in the 90's. 

Style and Design
House styles have evolved over the years, and most of the packaged homes being sold today are inspired by American, Mediterranean, or European architecture. Decide on the type of the house that you want and the design that best fits the size of your household and your lifestyle.

When I was a kid, the dream house that I envisioned was something like Kevin McAllister's house from the movie "Home Alone" - a grand staircase, spacious rooms, huge windows, and carpeted floors. But now that I'm a mom and I do all the home cleaning myself, I realized that a simple, minimalist house style would be better. Cleaning the house is a big chore, and I certainly would not want to break my neck while clearing away cobwebs from an eight-foot-ceiling. 

Coming soon, and claiming it!

The Current Market
The real estate market can be very volatile, all the more now that we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Surprisingly, the housing market is still booming and thriving despite the global crisis. 

Here in the Philippines, we've seen a great demand for pre-selling properties primarily because of the equity payments that can be paid on a monthly basis and not cash upfront. Most buyers are also acting fast because they have this notion that real estate prices will surely increase once the pandemic is over. 

If your savings are more than enough or if you are fortunate to be employed in an industry that has not been depredated by the coronavirus, it might be best to strike while the iron is hot and purchase your dream home now. My husband and I are taking advantage of this situation, and we're excited to see our dream home, the first home that we can actually our own, finally come to life.


Bring My Pet to the Vet | Royal Canin's Campaign for Improved Pet Healthcare in the Philippines.

Global leading pet nutrition manufacturer and provider Royal Canin recently launched its Bring My Pet to the Vet (BMPV) campaign as part of its commitment to champion responsible pet ownership among Filipino pet parents. Pet owners across the Philippines can now access over 20,000 free pet checkups and 4,000 BMPV care kits for their furry friends through the Royal Canin Club mobile application, as well as other pet rewards made available on the platform.

Over the past year, more Filipinos are turning to pets as their trusted quarantine companions. However, a survey by Kantar shows that 93% and 50% of cat and dog owners, respectively, do not get their pets checked regularly. The survey also highlights that most owners only bring their pets to the veterinarian for vaccinations and medical procedures, reflecting how wellness checkups are not common in the Philippines.

Have you visited your vet today?

With this, Royal Canin introduced the BMPV campaign to encourage both new and old pet owners to bring their pets to the vet as early and as regular as they can, and understand the importance of pet preventive healthcare and medicalization. The campaign also underlines the role that veterinarians play in Filipinos' pets' lives, as it provides a platform for pet owners to connect with their trusted vet partners and clinics, ultimately building a more connected and engaged pet community in the Philippines.

This year, Royal Canin leverages its mobile platform, the Royal Canin Club app, to strengthen its 2019 Bring My Dog to the Vet (BMDV) campaign and relate to more pet owners nationwide. To claim the free checkup, pet owners just need to claim the free consultation voucher under the mobile application’s rewards, find the nearest clinic in the store locator by selecting the Vet feature, and reach out to the clinics directly to book their appointments for consultation. On the day of their appointment, pet owners need to present their generated checkup QR code on their Royal Canin Club app to avail of the free consultation. Afterward, users are encouraged to complete their post-checkup survey for more amazing perks and rewards in the application.

Cats need some vet care, too!

Royal Canin’s BMPV campaign seeks to redefine its previous campaign, which gave away 3,000 free consultations for Filipino pet owners through the company’s website. Now made available on the Royal Canin Club app, it becomes a culmination of two purposeful pet preventive healthcare campaigns. It hopes to further educate pet owners about the signals to watch out from their pets to guide them and encourage them to work closely with their vets in achieving optimum health for their beloved furry friends.

“We, at Royal Canin, recognize the value of preventive pet healthcare and the important role that our veterinary partners and clinics play in one’s pet’s life. Through our new Bring My Pet to the Vet campaign, we hope to instill this mindset and become a platform for pet owners to build a stronger bond with their veterinarians as we work together to safeguard the health of their pets even during such unprecedented time,” says Adriann Eusebio, Royal Canin Philippines’ Country Director. “We want to highlight how important it is for pet owners to have access to credible and reliable pet information, as we continue to improve our services with our loyal customers and partners giving us actionable insights about pet healthcare along the way.”

Free vet visits - one of the many perks of the Royal Canin Club app.

As the vet checkups require physical visits, Royal Canin ensures everyone that their partner veterinarians and pet shops follow the strict safety protocols of the government when taking in patients and customers. The company works closely with vet clinics to ensure that all pet owners secure appointments first before their visit to avoid overcrowding in their establishments.

“We understand the safety concerns of our partners and customers about going out to visit their vets amid the pandemic. With the lockdowns still in place, our BMPV campaign also ensures to encourage pet owners to become responsible citizens, as much as they are as pet parents, and abide by proper COVID-19 protocols of their vet partners and clinics to avoid the spread of the virus, “ adds Eusebio. “At Royal Canin, we aim to enforce extra precautions to address our customers’ concerns and are committed to improving our services by opening our lines of communication for improvement.”

For more information on Royal Canin’s Bring My Pet to the Vet campaign, pet owners may download the Royal Canin Club application, read about pet healthcare information, and claim their voucher through the platform. One may also visit the Royal Canin Philippines on Facebook and Instagram at @RoyalCaninPH for more details about the Royal Canin Club app and other updates about the brand.


The Greatest Gift a Mom Can Get in the Newest McDonald's Ad.

With the world closing down and our lives revolving around the four corners of our homes, it has become all the more evident how hard our moms work to meet all our needs and give us a life of comfort. From daily housekeeping jobs of cleaning and cooking, to managing businesses or working a full-time job, helping children transition to blended learning, and finding meaningful ways to bring happiness to homes; moms have continuously put their families’ needs over theirs.

So this Mother’s Day, McDonald’s celebrates the moms who tirelessly give their all just so their children have a happy life and a happy home. Through the launch of their new online video ‘Himbing’, McDonald’s makes us realize that celebrating moms doesn’t always have to come in grand gestures and luxury gifts. Sometimes, the best way to pay tribute to her is to give her what she needs the most— a break from everything to rest and relax, even just for a day. This, alongside hundreds of Filipinos who have expressed heartwarming relatability to the video, sheds light on the idea that giving our moms time to just slow down and breathe is truly one of the most valuable gifts we can give her.

The greatest gift a mom can get on Mother's Day. :)

“McDonald’s has always been about ‘simple, feel-good moments’. We hold that true in whatever we do and offer. In these extraordinary times, we wish that all the more for all the moms who work so hard to take care of their families. So this Mother’s Day, we released a video to show just how easy and simple it is to give moms the gift they need the most: tulog na mahimbing. We hope we all remember that sometimes, it's the simplest things that can make one the happiest.” said McDonald’s Philippines Marketing & Channels Head Oliver Rabatan.

Show your love and appreciation for mom by giving her the gift of a well-deserved break and a treat to her McDonald’s favorites.

See how McDo says #LoveKitaMa through this video:

How to Find a Car Rental in Copenhagen?

Traveling around the world is one of the best things that could relax your mind. Visiting places, you only see on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media is just the next level of relaxation and enjoyment. A lot of people decide to go to big cities because they have very organized transportation lines.

Small and exotic places are usually a little bit tricky when it comes to this. Either the transportation is costly, or there is none at all. Avoid holding yourself back from experience like this by renting a car. Enjoy the freedom of exploration and visit everything you have seen on social media.

Spring in Seoul, 2017.

You could go to the next level and find new and unexplored places. You will be the next person with the perfect posted video and the best time spent. You can sleep under the stars in a desert, or you could drive yourself to the top of the mountain and enjoy the beautiful panorama. More about the benefits of car rentals you can find in the guide below. However, if you wish to continue reading about similar topics, you could click the next link and enjoy tips and tricks about choosing the perfect automobile:

Live to the fullest
Life is short, and that is why it is not worth holding ourselves back when it comes to exploring and traveling. The Earth is a magnificent place and home to every living creature. There are exotic places all over the world that are just waiting to be seen.

But how can you access them if you don’t have your car with you? If you live in the United States and you want to visit, let’s say, India, it is nearly impossible to take your automobile with you. And if you, somehow, manage to do that, it will cost a fortune. You don’t want to spend more on bringing your car than you would spend on accommodation, food, and other travel expenses.

Nyhavn Harbor in Copenhagen.

After all, visiting exotic places can be expensive on its own. Renting an automobile is the perfect solution to every problem mentioned above. You could visit Denmark, Norway, Sweden, or you could go to Japan, Thailand and not feel limited by the bus timetables or metro access, etc. Just take your time and choose the perfect vehicle for you; you are good to go after that!

Cars that are being rented are in good shape and constantly serviced. They have low mileage coverage and, the chances are, they are even better and safer than your own car. Second, you will avoid crowded places where you could get robbed or even worse. If something were to happen to the vehicle, there is nonstop assistance that will help you in any kind of an emergency.

Jægersborggade, one of the most photographed streets in Copenhagen.

As a tourist, it is supposed that you will be taking with you your personal document and a lot of cash or credit cards. Public transportation is the perfect spot for thieves. You can protect yourself by renting a vehicle and keeping everything valuable inside the car or with you the whole time.

One of the things that are pretty interesting and exciting at renting an automobile is that you can go completely wild. Many people don’t have the money to buy a luxury car, and they drive an average car for their everyday chores.

Furthermore, these luxurious automobiles consume a lot of fuel and are not efficient at all. This isn’t very practical for big families that have an average income. That is why if you are a car enthusiast and you want to try different types, you can find a leiebil København and make your dream a reality.

Chanel flagship store in Copenhagen.

Many people rented an automobile in their hometown because they want to enjoy the luxury and the comfort these vehicles offer. Even if you are on vacation, you could choose to make your vacay a little bit better and more interesting with different car types. But how do you find a good car rental?

After you have planned your vacay, do a little bit of googling. There are tons of information about different car rentals. People write reviews about their experience and how the shop handled the service. You can see different sites with different companies and try to find the best one for you.

Don’t forget to ask your closest ones for a recommendation. They might have had an experience with rented automobiles and know which deal is the best one.

You should definitely contact the company you see online. You can see how they are handling their customers and what kind of offers do they have. There is a lot to see because there are a lot of car rental companies.
Kim Seon Ho in Start-Up, 2020.

Take your time to choose the best one. After all, this will be your transport during your stay in a specific city. Ask the professionals about their vehicle types and their policies. These kinds of things differ from company to company, and that is why contacting them is vital before rushing into anything.

Decide your budget
When talking to a professional, you will be asked about your budget, among other things. You should define a price that you are willing to pay for such a service. This is important because there are a lot of different automobile types that cost differently.

Krystal Jung and Song Seung Heon in Player, 2018.

Another thing to consider when deciding your budget is the rental plan. You can choose a daily plan, which would mean that you will pay for the care of your choice on a daily basis. On the other hand, you can choose a smaller plan if you need the vehicle for an hour, two, three.

A professional should present you with these offers and tell you about their car types. Usually, the prices vary from company to company, so there isn’t a universal price that could guide you. Check the online reviews and see the experience of the company. This should be enough sign of how they are handling their business.


100+ Creative Pinoy Dishes on the "I Love Ajinomoto" Virtual Cookbook!

Planning a menu daily can be a challenge --- and if you are looking for new recipe ideas that you can enjoy with your family, the I Love Ajinomoto virtual cookbook is the perfect kitchen partner you can use! Featuring over 100 creative Filipino dishes, the microsite compiles nutritious, delicious, and easy-to-follow recipes shared by moms and homecooks across the country.

“Mealtimes allow families to bond and create meaningful moments together. Through the I Love Ajinomoto microsite, we want to celebrate the kitchen creations of moms and homecooks across the country and likewise help households make easy, delicious, and nutritious meals that their family can enjoy,” says Roann Co, APC’s General Manager of Marketing and Public Relations.

From fish, meat, to vegetable recipes, the featured dishes in the microsite are an interesting mix of healthy and delicious choices. Made with love using AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning and AJI-GINISA® Flavor Seasoning Mix, all of them are perfect as ulam or as snacks that families will surely enjoy.

Try these winning dishes from the I Love Ajinomoto virtual cookbook!

Healthy Meals for Immunity
Immunity-boosting meals are a must especially during this time. Recipes such as the Calcium-rich Baked Potato with AJI-GINISA® by Josephine Borromeo, Healthy Chicken Soup with Malunggay and Talbos ng Kamote Leaves by Elizabeth Salazar, and Healthy-nolang Manok by Candice Salarete are some of the nutritious meals you can easily whip up at home.

Vegetable Recipes with a Twist
If you are looking for ways to level-up simple veggie dishes, you can check out the Lumpiang Kalabasa recipe by Marissa Zamora, Oh My Healthy Ginisang Petchay With Tokwa by Maricris Vergara, and Tortang Squash by Hilda Vasquez.

Must-try Unique Dishes
For those who want to experiment and try something new during mealtimes, you can take inspiration from the Kikiam Sardines recipe by Jacqueline Agravante, Cheesy Lumpia with Ilocos Longganisa by Rhea Damo, and Tuna & Veggie Sushi by Prelel Yu. These will surely surprise the palate of your family!

These recipes were part of the I Love Ajinomoto online recipe contest. From January 8 to April 2, 2021, homecooks shared more than 100 recipes on the microsite. For their entries, homecooks submitted their complete recipe, together with a photo of the final product, and a picture of their family doing the heart gesture with the dish.

Eat Well, Live Well, Stay Well on GMA 7.

Thirty of the best dishes were featured on the Ajinomoto Eat Well, Live Well. Stay Well, a weekly cooking show hosted by celebrity mom Iya Villania-Arellano and Chef Jose Sarasola on GMA-7, airing every Friday. They were picked based on the appetite appeal of their dish, and creativity and mood of their family photos.

The featured moms and homecooks also received a gift certificate worth P1,500 and a selection of Ajinomoto products. Some of the winning recipes include the Eggplant Fingers by Jacqueline Agravante, AJI Tofu with Mixed Veggies by Roxanne Montierro, Rosie’s Pinangat na Hiwas by Rosie Mendenilla, and the Baguio Beans Ala Bicol Express by Jennylyn Cleofas.

“We were delighted by the delicious recipe submissions of our moms and homecooks. We are overwhelmed by the love and thankful to them for making Ajinomoto a part of their kitchen journey. We hope that this initiative reminds everyone that making delicious and healthy meals for the family can be easy and fun,” says Co.

The I Love Ajinomoto virtual cookbook and contest are part of APC’s Eat Well, Live Well commitment, which aims to create quality products and services for good food and better health for Filipinos everywhere.

To learn more about these exciting recipes, check out and visit for more information.