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Firmoo for Me! (And you, too!)

When I received an email from Antonio of Firmoo asking if I'd be interested on a collaboration, I didn't have to think twice about my answer. In a flurry, I sent my response, agreeing to the pitch. And why not? Firmoo, after all, is the world's most popular online eyeglass store.

On top of that, I get to receive a free pair of glasses, whose style and color I had the luxury to choose. Limiting my selection to just one pair was actually hard when you have more than 300 styles to choose from. Prescription glasses for both men and women, as well as Rx sunglasses, bifocals, and even progressive eyewear can all be found at the Firmoo online store. After hours of poring over the glasses and spectacles, I finally settled on a pair of burgundy Rx sunglasses, which I thought would make a great addition to my growing eyewear collection.

My parcel from Firmoo arrived the other day, and boy, I sure was right about the sunglasses being great!

Style  #OTO2513
Oversized, but not quite, this nearly-square frame fits my face just right. Not too snug to create marks on the bridge of my nose, and neither too loose to make them slide each time I look down.

The metal pieces on the front arm add a nice, dainty accent to the chic and stylish frame.

The lenses, meanwhile, are tinted to my liking. I really hate it whenever I wear sunglasses that make the surroundings look too orange, or too purple. Trust me, I have the likes of those in my collection.

This pair came with a plastic case, a cleaning cloth, a pouch, some spare screws, and a screwdriver that you can also use as a keychain.

My only gripe with this product is the plastic case. For some reason, mine wouldn't shut tight and close properly. Even the pouch's string is a little too lose.

Vision, fashion, and affordability are the three aims of Firmoo, and I sure achieved it with this fine pair. Priced at $42, this style comes in two other colors - green and purple.

As a treat to first-time customers, Firmoo is offering a free eyewear trial. Customers get to choose their own pair of glasses, use the discount voucher (equivalent value to the glasses selected) upon check-out, pay for the shipping fee only, and then wait for the item to be delivered. Shipping is fast, and yes, they ship worldwide, too.

Finally, this is how my 'rose-colored glasses' look like when worn. Eye love! :)

*Disclaimer: I received the aforementioned product for free as part of the 'Free Eyewear' program. However, thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.


Tickle your Fancy!

Back in the days when I was still single, unmarried, and didn't have anybody who calls me 'Mommy', clubbing used to be my scene, my cup of tea. It was my way of unwinding after a stressful, tiresome week at work, plus the chance for my friends and I to hang out together and have fun.

Searching for the perfect club wear was a group activity in itself, as my girl friends and I love to go shopping. Fashionable pieces and affordable prices are what we usually look for, as in the case of Fancy LA - a California-based online store that caters specifically to a woman's club wear needs.

Photo credits: Fancy LA

Fancy LA offers a wide range of products that'll definitely be loved by the club-going crowd. From urban chic, figure-hugging dresses, to shoes that are to die for - all these and more can be found in the Fancy LA store.
Photo credits: Fancy LA

Items are priced handsomely, with dresses ranging from $30-$40, and shoes between $40-$60. Products on sale are made even more affordable, with tag prices as low as $18.

Fancy LA ships within the Unites States, and even outside the country. Returns and exchanges are allowed, provided that the circumstances fall within the terms and conditions allowed.

Although their present collection is limited to club wear, Fancy LA looks forward to introduce outerwear, streetwear, and new dress styles in the future.

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Wordless Wednesday # 3 | Sticker Happy.

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone!

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Spotlight | NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Eye Powder in Beyond the Sea.

If I were to sort my makeup stash and arrange them from cheapest to the most expensive, then this baby would be at the head of the pack.

The NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Eye Powder in Beyond the Sea, which I got from Tita Mac of Smart Shopper, is a steal for just Php 100! This is what I love the most about Tita Mac's 'Goody Boxes' - there's always drugstore makeup included in every shipment, at a price that you just could not resist.

Brush not included! :)
With four different colors in one pan, these finely-milled powder can be blended into one sensational shade, or can be used separately. Just so you know, I prefer to do the latter. :)

Although I'm not really into blue eyeshadow, I liked how the teal looked so pretty with the browns in this mosaic. The teal looks kinda pale, but the color is pretty buildable - whether you'd wear it lighter or darker is entirely up to you.
From L-R: Shade #1, Shade #2, Shade #3, Shade #4.
 The powders are soft and pack on my eyeshadow brush nicely, with almost no fall-out. Color pay-off and staying power is pretty impressive, too, considering its price. This product is pretty versatile, and you can create a 'coffee to cocktails' look with it.

Too bad it only comes in one size - a mere 0.09 oz. It would have been nice if they will have a bigger size available, which I doubt since I couldn't even find this item on the NYC site.

And because I've been missing out on my 'face of the day' posts, here you go! 

Products used:
L'Oreal Base Magique Primer
Skin Food Good Afternoon BB Cream in Rose Lemon Tea
Missha The Style Undereye Brightener
Human Heart Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation in Honey
NYC Color Wheel Eye Powder in Beyond the Sea
Avon Mega Impact Gel Eyeliner in Blackberry
Avon Ultra Luxury Brow Liner in Dark Brown
Missha Viewer 270 HD Curl Mascara in Black
Sleek MakeUp Blush in Pomegranate
Avon Ultra Luxury Lip Liner in Baby Pink
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk grateful, emotional during MoA concert.

As Super Junior wrapped up their concert in Guangzhou, China last August 26, their leader, Leeteuk, broke down in tears as he thanked the crowd.
Haven’t come to Guangzhou in a long time, you are the ones who gave us all the love and support in the world,” said Leeteuk as he addressed the fans in attendance. “Can you wait for me for 2 years?” he asked. Sensing the emotions in his voice, the crowd began cheering, “Uljima, uljima“, a Korean phrase meaning “Don’t cry“. Even fellow member Donghae was asking Leeteuk not to cry.
We’ve already been together for 8 years…I will return with an even more handsome image!” After saying this, Leeteuk kneeled, bowed to the crowd, and cried.
Leeteuk wipes his tears on a duck plush toy. 'Duck' is one of Leeteuk's nicknames.
Later that evening, Leeteuk sent a message to his Chinese fans via his Twitter account. His tweet read, “China ELF who have given us so much, thank you and I love you! The happiness and love that we shared today, in two years’ time I will return it even more! Xie xie!
Xie xie means 'thank you' in Chinese.
The Guangzhou leg of the MoA Concert is Leeteuk’s last overseas stage prior to his military enlistment.

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At a Glance | SkinFood Royal Honey Toner + Emulsion.

Sometime during Habagat week, I unexpectedly ran out of my favorite Human Heart Nature Balancing Toner without having a spare bottle in stock. Not wanting to leave the house and brave the heavy rains, I decided to use another brand for the time being. Rummaging through my stock of Korean cosmetics, I found this.
Skin Food Royal Honey Gift Set.
Inside the Skin Food Royal Honey Gift Set are two 5 mL bottles - the Royal Honey Toner, and the Royal Honey Emulsion. The gift set came as a freebie with the Royal Honey Eye Cream that my husband bought in Myeongdong a few months ago. Who would've thought that I'd have an emergency situation that would call for this? Haha!
Royal Honey Toner in full size (150 mL) costs somewhere along the Php 800 mark here in the PH.
The Royal Honey Toner's main ingredients are royal black honey and royal jelly extracts. Both are derived from natural raw black honey that can only be found in the South Asian forest - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enriched with a myriad of nutrients, this 'treatment toner' hydrates and transforms the skin, giving it a nice honey-glazed complexion. 

Quite surprising about this toner is its consistency. Unlike most toners, this one has a thick, syrupy consistency reminiscent of the real, edible honey that we know. Like the Eye Cream, this one also has a nice, sweet smell. It's very gentle on the skin, and doesn't sting at all. That's a plus for me since I have very sensitive skin.
Royal Honey Emulsion in the 150 mL bottle costs $25.50 at Gmarket.
As for the Royal Honey Emulsion, it has the same active ingredients as the Royal Honey Toner. They smell pretty much the same, too. After all, they come from the same Royal Honey line. It looks yellowish from the bottle, but when you squeeze it out, it's actually white. 

Notice how its consistency is light and runny? That's the difference between emulsions and creams
The former has a lighter consistency, recommended for day wear, and most suitable for those with oily skin. The latter, on the other hand, is thick and rich, and best for dry skin. Both are meant to hydrate and moisturize the skin, and you can go for either, or even both. (Just take into consideration the weather. It can be icky to wear one on top of the other in this hot and humid Philippine weather.)

Although my use of these two products are pretty short-term (three or four days, I reckon, then I went back to my usual Human Heart Nature regimen), I can still say that this is hydration at its finest, without my skin breaking out or getting allergies.

Would I go full-size in the future? Maybe.
But I won't be buying here in the Philippines, since it's a known fact that SkinFood products are astronomically priced here. Good thing I can always count on my husband to do the shopping in Myeongdong. :)


High-Fiber, Low Carb, A!Life!

Following my addiction to Mogu Mogu, I decided to take this fitness frenzy to the next level by going on a high-fiber diet this week. And the weeks to come.

Studies show that a high-fiber diet can lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and help control blood sugar level, thereby reducing one's risk of diabetes and heart disease. For someone who wants to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, a high-fiber diet is the way to go.

Women my age should get at least 25 grams of fiber daily. Men, on the other hand, need 38 grams to fully enjoy all the health benefits of fiber. Some of the high-fiber food include apples, raspberries, peas, asparagus, and even air-popped popcorn. Of course, how can I forget bran flakes and whole wheat cereal, which is what I've been eating for breakfast AND dinner for the past seven days. 

I eat rice only once a day - lunchtime, specifically - and partner it with a viand containing high-fiber ingredients. For instance, this pinakbet which I cooked earlier.

Pinakbet + daing na bangus.
This traditional Filipino vegetable stew contains bitter melon, string beans, squash, and eggplant - all of which are packed with fiber. Partnered with daing na bangus (milkfish marinated in vinegar and garlic), this makes a really hearty meal!

Now before I eat a meal with rice, or anything laden with carbohydrates, I take Control (one tablet, to be exact) five to ten minutes before the meal. As I've mentioned before, this food supplement has the ability to minimize the body's carbohydrate absorption. Thanks to its active ingredient, Phase 2™, I can still enjoy a normal 'rice + viand' meal without having to worry about carbs going straight to my thighs and hips. Ah, the joys of living the A!Life!

Join me as I live the A!Life!

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Spotlight | Human Heart Nature Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner in Lush Vanilla.

I love, love, love vanilla. It's the one scent that I'll never, ever grow tired of. Just by looking at my dresser, where majority of the perfumes that I own are vanilla-based, you'll understand what I mean. Heck, even the reed diffusers I have at home reek of vanilla.

When I learned that Human Heart Nature will be releasing new, vanilla-scented products, I couldn't contain my excitement. I even asked the lovely ladies of Human Heart Nature Laguna to set aside some of the new products for me. When the stocks arrived mid-July, I was more than happy to claim my reservation and give these new babies a try.

I used 'em first before I took this photo. Haha!
Human Heart Nature Moisturizing Shampoo in Lush Vanilla is made from Philippine coco nectar and pure avocado oil. Both ingredients are rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals guaranteed to keep the hair healthy and full of life. Like the original Mandarin Fresh variant, this shampoo also has the breakthrough CREAMFoam® technology that acts like a lotion to soften and nourish the hair.

Lush Vanilla Shampoo.
50 mL, Php 44.75 / 200 mL, Php 139.75 / 500 mL, Php 289.75
Its partner, the Lush Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner, also contains avocado oil and is packed with Omega-3 - one of nature's most intense moisturizers. It also has seaweed extract which restores the hair's elasticity, and organic virgin coconut oil to give the hair a healthy shine.

Lush Vanilla Conditioner.
50 mL, Php 49.75 / 200 mL, Php 144.75 / 500 mL, Php 299.75.
I've been using the Mandarin Fresh variant of Human Heart Nature's Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner for three years now, so there isn't much difference between my hair's texture and shine then and now. The scent would be the only difference. Both the shampoo and conditioner smell light and sweet, with just a hint of vanilla. Yes, just a hint.

Come to think of it, the conditioner smells more like banana to me. I was hoping the scent would come close to the likes of Vanilla Musk by Coty (old school, baby!) or Bath and Body Works' Vanilla Bean Noel (available once again starting this fall, yay!), but these smell as if they were from The Body Shop's Originals Collection, Banana line. Don't get me wrong, they don't smell bad. Just not enough vanilla in there, at least by my standards.

Will I buy again? Of course!
I really don't see myself using another brand of shampoo or conditioner, and knowing Human Heart Nature, they do pay attention to what customers are saying and make improvements on their products when necessary. Here's hoping that there will be more vanilla in these products by the time the next magalogue is released.

Speaking of magalogue, The Rebel Sweetheart made a special appearance in the July-August 2012 edition. Remember my review of the Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation? An excerpt of that review appears on the magalogue! Turn to page 15 if you have a copy! :)

Human Heart Nature products can be bought at the Human Heart Nature Flagship Store, their online store, local outlets (such as the Human Heart Nature Concept Store in Laguna), Shopwise branches and Beauty Bar outlets. 


Wordless Wednesday #2 | Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Husband turns 30 today! 
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Happy Wednesday, everyone! :)

Think Mink | ML Furs.

August will soon be over, and with the 'ber months fast approaching, it only means one thing. Autumn is almost here. Most days I wish the Philippines had all four seasons, just so I could enjoy the beauty of autumn. The browns and the oranges, the falling leaves, and the nippy air that makes fur coats for women such a hot commodity.

Photo credit ML Furs
At ML Furs, however, fur coats, parkas, capes and stoles are in demand all-year long. This Colorado-based furrier has been in business since 1951 making it the oldest and most trusted brand in the area. With over 57 years of experience, the brand is all about fabulous fur and chic styles.

Aside from their physical store located at Josephine Street in Denver, Colorado, ML Furs also has an online store to make shopping more convenient for its patrons and new customers. Orders are shipped within the United States via UPS, and purchases worth $500 and above can be shipped via UPS Ground for free. ML Furs also accommodates special requests such as expedited shipping, gift deliveries, and insurance coverage.

As for the residents within the Colorado area, they can visit the physical store for a more personalized, up-close shopping spree. ML Furs' team of expert furriers will be more than happy to attend to their customers' needs and provide them with a unique and stylized shopping experience.

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GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way
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GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way

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