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London 2012 | Hobnobbing, Star-spotting!

If plane tickets and a gold credit card are all that I need to go to London, then most likely I won't be here - at home, in the Philippines, blogging.

After watching the opening ceremony and witnessing the Olympic Torch being lit, the little man has been bugging me like crazy to go to London so he could see the 'big fire' (as he calls it) for himself. He kept on asking for this incessantly, to the point where you just want to give in to his whim just so he would stop nagging. Unfortunately, the little man and I don't have a British visa, unlike Mum who now happens to be a citizen.

To pacify him a bit, I made him wear his London 2012 shirt set to school the other day. Wednesday is wash day, so they don't have to wear their school uniform.

Meanwhile, in Westfield, my cousin John and his friends are on a school break and enjoying the crazy, fun, sublime atmosphere of the Olympics. He even had the chance to meet athletes on several occasions.

Ike Diogu of Hornets/LA Clippers.
Al Faruq Aminu of the New Orleans Hornets.
Our very own Bulilit, Mark Barriga!
As you can see, my cousin and his friend Fernan are still proud Pinoys, despite their British citizenship. My cousin even calls out Mayweather in this interview with EsNews. And Fernan calls him a 'relic of the past', LOL!

Cockney usually amazes me (Gordon Ramsay's in particular), but hearing it from my cousin just made my migraine recur. Hahaha! Peace, brother. See you in December!

13 replies:

Lucky Finds said...

It is my dream as well to watch the Olympics in London.
It's amazing how half-pinoys (like your cousin) still look back on their Filipino heritage

Rhea Bue (Styles&Writes) said...

wooow this is amazing! :D How I wish I can visit London someday <3

Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

MrsMartinez | said...

Hey, you know what? I made my DH swear that we will watch the olympics in the year 2016 ; p That's a far-fetched dream, I know, but a girl can definitely dream, right? Hopefully, it's going to be somewhere in asia ; )


Sam Lanuza said...

Honestly, I hven't watched any olympics. Haha Your little man is so cute! :)

Cha said...

Your son is so cute on his London Olympics shirt! Like you and your son I also wanted to witness the London Olympics. Your cousins are so lucky! They ought to take more photos so you could blog about the athletes that they will encounter.

CrescentFire said...

Oooooh, what I would give just to be in London right now! :)) HAHA! Your cousin is very lucky :)

Mommy Roxi said...

My husband enjoys watching it and I did catch Women's Weightlifting the other night. I am just out of words how heavy these women can lift!

Unknown said...

London is truly one of my favorite cities! We're heading there the end of the month actually:) One of our friends has such a strong accent, that sometimes I still can't understand her after all of these years.

Julia P F said...

would love to see the big fire in person too! Found you on the Aloha blog hop

mail4rosey said...

Oh, i want to go too... :) It's neat that your little guy wants to go, mine roll their eyes when I put the Olympics on right now (I'm sure they'll enjoy it more when they're older).

Kel said...

Ahaha your son wants to go to the Olympics, that is so sweet! My poor children wouldn't even know what it is, I've been terribly un-patriotic and haven't watched it at all. Too busy blogging ;-)

Animetric said...

Aw, I wish my kids had even the slightest bit of interest in sports. My daughter is older than your son but I think she is totally unaware of what the olympics is. XD

Sumi Go said...

Wow! It's so nice that your little one already has an interest in sports.. :) And your cousins really lucky to be able to feel the atmosphere of the Olympics being in the area and all.. ^^ Oh, and how I love faking a cockney! XD