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Hair Story | Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Gold Blonde.

Three months ago, I did my first attempt with DIY hair coloring using Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Sweet Orange. Satisfied with the result vis-a-vis the price (Php 350 at my favorite eBay store), I went for DIY hair coloring again over the weekend, this time using a different color.

My name is Blonde. Gold Blonde.
Still Etude House, of course. Only now, it's Gold Blonde - one of the two new shades released a few months ago. The other shade, Mocha Pink, was actually my first choice. But dang, I've searched high and low, and all over the web, and I still couldn't find a seller who has it in stock. So even with a bit of hesitation, I decided to go for Gold Blonde instead.

Side panel.
Unlike the previous releases of the Bubble Hair Coloring, this box actually had instructions written in English. That's a plus for first-time users who can't read Hangul.
No Hangul? No problem!
I remember having to Google for instructions and search for YouTube demos the first time I used this product. Now you can skip the research part and read directly from the box instead.

Contents unboxed.
Or you can just read 'em here:

1. Wear the cape and latex gloves.
2. Pour the Bubble Coloring Solution inside the pump bottle. 
3. Tilt the bottle from side to side so that it mixes with the Liquid Solution inside the bottle. Do not shake the bottle, as it may become too foamy to pump out.
4. Pump out the foamy mixture and apply it on your hair.
5. Leave it on for about 30 minutes. 
6. Rinse thoroughly.
7. Apply the Silky Perfumed Treatment next. 
8. Leave it on your hair for at least five to ten minutes. 
9. Rinse.

So how did my second DIY attempt turn out?
It was a success!
I wasn't expecting my almost black hair to miraculously turn into golden yellow, so I was quite surprised with this color pay-off! It's a soft shade of brown - kinda brunette, if I may say. It's pretty, and I love it!

I don't think I'll pay for a thousand bucks at the salon ever again. (Unless Mum treats me to a makeover session when she comes home next month, haha!)

Where to buy?
Etude House branches
Bhappywithme (my favorite seller of Korean cosmetics)

15 replies:

Kjbikakis said...

Wow that worked rly well! And it looks SUPER cute!! <3 <3

Unknown said...

im glad you like the results! very affordable noh? hope they could have more shades soon!

The Detox Diva said...

Wow, you are brave! I haven't tried to color my hair on my own since high school! However, my experience a few months ago with a high priced salon was disastrous! Maybe you are on to something.

The Mommy Roves said...

i heard this is agood product!! must try since im dying to color my hair! haha :D

The Bargain Doll

Unknown said...

That looks really pretty. I am scared to color my own hair. When I did in high school my hair turned green!

ReviewsSheRote said...

I cannot EVER see paying for hair coloring at the salon so many great EZ products to do at home

Mommys Juice said...

You are much braver than I. I'm scared to death to do my own hair. Yours really looks good!

tatess said...

the price is very affordable. It looks nice on your hair. i must try this too.will check it on ebay.

Animetric said...

I think I'll try this shade next, the last one I tried was Sweet Orange. I love EH Bubble Color because it's affordable, easy to use, and effective. :)

Prototype Mama said...

I never heard of this but it worked really well-- looks great!

MrsMartinez | said...

I was expecting to see a blonde haired girl hahaha


Sumi Go said...

I've tried dying my hair using a bubble hair dye too but of a different brand.. :D I think by the end of the month, I'll get myself some of Etude's bubble hair dye. Not sure what shade though, but I'm feeling something light and blonde-ish.. :D

YANI said...

Never dyed my hair..too scared to do it by myself. But because of your post it gave me some confidence to try it using of course trusted brands.

teJan said...

oy wow ha it really shows and nicely done. I tried once but the color did not showed up on my long black hair:( Well, not that product, it was another type.

Anonymous said...

Awesome review. We just shared with all our fans :) If anyone's looking for this in USA or Canada, we just added it to our site!