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At a Glance | SkinFood Royal Honey Toner + Emulsion.

Sometime during Habagat week, I unexpectedly ran out of my favorite Human Heart Nature Balancing Toner without having a spare bottle in stock. Not wanting to leave the house and brave the heavy rains, I decided to use another brand for the time being. Rummaging through my stock of Korean cosmetics, I found this.
Skin Food Royal Honey Gift Set.
Inside the Skin Food Royal Honey Gift Set are two 5 mL bottles - the Royal Honey Toner, and the Royal Honey Emulsion. The gift set came as a freebie with the Royal Honey Eye Cream that my husband bought in Myeongdong a few months ago. Who would've thought that I'd have an emergency situation that would call for this? Haha!
Royal Honey Toner in full size (150 mL) costs somewhere along the Php 800 mark here in the PH.
The Royal Honey Toner's main ingredients are royal black honey and royal jelly extracts. Both are derived from natural raw black honey that can only be found in the South Asian forest - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enriched with a myriad of nutrients, this 'treatment toner' hydrates and transforms the skin, giving it a nice honey-glazed complexion. 

Quite surprising about this toner is its consistency. Unlike most toners, this one has a thick, syrupy consistency reminiscent of the real, edible honey that we know. Like the Eye Cream, this one also has a nice, sweet smell. It's very gentle on the skin, and doesn't sting at all. That's a plus for me since I have very sensitive skin.
Royal Honey Emulsion in the 150 mL bottle costs $25.50 at Gmarket.
As for the Royal Honey Emulsion, it has the same active ingredients as the Royal Honey Toner. They smell pretty much the same, too. After all, they come from the same Royal Honey line. It looks yellowish from the bottle, but when you squeeze it out, it's actually white. 

Notice how its consistency is light and runny? That's the difference between emulsions and creams
The former has a lighter consistency, recommended for day wear, and most suitable for those with oily skin. The latter, on the other hand, is thick and rich, and best for dry skin. Both are meant to hydrate and moisturize the skin, and you can go for either, or even both. (Just take into consideration the weather. It can be icky to wear one on top of the other in this hot and humid Philippine weather.)

Although my use of these two products are pretty short-term (three or four days, I reckon, then I went back to my usual Human Heart Nature regimen), I can still say that this is hydration at its finest, without my skin breaking out or getting allergies.

Would I go full-size in the future? Maybe.
But I won't be buying here in the Philippines, since it's a known fact that SkinFood products are astronomically priced here. Good thing I can always count on my husband to do the shopping in Myeongdong. :)

10 replies:

Dominique@Dominique's Desk said...

I haven't tried out Skinfood products as yet. am still going through the Face shop and other products which I got during out trip to Korea in June. Love the place..hope to go back there again next year.

ChicSassyMom said...

Oh wow! I have a few of these too, but haven't used them yet. Although, I'm using the eye cream, and the massage gel, me likey too! :D

I'll give them a try soon.

Best Regards!

Unknown said...

Looks like a great product! I need to find something better than what is currently in my bathroom. It's no longer working!

Megan said...

These sound like great products to use! I'll be checking them out soon.

Unknown said...

i havent tried any product from skin food because of my previous work. what do you think is the best product to try?

i actually need a toner right now ;)

The Mommy Roves said...

im always on the impression that skin fod skinfood is expensive hence haven't tried it. is it good and worthy? :)

Wendy said...

I have to admit that I don't know much about these kinds of cosmetics as I rarely can use them due to sensitive skin. These sound wonderful though and I bet they smell fantastic. Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

I would love to see your supply of Korean products. Parang ang dami e! hahaha :D I'm curious about how the toner looks like. I can't imagine a sticky toner kasi haha Currently, I'm using Ilog Maria's honey oil as my moisturizer. Super good for my skin. I rarely break out na and my skin feels so supple and young :D

Unknown said...

I am really interested in the skin food. I have oily skin so I was glad to learn the difference between emulsions and creams. Thank you

Unknown said...

Thanks for the review. I was considering the Honey Emulsion but was looking up reviews to see how other people like it. This was very helpful.