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Habagat Aftermath.

Almost two weeks of non-stop rain. That has got to be the craziest, meanest downpour I've experienced so far. And it's not even a typhoon, mind you. That was just Habagat, or the Southwest Monsoon.

Thankfully, San Pablo City isn't a flood-prone area, and my hometown didn't experience power or water outages during the onset of Habagat. Although the strong winds and heavy rains saw me with sleepless nights and days of paranoia (not having the husband around sucks big time), the little man and I remained safe and dry the entire time.

Nobody expected that monsoon rains could be this destructive. Not the weather station, not the government, and definitely not the ordinary Filipino citizen. This recent devastation left us with almost half of the country in shambles - 70 people dead, more than 20 people missing, and almost 2 million people displaced from their homes and their livelihood. The number of affected families have become quite overwhelming, and local authorities are currently seeking aid for the victims of Habagat.

Photo credit: DWIZ
Should you wish to help, you may refer to this list of relief centers that are accepting donations and volunteers. This list is originally compiled by GMA News.

I wanted to instill in my son the spirit of volunteerism even at his early age, so I asked him if we could donate his old clothes. Without further questions, he replied "Yes, Mom! Samahan mo na din ng corned beef para may food sila." (Yes, Mom. Give them corned beef, too, so they'll have food to eat.)

And so yesterday, the little man and I went to the mall to drop off our donations. It wasn't much, but it was enough for the little man to understand the meaning of compassion and the spirit of bayanihan.

Ah, I must be raising this kid right. :)

6 replies:

Mom-Friday said...

It's always good to expose them to any form of charity work. They will appreciate what they have even more and learn to be compassionate.
Good job! :)

Lucky Finds said...

compassion for the poor and needy would teach our children to practice empathy

Pepper Tan said...

Yue always has this big smile on his face, it's infectious! :). I also asked my daughter what we could do to help. She said she wants to donate her old toys and clothes. Yes, we must be raising them right :)

It's really heartbreaking what happened to our fellow men... But as they say, the Filipino spirit is waterproof.

Animetric said...

We too were fortunate not to have been affected so much by the recent monsoon. I don't think I've ever experienced this much rain in my entire life. I should follow your lead and try to instill the same spirit in my kids. :)

The Mommy Roves said...

malabon was badly affected and i wasnt able to go home after being discharged in the hosp. thankfully you are safe :)
may our countrymen rise up from this calamity

Rovie, The Bargain Doll

Bev said...

I really feel fortunate this time, coz were not affected by the recent calamity. I have experience ondoy, so I know the feeling of Habagat victims...Now, I am sorting out old clothes as our way of helping the victims...