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Spotlight | Human Heart Nature Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner in Lush Vanilla.

I love, love, love vanilla. It's the one scent that I'll never, ever grow tired of. Just by looking at my dresser, where majority of the perfumes that I own are vanilla-based, you'll understand what I mean. Heck, even the reed diffusers I have at home reek of vanilla.

When I learned that Human Heart Nature will be releasing new, vanilla-scented products, I couldn't contain my excitement. I even asked the lovely ladies of Human Heart Nature Laguna to set aside some of the new products for me. When the stocks arrived mid-July, I was more than happy to claim my reservation and give these new babies a try.

I used 'em first before I took this photo. Haha!
Human Heart Nature Moisturizing Shampoo in Lush Vanilla is made from Philippine coco nectar and pure avocado oil. Both ingredients are rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals guaranteed to keep the hair healthy and full of life. Like the original Mandarin Fresh variant, this shampoo also has the breakthrough CREAMFoam® technology that acts like a lotion to soften and nourish the hair.

Lush Vanilla Shampoo.
50 mL, Php 44.75 / 200 mL, Php 139.75 / 500 mL, Php 289.75
Its partner, the Lush Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner, also contains avocado oil and is packed with Omega-3 - one of nature's most intense moisturizers. It also has seaweed extract which restores the hair's elasticity, and organic virgin coconut oil to give the hair a healthy shine.

Lush Vanilla Conditioner.
50 mL, Php 49.75 / 200 mL, Php 144.75 / 500 mL, Php 299.75.
I've been using the Mandarin Fresh variant of Human Heart Nature's Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner for three years now, so there isn't much difference between my hair's texture and shine then and now. The scent would be the only difference. Both the shampoo and conditioner smell light and sweet, with just a hint of vanilla. Yes, just a hint.

Come to think of it, the conditioner smells more like banana to me. I was hoping the scent would come close to the likes of Vanilla Musk by Coty (old school, baby!) or Bath and Body Works' Vanilla Bean Noel (available once again starting this fall, yay!), but these smell as if they were from The Body Shop's Originals Collection, Banana line. Don't get me wrong, they don't smell bad. Just not enough vanilla in there, at least by my standards.

Will I buy again? Of course!
I really don't see myself using another brand of shampoo or conditioner, and knowing Human Heart Nature, they do pay attention to what customers are saying and make improvements on their products when necessary. Here's hoping that there will be more vanilla in these products by the time the next magalogue is released.

Speaking of magalogue, The Rebel Sweetheart made a special appearance in the July-August 2012 edition. Remember my review of the Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation? An excerpt of that review appears on the magalogue! Turn to page 15 if you have a copy! :)

Human Heart Nature products can be bought at the Human Heart Nature Flagship Store, their online store, local outlets (such as the Human Heart Nature Concept Store in Laguna), Shopwise branches and Beauty Bar outlets. 

12 replies:

Anonymous said...

Love this review, I love a good shampoo and conditioner! Congrats for being in the magazine!

Unknown said...

human nature <3 i love their shampoo and conditioner's scent actually. no hair fall or dandruff. i hope i can buy another bottle again soon!

Family Travels on a Budget said...

Oh, I'd be disappointed if I purchased something vanilla that smells like bananas. I'm a vanilla girl through and through -- year round. Well, except for the wonderful smell of banana boat all summer! :) I wonder if they'll tweak the formula in the near future?

mail4rosey said...

I haven't heard of it a salon or store product? It has a gorgeous color and you make it sound really nice!

CrazyNutsMom said...

This sounds like it would just smell wonderful. I think this would be wonderful. Vanilla is one of my favorite scents.

Pepper Tan said...

I love vanilla too. I like that it never overpowers, it just leaves a hint of scent which lingers. Really sexy. Yes, how can I forget Vanilla Musk by Coty! That used to be a high school staple for me:).

Chris said...

i havent tried this one yet. would love to try it out too!

tatess said...

I never tried this product yet but with your review somebody needs to try it and find out how it works for you. Congrats for the special appearance on the magazine. They know how good you are when it comes to product review.

The Detox Diva said...

I hope it is as natural as it sounds and is not just greenwashed with hidden nasties. I love the scent of real vanilla and often "burn"a little vanilla extract in a scent burner in my kitchen to diffuse scents. I'd love it on my hair!

Unknown said...

Great review and you always try the neatest stuff. I can almost smell this already...ahhhh

MrsMartinez | said...

Since it contains virgin coconut oil, is the product easy to wash off?


Animetric said...

I've only tried the orange-scented varian (Mandarin I think, like the one you've been using) but I'm curious about this one. Their moisturizing shampoo and conditioner work for my hair too. :)