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4 Mistakes Affecting Your Exercise Performance.

Across social media and in group chats and emails, you will hear it every day, and see it in the gym when you manage to drag yourself down there; women getting frustrated by a lack of results as they try and attain a healthier body.

Whether trying a new fad diet or the latest exercise regime, many women become frustrated and irritated that no matter what they try, they struggle to get the results they want - whether they are looking to lose weight, maintain their shape or tone.

Here we are going to look at four common mistakes that anyone can make when they begin to exercise, or even when they have been regularly exercising for a while, that may be preventing them from getting the results they expect.
Oh My Venus, 2015.
Too Much Too Soon 
When you are regularly working out at the gym, or going for regular runs or swims, you will want to see results quickly. This often makes people push themselves too far every time they work out. You can also become over eager, taking your new regime to the limit and exercising too often.

Studies on health and fitness have shown that the best way to build lasting results and to reach your health goals quickly, is to slowly build up your levels of exercise and let your body acclimatize to your new regime. Don’t be tempted to push your limits early on, consistency is the key to achieving your results.

Manage Your Expectations
Many people make the mistake of expecting too much, too quickly. The goals you have will take time to reach no matter where you are starting out. You are going to struggle at times, and that is a part of exercising, but the struggle becomes easier the more often you work out. Then you step up your regime a little until you reach that limit again. With time and repetition, exercise becomes easy and fun.

Don’t Let the Mirror or the Scales Be the Boss
Too much emphasis on visible results can do more harm than good. You should focus on achieving tangible goals, like running a set distance regularly or lifting a set weight, instead of letting pounds and ounces on the scales determine your success for you.

Weight can fluctuate for all kinds of reasons, and what you see when you look in the mirror has more to do with your mood and how you are feeling than the image you see. Let your body tell you how you are doing. You will feel healthier, fitter and more energetic if you are exercising properly. You should rest well too, as it is an important part of your body’s recuperation from exercise. A top-quality mattress will help you get the best rest, look here to see some good options for a good night’s sleep.
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, 2017.
Don’t Be Afraid of Strength Training
Strength training is a great way to burn calories, and give your body some curve, but many women stay away fearing they will get a ‘body builder’ shape. Excessive strength training will give anyone excessive muscles, but the right strength training and weight lifting can be a great way to burn calories and add some muscle to specific parts of the body. If you want thicker hips and thighs, you can build muscle in this area to give your body the curves you want where you want them.

There are plenty of diets and exercise regimes around that can help you reach your fitness goals, so you should look around carefully and find the right ones for you. The most important thing is consistency. Regular exercise, no matter what it is, will help you achieve your health goals.


3 Ways To Care for a Friend With Cancer.

Hearing about a cancer diagnosis can be difficult for anyone, but it is especially devastating when it is one of your friends. You may feel uncertain about what the future will hold and wonder if your friend will be okay. While there is no perfect solution for caring for a friend with cancer, there are a few things that you can do to make this time easier on them. These include spending time with them, making a care package and being willing to listen.
Jealousy Incarnate, 2016.
1. Spend Time With Them
Things can get lonely when a person is taking cancer treatments and spending a lot of time at home. Consider visiting with your friend when she is feeling up to it. Bake her favorite treat and leave it at her house. If she feels like spending the day out, you can help her shop for wigs Westchester County NY. Just showing up makes a big statement about how much you care.
Special care package for men.
2. Make a Care Package
If your friend is having to take chemotherapy or radiation treatments, you can make her a care package to make things easier on treatment days. Your package does not have to include anything fancy; a soft blanket, good book and hand lotion are great things to include. This will show how much you care, and it can do a lot to brighten her day. You can add in little gifts that made you think of her, and even ask what things she could benefit from during her treatments.
Kim Woo Bin, diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017.
3. Be Willing To Listen 
Being diagnosed with cancer is difficult for anyone. Your friend may feel sad, lonely or confused. She may need someone to just talk to. You must make sure that anything that is shared is kept in the strictest confidence. You can offer comforting words or just be there to simply help take the load off. While you may feel that anything you do is not enough to help your friend, doing little things for her can show her how much you love her and cherish her friendship. It is a difficult thing to talk about, but be sure that you do not ignore the situation entirely. Instead, let her know that you are there for whatever she and her family may need. This can be a difficult time for you and your friend, but by sticking together, you can get through this.