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The McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop + Giveaway!

After the Holy Week, my little man embarked on another summer activity - the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop. He took part in this workshop last year, and he even won gift certificates (plus bragging rights, lol) for being the 'Cutest Kiddie Crew of the Week'. But because the little man wanted to become a 'Kiddie Crew' again and seeing how much he enjoyed the experience last year, I decided - on a whim - to sign him up for the workshop again.
Kiddie Crew year 2 for my little man!
And so on the morning of April 21st, the little man and I trooped to McDonald's Rizal Avenue, together with his other crew mates (and their parents) for Batch 4 of the Kiddie Crew Workshop. As I've mentioned before, this workshop is done in batches, with each batch going on-board for five days, 2 hours per day. Registration fee costs Php 595, which includes the Kiddie Crew uniform (shirt, bag, cap, chef's hat, apron, ID with lace), workshop materials, plus meals for the kids.
Clockwise from L-R: Chef's hat, shirt, cap, bag, ID with lace, apron.
Now I bet you didn't know that McDonald's has been hosting this summer program for 21 years now. Yes, the first Kiddie Crew Workshop was actually held way back in 1991!

More Kiddie Crew adventures, plus a giveaway after the jump! :)

Like last year, the Kiddie Crew members did fun activities like singing, dancing, and painting.
Dancing to the tune of 'Do the Ronald'.
Singing their theme song 'Make it Happen'.
Painting his apron.
And with the addition of the chef's hat in this year's kit, the kids were given the chance to jazz up their hats and decorate them the way they want!
Putting stickers on his chef's hat.
The Kiddie Crew members also went 'on-floor', where they got to mingle with the crew and assist them by doing simple tasks such as greeting the customers, putting ice on the glasses, placing trays on the counter, and my son's favorite job - handing out drive-thru orders.
On-floor training!
Eager beavers!
Having fun at the drive-thru window. :)
Thank you, come again! :)
Oh, and the kids made their own cheeseburger, too.
Chef Yue in action.
Showing off the finished product.
Kiss the cook! :)
Now this workshop was not just fun and games. These activities actually taught the kids the importance of hard work, discipline, teamwork, and the joy of sharing.
For any amount donated to the Bahay Bulilit program, kids will receive a badge like the one Yue has.
On the fifth and final day of the workshop, a simple graduation ceremony was held. The participants received their Kiddie Crew badges, had a meet and greet session with Hamburglar, and  even had the chance to showcase their talents by performing in front of the customers! The kids danced 'Do the Ronald' together with Hamburglar, and sang the Kiddie Crew theme song, 'Make it Happen'.
Dancing with Hamby.
Singing in chorus.
Group picture! :)
The kids played some fun games too, and they all got to bring home some really cool prizes.
Balloons for everyone!
Having fun!
Loving the prize he got!
The little man and his crew mates will all meet again on the 31st for the Grand Graduation Day. Together with the other Kiddie Crew graduates of the McDonald's Rizal Avenue branch, they will all receive their Kiddie Crew certificates, and convene for an afternoon of fun and games for the whole family.

Now here's the best part. I'm giving away four Kiddie Crew kits to four lucky readers, and the chance for their kids (or nieces, nephews, and siblings) to experience the Kiddie Crew workshop as well.

To join the giveaway, simply accomplish the basic tasks indicated on the Rafflecopter below and on the comment section below, answer the question, 'What is your favorite childhood summer experience?' together with your name, email address, and the links to your social media shares.

Although I will be using Rafflecopter to moderate the entries, the winners will be selected based on their answer to the question. I will be the one choosing so yeah, impress me with your answers! Make me feel nostalgic! Move me to tears if you must! Hehe. :)

This giveaway will run from May 5 to May 10, open to NCR residents only. Winners will be announced on May 14, and will be notified via email. Winners are to take part in the Kiddie Crew Workshop on May 19-23 in their preferred store.

And the winners are:
Mylene Calleja
Merry Jane Ocol
Marie Stephanie Tugadi
Carol Chan


51 replies:

Carla D. said...

Carla Dunn

My favorite summer childhood experience would be going to the aquarium or zoo. I know my girls would both love going.

Carla D. said...

Didn't realize this was NCR residents only. I apologize. My entries would be invalid as I am from the US.

Valerice said...

Name: Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay
FB post:


My most favorite childhood experience is honestly, egg hunting. I know we are past the Holy week but I was really looking forward to an egg hunt but unfortunately, there is none for adults. It made me realize that it is one of my favorite childhood experience and i missed it.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jared's mum said...

am not sure if I qualify since I am from Bulacan but am joining, anyway! :)

Vix Parungao
FB Share:

My favorite summer childhood experience would be the time we go on impromptu picnics in the otherwise barren rice fields + fly kites with my parents + my siblings! :)

Debi Gerhart said...

I didn't know it had been going on for 21 years. That is fantastic

Kero said...

summer childhood moments to treasure! your young man is dashing!!!

Unknown said...

What a cutie! He looks like he had such a great time.

Michelle F.

michymichymoo said...

Your kid is so cute!!! :) He must have enjoyed the workshop. :)

My favorite summer childhood experience is having to play under the trees in my grandma's house. :)

Michelle Melo

Unknown said...

My favorite summer childhood experience as far as I could remember is going to my grandfather and grandmother's house, where I will stay there for the whole month, being their favorite "APO" I am able to do what I wanted. I can get without any fear that my mother would scold me. My Lola even let me help me cook and I am able to hold spatula. I really feel so free with them. I love my LOLO and LOLA so much and I am missing them so much.

Jen Irinco Labang

MikiHope said...

I don't think they do this in the US-of course I could be wrong. At least the kids appear to be having fun!

Unknown said...

My favorite chilhood experience was skipping classes to go shopping with my mom. Hahaha!

ReviewsSheRote said...

WOW looks like a really fun "camp" I don't know if they have that in the US but I know my kids would LOVE IT!!!

Mhisha Cuyson said...

Weee~ the kids sure looks like they were having fun. Congratulations to the little guy! :)

Leelo said...

wow! This looks like a lot of fun for kids!

Unknown said...

Name: Mary Rose Paguio

My summer childhood experience is to summer outing with my relatives..

Kath Rivera said...

The little man is so cute! I'll join this contest for my son :) He wants to join this kaya lang the hubby medyo hindi nya trip para sa anak nya. Will join before the contest ends :)

Merry Jane Ocol said...

email address:
the link to your tweet:
the link to your Facebook share:

What is your favorite summer childhood experience?

I remember that every summer we see to it to visit my grandma in ILOCOS. We always stay there for a week and make sure that my family will have fun.

I remember we went to a river to swim.. I was really happy making fun of the water when I saw a carabao nearby that is taking a dip too. Hahaha....

Joy said...

Lovely joy merced

My favorite summer childhood experience was playing tumbang preso with my friends :D

Lame Shrill Owl said...

WHen my daughter was in kindergarten they got a behind the scenes tour of McDs. Kids thought it was neat.

Unknown said...

name: joy pineda
email address:
Facebook share:
my favorite summer experienced is attending Vacation Bible school every summer,i've learned a lot from bible story telling,making crafts and games

Unknown said...

Marie Stephanie Tugadi

One of the best childhood memories I had was when I performed in a ballet recital when I was just 6 years old. It was fun and unforgettable!

EG said...

This is super nice glad Mcdo does this every year. Teach kids responsibility among everything else.

AleeCassan said...

Whoops, please void out my entries since I am not in the qualifying residence >.<

Mylene M. Calleja said...

Mylene M. Calleja
twitter link:
fb share:

I had the best summer experience when we visited our mom's hometown,a very remote province but full of fun activities we got their. My Lolo prepared three days before we arrive his "bangon" that's what they called it a bamboo made cage for shrimps and crablets,we had our lunch beside the river, of course from his freshly harvest shrimps,crablets and some st.peter's fish which my mom grilled and can't forget the freshly picked ripe mangoes and bananas for dessert, yummy. How I wish I can gave such simple but unforgettable experience to my children and grandchildren, minus their gadgets of course.

Emcel Fajardo said...

Maricel Fajardo!/emcel.fajardo/posts/446420615460255?stream_ref=1

Best childhood memories when I attended DVBS Daily Vacation Bible School they fetch us like a school bus they teach how us diffirent verses from the bible everyday we sing and dance there and do craft and met new friends.

Mommy Lei said...

Leilani Gamboa
My fave summer childhood experience is going to beach with my family.

Unknown said...

Kirsten Allysandra San Juan

The summer vacation before I became a fifth grader was the best. I also attended the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop. All of our activities helped me boost my confidence and I enjoyed a lot with my new found friends. I was awarded Best in Lobby. ;)

Unknown said...

Name: Glaiza T. Pesquera
Email address:
Tweet link:
Facebook share:

My best summer childhood experience is when I joined Girl Scout Camping in Camp Marina Cebu...

Seaman's wife said...

Aisa R Vagilidad



My most memorable childhood memories is everytime I play the old games with my friends and cousins =)

Unknown said...

name:Jubilee C. Prades
email address:
Facebook share:

What is your favorite summer childhood experience?

Bible studying and swimming in the river with my brothers and little sister!

Unknown said...

Name: Rhoda Maclid
Facebook link share:

Twitter link share:

My favorite summer childhood experience is when i get excited to jump on the pool without knowing that the pool is in 7 feet deep.

Unknown said...

yen morales

my fave summer memories was going to the places my dad was assigned to. (he was an army back then) it was fun going to different cities and remote places coz me and my bro learned a lot from it.

Unknown said...

Name: Estanislao O. Andog
Twitter link

My favorite summer childhood experience is to go out with my family, go to the beach....have fun and enjoy the wind from the sea....

Unknown said...

I don't ever eat at McDonald's. I never have and neither have my children, but I just have to say that your son is completely adorable!

Unknown said...

name: Kristine Domingo
email address:

The link to your tweet:

The link to your Facebook share:

My Childhood memories is more on playing outside, playing on the street thats why when im so dark due to too much sun exposure. But i enjoy my childhood i played lots of street games like patintero, taguan, shato(tama ba spelling) and agawan base. Im so boyish that time.

Tetcha said...

Name: Maria Teresa Figuerres
Email address:
Link to my tweet:
Link to my Facebook share:

What is your favorite summer childhood experience? Spending summer with my childhood friends playing patintero, tumbang preso, Chinese garter, luksong baka, luksong tinik, sipa, etc.

Sherry ann gole cruz said...

sherry ann gole cruz
My favorite summer childhood experience is when me and father go malling together!

La Vida Rosa said...

Rosemarie O. Lee

My favorite summer childhood experience was i spend it at my Mom's province in Catarman Northern Samar. Aside from the beach and bonding with my cousins and childhood friends, i got the chance to serve as a tindera at my Aunt's sari-sari store. Truly a summer to remember!

Unknown said...

Carol Chan
FB -

My favorite summer childhood experience is watching Chinese Opera. There is a Chinese Temple near our house and every May, there would hire a performing troop during the "feast day". It was very entertaining to watch the artist in ancient costumes with intricate headpieces singing to the accompaniment of drums, flutes, cymbals and other musical instruments.

Shopgirl Jen said...

Your son is so cute. No wonder he won the cutest crew. Glad that your son enjoyed this experience. :)

Unknown said...

gusto ko maexperience ng pamangkin ko ng workshop tulad nito but but her parents ddoesnt have budget for this workshop hope to win as gift for my pamankin

Czjai said...

Hi Remz! You have to follow the mechanics in order to join the contest. Thank you.

Czjai said...

Thanks Jen! :)

Unknown said...

may ongsioco

My favorite summer childhood experience is going to beach and build sand castle

Unknown said...


My favorite childhood experience is we always swim in the river with my playmates & cousins :)

thabibe said...

name: Cecille Azucena
fb share:

I love traveling and that's the event in my life that I treasured when I was a child that until now I want my son to expereinced

Unknown said...

Lovely Paraan

My favorite childhood experience is playing patentero, chinese garter and luksong tinik with my friends.

Louisa said...

I'm waiting for my youngest to be the right age. This looks so much and he looks like he had a memorable experience.

Mitch said...

My eldest did this last year, and she enjoyed doing it!

Cute ng anak mo, at ang smile... it just shows that he loved what he was doing!

Unknown said...

The activity is so cool for children, everybody was happy.