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Foodie Goodie | Meiji Lucky Stick Cappuccino.

While grocery shopping earlier, I chanced upon an interesting snack item in the 'International Food' section of SM Supermarket.
Meiji Lucky Stick Cappuccino.
It's called Lucky Stick, from the Japanese brand Meiji. And I find it interesting because of - you guessed it right - the cappuccino flavor.
Cappuccino for the coffeeholic! 
Made in Indonesia under license from Meiji Japan.
Oh, and each pack is worth 220 calories. OMG, haha!
Open the foil pouch and the first thing you'll notice is the delicious waft of creamy coffee.
Single pack.
The coating has just the right sweetness - not bland, not saccharine - and tastes a lot like cappuccino, too. The flavor actually reminded me of Maxim Cafe Latte, my favorite Korean instant coffee mix.
The sticks are of the same size as the illustration on the side panel.
As for the biscuit itself, they were pretty crunchy but didn't have much flavor. But we (my son and I) like it, anyway. Haha!
Love the cappuccino coating! :)
Compared with other biscuit stick brands, Lucky Stick has about the same length as Lotte's Pepero, but pudgier and fatter than Glico's Pocky. Lucky Stick is also the cheapest among the three, as it sells for only Php 29 per box at SM Supermarket. (If I remember correctly, Pocky is around Php 35, while Pepero is around Php 45 per box.)
Battle of the biscuit sticks.
Lucky Stick comes in two other flavors - milk chocolate and strawberry. I have yet to try these flavors, haha! How about you, have you tried this snack before? :)

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13 replies: said...

Ma-eenjoy ko yata ito, good replacer for coffee since I'm a coffee addict =))

i♥pinkc00kies said...

I love pepero almond :))

Rhea Bue | Styles and Writes said...

I love pocky's and pepero's the most though :) will give this flavor from lucky a try though. hihihi! :)

Unknown said...

whoah.. I only tried the Chocolate flavor.. and nice photo for the comparison of Pocky, Lucky and Pepero

Gellie Abogado said...

Haven't tried this yet but would love to. My sisters and I are big fans of Pocky though ;)


Emily Reviews said...

How interesting! I'd love to try these.

Kero said...

these are awesome! not a good idea to discover when i am trying to cut down on my caffeine but who can resist! I can almost smell them from here..

Unknown said...

I have never heard of that brand before but I like the pokey sticks.

Michelle F.

Unknown said...

I personally wouldn't try them, but how wonderful that you found something you enjoy. Whenever I find something that I enjoy, my heart giggles LOL

The Mommy Roves said...

i love those things!! haha sayang ngayon hindi ako pwede sa cappucino cant eat it :D

MikiHope said...

I would definitely try them if they sold them in the US. I am a coffee drinker and I love cappuccino, They are a bit high in calories and carbs but for a once in a blue moon treat-----

Tetcha said...

I should try this, too, because I have lately been loving coffee. I'd like to see if really tastes like cappuccino. My son loves the strawberry flavor, by the way. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

Marie said...

These sound delicious! would love to try these!