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Hong Kong Holiday | Chef Mickey + Hollywood & Dine.

In my previous post, I mentioned that there are several restaurants in Disney's Hollywood Hotel. There are five in total - Chef Mickey, which offers international buffet; Hollywood & Dine, a quick service restaurant; Sunset Terrace, located outdoors for the perfect barbecue dining experience; Studio Lounge, which serves cocktails anytime of the day; and the Piano Pool Bar, a snack bar located poolside.

Out of these five restaurants, we were able to visit two - Chef Mickey and Hollywood & Dine. Let me walk you through Hollywood & Dine first. It's located on the far end of the hotel, right beside the game room.
Hollywood & Dine.
One look at the restaurant, and I was instantly reminded of the diner depicted in Archie comics. You know, that place where Archie takes Betty (or Veronica) for burgers and milkshake.
Reminds me of the diner in Archie comics.
The restaurant features open display cases which allows guests to see exactly what's on the menu.
That's my brother, having a hard time choosing what to order. Haha. :)
They have a selection of sandwiches, fruits, salads, pasta, and pastries, while their beverage selection includes coffee, bottled fruit juices, and bottled water.
Sandwich selection.
Dessert cups.
Pasta and noodles.
But no matter how yummy the menu looks, we all wanted something more filling than these snacks. After all, it was almost 3 in the afternoon, and our last meal was the empanadas served on the plane. In short, we were famished, and we wanted a meal with rice. Haha!

So off we went to the other restaurant, Chef Mickey, with hopes to satiate our hunger with a hearty meal.
Chef Mickey!
Popular for its Mickey Mouse pancakes and meet and greet sessions with Mickey Mouse, Chef Mickey boasts of an international buffet that features Asian specialties, Western dishes, and local Cantonese courses. They also have a selection of European breads and pastries, plus pizza baked in a traditional wood-fired oven.
Mickey, Mickey everywhere!
Unfortunately,  we weren't able to try their buffet. It was a Friday when we arrived, and lunch buffet is served only during Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. We had no choice but to make do with their a la carte menu. I wasn't able to snap a photo of the menu board (out of famine, I guess - haha!), so I'll just show you what we had for lunch (super late lunch) on the first day of our trip.
Utensils for the kids.
Waiting for the entree.
Bread and butter.
House blend iced tea.
Vegetable soup (this one tastes bland, though).
Yes, rice! One heaping bowl of it!
Braised beef, good for sharing with the little man. :)
Berries and cream for dessert.
Now if you're thinking of giving their buffet a try, do take note of the schedule and be sure to make prior reservations. It can get rowdy and crowdy because of the meet and greet session with Chef Mickey. Buffet prices start from HK$217 (around Php1247) for adults and HK$158 (around Php900) for kids ages 3-11. Kids below 3 years old eat for free.

Chef Mickey
Disney Hollywood Hotel
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
+852 35100 5000

I have a few more food posts from our Hong Kong trip. Will be sharing them in my Foodie Goodie posts in the weeks to come. :)


Hong Kong Holiday | Disney Hollywood Hotel.

It's been three months since our Hong Kong trip, I know. But you know what they say, better late than never! And since it's almost summer - the best time of the year to leave the country and go on a vacay - I thought it would be nice if I could share with you our experience at Disney Hollywood Hotel.
Disney Hollywood Hotel.
We stayed there for two nights and three days, as part of the vacation package that we availed thru Cathay Pacific. The package includes airfare, hotel accommodation, return airport/hotel transfer, plus 2-day tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland.
The little man enjoying his first plane ride.
Airplane food for adults. Kids are served a different meal.
Touchdown, Hong Kong!
One of the two hotels located at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Disney Hollywood Hotel gives off a vintage vibe with its 1930s Hollywood theme.
Here's the check-in counter at the lobby.
And the waiting area, occupied mostly by kids.
Kick Buttowski was airing when we arrived.
A better view of the lobby. That's my brother, niece, and sis-in-law on the right.
Mum with the grandkids.
The hotel has 600 guestrooms in total, categorized according to view. There's 'Park View' which overlooks, well, the park; 'Garden View' which overlooks the landscaped garden; and 'Sea View' which gives you a view of the stretching sea. We stayed at one of the Garden View rooms and here's the view from our window.
Trees and mountains...
And a little bit of the sea.
The rooms are designed for a family of four. They come with either a king-sized bed or two double beds. Our room, which I shared with my son, my sister, and my brother-in-law, had the latter. My Mum, brother, sister-in-law, and niece were checked-in at the room beside ours and they had the same double beds as well.
Two double beds.
The little man feeling at home. :)
There's a flat-screen LCD TV inside the room, with so many Disney Channels. My son kept on flipping through them, not knowing which one to watch. Haha!
Finally settled with this channel that airs Little Einsteins.
There's also a corner lounge, which would have been a great spot to get some writing done. I didn't bring my laptop though, as I had no intention of working while in Hong Kong. It's a vacation, for crying out loud! :)
Corner lounge, pardon our mess. :)
There's no fridge inside the room, but the mini bar comes with complimentary coffee and tea, plus an electric kettle. We got a few bottles of water, too. Wasn't able to take photos though, as we chugged them as soon as we got inside the room. Lol.
Great for night-caps.
The bathroom looks very posh with its black and white color scheme. Not as spacious as I expected, but it has a bath tub complete with water heater. I have one gripe, though. There's no bidet, which I found very uncomfortable, considering I'm used to bidets and dippers all my life. Woe is me, haha.
Towels, toilet paper, check.
Yes, I brought home that Mickey Mouse tumbler.
Now if you're asking about internet access, yes, there's wifi inside the room! And it was fast enough for me to download my Kdramas, and upload photos on my social media sites.

Disney Hollywood Hotel has lots of amenities to keep the kids (and adults, even) entertained. They have a huge outdoor pool, an outdoor playground, a game room, a gift shop, and several restaurants. But since we stayed at Disneyland for the most part of our trip (after all, we came there to celebrate my son's fifth birthday), I only saw the game room in passing and wasn't able to visit the pool or the playground. Luckily, we were able to dine at Chef Mickey, one of the restaurants inside the hotel. I'll talk about the food and the dining experience in a different post. :)
Ah, Hollywood Hotel. Bogoshippo!
If you're thinking of going to Disneyland this summer, you might want to consider getting the same package that we availed. (Thank you, Mum for funding this trip!) Prices start at $277 (around Php 12374); child package rate applies to kids ages 2-11.

Disney Hollywood Hotel
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
+852 35100 5000


Feeling Good and Looking Good Start with Velvet Rose Lingerie Shapewear and Intimates.

Finding the perfect undergarments is just as important as finding that IT dress, skin tone- flattering pair of nude high heels, or figure- forming jeans. You cannot hide on the outside what doesn’t feel good on the inside- when those muffin tops keep on bulging or your brassiere is nowhere near supportive, you’ll feel uneasy and uncomfortable and surely, it will show!

This is what Velvet Rose Lingerie believes in - that feeling good and looking good starts from the inside And that's why the brand commits to offering only the highest quality, stylish shapewear and intimate wear backed up with innovative technologies and made with superior fabric and material that feel oh-so-comfy. It’s time you get the right support you need!

Shape Perfection Control Body Suit in Black.

Shape Perfection Control Body Suit in Nude.
Their Shape Perfection series beautifully enhances curves, hides bulges, and slims down the figure without compromising comfort. Superior fabric and stay-put seamless technology allows free and easy movement.

Highlights Collection in Hot Pink.
Highlights Collection in Minty Mint.
Their Intimate Wear line, on the other hand, boast of ultra soft, high quality intimates that provide the body with the right support. Their brassieres are made with the softest foam pads that feel just like skin, while their underwear range is engineered to feel smooth and invisible once worn. Not only that, they come in this season’s trendiest styles and colors.

About Velvet Rose Lingerie
In 2003, Velvet Rose Lingerie has first opened its doors to the public at Robinson’s Galleria. It is a concept store that houses various intimate pieces from underwear, brassiere, hosiery, lingerie, swimwear, sleepwear to bedroom novelty items. The demand for the brand’s wide variety of selections has prompted them to open more stores across the metro. Currently, Velvet Rose Lingerie has three stores in Metro Manila (Shangri-La Plaza, Robinson’s Galleria, and SM Mall of Asia) and one in Davao, (Chimes Mall) which marked the brand’s first out-of-Manila expansion. In 2008, the brand has forayed into the online shopping world to cater to more women, as well as to make shopping easier for their loyal patrons. Ten successful years into the lingerie and intimates industry, Velvet Rose Lingerie still continues to delight women of all ages with its up-to-date, stylish, high quality, reliable intimates that make you feel genuinely confident and beautiful from the inside out.

For more information, please visit Velvet Rose Lingerie’s Facebook fan page ( and Twitter account ( Please follow us on Instagram (velvetroselingerie) and visit our official website for our complete product listing and for purchases. (


Wordless Wednesday #73 | Viber Fun!

Little man now has his own Viber account, and he's having fun sending messages to his Dad.
Here's his message to his Dad the other day. Doodled on Viber. :)

Making Moving Less Stressful for Children.

Moving house can be a stressful time for many parents, especially for those with young children. Prior to making a move, it’s important to consider a few key factors.

Wait until the end of the year.
For one, if your child is already enrolled in the local school, prior to packing up and relocating, it may be wise to wait until the end of the year, or at least, until the end of the term. Certain schools will teach subjects in a different way and also at a different speed. If you register your kids at a different institute half way through the year, they may fall behind in their studies.

Why moving house can be stressful for a child.
Although deciding to relocate poses a big upheaval for the entire family, both adults and children will experience different emotions. Adults will often only focus on the practical aspects of the move, whilst children will pay more attention to the losses caused. They may be moving away from a best friend, a school they enjoy or the bedroom they love. It’s important to help your child through this situation and a good way to do this is to make them a big part of the move. When visiting new properties, allow them to have a say and show them that you value their opinions.

Move somewhere family friendly. 
You may be moving due to a new career opening, or alternatively because of what the location has to offer. Whatever the reason for your move, it’s important to do your research beforehand.
Photo credit: o5
It’s always worth checking out the local information directories on sites like Netmums, which have extensive lists of family-friendly restaurants and day trip locations which are recommended by local mums. For instance, the North Lincs page is packed full of everything you could need, from recommended toddler groups to the best local softplay locations. This is a great first stop to decide if you’re suited to a home in the area such as a Linden Homes property for sale in Lincoln.

Familiarize them with the area first. 
It’s not new news that moving house can be stressful or even traumatic for children if not handled correctly. Instead of feeling daunted or worried about an unknown new place, introduce day trips to familiarise them with the area beforehand. Being told you’re moving to a place you know and love is a lot less scary for a child than somewhere that’s strange and unfamiliar. Emphasis on the positives are incredibly effective, and encouraging your little ones to think of what they’ve got to look forward to rather than the place they’re leaving behind should help keep the smiles on their faces.


Spotlight | Human Heart Nature Scented Cleansing Bar.

Hooray for lazy, no-school Mondays! Thanks to the Teachers' Seminar happening right now at my son's school, we don't have classes and I have the luxury of waking up late, not having to prepare breakfast in a rush, and the chance to finish some of my long overdue product reviews.

And so today, I'll be featuring these Scented Cleansing Bars from Human Heart Nature. I've had them in my stash for more than a month already, and only had the chance to try them last week. There are just way too many bath and body products here that I have to roadtest, and I don't know which one to use first. Not complaining, though. :)
100% Natural Scented Cleansing Bar.
Here's the product description from the Human Heart Nature website:

When was the last time you burst into song in the shower? Let our cleansing bars’ cheery symphony of scents give you a new reason to belt your heart out! 
If you’re looking for just the right kick of citrus to invigorate your mind and stimulate your senses, then suds up with our Lemon Zest Cleansing Bar
Lemon Zest Cleansing Bar.
Check the label! :)
Craving a fresh, clean scent to get all that good energy flowing? Our Aloe Fresh Cleansing Bar is your perfect match. 
Aloe Fresh Cleansing Bar.
Check the label! :)
Whichever you choose, you can be assured that our cleansing bars are perfectly gentle on your skin. They’re cold-processed to retain their natural glycerin, which helps keep your skin soft and supple. Here’s a bonus: cold-processing consumes less energy and produces less waste – so each cleansing bar is not only skin-friendly, but Earth-friendly as well.
No harmful chemicals.
Tue enough, both soaps were mild and gentle, and did a good job moisturizing my skin. Not surprising, since they're made with all-natural ingredients. As in coconut oil, lye, sugarcane-derived sodium lactate and sodium gluconate (removes dirt and grime), plus plant-derived decyl glucoside (for the foamy lather).

Both variants smell lovely, with a scent that's neither mild nor overpowering. However, I find the scent of the Lemon Zest soap more refreshing than the other. And I believe it's because of the citrus peel extract incorporated in it. You see, while the other soap is called Aloe Fresh, and it does smell like aloe vera, there's no aloe vera as per the list of ingredients.
Earth-friendly packaging. :)
What I love:
- Cute, earth-friendly packaging.
- Made with all-natural ingredients.
- No harmful chemicals.
- Not tested on animals.
- Proudly Philippine-made.
- Moisturizes the skin.
- Mild and gentle; safe for sensitive skin.
- The invigorating scent of the Lemon Zest variant.
- Affordable price.

What you might not like:
- It dissolves faster than commercially-available, hot-processed soaps, but that's normal since this one is cold-processed. I suggest you keep this soap in a separate soap dish/rack that gives proper drainage. That way, the soap bar stays fresh and will last longer. 

Have you tried these soaps before? They sell for Php 69.75 each, and are available online, at local Human Heart Nature branches, or through registered dealers. They're sold at Beauty Bar outlets and Robinson's, Rustan's, and Shopwise supermarkets in the Metro, too!