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Spotlight | The Cream Factory Scrub-in-a-Tub.

Last month, I had been introduced to a promising new line of bath and body products called The Cream Factory. Their Goat's Milk and Honey Bath Cream was the first product that I've tried. It's also one of my best skincare discoveries to date.

Not long after, I received an invitation from Because Inc. - the company behind The Cream Factory - to visit their office so I can take a look at their complete product line, and get first dibs on their latest product offering. I had to politely decline the invitation since I have way too much mommy duties to attend to, and going all the way to Pasig on a school day is just impossible for me.

Despite that, Because Inc., the kind people that they are, sent me a sample of their latest product anyway. Big thanks to my friend Sylvia for claiming this in my behalf. :) It's a body scrub that comes in a 255 gram tub. And they aptly called it 'Scrub-in-a-Tub'.
It's a body scrub that comes in a tub. :)
A handwritten note, with a pretty penmanship to boot, came along with it.
Don't you just love handwritten notes like this? :)
Sweet and delightfully creamy, this body scrub is made with real goat's milk that nourishes, moisturizes, exfoliates, and protects the skin. And just like the Bath Creams, the Scrub-in-a-Tub is infused with active botanical ingredients that provide detoxifying, clarifying, radiating, revitalizing, and relaxing benefits for the skin. That sounds like a lot, right?
Made with real goat's milk from the Netherlands.
There are actually three variants of the Scrub-in-Tub, each variant with two 'flavors'. All in all, there are six kinds of Scrub-in-a-Tubs, which I have listed below.

Salty. Contains fine rock salt crystals for deep exfoliation. 
Comes in Seaweed, the revitalizing ingredient; and Witch Hazel, the rejuvenating ingredient. 

Creamy. Contains walnut sprinkles to buff away skin impurities. 
Comes in Honey, the germ-killing ingredient; and Jojoba, the clarifying ingredient.

Yummy. Contains bits of cocoa beans to awaken the skin.
Comes in Almond, the detoxifying ingredient; and Cinnamon, the purifying ingredient.

This time around, cinnamon was my ingredient of choice. This popular spice has many benefits that go beyond cooking, and that includes healing wounds, treating acne and eczema, and petering out fine lines and wrinkles. 
Goat's Milk + Cinnamon.
Also, I may not have mentioned this before, but I'm a big fan of cinnamon rolls. I love them more than doughnuts, actually. And back then, every time my husband would pass by the Cinnabon store at SLEX, he'd make sure to bring me home a box (sometimes two, lol).
Chocolatey goodness for the skin!
And so taking a bath with this body batter feels like walking inside a Cinnabon store - with the flavorful scent of cinnamon lingering on your skin for hours. 
Looks like Trader Joe's Cocoa Almond Spread at first glance, lol.
The product itself looks like a chocolate spread - thick and creamy, with super fine granules that do not feel harsh on the skin. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off, and voila! You get super soft, healthy-looking, cinnamon-scented skin!
Cocoa bits come out as you scrub. 
This product is so addicting, you'd want to bathe with it everyday. Not recommended though, as experts say that you should exfoliate twice a week at the most. So what I do is use this at the the start of the week (which is Sunday), bathe with the Bath Creams for the next three days, and then use the Scrub-in-a-Tub again the following day (that would be Thursday).

Now considering the size of the product, and my frequency of use, it'll probably take me two or three months before I empty out the tub. So even if you're paying Php 699 for a 9-ounce tub, you're getting your money's worth since you're feeding your skin with nothing but the good stuff.

What I love: 
- The super yummy scent that brings me memories of when the husband and I used to date, hahaha!
- Thick and creamy; just a little goes a long way.
- Exfoliating particles are tiny, and they don't feel harsh on the skin.
- Six yummy variants to choose from, catering to different needs of the skin.
- Made with natural ingredients.
- Contains no parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or any other harmful chemicals.
- Not tested on animals.

What you might not like:
- Products that come in tubs are usually prone to contamination, especially if you're sharing with other people in your household. Remember to use a spatula for this product, which you will have to buy separately. 

Now if you're thinking of trying this product out (and I recommend you do), you can find The Cream Factory at the following outlets:

Beauty Bar (Powerplant Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Shangri-La Plaza, The Podium, Robinsons Galleria, Eastwood Mall, Gateway Mall, Trinoma Mall, Robinsons Place, Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Glorietta 2)
Rustan's Fresh (Glorietta, Powerplant Mall, Shangri-La Plaza, San Antonia Plaza, Katipunan, Cuenca Park) Robinsons Department Store (Galleria, Magnolia, Ermita) - Landmark Department Store (Quezon City, Makati)
SNOE (SM Muntinlupa, SM Center Pasig, SM Valenzuela, SM Center Las Pinas, SM City Sucat, SM City Sta. Rosa)
SM Supermarket (SM Megamall, SM Aura)
SM Hypermarket (SM Mall of Asia, SM Center Pasig)

My goodies from Because Inc!
Because I also won the Saforelle/The Cream Factory Instagram contest
held recently by The Sample Room. Yay! 
Big thanks to The Cream Factory for making bath time lots of fun - even without a rubber ducky! :)

14 replies:

Lei said...

wow!!! i want to try this one I am sure that this smells heavenly while giving you soft skin at the same time

Animetric said...

Ooh I'm very happy with their bath cream so I'm very much interested in this product as well :D

Ruth dela Cruz said...

OMG! It looks so yummy! Better to keep them away from kids ;)

I have yet to try their products. I missed requesting from SampleRoom :D I never know cinnamon can help in healing wounds. Thanks for sharing this review :)

michymichymoo said...

Oh, I can find this at the mall near me. Should try this soon! :)

The Mommy Roves said...

i love scrub products!!! pero iwas muna ako sa kung ano anong product :) hihi

Lame Shrill Owl said...

This one sounds like it has a lot of natural ingredients in it. I like that!

Unknown said...

I love seeing my bathroom with many bath products and I am gonna find this body scrubs to add them soon- I never had chocolatey goodness scrub and that one might be my first choice.

mystylespot said...

Ooh this looks lush! Totally up my alley! Thanks for sharing your review! loved seeing pics too!

Debi Gerhart said...

I am always looking for a good scrub. And I love that there are no parabens and it is not tested on animals

Czjai said...

Hi Leira, Rowena, Ruth, Michy! I hope you get to try this product, too. You'll love it as much as I do. :)

Hi Rovie! Making the organic switch na rin, hehe. :)

Hi Lame, Cindy, Debi! Lush is a great word to describe it. Truly a treat for the skin. :)

Gen-zel said...

We have the same scrub! I'm loving it so much too! Ohh true about the contamination thing. I still dip my clean hands tho, I must get myself a spatula next time :D

Kaisensei said...

Ok definitely will be considering this the next time I buy a scrub for myself. I'm liking the texture.. and I would love to try out the cinnamon one as well. Last vday, instead of going out to have a "SPAlentime" I ended up eating out and having a diy spa time by myself at home. THAT would have been handy.

Shopgirl Jen said...

I heard a lot about The Cream Factory. And I'm wondering if they're the same scrub products like the others. Thanks for this info, they look promising. I wanna try them soon. :)

Tetcha said...

I love their Goat's Milk and Avocado Bath Cream and Saforelle, too, and I would certainly like to try more products from The Cream Factory. I love the smell of their products and the way they pamper my skin. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres