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Spotlight | Human Heart Nature Cooling Body Cleanser.

If you're following me on Instagram and/or viewing my IG stories, then it's highly likely that you've seen snippets of Human Heart Nature's latest product offerings over the weekend. My friends at Human Heart Nature Laguna graciously invited me to last Saturday's Product Launch where I got first dibs on the all-new Natural Feminine Wash with Odor Protect, Refreshing Hair Mist, and the Cooling Body Cleanser which takes the spotlight on my blog today.
Human Heart Nature Cooling Body Cleanser.
Contained in a sleek and travel-friendly squeeze bottle, the Human Heart Nature Cooling Body Cleanser promises a spa-like experience with its special blend of essential oils - rosemary, lemon, peppermint, and eucalyptus.
Product description + usage instructions.
You're probably familiar with rosemary as something that adds flavor to baked potatoes and roasted chicken. But this aromatic herb actually does so much more, and is considered as one of the most powerful essential oils in the planet. It's a rich anti-oxidant, a memory enhancer, an immunity booster, and a hair grower - among many other things.
Ingredients list.
Peppermint oil, on the other hand, contains menthol - an organic compound with innate anesthetic properties that helps soothe discomfort. Aside from the cooling effect, this essential oil also works to brighten up dull skin and can alleviate stress and pain after a long and tiring day.
99.8% natural and cruelty-free.
Similarly, eucalyptus oil helps relax the body and calm the nerves with its sweet and minty scent. It also has a cooling effect which is a welcoming treat during these hot summer months. 
Flip-top cap, easy-to-squeeze bottle.
And finally, there's lemon oil, known for its antiseptic properties and its ability to detoxify and rejuvenate dull, tired-looking skin. Its lovely citrus scent is calming in nature and can also help clear nasal passages - perfect for days when you're down with the sniffles!
Here's a small drop of the cleanser - clear, with gel-like consistecny.
I absolutely love everything about this cleanser - the simple, no-fuss packaging, its woody/minty scent that invigorates the senses, the cooling effect that refreshes the body and relaxes the mind, and how it makes my skin soft and smooth after every bath. Truly, a spa-like experience in the comforts of your own home (your bathroom, to be exact). Oh, and I also love the how this tingling sensation lingers on the skin even after patting my skin dry. A summer must-have, indeed!

A word of caution, though. This cleanser contains coconut-derived ingredients which tend to thicken below 20 degrees Celsius. If the product becomes difficult to dispense, you simply need to warm it up with hot water. I've personally experienced this with Human Heart Nature's Salon Care Shampoo and Conditioner which I brought to my spring trip to Korea last year. Spring temperature in Korea ranges from 15 to 21 degrees, so yeah, it was a daily battle between me and my hair care products for the most part of our trip, lol. Thank goodness we have a boiler that also heats up the water in bathroom!

The Human Heart Nature Cooling Body Cleanser retails for Php 199.75 per bottle and is available at the Human Heart Nature website, and all Human Heart Nature branches nationwide. 


5 Ways Good Hair Can Improve Your Life.

Do you ever envy individuals who seem to have luscious locks? They walk past you, and you can’t help but stare. We get it - it is human nature to be attracted to a good head of hair! Whether they just know how to style it or it’s naturally perfect, having good hair is an overall good attribute.

Good hair also means you have healthy hair, which is achieved by good hygiene and giving your body its proper nutrients. It is often we give up on our hair and start putting it up every day or cutting it off because it is too much to deal with or extremely time-to consume. However, you don’t know what you are missing out on when it comes to having good hair! Here are 5 ways having good hair can improve your life:
Photo credit: Evolve Beauty.
1. Improve Your Love Life
Every guy or girl is immediately attracted to someone with a good head of hair. Keep up with the maintenance of your hair, and you will be sure to improve your love life! If you are putting a lot of care and effort into your hair, it will just happen naturally. You will start noticing people wanting to talk to you more, or maybe your crush will finally notice you.

Good hair can enhance an individual’s appearance almost immediately. Everyone notices someone with nice hair, whether it is the color, the style, or the length. Choose something that fits you well because good hair is hair that complements your look.

2. Increase Your Social Media Exposure
Good hair always kills the social media game. You don’t even need to show your face when it comes to taking great pictures! Flip your hair, hold a coffee cup, laugh, and you now have the ultimate photo. Often people with great hair amass a huge number of followers because people love their hair, or want hair tutorials, styling ideas, or hair inspiration from these stars. If you always have a cute hairstyle, you will immediately be more popular online. In fact, you could become a hair vlogger if having good hair every day comes naturally to you. Once you kill the hair game, you should share your secrets with others!

3. Boosts Your Confidence
Having good hair will immediately increase the number of compliments people give you almost daily. You will find that everywhere you walk, someone will either be staring at your hair or talking to you about it. If you got it, flaunt it!

Good hair will give you that extra boost of confidence you need every day. If you didn’t have time to put on a good outfit, no need to worry—your hair will make up for it. Everyone can appreciate someone with great hair every day. So flip your hair, flash a smile, and feel good about your hair! Take advantage of your new confidence booster.
Photo credit: Prima UK.
4. Good Hair Shows Good Health and Hygiene
If you have good hair, it shows the world not only that you are put-together, but you have good hygiene. It is important to give off a vibe that you know how to take care of yourself and that you care about how you look. Everyone knows that one person who has their hair in the same bun or ponytail every single day and never changes it up. It shows they don’t care about their appearance or they don’t take good care of themselves. Taking good care of your hair is important to maintain hair health and its appearance.

5. Increases Your Chances of Getting Things You Want In Life
It is easy to dazzle people with a good hair flip—have you ever tried it? Whether you are being told you can’t enter a certain party, or you can’t get a table at that special restaurant, or you can’t get the job you wanted, sometimes having effortlessly good hair will increase your chances of getting the things you want that you normally can’t have. Good hair shows status and that you can be taken seriously! If you want to achieve that effortless look, this includes a fair review on hair products that will help.


7 Ways to Prevent Unwanted Blemishes.

Unwanted blemishes can strike when you least expect it. It always seems that they come at the worst times—right before a first date or the first day at a new job. As much as we would all like that quick and easy fix to magically erase our acne, it simply doesn’t work that way. Why worry about getting rid of those pesky pimples when you can prevent them in the first place? Here are some helpful ways to keep your skin free and clear of blemishes.

1. Don’t Stress!
I know, I know—stress isn’t something that’s easily manageable for everyone. Big projects, boy troubles, and finances can keep us on our toes 24/7. There no single solution for everyone when it comes to managing stress: exercise, yoga, meditation, herbal teas, the list of stress remedies goes on. Experiment with the different stress relievers you can fit into your busy schedule and find what works for you.

2. Understand What Causes Acne
The causes of acne may not be as mysterious as you think. Breakouts arise when the small pores on the surface of your skin become blocked by sebum (oil produced by your skin), dead skin cells, and bacteria. Each pore is connected to a follicle beneath the skin and a sebaceous gland. Red and white blood cells create white puss as they attempt to remove dead skin and destroy the bacteria P. acnes responsible for infection.
The most basic step in any skincare routine.
3. Wash Your Face
It might seem like a no-brainer, but washing your face every morning and night is critical for preventing buildup and clogged pores. Find a facewash that doesn’t irritate your skin and apply it to a warm, wet, wash cloth to clean your face. Using a washcloth will exfoliate your outer layer of skin and help a newer, healthier layer replace it.

4. Eat Clean
Your diet is going to be half the battle when it comes to preventing unwanted blemishes. Your body uses its immune system to fight acne and the bacteria that causes breakouts. Replacing those greasy fried foods with fresh salmon and whole grains can give your body the tools it needs to fight and prevent blemishes. Here are some foods you should add to your diet:
  • Salmon
  • Fruits rich in vitamin C
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts and seeds like flax, almonds, and sunflower
  • Avocado
  • Blueberries
  • Orange and red vegetables
  • Leafy greens
Don’t forget to cut out foods that are full of dairy and sugar. Dairy products are often loaded with growth hormones that can throw your body out of whack and too much sugar has been associated with acne.
Sweat it out!

5. Exercise
When you look good, you feel good. Not only will exercise help you feel great and improve your physique, but it can also help prevent blemishes. Exercising improves your body’s overall circulation. An improved circulatory system means that your body can carry toxins and waste away from points of flare-ups more efficiently. The common belief is that you sweat out your toxins but it’s actually your liver that filters them out. If your body can deliver toxins to your liver more efficiently, it means your blemishes will heal much faster.

6. Don’t Pop Your Pimples!
It’s a lot easier said than done for most of us. The temptation to relieve the pressure and discomfort can be too much. If you have the mental fortitude, resist—your skin will certainly thank you. Popping pimples can push the puss further under the skin and cause returning breakouts in the surrounding area. Instead of popping, keep the area clean and allow your body to naturally remove the buildup. You can always use legitimate products that can give your immune system a little help while it heals your skin.

7. Get Lots of Rest
Sleep is so important for multiple facets of health and well-being, one of which is skin vitality. Your body needs sleep to rebuild muscle and run general maintenance—including repairing your skin. Your immune system can fight bacteria in your skin and increase revitalizing oxygen flow while you sleep. They call it beauty sleep for a reason! If you want your skin to look clear, rejuvenated, and beautiful make sure you get plenty of rest.

Use these preventative steps to keep those blemishes under wraps. Take control of your skin so you never have to worry about surprise pimples again.


Spotlight | Sleek Makeup Eye & Cheek Palette.

When I first started writing about makeup and beauty products in this blog more than seven years ago, Sleek Makeup easily became one of my favorite brands. Known for their high-quality makeup with strong pigmentation, this British high street (drugstore) brand also earned a cult following for their expansive range of shades in all skin tones.

Today I am rekindling my love for Sleek Makeup with this Eye and Cheek Palette, a gift from my Mum a few months back.
Sleek Makeup Eye & Cheek Palette, retails for £10.  
This palette is called Dancing 'Til Dusk which contains four eye shadows and two blushers from Sleek Makeup's bestselling i-Divine and Blush range. Packaged in a handy-sized travel compact with magnetic closure, the palette comes with a mirror the size of the entire lid, a mini brush, and a mini sponge applicator.
What's inside the palette.
The brush and sponge applicator that comes with it.
I personally love this magnetic closure concept, because now I don't have to worry about stubbing my nails or ruining my nail polish just to get the palette open. This has always been my issue with my older Sleek Makeup palettes - they're too difficult to open! Thankfully, the brand seemed to have resolved this common issue, and most - if not all - of their palettes now close magnetically.
The larger pans are the blushers, the smaller ones are the eyeshadows.
Dancing 'Til Dusk features complementary and bold shades suitable for all skin tones. The eyeshadows are velvety browns and shimmering fawns from the Au Naturel i-Divine palette. As for the blushers, one is from a limited edition release while the other is from Sleek Makeup's current range.
From L-R: Mirrored Pink (blush), Cappuccino and Mineral Earth (eye shadows).
Mirrored Pink is a cool-toned, bright pink shade with silver shimmers. It has a pretty nice texture and glides on smoothly on your cheeks when applied. It's also well-pigmented, and has great color payoff with just one or two swipes. 

Cappuccino is a light beige matte shade. This eye shadow has a different texture, a little too hard if I may say, and it took me a few swipes to make the color noticeable in the swatches. It's the least pigmented product in this palette, and you really have to make extra effort to get good color payoff from this shade.

Mineral Earth is a deep brown shade with a hint of gold. It's shimmery, nicely pigmented, and has a smooth, easy-to-apply texture.
From L-R: Sahara (blusher), Taupe and Regal (eye shadows).
Sahara is a matte orange blusher with a touch of brown. This shade has a lovely, smooth texture and is highly pigmented. You need to be light-handed in applying this on your cheeks as the color can be pretty intense with just one or two swipes.

Taupe is a champagne shimmer with a smooth texture and good color payoff.

Regal is a cool-toned purple shade with a hint of brown. Unlike the Cappuccino, this matte eye shadow has a smooth and creamy texture which makes it easier to apply. It's nicely pigmented, and you get good color payoff with just a swipe or two.
All six shades - Mirrored Pink, Cappuccino, Mineral Earth on top,
Sahara, Taupe, and Regal on the bottom.
All six shades have great staying power, especially the blushers. Both Mirrored Pink and Sahara can last for more than six hours on the skin, while the eye shadows can stay put the entire day with a good primer/eye shadow base underneath.
Sahara on my cheeks.
Mirrored Pink on my cheeks.
Overall, I love how every shade in this palette is wearable for both night and day looks, and is suitable for most skin tones. With its sleek and sturdy packaging, this palette is perfect for traveling -and I will most likely bring this along on my next Seoul Searching trip. I'll bring my own brushes though, as I'm not very fond of the brush and applicator that's included in the palette.
Products used:
FACE: Beyond Alice in Blooming Skin Tone Sun Base,
Nature Republic Botanical Stick Concealer.
Innisfree Long Wear Cover Cushion in N23.
EYES: Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,
Clio Kill Black Waterproof Mascara,
Nature Republic Pure Shine Mascara.
CHEEKS: Sleek Makeup Mirrored Pink Blush.
LIPS: Vice Cosmetics Good Vibes Matte Lipstick in Ekzaj.


Spotlight | Human Heart Nature Pollution Defense Face Cleanser.

Summer is now in full swing and we're just a few more weeks away from the much-awaited school break. It's the perfect time to travel, go on an outing, or hit the beach. On the downside, the warm and sunny season (which is more like hot and arid here in the Philippines) brings a myriad of skin problems such as breakouts, sunburn, and excessive sweating. While the latter may not seem that much of an issue because sweat rids your body of toxins, profuse sweating combined with daily exposure to pollutants such as smoke, dust, and fumes can clog your pores and lead to the formation of acne.
Human Heart Nature to the rescue!
Thankfully, there is a way to 'shield' your skin and protect it from pore-clogging, moisture-zapping daily pollutants - with the Pollution Defense Face Cleanser from Human Heart Nature.
Human Heart Nature Pollution Defense Face Cleanser.
If you're a fan of Human Heart Nature's Pollution Defense Face Mask, then you'll love this cleanser just as much; maybe even more, because this product is ideal for daily use. That means you get to wash away those nasty, skin-damaging pollutants day in and day out.
Product description and usage instructions.
It's infused with NaturProtect Actives such as moringa seed extract which has the ability to filter out impurities that are deeply rooted within the skin and counteract skin aging. 
List of ingredients.
It also contains passion fruit seed oil, an ingredient rich in antioxidants that rejuvenates and nourishes the skin and protects it from DNA-damaging free radicals.
Cruelty-free, and 97.8% natural.
Also found in this face cleanser is bamboo charcoal, an amazing natural ingredient known for its ability to draw out filth from pores, control facial oil, and make the skin tighter and firmer. It also contains lemon peel oil which brightens the skin and helps improve the complexion.
Love that it comes in a convenient and hygienic pump bottle.
The Human Heart Nature Pollution Defense Face Cleanser comes in a 100 mL pump bottle. Like any other cleanser, you simply pump the product out, work into a lather, massage onto your wet face in gentle, circular motions, and then rinse it off. 
You get this much product with one pump.
With its light, watery consistency, this product makes a great 'second cleanser' subsequent to my current favorite cleansing balm - because you know, I swear by double cleansing. And while the Pollution Defense Face Cleanser doesn't really foam much, it does a good job of removing dirt and oil on your face without drying your skin. Like the Pollution Defense Face Mask, this cleanser also has an earthy, herbal scent but now I have sort-of gotten used to that smell and no longer find it overwhelming. 
Working into a lather...
I've been using this as my night cleanser for about a month now and I love how my skin feels soft and squeaky clean after every wash. The cooling sensation that I get whenever this product comes in contact with my skin is also a refreshing treat in this warm (very warm, actually) weather.

The Human Heart Nature Pollution Defense Face Cleanser retails for Php 245 per bottle and can be purchased at Human Heart Nature branches across the country and at the Human Heart Nature online store. For a limited time only, this cleanser can also be bought as a set with the Pollution Defense Face Mask for only Php 625.  That's Php 70 off their combined regular prices, a special offer available until March 17. 


Spotlight | The Eternity Rose.

Valentine's has long been over, and by now, the flowers that were given as gifts to celebrate the occasion have either wilted or have been thrown away. After all, fresh cut flowers look good for just three to four days - a week, at the most.

But not my rose.
The Eternity Rose.
Mine neither dries, fades, or wilts, and will last and look the same for many more Valentine's (and even wedding anniversaries) to come. It's called The Eternity Rose, a one-of-a-kind gift that's guaranteed to live up to its name. Created by a group of Australia-based artisans, The Eternity Rose has been in the market - Europe, in particular - for over nine years.
A rose for all eternity.
What makes this product extraordinary is that it's made with a real rose, grown to perfection by a team of trained horticulturalists who vigilantly watch over the blossoms and harvest them at their ideal stage of bloom. The roses then undergo a complex, 60-step process of preservation which includes 'freezing' the flower in its natural form, coating it with several layers of lacquer, dipping it in platinum, silver, and gold, or glazing and trimming the edges with pure, 24-karat gold. The entire process takes about 90 days, making this product a finely crafted work of art.
Even the leather case is a work of art. 
My very own Eternity Rose is an exquisite, light blue rose, glazed and trimmed in 24-karat gold. Sure, a gold or platinum-dipped rose would look even more majestic, but I personally chose blue since this color represents the 10th wedding anniversary. Husband and I are celebrating our tenth year of marriage this June, and the Blue Eternity Rose makes a perfect, lasting keepsake for this happy occasion.
Makes a lovely conversation piece, too. 
The glazed roses are also available in other colors, including red - the ultimate symbol of beauty and love. Each rose is presented in a stylish display case made from leather, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Certificate of Authenticity.
Aside from Valentine's Day and wedding anniversaries, The Eternity Rose makes an exceptional gift for just about any occasion - birthdays, Mother's Day, and even graduations. They can be purchased directly from The Eternity Rose website, and can be bought with or without a display case, or as a set with a brass vase also dipped in precious metals.
A closer look at my Light Blue Eternity Rose.
If you prefer something wearable, you'd be glad to know that The Eternity Rose also has rose pendants and earrings available. You can buy them as a set to match your Eternity Rose, or purchase them separately. They offer free shipping for all orders, and can deliver to over 50 countries around the globe, including the Philippines.
Believe me, this rose is even lovelier in person. :)
Visit The Eternity Rose website to know more about their products and view the complete collection and/or follow their official Facebook page for promos and product updates.


Protect Your Family's Future with Cocolife Future Savings Platinum.

Have you ever thought what could happen to your family when you die? Not exactly a good thing to think about, but I'm sure this crosses your mind every once in awhile.

If you’re the sole breadwinner, your family is dependent on you even after you're gone. They may be forced to cut back on even the basics, like food, clothing, transportation, and housing.

Whether it's for replacing lost income, paying for your child's education, saving up for your dream travel, putting up your own business or making sure your spouse get the much-needed financial security, Cocolife Future Savings Platinum can help safeguard your family’s future.

Commitment in Creating Solutions With You
Cocolife remains committed in creating solutions for each and every financials need of our fellow Filipinos. With Cocolife Future Savings Platinum, we aim to provide our clients with optimum insurance protection freeing your loved ones from financial woes in the event of a sudden loss. It ensures that they can enjoy the same lifestyle they had with you. The living benefits/cash bonuses provides you with extra funds so that you can enjoy a more fulfilling life, fund your dream travel, start a business, prepare for education expenses, establish emergency medical funds.

It’s for you and your family’s Financial Freedom, Security and Protection. It’s FSP.
FSP for you and your family.
Exclusively available for Mall Clients
Cocolife Future Savings Platinum is exclusively available for mall clients, with minimum coverage of P 100,000.00 payable for 10 years. It rewards client as much as 200% of life insurance coverage upon maturity should the insured survives age 100.

With Cocolife Future Savings Platinum, clients will also enjoy scheduled cash bonuses:
- 10% of the coverage at the end of the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th policy years
- 50% of the coverage at the end of the 15th policy year
- 10% of the coverage starting at the end of the 20th policy year and every 5 years thereafter up to maximum age 99.

Policyholders may also attach the following riders to enhance their coverage:

A. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider
The Accidental Death and Dismemberment is a comprehensive rider providing a wide range of benefits from death to injuries caused by accidents. Accidental coverage is provided until age 65, or until termination of the policy to which the rider is attached, whichever comes first.

B. Waiver of Premium Upon Disability
This rider will pay the future premiums of the policy in the event that the insured sustains total and permanent disability. The rider doesn’t reduce or otherwise affect the amount payable in any settlement of the policy or any dividend or any non-forfeiture or loan values under the policy.

C. Payor’s Benefit Rider
1. Payor’s Benefit Rider Due to Death of the Payor
This rider waives the future premiums due until the Child Insured attains age 25, if the Payor dies before the policy anniversary nearest his 60th birthday.

2. Payor’s Benefit Rider Due to Death and Disability of the Payor 
This rider waives the future premiums due until the Child Insured attains age 25, if the Payor, before the policy anniversary nearest his 60th birthday, dies or becomes totally disabled and has been continuously so disabled for at least six months.

Issue Age of Child Insured : 1 to 17 years old
Coverage Period : until the end of the payment period of the basic plan,or until Payor attains age 60,or until Child Insured attains age 25, whichever is soonest

D. Terminal Illness Living Benefit Rider
This rider provides emergency medical funds by advancing as much as 50% of the death benefit in case the insured contracts a terminal illness, but not exceeding Php 500,000 per insured.

Issue Age of Insured : 1 to 55 years old
Payment Terms : no premium payments required
Coverage Period : until Insured attains age 65 or two years prior to the maturity date of the plan, whichever is sooner
Future Savings Sample Computation.
A. Terms of Payment
Premiums for this plan are payable for 10 years with the following Modal Factors:

Annual 1.0000
Semi-Annual 0.5300
Quarterly 0.2750
Monthly 0.0975*

* Monthly mode is available only for credit card auto-charge arrangements

B. Issue Ages
Issue ages are based on the Insured’s age nearest birthday. Premiums are available for ages 1 to 55

C. Underwriting Selection
All applicants shall be underwritten on an individual basis. The existing non-medical and medical limits shall apply depending on the age nearest birthday and the amounts of each life covered under the policy.

Note that the Death Benefit, or 200% of the Face Amount, shall be used as the underwriting basis for this plan.

D. Substandard Issues
Substandard ratings shall be assessed on each life, as the case may be. Substandard Extra Premium Rate is expressed as per 1000 of the basic plan’s face amount and as computed as follows: 

Substandard Extra Premium = Substandard Premium Rate ´ (Basic Plan’s Face Amount) ÷ 1000

Among the Top 50 Most Saleable Products in Life Insurance*
Cocolife Future Savings Platinum ranked third among the traditional plan in the life insurance industry, and among the top 50 most saleable life products in the Philippines.

* Most Saleable Products for Individual Line (Actuarial Department)
Make your money grow. :)
Cocolife, the biggest Filipino-owned stock life insurance company, and the first ISO-certified Filipino life insurance company, offers a complete range of insurance and financial services. It has subsidiaries in the non-life business (UCPB General Insurance), pre-need (Cocoplans), mutual funds (Cocolife Asset Management Co., Inc.) and Security services (Ultra Security Services).

Cocolife boasts of close to four decades of experience and expertise with more than 1,500 highly-trained agents and 253 field managers, a steadily expanding network of fully computerized area and branch offices numbering 64 nationwide.

Aside from providing the most competitive life, non-life and pre-need products in the Individual Market, COCOLIFE has successfully carved a strong niche in Group Insurance and pioneered the EPDI program (Employee Payroll Deduction Insurance) for corporate accounts. It is also an accredited provider of life insurance to migrant workers. Currently, Cocolife is ranked number one in Group Life and Accident & Health, number six in Traditional Life Insurance and one of the country’s leading providers of healthcare services.

Cocolife is a prominent market leader in the industry, ranking number 5 in terms of Net Worth, number 10 in Total Premium Income, out of 34 insurance companies in the Philippines. To date, total assets are close to P25 billion, with Premium Income over P7 billion, and a Networth of over P9 billion. These impressive results are attributed to sound management, prudent investment practices, and efficient cost control.

To learn more about the Cocolife Future Savings Platinum, please contact:
(02) 812-9015 local 114 or local 594
(02) 864-0968

Globe (+63917) 844-7704
Smart (+63998) 843-4588
Sun (+63932) 844-1731
Text: Globe (+63917) 556-2058


Create Delicious Food (And Four Other Money Saving Tips) on a Budget.

For everything from getting a better mattress, buying clothes, upgrading your beard trimmer, going out for a day of fun, and even hiring a home cleaning service, there is a way to do it while on a tight budget. So, if you are finding yourself in a tight spot money-wise and aren’t sure how to still enjoy the things that you live while on a budget, this list is for you. Here are some tips and tricks to create delicious food (and four other money saving tips) on a budget:

1. Budget Cooking
One of the best things to do for your wallet is to cook at home. When you are always eating out, it is a huge waste of money on food that you could be cooking at home. Even if you are the worst cook in the world, there are always going to be simple yet delicious recipes that you can make for yourself and your family at home.
Homemade Pot Roast by Good Cheap Eats.
The key to cooking at home on a budget is to focus on cheap, yet healthy ingredients. Beans, canned tomatoes, and frozen vegetables are great examples of healthy ingredients that can be bought inexpensively and used in a wide variety of meals.

Here is a list of healthy, yet filling, and delicious meals that can be made on a shoestring budget:

  • Lentil stew
  • Oatmeal with banana
  • Pot roast with veggies
  • Burritos 

2. Shop the Trends for Cheap
Trends may come and go, but your budget is forever. There is no use in breaking the bank for clothing that will probably just go out of style soon anyways. Instead, shop for trends at thrift or consignment stores, and spend your money on sturdy wardrobe staples that will last you a long time and never go out of style. Of course, some stuff, like quality hiking apparel, is not something you can or should go too cheap on, but you can still find ways to shop the trends for cheap.

This is the smartest way to shop due to the cyclical nature of trends. If something is trendy, chances are it will go out of style and then back into style in a few years. Because of this, a lot of people will have donated their old trends to thrift stores, which you can then find at a dirt cheap price tag when the trend comes back around.
Children's Museum at the War Memorial of Korea.
3. Have Fun without Spending Money
A lot of museums will offer free or reduced admission prices for state residents, and a lot of national parks are free or very cheap for admission. Why not pack a picnic and go to a park? Or take a walk and look at all of the architecture that your city has offer? There are always great choices for cheap or free activities in your city.

4. Save for Something Fun - or Necessary
Saving money is so much for fun if you’re saving for something that you love or want to do. If you have the ability to, put aside a little bit of money each week for something fun. Maybe it’s a vacation, or a new video game, or something else that’s fun that you’ve been wanting for a while.

If you are also saving money for something that you want or somewhere that you want to go, then you are more likely to implement good saving habits in your everyday life. You should set both long term and short term savings goals, including saving for something like a car or a tooth crown in addition to a fun vacation or something else fun.
Saving up! :)
5. Find the Right Money Saving Tool for You
Saving money is so much easier when you have a great money saving tool to help you out. Obviously, opening a savings account is the best first step. Shop around for a savings account with the best interest rate for the amount of money that you will have to put away each month.

In addition to a good savings account, there are some awesome budgeting and investment tools that you can use. Check out features such as Bank of America’s round up tool, which rounds your spending up to the nearest dollar and puts the difference in your savings account, or an app like Acorns that allows you to round up to the nearest dollar and invest your change.

You can also be your own money-saving “tool” by checking your spending to see if there are areas where you can cut costs. If you think you are spending too much on your web hosting service, shop for more affordable web hosts. For business owners, this can also mean finding a SEO agency with better rates than the one you currently work with.

Being on a budget does not mean that you have to be scraping by. Instead, rethink the way that you look at saving and the way that you spend money to be able to save money in ways that you may have never thought about. Saving money can be fun and easy with our money saving tips.


Amazing Tips to Remove Hair Dye From Your Skin.

Remember Kate Winslet in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Her powerful, yet eccentric character beautifully complemented by changing colors of her hair, from electric blue to fiery red, Kate Winslet set the trend for hair colors back in the days.

A piece of trivia about the movie - she did not dye her hair but used different color wigs for the role. Imagine the amount of dye that would’ve stained her skin had she dyed her hair? Since dye stains are literally annoying in their stubbornness, maybe that was one of the reasons the director avoided using hair dyes.
Blue-haired Clementine.
If you have colored even some of your hair, you know how tricky these pesky hair dye stains can be. They make you hole up in your house until you have gotten rid of them. Your social life gets affected and god forbid if you have an interview, meeting, or presentation at the office.

If you were to know some amazing tips to remove hair dye from the skin, wouldn’t it make your life a little bit easier?

7 Tips to Remove Hair Dye From Your Skin
A bit of lemon is like a universal solution to so many skin related ailments. The citric acid in lemon helps to break down the complex dye molecules and dissolves them.

Fabhow says that all you need to do is cut a lemon in half and rub one half over the stain for some time. In a minute you will notice the dye breaking down and getting off.

Containing a combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide - both effective stain removing ingredients - your simple white toothpaste is effective in removing dye stain. Moreover, it won’t irritate your skin. Apply some toothpaste on the affected area and use a cotton pad to remove the stains.

Oil based removers
Always to the rescue of people with sensitive skin are oil based removers. Simply put, you can use products like petroleum jelly or olive/baby oil to remove stains from temporary and permanent dyes respectively. They do not affect the sensitive skin or your face.

Dip the cotton ball in olive or baby oil and rub it continuously on the stain for some time. Don’t use bare hands to rub the olive oil (or any oil based product) as it might stain your hand. After some time you will notice that it is breaking down the dye, even the most stubborn one.
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Baking Soda and Dishwashing Liquid
This combination is recommended if you have to apply it on your hands but not on your face. Also, people with sensitive skin can avoid this if they have a reaction to baking soda.

Add equal amounts of baking soda and dishwashing liquid and make a paste out of them. Apply the paste gently on the stain and use a cotton ball/ pad to scrub it gently. After some time when you feel the dye is off, rinse the skin with warm water.

Rubbing alcohol/ Hand Sanitizer
Using rubbing alcohol is another effective strategy to counter any stubborn stains on your skin. First, try rubbing it a little on your skin and see if your skin is sensitive to it. If your skin is not sensitive to it, then you’ll have no problem in getting rid of the stains. Just dab a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and rub it over the stain for some time and you will see it coming off.

If your skin is sensitive to rubbing alcohol you can try the same with hand sanitizer. Remember, only use a simple alcohol-based sanitizer, not a fancy one like those with aloe vera extracts or any other ingredient. Do not use either of the remedies on your face.

Nail Polish Remover
Those who do not have sensitive skin can try using this - but only as a last resort since acetone can be harmful if it stays on the skin for a long duration. Wash it off at the first sign of irritation. The application method is the same. Apply some on a cotton ball and as you remove your nail polish, just rub the acetone-laced cotton ball over the stain. The stain will definitely come off.

Cigarette Ash 
Now, this can be a really gross or equally intriguing method to get rid of the stains. It totally depends on whether or not you can stand the smell of cigarette ash. As this old wives' tale is not junk, it really works.

If you can withstand the smell, dilute the cigarette ash with a bit of water and apply the mixture to the stain. Use a cotton ball to rub it over the stain. You will see the stain coming off in a few minutes. Wash your skin with mild soap and warm water.
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  • In any case, do not use any of the above remedies near your eyes. The eyes are the most sensitive organs, so keep it away from any stain-removing remedies. Make sure the dye does not get in any area surrounding your eyes.
  • If you have sensitive skin, refrain from using any remedies that are harsh on the skin like nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Specifically avoid industrial solvents like turpentine oil or kerosene.
  • Put boundary of any kind between hairline and the skin that does not allow the dye to trickle down.
  • Put petroleum jelly or conditioner in vulnerable areas to avoid them getting stained in the first place.
  • Use gloves while dyeing your hair and the same goes for when dyeing a fabric.
  • Patience is the best remedy, as every dye stain eventually rubs off.