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Fabric Lounges vs. Leather Lounges – 5 Advantages of Each.

The sofa — probably the most important part in your living room. This is the first piece of furniture your family and your guests sees once they enter your home – the focal point, the one furniture that commands the attention of people without the help a hullabaloo of trinkets.

Because it is such an important design decision to make, you’ll need to start weighing the pros and cons: what kinds of sofa should you pick, fabric lounges or leather lounges? Let’s find out the advantages of each one.

Benefits of Fabric Lounges
Between leather and fabric, the latter has broader options than the former because there are just so many types of fabric to choose from. But generally, here are the advantages of choosing fabric lounges.
Fabric lounge.
Depending on the fabric you have chosen, the comfortability of fabric is above that of leather. The main reason is because the material is softer and is appropriate for any weather. Leather tends to absorb heat faster than fabric, which is why car seats are wholly uncomfortable to sit on during the summer. Leather tends to have a harder surface while the soft material of the fabric already means that they are more pliable. However, do note that a fabric lounge must still keep its shape and not sag when you sit on it for long period of time.

Different fabrics have different responses to wear and tear. Generally speaking though, fabric is much easier to maintain assuming the lounge is made with high quality materials. Fabric used for the lounges are mostly stain-resistant which makes cleaning spills trouble-free. You may use a handheld steam cleaner or special fabric cleaning products which are widely available in the supermarket at an affordable price.

In addition, if you have pets at home, you would be happy to know that fabric can handle scratches better than leather lounges. A good quality fabric lounge will not be prone to loose threads when pets scratch on them. However, do note that it is a different story with fur. You can expect them to collect on fabric, but you can just easily vacuum them.

Design options
While leather comes in various colours, it is with fabric where you can truly be creative with pattern, colour, and texture. You will not have problems mixing and matching with your overall decor and style when you choose fabric lounges. For instance, fabric lounges suites + grey modular lounge can definitely give a chic, sophisticated vibe to a room. So stick to neutral shades like blue grey, off-white, black, and so on. Just browse through these Domayne lounges so you can choose whatever style of fabric that represents your family's personality.

In terms of pricing, fabric and leather lounges do not have such a huge gap. However, between the two, leather is usually pricier than the best quality fabric lounge. If you are on a budget, fabric lounges may be the best choice. Even the upkeep is more affordable with fabric since the cleaning products are available in any local market.
Leather lounge.
Benefits of Leather Lounges
Of course, the reasons enumerated above doesn’t necessarily mean fabric lounges are the must-have piece in your home. If you are still considering to buy leather lounges, these are some of the primary reasons why.

Leather lounges are the perfect choice when choosing furniture for people with allergies. Unlike fabric, leather does not collect dust and pet dander, you will not have any problems with dust mites and fur, as well as other allergens that may cause serious respiratory problems.

There is a level elegance only leather can bring into a room that fabric cannot deliver. When it comes to fabric, its various styles and colours adds a more contemporary, casual vibe into your home. However, leather lends a sleeker and sophisticated air that makes a room look like a penthouse dream – just like this Coari 3-seater leather lounge from Domayne.

The biggest advantage of leather is the ease of cleaning it versus fabric. All it needs is some light dusting or rubbing at least three times a week, whereas fabric needs to be cleaned and vacuumed regularly. However, while it is easy to clean leather lounges, you must consistently condition it so you can prevent splits and cracks.

Leather can last for decades if given the proper care. Fabric lounges may also afford the same longevity, but it will all depend on the type of fabric you have chosen. For leather, just as long as conditioning and cleaning is consistent, you won't need to worry about buying a replacement lounge. In addition, the colours on leather do not fade out, unlike fabrics. You might see a slight sheen with leather, but there is no risk of fading over the years.

Assuming you were able to buy an authentic material, leather lounges are a good investment. While it is still the pricier option versus fabric lounges, it won't be another five or even ten years before you need to buy a replacement for it. Both fabric and leather lounges have advantages and disadvantages. Your choice will boil down to comfortability, longevity, and budget. Choose what will fit your home’s overall design and which one the whole family prefers to have.

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