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Spotlight | Human Heart Nature Natural Shampoo Bar.

After months of research and development, plus a few more weeks of waiting and eager anticipation, my favorite local beauty brand has finally launched its very own shampoo bar! Yay!

Human Heart Nature introduced its all-new Natural Shampoo Bar a few weeks back, and us fans of eco-friendly, waste-free (beauty and skincare) products couldn't be more excited to try out the latest addition to HN's product line.
Human Heart Nature now has a (Natural) Shampoo Bar! 
Human Heart Nature's Natural Shampoo Bar boasts of some of the most moisturizing ingredients that's guaranteed to hydrate and soften your hair and keep it feeling light and silky all day. For starters, there's avocado oil. With its rich mineral and fat content, avocado oil not only moisturizes the hair, it also strengthens it and prevents breakage.
Product description and ingredients list.
Then there's cocoa butter, which is high in fatty acids that form a protective barrier over each strand of hair to hold in moisture. It also adds strength and volume to fine hair and brings back life to chemically-treated hair.

This solid shampoo bar also contains coconut surfactants which gives a nice and foamy lather without being harsh on the scalp and hair.
Shampoo with a heart. :)
That being said, I love how sudsy this shampoo bar is!
I was skeptical at first, unsure if this product can form a decent lather. But the Human Heart Nature Natural Shampoo Bar totally exceeded my expectations. Not only does this shampoo bar lather nicely and make my hair soft and smooth, it smells wonderful, too! The zesty citrus creates a good contrast with the sweet vanilla; the scent is lovely and lasts on your hair for pretty much the entire day.
Also a fan of Human Heart Nature's Natural Shampoo Bar.
Now just like any other shampoo bar, this product has a tendency to melt faster when exposed to too much moisture when not in use. To make this shampoo bar last longer, cradle it in a separate soap dish that gives proper drainage, and keep it far from where the shower spray hits when not in use.
Human Heart Nature Soap Dish by Marsse, Php 150.
The Human Heart Nature Natural Shampoo Bar (70 g) retails for Php 199 and can be bought at Human Heart Nature stores, through Human Heart Nature dealers, or online at the Human Heart Nature website and BeautyMNL.

Don't forget to use my code 'CZJAI' when you shop at BeautyMNL! You get Php 100 off on your first purchase worth Php 1000 and up.

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