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Samsung’s ‘In the Mood for Food’ is a Foodie’s Fantasy Come To Life.

Food will always be an integral part of life. Aside from the nourishment that it gives to our body, it has also become a passion point, whatever age bracket and social status you are in. Undoubtedly, as we grow in our knowledge of food and all the wonderful ways it is prepared, we naturally appreciate it more. As this knowledge and appreciation grows, we turn into full-fledged foodies—relishing every single plate and every single bite.

As they say, nothing brings people together like good food. Enjoying a great meal can be a source of comfort, can reignite memories, or even have the power to mend relationships. In line with this, Samsung has long established itself as the leading purveyor when it comes to innovative digital appliances that make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Through their Bespoke product line, which consists of award-winning products such as refrigerators and microwave ovens, anyone can easily have a stylish and more efficient way of living.  
Samsung's "In the Mood For Food".

Food for Fancy

Placing more emphasis on everyone’s fondness on food, Samsung launches their newest digital series entitled “In the Mood For Food”---a heart-warming, feel-good 5-episode series that will capture the attention of every foodie with riveting storytelling and delectable dishes featured.

Each episode of "In the Mood For Food" is themed according to different core messages surrounding the topic of food, ranging from Friendship and Family to Love, Comfort and Tradition, with such topics having an earnest impact on viewers. The series will also feature various characters that are relatable to everyone and their personal stories. Their paths will eventually lead to a diner where they will enjoy a meal and find closure to their different pain points

At the heart of every episode is Samsung’s Bespoke Home product line, all of which are designed to create a myriad of dishes and to support both professional chefs and home cooks alike through a wide range of functions. 

All things bespoke.

Let All Things ‘Bespoke’
Samsung Bespoke Products are designed to express yourself in every space. Thus to make your home feel more “you,” utilize customization through Bespoke and elevate your personal spaces with the colors and combinations that are uniquely your own.

If you want to give premium elegance to suit your modern kitchen style, then Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator is the best choice. With Bespoke's modular design concept, you can customize your fridge according to your taste, color and storage preferences, creating a perfect set-up right at your own kitchen.

Meanwhile, Samsung Bespoke Microwave Oven is everyone’s dream oven because it comes in two stylish and tasteful colors to complement your countertop design—clean pink and pure white. It’s not just aesthetically-pleasing, but highly functional, too. The Bespoke Microwave Oven features a Triple Distribution system which allows heat to deeply penetrate food in multiple directions to ensure that everything is cooked evenly and deliciously. Plus, it has an easy to clean interior coated with a smooth, durable ceramic enamel which is highly rust and scratch-resistant, letting your microwave last longer.

Watch the full episodes starting April 17, 2023 on Samsung PH Official Facebook Page and Samsung PH Official Youtube Page. To view and to know more about the lavish recipes, log on to



How to Help Your Kids Enjoy Science.

One of the most important things any parent can do is help their child learn to love the world around them. Many parents are unsure how they can encourage their kids to become curious thinkers and willing to explore. Fortunately, even if you aren't very good at science yourself, it's possible to help your child learn more about planets, dirt, atoms, chemistry and even fossils. Here's how.

Yue at the Fantasy Forest in Lotte World, Seoul.

Get them the right gear.

Did you know you can buy kids lab coats? Consider investing in a lab coat and some great science gear for your kids. While you can do plenty of science experiments with things you have around the house, you'll be able to study even more with your child if you have a telescope and microscope. At the very least, consider getting items your child can use to collect and examine insects, leaves and flowers in your area.

Read with them.

There are plenty of books available that focus on science. Kids don't have to be bored in order to learn. Head to your local library or bookstore and pick out some fun books about different scientific topics. For example, you could read a book about kids discovering fossils to learn about dinosaurs or a book about a child who gets sick to learn about viruses and illnesses. Make sure you choose several different books to give your kids a well-rounded understanding of different ideas.

Morgan checking out books at the City Library.

Get online.

Did you know there are online classes you can try with your kids? Even if you don't have a science museum nearby, you can take online science courses to learn more about nature, dinosaurs and biology. Consider enrolling in an online course with your kids to learn more. If classes aren't your thing, play some online discovery games together to learn more about specific scientific topics.

Remember that you don't have to know everything about science in order to enjoy learning with your kids. Even scientists don't know everything there is to know about science! The world outside is constantly changing and growing, so the important thing is that you have fun exploring with your kids and learning as a family.


Do your laundry more efficiently with these three easy breezy steps.

Filipino moms are always meticulous when it comes to their families’ welfare and cleanliness. They make sure the home is spotless and clean and the food they put on the table is nutritious and healthy. When it comes to laundry, they tend to put extra care in making sure clothes are just as immaculate and smell fresh all day.

Breeze is my laundry buddy!

Most moms heavily rely on powder detergent, which uses the traditional babad and kusot method before putting it in the washing machine. While it mostly gets the job done, it unfortunately consumes most of their time and prevents them from spending bonding moments with their family because of its tedious nature.

Nowadays, modern Filipino moms continue to be on the lookout for faster yet efficient ways to get their laundry done so they have more chances to do other household chores, devote time for self-care or enjoy quality moments with the family.

If you’re looking for a partner for your washing machine that gets the job done more efficiently, Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent is the perfect choice! Giving you more time for your family and other activities, Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent is mom’s beloved laundry detergent brand which can make any laundry day as easy as one, two, three — ipahid, ibuhos, at labhan.




Simply coat a bit of Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent to any dirty stains, pour appropriate amounts of the liquid detergent into the washing machine, and start your cycle - no need to soak and scrub! You can now spend more time with your family thanks to these three easy steps.

Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent is formulated with Ultraclean Technology to fight tough stains in just one wash. Moms are assured clothes and sheets are cleaner, quicker to wash and stain-free!

Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent.

Make your laundry day a breeze with Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent and get to spend more time with your family. To know more about the product, visit the Breeze Philippines’ Youtube channel to see the power of Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent for yourself!

Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent is available in all supermarkets and groceries, as well as through online channels Lazada and Shopee. For more information, visit their Facebook Page.


Food Meets Beauty at Cibo & Bella.

After Sunday mass, Yue and I went on another food adventure. We checked out the restaurants and diners within the vicinity of the cathedral until we came across this Facebook-familiar restaurant (because I've seen this several times in my feed) called Cibo & Bella. I've read quite a few good reviews about this place so Yue and I decided to give it a try.

Cibo & Bella.

Cibo & Bella isn't exactly a new restaurant. In fact, it's been around for almost seven years, and is one of the few local restaurants that survived the pandemic. Previously located along Balagtas Boulevard, Cibo & Bella moved to this new location along P. Zamora Street, which is one of the busier streets in the city proper and has more foot traffic. I guess this is one of the reasons why the restaurant is gaining more traction on social media - because it's now more accessible and more people are noticing it.

Cibo & Bella are Italian terms which mean 'food' and 'beauty', respectively. The restaurant holds true to its name because the place is simply beautiful with its white walls and neutral boho aesthetic. On the other hand, their table tops, furniture, and accents give off that crisp and clean Santorini vibe. This design combination gives the restaurant a cozy and welcoming ambiance, and makes the place truly Instagrammable. It's "reel-material", as my teenager calls it.

Macrame curtains.

Santorini patterns.

Vintage-inspired vignettes.

The place is well-lighted and fully airconditioned, and is spacious enough to seat large groups or host family gatherings. They also have chairs and tables outside for those who prefer al fresco dining.

Wine bottles on the accent wall.

For al fresco dining.

As for the food, Cibo & Bella has a wide selection of pasta and rice meals on their menu. They also have a variety of salads and appetizers, and of course, coffee and dessert. One of their bestsellers is the Baby Back Ribs, which I ordered. Yue, on the other hand, had their Fettucine Bacon Alfredo and Fish & Fries for sides.

Fettucine Bacon Alfredo, Fish & Fries, and Baby Back Ribs.

As you can see, their Baby Back Ribs were huge! The rack of ribs that they served me was about the size of Yue's palm, and if you've seen my son in person, he's got really big hands so you can just imagine how generous this serving is. I loved how flavorful the ribs were, but the meat wasn't as tender as I expected it to be. It wasn't 'fall-off-the-bone' tender, and I even asked for a knife because the meat just wouldn't budge with just my spoon and fork.

Baby Back Ribs, Php 295.

The Fish & Fries were exceptional, though - perhaps one of the best fish and fries that I have tried among the restaurants here in San Pablo. I loved the crunch of its light and crispy batter, and how the fish tastes buttery and melts in your mouth. Yue enjoyed them too, as well as the fries, which were thick-cut and lightly seasoned.

Fish & Fries, Php 205.

Their Fettucine Bacon Alfredo is also Yue-approved with its creamy, flavorful sauce and slightly crunchy bacon bits. He wanted to dig in the moment his pasta made it to the table (it was that yummy, the scent alone was very appetizing); I told him to wait for a few seconds because I had to take food photos, haha.

Fettucine Bacon Alfredo, Php 165.

To cap our meal, we also had coffee and dessert. Yue ordered Dark Chocolate, while I had the usual - Spanish Latte. We also got a slice of Carrot Cake, which was their Cake of the Week, for sharing. Their coffee is pretty good with just the right strength and sweetness, while their Carrot Cake is almost perfect - moist, tangy, sweet but not saccharine. A bit more cinnamon spice on the cake and it would have been a perfect 10 for me.

Carrot Cake (Cake of the Week), Php 130 per slice.

Iced Dark Chocolate, Php 150.

Spanish Latte, Php 115.

If you're in the mood for pasta and coffee, Cibo & Bella is a nice choice. Its chic interiors and relaxing ambiance make it the perfect place to hang out with friends, have an intimate dinner with your significant other, or, in our case, bond with your family after Sunday mass. Plus points to the Cibo & Bella staff who were nice and friendly, and served guests with a smile. They made our dining experience even more enjoyable.

Thank you for the treat, Yue! ;)

#71 P. Zamora (Lauro Dizon) St., 
San Pablo City
0919 400 2260


Villa Escudero | Where Nature Meets Tradition and Culture.

It has actually been months since we last visited Villa Escudero, but I wanted to blog about it anyway for two reasons: 1) Villa Escudero is one of the top tourist spots in this region (or perhaps in the country), and 2) this was such a fun day for the entire family; it has been years since my cousins and my siblings and I did something like this together.

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort is an eco-tourism resort that showcases the history and cultural heritage of the Philippines. Located along the boundary of Laguna and Quezon, Villa Escudero is best known for its carabao rides, cultural shows, and its scenic waterfall restaurant.

The way to Villa Escudero. 
If you see this along the highway, then you're on the right track.

Established in the late 1800s by Don Placido Escudero, Villa Escudero began as a self-contained sugar plantation. Towards the early 1900s, the place eventually became a coconut plantation. In 1929, the plantation became officially known as Villa Escudero, the same year when Don Arsenio Escudero, Don Placido's son, built the country's first working hydroelectric plant to supply power to his dessicated coconut factory and to the entire estate.

In 1981, Villa Escudero opened its doors to the public, making it one of the oldest and most famous resorts in the Philippines. From its humble beginnings, Villa Escudero has become one of the country's leading tourists destinations for both locals and foreigners alike. It is especially popular among balikbayans or expats who have been away from their home country for so long and are eager to experience traditional Filipino food, culture, and heritage all over again.

A modified jeepney parked near the waiting area.

The Villa Escudero Museum, which houses religious artifacts and other historical items.
Picture taking is prohibited inside the museum.

We visited Villa Escudero last November, a few days after the onslaught of Typhoon Paeng (Tropical Storm Nalgae). Since we were traveling as a big group (there were 13 of us), I made a reservation about a week prior to our visit, which I booked through their website. I called the Villa Escudero office the day before our visit, just to make sure that they're open and our reservation was not cancelled because of the possible damages brought about by the typhoon. Thankfully, the staff confirmed that Villa Escudero is open and operational, and so our trip pushed through.

More of our Villa Escudero experience after the jump!


Good Food and Chill Vibes at Tienda de San Pablo.

There's an up and coming hot spot in San Pablo and it's located smack dab in the heart of the city. This new place has been popping up in my Facebook timeline lately so we decided to visit over the weekend.

Tienda de San Pablo.

The place is packed right after the evening mass.

This is Tienda de San Pablo, an al fresco cafe located at the courtyard of the San Pablo Cathedral. Decorated with lush ferns and lovely capiz lanterns with the church's brick walls and neoclassic architecture as its backdrop, this place gives off a totally European vibe. And because it's al fresco, you can literally dine under the stars and enjoy the cool summer breeze.

A nice view of the bell tower.

Getting the boys out of their rooms
and away from their computers is a rare occasion. :)

Tienda de San Pablo had its soft opening about two weeks ago, serving only coffee and pasalubong items (uraro, banana chips, and the like) at the time. With its growing popularity and increasing customer base, Tienda now also serves pasta, sandwiches, cakes, and pastries. They've also added dimsum and dumplings in their menu selection, too.

Pasta and sandwiches by Life is Good.

Cakes and pastries by Gem See's Bakeshop.

We tried a little bit of everything on their menu. The boys ordered Lasagna (Php 190), while Jaymee and I had Pesto (Php 160). We also got a slice of Blueberry Cheesecake (Php 140) and Cinnamon Rolls (Php 100). Food is served on paper plates (this is for convenience, I guess) and comes with eco-friendly wooden cutlery. 

Lasagna (Php 190).

Pesto (Php 160).

Blueberry Cheesecake, Php 140 per slice.

Cinnamon Rolls, Php 100.

Of course, we tried their coffee, too. They serve both hot and iced coffee, and they have quite a variety of flavors to choose from. They also serve non-coffee drinks like Mango and Strawberry Latte. Thomas and Jaymee tried their best seller Caramel Macchiato (Php 120, 16oz iced) while Yue and I got our all-time favorite Spanish Latte (Php 100, 16oz iced). Like the pasta and pastries, their coffee is pretty good, too. Thomas liked the Macchiato a lot, he actually had two cups. 

Iced Spanish Latte, Php 100.
Coffee by Ducky's Coffee Bar.

We hung out for awhile at Tienda, looking forward to seeing Father Jerry, our parish priest, and listening to some live acoustic music that night. Unfortunately, acoustic night was held the night before (Friday), and Father Jerry was not around. Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time that night, chatting, basking under the moonlight, listening to good music, and enjoying the dreamy ambiance and picturesque surroundings. We totally last track of time and the next thing we knew it was already 9pm, haha! 

Perfect for date nights. :)

Tienda de San Pablo opens from 5pm to 9pm on weeknights. On weekends, they extend their operating hours until 10pm. The best time to visit would be at sundown (or after the evening mass) when the air is cooler and the San Pablo Cathedral switches on its night lights.

Surprisingly, he enjoyed our night out at Tienda!

This visit will definitely not be our last. Hopefully, the next time we drop by, there will be more food items on the menu - think pica pica like nachos and fries, or rice meals for those with a bigger appetite. It would be great if we could catch the live acoustic performances, too!

San Pablo Cathedral
T. Azucena St.
San Pablo City