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How to Help Your Kids Enjoy Science.

One of the most important things any parent can do is help their child learn to love the world around them. Many parents are unsure how they can encourage their kids to become curious thinkers and willing to explore. Fortunately, even if you aren't very good at science yourself, it's possible to help your child learn more about planets, dirt, atoms, chemistry and even fossils. Here's how.

Yue at the Fantasy Forest in Lotte World, Seoul.

Get them the right gear.

Did you know you can buy kids lab coats? Consider investing in a lab coat and some great science gear for your kids. While you can do plenty of science experiments with things you have around the house, you'll be able to study even more with your child if you have a telescope and microscope. At the very least, consider getting items your child can use to collect and examine insects, leaves and flowers in your area.

Read with them.

There are plenty of books available that focus on science. Kids don't have to be bored in order to learn. Head to your local library or bookstore and pick out some fun books about different scientific topics. For example, you could read a book about kids discovering fossils to learn about dinosaurs or a book about a child who gets sick to learn about viruses and illnesses. Make sure you choose several different books to give your kids a well-rounded understanding of different ideas.

Morgan checking out books at the City Library.

Get online.

Did you know there are online classes you can try with your kids? Even if you don't have a science museum nearby, you can take online science courses to learn more about nature, dinosaurs and biology. Consider enrolling in an online course with your kids to learn more. If classes aren't your thing, play some online discovery games together to learn more about specific scientific topics.

Remember that you don't have to know everything about science in order to enjoy learning with your kids. Even scientists don't know everything there is to know about science! The world outside is constantly changing and growing, so the important thing is that you have fun exploring with your kids and learning as a family.

6 replies:

Admin said...

Fun ideas - academics always go over well when there are fun activities to do. Thanks for sharing.

Xon said...

Science is one of my favorite subjects! It's good to encourage our kids to become more interested in science especially these days when technology is a huge part of our lives. These are awesome tips!

Eugenia said...

These are all great ideas to help children love science! Science learning begins with curiosity and the earlier we encourage this curiosity, the better!

Unknown said...

Kids are always curious and we should capitalized that. Exploring science is so much fun for everyone!

Rose Pingol said...

This is a nice post, very helpful. It is really important that we encourage our kids to love science. It is a wonderful subject.

Lisa RIos said...

I always make sure that my kids learn something useful out of every small activity they do and these are some great ideas. I love reading for them and online classes are something I am thinking for long to try out!