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Foodie Goodie | Olaf Ice Cream Dessert.

"Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on, let's go and play!" 
So goes the first two lines of the song 'Do You Wanna Build a Snowman' in the movie 'Frozen'. I took the little man to the movies yesterday, as a reward for acing all his quizzes for the past two weeks. We watched Frozen, of course, and it was really, really good. I say you go out and take your kids to see this movie over the weekend, too.

But before you head out the door, let me share with you this Frozen-inspired dessert which I found on Spoonful. It's a treat that's just too cute not to share with my readers. :)

Olaf Ice Cream Dessert

White Chocolate Melts, about half a bag
Chocolate Candy Melts, at least 8 pieces
Pretzel sticks (for arms)
Orange Starbursts (1 per snowman)
Small candy eyes
Hershey's Kisses (or chocolate chips)
Edible food pens (blue and black)
Plastic squeeze bottle
Small craft/food brush (washed)
Parchment paper
Vanilla ice cream

1. Arrange all of your ingredients in bowls and plates for easy access.  On a flat working surface, such as a cutting board or flat plate, tape a large piece of parchment paper to the surface so it is flat and smooth and will not move while your work. If you are using chocolate kisses for the buttons, use a knife to shave down the sides.

2. Unwrap an orange Starburst and set it on the wrapper. Heat it in the microwave for 7 seconds. Take it out and allow it to cool- 15 seconds or more until it is cool enough to handle. Mold it into the shape of Olaf’s nose using your fingers. Set it aside.

3. Using a knife, splinter a few pretzel sticks to create Olaf’s hair.

4. Heat the white candy melts in a microwave safe bowl on 40% power for 25 seconds at a time until the candy is melted. Stir it and pour or spoon it into the cleaned and dried squeeze bottle.  Put the top on the bottle.

5. Squeeze out the white candy onto the parchment paper in the shape of Olaf’s head. You can use the food brush to smooth out the candy.

6. Use the edible blue and black pens to outline Olaf's eyes.

7. Squeeze out a second layer of candy over Olaf’s head, building up the candy near the top. Use the brush to smooth the candy then place 2-3 pretzel slivers for the hair and two candy eyes.

8. Squeeze out more melted candy under the eyes. Place a nose just under and between the eyes. Squeeze out more melted candy around the nose, using the brush to smooth. Allow the candy to fully dry.

9. Melt the chocolate candy melts in a small microwave safe bowl on 40% power for 45 seconds. Stir the candy until smooth. Clean and dry your food brush then use it to paint on Olaf’s mouth using the melted chocolate candy. Allow time to dry.

10. Clean and dry the food brush. Open the squeeze bottle and dip your brush into the white candy. Paint Olaf’s tooth in the top center of the mouth. Allow time to dry.

11. Scoop out two scoops of vanilla ice cream into a small bowl (stacked). Give Olaf three chocolate kiss or chocolate chip buttons and two pretzel stick arms. Peal Olaf’s head from the parchment paper and stick it on top of the ice cream. Serve immediately.

Shared with Food Friday and Food Trip Friday. :)


The 'ber Months, and Asthma.

As the 'ber months and the cold and nippy weather kick in, so do colds, cough, and flu. But for people with asthma (like me), it could be worse, as a simple cold virus can easily lead to a nasty asthma attack.

When this happens, the lining of the bronchial tubes swell, which then causes the airways to narrow and reduce the flow of air into and out of the lungs. Asthma has a relatively low fatality rate compared to other chronic diseases, however, it is the most common chronic disease among children.

According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 235 million people around the world who suffer from asthma. And these 235 million people are the ones who need to take extra precaution during the onset of cold weather.

Here are five easy tips to avoid asthma attacks during the cold seasons:

1) Take your asthma medicines regularly, as prescribed by your doctor.
2) If your asthma is easily triggered by cold air, make sure to take a puff or two of your inhaler before stepping outside.
3) Bring your inhaler wherever you go.
4) Dress warmly. Wear a scarf if possible, and make sure to cover your mouth and nose with it.
5) Be extra careful when exercising outside, in the cold weather. Warm up for at least 10-15 minutes before exercising, and take one or two puffs of your inhaler before you start.

This may sound so cliche, but an ounce of prevention is always, always worth a pound of cure.


The Mauler Takes Over | Alexander Gustafsson in Manila!

The Philippines has had its fair share of visits from UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) stars. Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell has been here, current (and still, even after UFC 167, hehe) Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre has been here, BJ Penn has also paid a visit, and of course our very own Filipino Wrecking Machine Mark Munoz has been here, too.

This time around, Alexander 'The Mauler' Gustafsson, the man who gave Jon Jones the fight of his life, will be coming to Manila for a Public Open Training. The event, dubbed as 'The Mauler Takes Over' will take place at the Trinoma Activity Center on November 10, 2013.
Alexander Gustafsson in Manila!
One hundred (100) lucky fans will be given the chance to meet and greet the Swedish mixed martial artist on the said day, and they will also be given the opportunity to take photos with 'The Mauler'. Promo details and mechanics can be found on the Balls Channel official website.

I would love, love, love to see The Mauler in person, but alas, I'll still be out of the country by that time. Oh well, guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed that Manila will really be hosting a UFC tilt in 2014. :)