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AYDA TV | The Search for the First Ever AYDA TV Correspondent.

Are you an aspiring broadcast journalist or TV host? A vlogger perhaps, or someone who loves making videos of oneself? If you love hamming it up for the camera and enjoy talking and engaging with people, then this side of the AYDA competition might be just for you!

AYDA is looking for its first ever TV Correspondent!

This year, the Asia Young Designer Awards (AYDA) opens its doors to students outside of Architecture and Interior Design in the search for the first ever AYDA TV Correspondent. If you're currently a student at a school that will participate in this year's AYDA competition, with a bright and pleasing personality and know how to make social media work for you and the school that you represent, then you have a shot at becoming an AYDA TV Correspondent! You get to take home a cash prize, too!

Anyone can be an AYDA TV Correspondent as long as you meet the following requirements:
  • You are currently enrolled in any course in your school 
  • Your school participates in AYDA 
  • You are not participating in the main competition (to avoid conflict of interest) 
  • You are officially endorsed by your school
Each school can endorse two representatives - one trainee for the Architecture category, and another for the Interior Design category.

Aspiring TV Correspondents must fill out this form to join. You also need to submit three videos which covers the following:
  1.  Introduce, highlight, and cheer for your school 
  2. What does the #AYDA2021 theme of FORWARD: AMPLIFYING EMPATHY THROUGH DESIGN mean to you? 
  3. Invite and encourage architecture and interior design students of your school to participate in the main competition
Be creative with your videos! 

Videos sent in by AYDA TV Correspondent trainees will be judged as follows: 50% for content and 50% for creativity. Make sure to get your message across clearly and creatively and you might make it to the top 10!

The student hosts of Asia’s premier design competition will be determined after the Top 10 applicants to a final interview with the finalists of Asia Young Designer Awards 2021.

Apply as an AYDA TV Correspondent now and get a chance to win ₱15,000 cash! The winner will also be invited to host the AYDA 2021 National Awarding Ceremony. Even your school will receive a prize for supporting you!


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