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Super8 Funfest 2018 | Sale, Shop, and Save!

Sale, shop, save - these are my most favorite four-letter words, and I absolutely love it when I get to enjoy these three, all at the same time.

This penchant for discount shopping led me towards Super8, a chain of  grocery stores with a wide selection of goods at bargain prices. I heard they're having a huge sale event coming up this week, so Yue and I paid a visit to the Super8 branch here in San Pablo City to know more about it, and do our weekly grocery shopping as well.
Yue checking out the goods featured in Super8's bi-monthly catalog.
We were courteously welcomed by the Customer Service staff, who then introduced us to John Michael, the Branch Manager for Super8 San Pablo City. John was more than eager to tell me about the Super8 Funfest; apparently, it's a three-day event which has been held annually since 2012. It's like a celebration of sorts with celebrity guests and production numbers, raffle draws with huge prizes at stake, and exclusive deals and deep discounts on participating brands and items. It's sale, shop, and save all together, and any penny pinchin' mom's dream (shopping) event come true!
With John Michael, the cheerful and good-natured Branch Manager of Super8 San Pablo City.
According to John, the Super8 Funfest is open to all, with no entrance fees whatsoever required. However, you get an advantage if you own a Super8 Rewards Card because the first two days of the event will be exclusive to Rewards Card members.
The Super8 Rewards Card - your ticket to great deals and shopping points!
With the Super8 Rewards Card, you get to earn points with every purchase which can then be used as cash at Super8 stores. For every Php 200 spent, you earn 1 point which is equivalent to Php 1. At the Super8 Funfest, you get to rack up more points when you spend more - a single receipt purchase worth Php 3000 entitles you to 50 rewards points (aka Php 50).
More Rewards Points + Special Funfest Deals.
Signing up for your a Super8 Rewards Card is easy. All you have to do is fill-out the membership form and pay the Php 100 membership fee, and you get your Rewards Card right then and there. I signed up for the Super8 Rewards, of course, and as soon as I got my card, John gave us a tour of the store and showed us which items are on sale and which items will earn us more points.
Shopping for his favorites!
Yue was thrilled to see that all of his favorite snacks and food items are available at Super8, and they're all tagged at cheaper prices, too! We discovered even more amazing deals as we made our way through the supermarket - like the Super Sulit Points section, which allows you to earn 25 rewards points for every Php 500 single-receipt purchase of participating items.
Super Sulit Points.
There's also the Try Me section, where new products are priced 5% lower than the standard retail price. The Dove Baby Hair to Toe Rich Moisture Body Wash, for instance, is currently priced at Php 248.70. That's Php 13.10 savings, compared to buying it at beauty counters or department stores.
5% off on new products!
That includes snacks and other food products!
They also have 'Plus One' promos, where you get free products when you buy in bulk. Like this 'Buy 11 Get 1 Free' promo on detergents and other home care items. If you're a wholesaler or reseller, promos like these will definitely help you save more and allow you to earn bigger profits.
Save more when you buy more!
More items on sale!
Aside from big savings, Super8 also gives their loyal customers a chance to win prizes in their Super Hakot Promo and Scratch & Win Promo, exclusive to Super8 mobile app users. You get a promo code or an e-raffle entry when you purchase Php 300 of participating items in a single transaction. Some of the items included in this promo are Oreo cookies, Nestle Koko Krunch cereals, Magnolia milk products, and La Pacita Graham Crackers.
Yue's favorite cereal. :)
You'll get to enjoy more of these awesome deals and astonishing discounts when you head over to the Super8 Funfest happening from April 26 (Thursday) until April 28 (Saturday). The event will be held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, from 9 am 'til 7 pm. As I have mentioned earlier, the first two days of the Super8 Funfest will be exclusive to Rewards Card holders, while the last day will be open to everyone, including non-members.
Super Bidang Buhay at the Super8 Funfest 2018!
Here are some of the celebrities who will be in attendance:
Is your favorite celebrity on the list? :)
And the fabulous prizes at stake:
Could you be the lucky winner of a brand new car? :)
To know more about the Super8 Funfest plus details on how to get to venue, read their FAQ here. Oh, and don't forget to 'like' the Super8 Facebook page to stay updated on promos, discounts, and event announcements!

Many thanks to John, Larry, and the Super8 San Pablo City staff for the warm welcome! Yue says he loved the VIP treatment! :)

19 replies:

Kansas Bonanno said...

Looks like some amazing sales going on there! I've never heard of this chain before, we don't have them where we live here in NC. As the mom of four i'm always looking for the best deals!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! Talk about some amazing deals!! I love getting things on sale!

Karlyn Cruz said...

Last time I was in the Philippines was about 15 years ago. They've certainly come a long way with all the grocery stores. I love that they even do rewards cards too.

Gladys Parker said...

You had me at scratch off ticket savings! The Super8 Funfest Rewards sound very interesting. I love saving money on purchases we must buy.

kumamonjeng said...

I didnt know Super 8 is a chain groceries in Philippines. I will take note and visit a super 8 when I m in Philippines.

Adriana said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time at this event

Geraline Batarra said...

Looks like a great deal and really generous discounts. I will go and check their Facebook page for more information. Thank you for sharing!

Shruti said...

Oreo cookies, Nestle Koko Krunch cereals, Magnolia milk products, and La Pacita Graham Crackers is a great deal!! I wish i could make it to this Sale, Shop and Save before saturday. Thanks for the info!

Angela Ricardo Bethea said...

Wow! Those sale items are really awesome and friendly budget. I think I need to share this with my family in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing!!

Rachel said...

I somehow get so much odd satisfaction by earning rewards for everyday shopping.

Elizabeth O said...

The funfest sounds like a really good idea and its great there are celebrities to endorse it too, it looks like it will be a fun event!

Lexie Animé Travel said...

Wow this is great! would love to visit this store and avail that discounts. I can't wait to visit the Philippines again and enjoy shopping with affordable prices.

Lexie Animé Travel said...

Wow! what a great discount prices for those who are in a budget. Wish I could return back to Philippines soon and enjoy shopping in this store.

Jennifer Prince said...

Ooh I love sales! Especially ones on practical items. And Oreos. I tend to always buy those when they are on sale, lol! :)

Ali Rost said...

That sounds awesome! I love that they're having a sale which means you can save so much from groceries. I'm sure a lot of people will be taking advantage of this.

Unknown said...

I love saving money whenever I go shopping especially since I'm shopping for a family of 6. This is definitely something that I'd take advantage of!

Megan said...

Looks like a great day of savings! What a fab set of deals – go you!

Evelyn Lo Foreman said...

This look like such a fun event! With the rewards card, you can’t lose. The more you spend the more you save in the more reports your reap. 👍🏼

Scrapbook Adventures said...

Those words are some of my favourite too! Love the idea of the rewards card.