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5 Ways to Make Your Workplace Eco-Friendly.

Saving the environment may not be the top priority on your mind when you clock in to start a work shift, but there are numerous ways you can put in minimal effort and make a big difference for future generations and the Earth. The decisions made in an office setting may not seem key to the survival of our environment in the long term, but in reality, simple changes can go a long way toward saving our environment one piece at a time.
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1. Optimize Energy Settings on Your Computer
Energy saving settings, as opposed to standby settings, draw less power when you are leaving for the day. Cutting down on power usage can make a significant difference for the environment. In addition, it is important to remember to turn off lights in rooms that aren’t in use.

2. Buy Recycled Printer Paper
Creating paper uses a lot of resources. When you choose a paper that is recycled, opt for one that uses minimal chlorine bleach and a high percentage of post-consumer content. This reduces the impact on the environment as well. Recycled paper allows the opportunity to keep trees in our forests, which leaves more trees to create oxygen and cut down on the erosion that occurs when tree roots are withdrawn from areas, causing unstable land surfaces.
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3. Use Reusable Containers to Bring Your Lunch
When it comes to the environment, using reusable containers cuts down on plastic use. That means instead of contributing to the plastic use, 50-percent of which is a single use and then thrown away, you can reduce our plastic waste - roughly 10-percent of the total waste humans generate.

4. Use Recycled Envelopes, Pencils and Pens
Recycled office products can go a long way toward minimizing the work footprint on our Earth. The chance to use recycled envelopes, pencils and pens means less trees are cut and less refuse entering the landfill. These products give new life to used products, which is a two-fold benefit.

5. Think of the Environment with Cleaning Supplies
Biodegradable soaps and cleaners are also a smart move to make work more eco-friendly. The soaps in the bathroom or breakroom to wash one’s hands are as important as the cleaners used by the custodial staff. Act accordingly and encourage your employer to seek out biodegradable options that still clean effectively.
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Chemicals are a significant issue for our environment, as they pollute groundwater and kill off various species. Like plastic, the dangers in chemical use are long-term and widely noted. The ability to decrease the use of chemicals that don’t biodegrade can give our environment a chance to survive for a longer period.

Along with the above-noted options is the fact that transporting lunch and items necessary for work should be done in reusable bags. When it comes to your lunch, if you want to keep it cool and be inspired to use the bag on a regular basis, opt for printed cooler bags that look great, keep your lunch cool and are sturdy enough to use for years to come.

12 replies:

GiGi Eats said...

And now, I am going to optimize my energy settings on my computer!

Unknown said...

I never thought of using recycled paper and office supplies, but that's a super smart idea! Since I work from home I have control over the products I use for work, so that's a change I can definitely make :)

Rachel said...

We tend to be eco friendly at work out of super cheapness. We are a non-profit and do our best to keep all costs low.

Esme Sy said...

This should really help for long-term. I do these practices but my coworkers aren't really "adept" when it comes to being eco-friendly. I guess sharing this article won't hurt. :)

kumamonjeng said...

Great list and I really like the idea of having our own lunch box! In Singapore when we go for takeaway from the hawker center, sometimes we bring along our own container to pack for food, that way we don't extra charges from the plastic containers meanwhile we can re-cycle and save the world.

Geraline Batarra said...

I will take this and follow this steps as I want to have an eco-friendly workplace. Thank you for sharing!

Preet said...

These are some really great tips. I do make sure to use reusable containers and storage items. Recycled papers sound good, I need to look into that. I have recently shifted to eco-friendly cleaning tools.

Elizabeth O said...

These were great ideas on how to have an eco-friendly space to work. I like the idea of using recycled paper and stationary!

kristy b said...

This is a great list and I love all of your suggestions! There are so many little things we can do every day to help the environment. I work from home as a graphic designer so I could do a lot of these from my homework space.

Anonymous said...

These eco friendly work place ideas are such a good idea. It is so smart to remind people that they can make a difference in his work wherever they are at! I am definitely going to try these tips! Especially the bringing my lunch in a reusable container :)

Unknown said...

I definitely need to incorporate more eco friendly items in my office book!! I love the idea of recycled paper!

laborders2000 said...

I love this idea. You have got to make that space inviting and feel like what you want it to. These are great earth-friendly ideas!