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Spotlight | Ever Bilena Matte Lip Liner.

The past two weeks had been extremely hectic, hence the lack of updates in this blog. I was crazy busy and didn't have time for anything else except studying with Yue and preparing for his Final Exams. But now that the exams are over and done with, I'm pretty much stress-free and have lots of time to work on my pending blog projects and my Korean drama backlog, haha!

Yue and I headed over to the mall as soon as his exams ended, for some much needed R&R. For my little man, that means eating a hearty meal at his favorite Korean restaurant and playing arcade games to his heart's content. For me, that means going through beauty counters, swatching testers, and splurging just a wee bit on makeup.

Ever Bilena had a 2+1 Sale on all its lip products over the weekend, and of course, I took advantage of this promo and got myself some new lip liners. Each liner is priced at Php 120; I paid only Php 240 thanks to the weekend promo.
Ever Bilena Matte Lip Liner.
Launched earlier this year, the Ever Bilena Matte Lip Liner lines and defines and helps you achieve fuller and soft-shaped lips.
Ingredients + usage instructions. 
The matte lip liners are available in twelve shades, and each shade has a corresponding pair in the Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick and Liquid Lipstick line. You get a bolder, more defined look when you pair the matte lip liner with its matching lipstick/liquid lipstick shade. The shades are indicated on the cardboard packaging, but not on the liner itself. Sure, the caps are colored accordingly, but wouldn't it be nice if you have a name to refer to when you're using them?
They're retractable! No need to sharpen, yay!
Nonetheless, I love that these lip liners are retractable - no need to sharpen or worry about jagged edges or the tip breaking off.
Top to Bottom: Siennas, Sexy Nude, Toast of New York.
They also have a soft and creamy texture which makes outlining (and even filling in) a breeze.
Top to Bottom: Siennas, Sexy Nude, Toast of New York.
They have amazing color payoff, too! These liners are just as pigmented as their lipstick/liquid lipstick counterparts.
From L-R: Siennas, Sexy Nude, Toast of New York - indoor light.
From L-R: Siennas, Sexy Nude, Toast of New York - natural light.
The best part? The Ever Bilena Matte Lip Liners are so versatile, you can actually use them to color your entire lips! If your favorite Ever Bilena counter always runs out of Toast of New York lippies (which is the case here in my area), use the lip liner instead!

Toast of New York - a crowd-favorite, reddish brown shade.

Siennas, is a lighter version of Toast of New York, but just as lovely.

Sexy Nude, a soft, peachy tan shade.
These liners have decent wear time, with the darker shades staying put longer - about four or five hours with no bleeding or smudging even with a bit of eating and drinking. They're very comfortable to wear, and don't feel dry on the lips. These lip liners are pretty impressive, I might just get every single shade in the collection!
Products used:
FACE: Beyond Alice in Blooming Skin Tone Sun Base,
Peripera Ink Concealer in Cover King Vanilla,
Innisfree Long Wear Cover Cushion in N23.
EYES: Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,
Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner,
Nature Republic Pure Shine Mascara.
CHEEKS: Sleek Makeup Blush in Sahara,
Sleek Makeup Highlighter in Ecliptic.
LIPS: Ever Bilena Matte Lip Liner in Toast of New York.

20 replies:

Valdas Travel Video said...

Good post, girls really like.

Unknown said...

Love the shades babe! Look great on you! Glad you had a ice time at the mall!

Jenna said...

lip liners always really intimidate me. I liked your step-by-step photos, very helpful! And the colors of these mattes are gorgeous!

kristy b said...

I like Toast of New York the best. I can see why it’s a favorite and it looks really good on you.

Amy Dunn said...

I have never actually bought lipliner before, but have always wanted to because it looks so much better than just lipstick! Love the post!

Angel said...

It's amazing how lip liner can make such a difference. I have a thin upper lip, and using lip liner helps it look more plump. I like these shades.

...Pat Wagner said...

What beautiful colors of lipliners. Your photos are excellent too. I'm glad someone invented makeup to help us women look our best.

Emily Fata said...

I love a nice matte lipstick! This one, especially the colours, looks like such an amazing product to use!

brit said...

I've never used a lip liner but I've been meaning to buy one since I've been wearing makeup more!

Unknown said...

I never used a lip liner after a disaster in my childhood (that involved a very dark lip liner for every shade lol), so you can imagine the horror! But this looks so good, I can't help but admire your talents. Your beauty helps too ♥

Elizabeth O said...

You chose a really pretty colour that looks lovely on you. I like the idea of a matte lip liner, I must check these out it looks like a great product indeed.

Anonymous said...

These shades look absolutely beautiful and awesome! They look totally fabulous! I love them! Daisy

Thinkerten said...

I am looking for a good lip liner to enhance the look at my lip. This is great information on Ever Bilena.

Jenn said...

love the toast of new york shade, plus ever bilena's products are budget friendly

Geraline Batarra said...

Wow, such a great deal and those shades are also beautiful. I think this is one of a nice gift for my mom this coming mother's day.

Rachel said...

I like the sexy nude color. I have hyper pigmentation on the edge of my lips so I have made lip color a daily staple.

Shefali said...

Love the shades, they are absolutely beautiful. Looks like a great product... :)

Lasha said...

Wow..what a great product. I love this. I totally want to try it out too.

Scrapbook Adventures said...

Love the look of the lipliners and the step by step pics.

Alexine said...

Wow! you look so fabulous with this Ever Bilena product. I think you already have a nice shape of lips and this lip liner enhances it more. Guess Siennas, the lighter version Toast of New York fits you the most. It compliments your skin and your lips. You're so beautiful!