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Spotlight | Majolica Majorca The Little Humming Book I.

After about a month or so of sitting in my makeup box, (I've been too lazy to do/wear full makeup since summer began) I finally had the chance to play with my newest palette - Majolica Majorca's The Little Humming Book I. Bought this at SM Makati together with the Skin Lingerie Pore Cover, which I've featured in this post.
The Little Humming Book I.
The Little Humming Book is a series of limited edition palettes released in celebration of Majolica Majorca's 10th Anniversary. The Little Humming Book I is the first from the series (obviously), and it comes in a lovely little 'song book'.
Inside the Little Humming Book I.
Although I had no intention of buying a new palette that day, (I wanted to at least use up my Urban Decay Ammo before getting a new one) I ended up paying Php 995 (approx $25) for this at the counter anyway. Lol. Talk about low EQ, haha!

But tell me, makeup junkies, can you resist something as quaint and lovely as this? The packaging alone was enough reason for me to buy as it reminded me greatly of one of my favorite Korean dramas - Secret Garden
Flip through the pages...
But wait 'til you see what's inside. Contained in this 'song book' are four stunning colors - two eyeshadows, one eye cream base, and one lip gloss.
Oh, Little Humming Book I... why you so pretty? :)
Moonless Night is a cream-based primer that comes in a blackish plum color. It's the perfect base for creating a smokey eye, and in my opinion, gives this palette that 'ooomph' - if you know what I mean. :)

Swatches, no flash.
Clockwise from top left: Flower Dust, Green Shower, Tulip Red, and Moonless Night.
Flower Dust and Green Shower are pale duochrome eyeshadows with metallic finish. Both shades look luminous and sparkly when used alone, but are absolutely gorgeous when worn with the primer. Tulip Red, on the other hand, is a light pink (not red, lol) lip gloss.
Swatches, with flash.
Here's the Little Humming Book I in action - Green Shower applied on my inner lid, blended with Flower Dust on my above crease. Moonless Night on my outer lid and outer crease. Tulip Red is the pinkish part on my gradient lips. :)
The Humming Book I in action! :)
What I love:
- Cute, one-of-a-kind packaging.
- Lovely colors.
- Very fine shimmers on the eyeshadows.
- No fall-out.
- No creasing.
- The duochrome eyeshadows combined with the eye cream base 
create a stunning, pearl finish.
- Reasonably priced at Php 995.
- Available locally.

What you might not like:
- The lip gloss looks great on the pan, but it actually lacks pigmentation 
and doesn't look good on its own. 
(Hence the gradient lips in my FOTD.)

Now I can't wait for The Little Humming Book II! I heard they're already out in the market, and I must have one! There goes my EQ again - out the window, haha!

13 replies:

Jade Samson - Diva Fabulosa said...

I haven't tried Majolica Majorca yet but it does look nice on you!! I might check it out on our next trip abroad - wala kasi nyan dito sa bundok namin :)

Pepper said...

The packaging is really one of a kind. Excellent marketing strategy, I must say :). What matters, I guess, is that it looks good on you :)

Laura said...

I don't know how much php 995 is, but I love this makeup book. I have never seen anything like it hear. Those colors look great on your.

Stopping by from VoiceBoks!

Animetric said...

OMG the packaging is soooo cute, I probably would have bought it because of that alone lol. Nice pigmentation too.

MaryJane Tauyan said...

wow that make up is really nice! i do that as well hahaha I know I am not going to wear those beautiful lipsticks I have but once i have seen their colours i keep on buying them hehe

earthlingorgeous said...

the packaging is sooooooo cute! ako rin I took a break from putting on makeup mejo natulog sa ref mga makeup ko becoz of summer!

Christy G said...

I love the packaging on this makeup set, very unique. Thank you for sharing, the colors look amazing on you.

Unknown said...

Wow, what a clever, fun product! I wish I could find one. The colors look great on you, too.

Unknown said...

I like the fact that it has eye cream base. It makes the eye make up more beautiful but I must stop myself and stay away from Majolica stall :p

Mom-Friday said...

Super nice packaging, may song book pa! I like the final look on you with the eyeshadow, it's subtle and shimmery.

Aya said...

Ah, so cute! It's a 'book' pala talaga. And the colors are so garden-y. I like the look you came up with! :)

Karen Dawkins said...

What a cute way to package makeup. That alone makes it marvelous. Happy summer!

Ruth dela Cruz said...

Ohh.. nice packaging! I love make-up with nice packaging!!

I wish to be knowledgeable about putting on make-up! The color looks good on you ;)