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Creative Projects For Your Kids.

Finding projects that will inspire children to let their inner creative out and keep them entertained can be challenging. The following article lists some fantastic creative projects that your child will love.

Get moving
Why not dance? It may not be considered a craft by some but it’s a great way to encourage your children to get active and creative. You may just discover a hidden talent for dance within the family. All you need is some space and music. It’s probably the cheapest project and you still get a lot out of it. It may just be their favourite creative outlet.

You could do this project before finding some music to dance to. Maracas are the easiest thing to make; all you need is some coffee cans or yoghurt containers. Have your child fill it with lentils, duct tape on the lid and then decorate it anyway they want. Perhaps you have some Vistaprint stickers on hand. You may just discover a flare for percussion.

All you need is some construction paper and glue sticks. You can use any materials that you wish. The staples include; yarn, pictures, confetti, tissue paper, glitter and paper shapes. All they need to do is glue things on one another. The process is simple but the results are amazing. You’ll definitely get a few pieces of art to hang on the fridge.
This project can help you find the next master chef. This is a really great ongoing project; it’s a life skill that they are going to need to develop sooner or later. You could even make Playdoh if you don’t want to cook a meal; there are plenty of recipes available.

Glop is like Playdoh but has more of a slime texture. It only takes one cup of cornstarch with a small amount of water. You’ll just need to play with the consistency a little. You can either do this activity outside or inside on a shower curtain. It can get quite messy so be prepared. This will be a fun textile exploration for them as it can be a solid or liquid.

Dress up
Playing dress up is great way for your child to imagine characters and play different roles. Pretend to be builder, princess, prince, lawyer, rock star, police officer or anything.

Vehicles and buildings
Create cardboard box vehicles and buildings. This can tie into the dress up project. Just take a big box and cut out windows and paint the outside. There really is not limit to what you do with the boxes. Build a house, train or fire truck. Let your child choose what they see and create that.

7 replies:

Gana Explore said...

Interesting activities you have on your list. I am sure, not only kids will enjoy it but adults as well :-)

Ivan Saldajeno said...

wow! I can refer this to my friends.

Franc said...

These projects will really keep kids busy and at the same time be able to learn something new especially this summer.

Pepper said...

My daughter and I always dance, and just recently, she learned to play the guitar. She's also into drawing. These are healthy breaks from spending hours in front of the TV.

Eds said...

How I wish I can do most of these activities with my kids. Unfortunately I have little time bonding with them because of my work.. thanks for sharing. :)

This is Lovelee said...

Very helpful post! Will keep this in mind in the future when I have kids already. =)

Irene said...

My daughter is into dance and arts now. It's good to encourage them to engage in other activities aside from their academics.