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Addressing Andropause.

If you are a man over fifty, there is a good chance that you are suffering from andropause, commonly known as low testosterone.

Common signs of low testosterone for men can be as simple as fatigue, depression and loss of sex drive to more serious physical concerns like loss of muscle mass, weight gain and heart disease. A decrease in testosterone can begin as early as the age of thirty in males, but commonly begins to show in older men. While there is no way to stop testosterone form lowering as a man ages, there are ways to booster and treat low testosterone.

One common way is by taking daily supplements like Nature's Plus testosterone boosters which helps bolster the natural production of free testosterone in the bloodstream.

Another way to deal with low testosterone is through injections. Injected twice a week, this treatment has to be supervised by a doctor and is an effective way to treat testosterone loss. The only problems with this form of treatment are that it shuts down the natural production of testosterone and patients have to go through post therapy treatment to jump start testosterone receptors.

Another popular and effective way to treat andropause is through the use of testosterone gels. These gels do not need doctor supervision and are usually used topically under the arm. For testosterone gels, a person needs a prescription and must watch spreading the gel onto others through skin to skin contact.

Whatever way a man chooses to deal with low testosterone, his life and love life will improve for long term happiness and fulfillment.

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