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Hair Story | Palty Bubble Hair Color in Raspberry Jam.

For the past twelve months, I've been using Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring to dye my hair. In my first attempt at DIY hair coloring, I used the Sweet Orange shade. A few months later, I switched to Gold Blonde,which was the shade I stuck to for the rest of the year.

I've been wanting to try Mocha Pink for the longest time, but this shade is just so elusive that three of the Etude House branches I've been to don't have them in stock. I tried purchasing online and still no luck. I took this futile search as a sign to finally switch brands - and with that, I'm turning Japanese.
Palty Bubble Hair Color in Raspberry Jam.
This my friends is Palty - a brand of hair color products manufactured by the popular Japanese corporation, Dariya. From what I know, Palty has several collections of hair color products available in the Japanese market (e.g. Hair Bleach Collection, Hair Turn Color Collection, the classic Hair Color Collection).

The Bubble Hair Color Collection is the only line I've seen so far in Watson's and at SM Department Stores, and they sell for Php 499 (around $12) per box. They have 15 shades in this collection, and the one I chose is Raspberry Jam.

Inside the box are the following items - a mixing cup, a stirrer, the base water oxide, the Raspberry Jam color cream, a sachet of hair treatment cream, a pair of latex gloves, and the instruction manual written in both English and Japanese.
Inside the Palty box.
Now here's a quick rundown of how to use this product.
Shake and pour. :)
1) Shake the base water thoroughly in an up and down motion at least 20 times, then pour the contents into the cup.
2) Next, add the entire cream mixture.
3) With the tip of the mixer, pat the cream lightly around 5 to 6 times so that it blends with the base water.
4) Then, mix in a circular motion for at least 20 times.
5) Foam will appear once you start mixing. Be warned, there is a tendency for the foam to overflow.
6) Once the foam subsides and the pinkish color appears, you can now apply the hair color to your hair.
Palty on my hair.
7) Leave it on your hair for 20-40 minutes.
8) Rinse thoroughly.
9) Apply the hair treatment cream, leave it on for five to ten minutes then rinse.

What I love:
- Product is easy to use.
- Affordable price (though it costs a bit more than Etude House or Tony Moly).
- Locally available.
- Product smells fruity, chemical scent not overpowering.
- Does not damage the hair.
- Treatment cream leaves the hair soft and smooth.
- It colors! :)

What you might not like:
- It's a bit messy to use, with the overflowing bubbles and all.

The result?
From dark brown - almost black, actually...

To a soft brown, with a hint of red to it.
These photos were taken 24 hours after I dyed my hair.
The color becomes more distinct as the days pass. :)
Have you tried Palty before? How was your experience? :)

14 replies:

Sumi Go said...

I've recently tried Etude House's Golden Blonde. Used 2 boxes, but the color was way different from what I was expecting. It was more orangey than what I wanted :( I've used Prettia before 3x na, and I think I'll have to go back to using Prettia again. Haven't tried Palty yet, but I might give it a go soon :)

Dominique Goh said...

It looks good.. very natural.. does it cover white well.. am looking to dye my hair again this holidays.

Franc said...

This saves you a lot of money compared to having your hair dyed in a salon.

Christy G said...

I haven't ever used this brand of hair dye, but I used to dye my hair at home because it was so much cheaper than running to the salon every few weeks for a touch up. I loved dying my hair an auburn color but my husband talked me out of it a few years ago. I have been thinking of dying it again but haven't yet.

Unknown said...

I like the color. It's a nice, warm shade that looks good on you. I thought it would be lighter judging from the picture on the box.

Animetric said...

Saw Palty in HK but having tried both Japanese hair color and Korean hair color I decided not to buy because I find Korean hair color to be more effective in delivering the promised box shades. :)

gina valley said...

It looks great!

What a fun color!

Cheryl F. said...

I've been wanting to color my's black since birth. LOL. I just couldn't find good products to try on. And going to any salon is expensive since my hair is long and thick. I might consider this one :)

Unknown said...

Im considering to dye my hair soon and thanks for giving me an idea on what to have aside from one that is one Etude :)

The Mommy Roves said...

seriously after the wedding i am so trying this <3 haha nice color

MaryJane Tauyan said...

I've tried palty before and bought the golden ones for my sister and did her hair! she looks like a doll with blonde kinda golden hair!! it totally changed my sisters hair colour! she attracts everyone where ever we are! I gues i have some photos of her on my blog like in chinatown or MBS

Unknown said...

the color gave your hair a subtle twist from black to brownish red. I just heard of this brand though. It doesn't comes it a bottle shaker with pump unlike other bubble coloring. :)

Becky Jane said...

Beautiful color. I've tried DIY and found it was too hard to get what I wanted, now I have my hairdresser do it.

Czjai said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone! :)