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What Time is It | 2PM Press Conference in Manila!

It's not everyday that Korean boy groups and idol stars come to the Philippines, let alone see them in the flesh. And so when I received an invitation from Hoopla Inc. to attend the exclusive Press Conference for the 'What Time is It' Live Tour in Manila, I was floored. Without thinking twice, I said yes, and confirmed my attendance to the said event.

I may not be the biggest 2PM fan (you know I will always and forever be an ELF and a VIP), but I will never in a million years pass on the chance to breathe the same air as Wooyoung and Chansung. Haha!
With eager anticipation and a giddy heart, I commuted all the way to Manila yesterday, March 1. I arrived at the Manila Hotel around 2PM (no pun intended). I wasn't surprised to see fans complete with placards and cheering goods loitering outside the hotel. I probably would have done that, too, if I were a hardcore Hottest. (That's what 2PM fans are called, by the way.)

After going through the usual security procedures at the entrance, I went to the Registration Area, signed the attendance sheet, and got my Press Kit. There I had the chance to meet Mica, EON Account Executive and the person who made my 2PM PressCon experience possible. :)
Press Kit + Media Pass.
We were told that food will be served prior to the PressCon proper, and by 3PM we were all gathered outside the Tap Room Bar for snacks and coffee.
Bread + Bread Spread from McCormick.
These were a big hit amongst the attendees, too. :)
Cheated on my diet and had coffee, haha. 
Manila Hotel's yummy ensaymada.
There was chicken at the buffet table, too. 
Fried Chicken, KPop style from McCormick.
And they came in all four flavors of the McCormick Fried Chicken Recipe Mix.
Bulgogi, Soy Chicken, Kimchi, and Spicy.
After our tummy fill, we were ushered to the second floor all the way to the Sampaguita Hall. Security began to tighten by then as the fans, who were now inside the hotel, grew by numbers.
Hottest, a throng of them! :)
Inside the hall, I realized how intimate this gathering was. (Like, there was less than a hundred people inside the room.)
This is it! :)
And how lucky I am to be included in this crowd of media practitioners, and seated three rows away from the main stage at that. The boys didn't keep us waiting, and within minutes, this happened.
I had to stifle a scream, lol.
The boys - JunK, Nickchun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho - appeared before us, looking dashing and dapper in white suits. Yes, Chansung wasn't there. As per Taecyeon, he's still filming for his drama (that's Level 7 Civil Servant, which I'm buffering as I write), but will definitely be there at the concert. So boo hoo. No maknae for me. :(

Now what really caught my attention was Taecyeon. I couldn't believe how fair his skin is! TV sure can be deceiving, as his skin looked olive to me when he starred in Dream High and Cinderella's Sister.

"First of all, the view is great. Just look outside the window of my hotel room..." Taecyeon began.
And boy, his English sure was impeccable. I was impressed!
Cheeky Taecyeon.
I knew beforehand that Nick can speak in English (and Thai, and Korean, and Japanese, and Chinese for that matter), and that he has this irresistible, boy-next-door charm. So it's not surprising that he's the new poster boy for Bench.
Oh Nick, you're so adorbs. :)
I loved how Nick and Taec were smiling throughout the duration of the PressCon. Wooyoung was a bit more reserved, smiling lopsidedly every once in awhile. But I love him nonetheless.
I love him too much more than the others, I guess. Because as I went through the photos on my Galaxy Note 2, I realized that almost two-thirds were Wooyoung's solo shots. Haha!
"Our upcoming album will be very great," says Taec.
The boys promised to give their best effort for their concert (which is happening like, right now) - their first in Philippine soil.

As for their messages to their Filipino fans, Jun K said, "Mahal na halo-halo! Mahal ko Filipinos! Mahal ko Philippines!" From Wooyoung, "Mahal kita, salamat po." (Yes, Wooyoungie, Noona loves you, too!)

But nothing can beat Junho's adorable, though grammatically incorrect "Miss you kita!"
The boys of 2PM and their alabaster skin. :)
Ah, the most surreal thirty minutes of my life as a Kpop fan. This noona is happy!
One happy fangirl!
Big, big thanks to Hoopla Inc. for inviting me to the Press Conference (and for the gifts, too), to Big Daddy Entertainment for organizing the 2PM Live Tour, and to JYP Entertainment and CJ E&M for bringing 2PM to the Philippines!

Sending out thanks to McCormick as well - this loot is just what I needed as I have chicken wings stored inside the fridge. Haha!
Loot from McCormick!
Fried Chicken Mixes in all four flavors.
Gifts from Hoopla Inc. :)
More photos from the 2PM Press Conference uploaded on my Facebook page! And I warned you about the Wooyoung overload! :)

18 replies:

MaryJane Tauyan said...

omg!! love the foods! spotted ensaymayda too! which I miss so much now! haha Korean galore there!! I am sure veryone's like super excited since as you'd said it not always koean performer go and visit phils. xx

Franc said...

It must be overwhelming seeing all those Korean icons and they are just in front of you.

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

so you had a pretty cool night with 2pm stars.:)

ladymoxie said...

I'm an ELF (not the hardcore variety though) but I'm just as happy 2PM finally came to the Philippines (The day is at last complete, 2AM + 2PM). So this post is just DAEBAK!!! You are soooooo, sooooooooo lucky! I would have died (well, not really, just an expression LOL) to get a chance to meet the boys but I'm in Zamboanga with four kids to boot so flying to Manila to meet boys with delicious chocolate abs is out of the question. (Ahhh what am I saying???) But good for you, girl. Good for you!

Czjai said...

Hi LadyMoxie!

So true, this was such a daebak experience for me. To have been given this rare chance to see them up close and personal and interact with them is so, so overwhelming. I'm still in cloud nine as I write, haha! :)

Badet Siazon said...

Ack, I think I'm too old na, I don't know any of its members. But congrats on your experience, more Kpop events for you sis.

Ruth said...

You are lucky girl!

Look at all those fans waiting for the boys! I would have done the same if I only knew where was the NKOTB presscon held during their tour here. Hehe.

Liz said...

You're indeed a fan! All of them look gorgeous. Hehehe. 2PM na!

Animetric said...

Wow, they have such great skin! :D

earthlingorgeous said...

I can relate . When I saw Ian Somerhalder and Justin Timberlake in person I was super super super happy fan girl! :)

Kai Grafia said...

Swoooon! They all look so cute and fresh! :) I especially like how their skin looks like a girl's. Haha :)

April said...

I've never heard of them, but it looks like you had a blast! I'm glad you had the experience!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! The boys looked great.

Dominique Goh said...

Whao.super cool to be able to attend the event.. I'm sure it must be one of your highlights of the month!! I love 2pm music too :)

Christy G said...

I would love to attend a conference like this. You looked like you had an amazing time. I hope you had fun. :)

Saloni said...

Gah I wish I could have been there!! Taecyeon!! OMG! I would have probably died of over-excitement and nosebleed! ~ <3
At times like this I really wish India had a K-pop scene too! :<

You're so lucky! Seriously, wow! :O

Lisa Gradess Weinstein said...

I am not familiar with the celebrities you met, but I am so familiar with that incredible dream of meeting someone famous!! It sounds like you had an awesome time!! So glad you shared your experience with the world!!!

KG said...

Sounds like an amazing day...meeting some of your icons.

Stopping by from VB.