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Pucker Up! | Double Hit Lip in Red Alert and Rose Riot.

Time and again, I would say that a girl can never have too many lippies. Case in point - me, who was once again bitten by the shopping bug last week, thereby buying two new lippies from Skye Avenue. I ended up with four new lippies, actually, because Ms. Dee added these to the two lip creams that I purchased.
Double Hit Lip: Rose Riot on top, Red Alert on bottom.
A product of Look Beauty (which is the cosmetics line of Look Magazine UK), the Double Hit Lip combines two lip products in one handy tube. The lip gloss goes on one end, while the lipstick on the other.

Here's the product description as per the Look Beauty website
Universally flattering and as tan enhancing as a white dress, these colour pop shades look amazing, whether gloriously glossy or not! All the trends covered - matte, glossy or combine the two.
Red Alert Lippy + Lip Gloss.
Red Alert is a bright, orange-y kind of red. Rose Riot, on the other hand is a soft pink color, with a hint of peach to it.
Rose Riot Lippy + Lip Gloss.
And while the lipsticks are billed as matte, both the Rose Riot and the Red Alert lippies actually have a sheen finish. If you're expecting something like NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream or Chanel's Rouge Allure Velvet Lip Colour, you might be disappointed.

On a more positive note, the lippies give a fair amount of color without drying your lips. They're very easy to apply, and stay on the lips for about three or four hours.
Red Alert lippy on the left, lip gloss on the right.
Rose Riot lippy on the left, lip gloss on the right.
As for the lip gloss, I am absolutely in love, love, love with them. Both of them! And this coming from someone who's not very fond of glosses. They're non-sticky, glide on the lips smoothly, and highly-pigmented - something you don't usually see from a lip gloss.

I love that they're toffee-scented like the Lip Booms, but thankfully, they're not as glittery. Both the Red Alert and the Rose Riot have a glass-like finish, and a subtle sheen which I find quite gorgeous.
Rose Riot Lip Gloss.
Rose Riot Lippy.
Red Alert Lip Gloss.
Red Alert Lippy.
Now another thing I like about Look Beauty is their Look Good Feel Better program. For every Look Beauty product sold, a donation goes to the cancer support charity. These Double Hit Lip costs Php580 a pop, by the way. You can easily purchase them from Skye Avenue via the Multiply Shopping Cart.

What I love:
- Convenient, handy packaging.
- You get two products for the price of one.
- Both the lippy and lip gloss are non-drying and easy to apply.
- Lip gloss packs a lot of color, has a lovely sheen finish. No glitters, too!
- Smells yummy!
- The brand supports a cancer charity.

What you might not like:
- Lippies are advertised as matte, but they aren't. The sheen finish isn't bad, though. It's just... the product description is a bit misleading.

Face of the Day, yes? :)

Products used:
FACE: The Face Shop Velvet Skin Primer, Missha The Style Under Eye Brightener,
Skin Food Good Afternoon BB in Rose Lemon Tea.
EYES: elf Liquid Eyeliner in Black, Fairy Drops Volume Burst Mascara in Black,
Avon Ultra Luxury Brow Liner in Dark Brown
CHEEKS: Skin Food Sugar Cookie Blusher in Bebe Pink.
LIPS: Double Hit Lip Red Alert Lippy (top), Rose Riot lippy (bottom).

11 replies:


Haven't tried any product from that brand but the Rose Riot looks nice. I also don't think that it's matte too. :P

Franc said...

It's good that part of the proceeds of the product goes to a good cause so a woman would be pretty with this product and at the same time contribute to a good cause.

Animetric said...

Oh I like Rose Riot! :D

Kero said...

lovely shade! I tend to lean on coral lip tint so both are awesomely adorable for me. I like that they make your lips look fresh and juicy =)

Gana Explore said...

Interesting! I like the outcome of the Red Alert Lippy (top)- Rose Riot lippy (bottom)combi at the end. :)

ReinaBorinquena said...

I love a matte finish and much prefer reds to pinks. That's amazing your lipstick lasts three to four hours. I've figured out lip stains are more my speed since they last all day and are easily touched up with chapstick and no one is the wiser. Thanks for your post!

Life by Cynthia said...

Beautiful! I love this: toffee-scented! I really enjoy your cosmetics reviews!

Rascal and Rocco said...

Love that you included photos modeling the different shades. Nice lips! ;)

ReviewsSheRote said...

both colors look great I like the Rose just a tiny bit more =)

Unknown said...

I have been looking for a good lip gloss. I think I liked the Rose Riot a little more. I wonder how sticky they were after being applied. That's always my hangup with lip gloss. Thanks for sharing!

JonaBQ said...

That's two different looks when you actually just changed the lipsticks/gloss. Nice!